Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 126

Chapter 126


On the first day of the new year, Hua Yang and Chen Jingzong had just eaten dumplings, when Yu Xiu and Luo Yuyan brought their children over to pay New Year greetings.

During the mourning period, it was not appropriate for Hua Yang to go out to socialize or have banquets at home, but it was still fine for others to visit and sit for a while. Princess Anle came very diligently, but the Chen family had the status of a courtier. Without a suitable reason, they would not dare to be as fearless as Princess Anle.

In the Nuan Pavilion, Wan Yi stood in a row with Dalang, Erlang, Sanlang, and Wan Qing, and in unison they wished New Year’s greetings to their fourth aunt and uncle.

Hua Yang knew they would come and had already prepared red envelopes and gifts.

Wan Yi took the lead in thanking her. The twelve-year-old girl had become a graceful figure. She had both the softness and beauty of Yu Xiu and the tranquillity and calmness of Chen Bozong.

Dalang and Erlang were both nine years old. The former was honest and well-behaved, while the latter was smart but didn’t know how to restrain himself.

Sanlang was seven years old, chubby, and might have the tendency to become a little fat man, while Wan Qing was still young, with a pretty face, and her temperament had not yet discernible.

It seemed that Hua Yang still like Wan Yi the most.

Maybe she didn’t have the patience to educate other people’s children, so she liked children like Wan Yi who were sensible but lively.

After the children stood aside, Yu Xiu also took out two red envelopes, which were the New Year’s money given by Chen Tingjian and Sun shi for their fourth son and fourth daughter-in-law.

Hua Yang smiled and asked her sisters-in-law to convey their gratitude in front of the two elders.

While the womenfolk were talking, Chen Jingzong just sat on the side and said very little.

Hua Yang noticed that the boys were looking at Chen Jingzong frequently, as if they were holding back a lot of words, so she asked Chen Jingzong to take the children to the garden.

Before Chen Jingzong left, he glanced at her faintly.

Then as soon as he left, the five children followed him happily.

Luo Yuyan smiled and explained to Hua Yang: “While you and Prince Consort were still out on the expedition, Sanlang and the others were thinking about it every day and had a lot of things to ask his Fourth Uncle.”

Yu Xiu looked at Hua Yang with concern: “Wan Yi misses you the most. She also wanted to move here to live with you for a while. But Mother and I were afraid of disturbing your peace and did not agree to her.”

In fact, they were worried that Hua Yang would be too lonely in mourning alone. Knowing that Wan Yi was the one Hua Yang favored the most, they wanted to send Wan Yi over to accompany Hua Yang to relieve her boredom. Chen Jingzong would only be with the grand princess during this period of vacation. After the Lantern Festival, he would have to go to the guard station again.

In fact, Hua Yang didn’t mind being alone, but her mother-in-law and sister-in-law were so considerate, so she said, “I have always wanted to ask Wan Yi to come and stay with me. I was afraid that she would be reluctant to leave home, so I didn’t ask.”

Yu Xiu said hurriedly: “If you are willing, she can’t wait to come here. Then after the fifteenth of First Month, I will ask her to move here.”

Hua Yang looked at Luo Yuyan: “Please let Wan Qing come too, so that the two sisters can have company.”

Hua Yang was the elder sister of the current Holy Emperor. It would be a good thing for a girl from any family to live with Hua Yang for a period of time. But Luo Yuyan knew in her heart that the grand princess liked Wan Yi, and inviting her daughter was just out of politeness. Moreover, Wan Yi was already very sensible at her age, while Wan Qing was still unable to take care of herself. If she really moved here and lose her lovable temper, that would only cause trouble for the grand princess.

Therefore, Luo Yuyan said regretfully: “Forget it about Wan Qing. She is too young now and will cry when she leaves home. When she is older, let her come to your side to bask in your light.”

Hua Yang really said it casually to prevent Luo Yuyan from feeling left out.

The sunshine outside was pretty good. After chatting for half an hour, the three sisters-in-law saw that Chen Jingzong and the children had not come back yet, so they came to the garden side by side.

Walking around a flower tree, they saw Chen Jingzong sitting on a bench basking in the sun, surrounded by five children sitting or standing in the middle.

At the request of his nephews and nieces, Chen Jingzong was telling his heroic deeds on the battlefield.

Of course he had made military exploits, but what he was saying now was purely fabricated, as if bragging, and that’s what children love to hear.

Luo Yuyan said with a smile: “No wonder the children all like their Fourth Uncle. Eldest Master and Third Master would not be bother to make the children happy like this. Like our Third Master, he laughs every day and the children are not afraid of him, but he doesn’t have Fourth Uncle’s patience.”

Yu Xiu thought to herself, Chen Bozong was patient, but he would not tell the children such nonsense. But also, which child would like to hear lecture from him?

Chen Jingzong had already seen them. After telling the last story, he touched the heads of his nephews one by one: “Okay, you should go back!”

Sanlang pouted: “We came here to pay New Year’s greetings, but Fourth Uncle didn’t even invite us to eat!”

Chen Jingzong: “You glutton. Go home to your father if you want to eat!”

Of course he wouldn’t be stingy with a lunch, but the timing was wrong. The Grand Princess Mansion was still in mourning, and even if Hua Yang tried to persuade them to stay, eldest sister-in-law and third sister-in-law would not agree.

Yu Xiu and Luo Yuyan were indeed here to take the children away.

Then Hua Yang’s couple sent them to the door.

While walking back, Chen Jingzong complained to Hua Yang: “You are such a good Fourth Aunt. Your nieces and nephews want to hear stories, so you push me out to satisfy them. Then why don’t you feel sorry for me?”

Hua Yang: “Why do I have to feel sorry for you?”

Chen Jingzong: “Feel sorry for my brain that kept buzzing because of their noise. Feel sorry for my voice that was about to smoke from telling those stories.”

Hua Yang: “You take gifts from your Eldest and Third brothers every year for nothing, the least you can do is coax their children for them, right?”

Chen Jingzong:……

He began to settle accounts with Hua Yang, calculating how much New Year’s money he had given out over the years had already exceeded the value of the gifts given by his two brothers.

Hua Yang: “What about when you were a child? When you couldn’t walk, when you wanted to listen to stories, did Eldest Brother and Third Brother also respond to your requests?”

Chen Jingzong: “You still asking what happened when I was a child, who still remembers? Anyway, as long as I can remember, they have forced me to study and practice calligraphy.”

Hua Yang glared at him: “Stop bragging when you get a bargain.”

Not to mention two or three older brothers, Hua Yang would be satisfied with an older brother like Chen Bozong or Chen Xiaozong who would give her birthday gifts every year.

But she didn’t, she just had one younger brother, an emperor younger brother who would poke a big basket and gave her a headache!


After the fifteenth of First Month, Chen Bozong and Yu Xiu sent Wan Yi over together and apologize for bothering her.

Hua Yang held Wan Yi’s hand and told the couple to rest assured. The female teacher on her side was ready and promised not to delay Wan Yi’s homework.

One day Wan Yi was practicing feminine arts with her female teacher, when Eldest Princess Anle came to visit again.

The three of them had lunch together at noon.

Princess Anle looked at Hua Yang, then at Wan Yi, and said with a smile: “Wan Yi is ten years younger than Panpan, and Panpan is ten years younger than me. Looking at the way you two get along now, it’s like seeing me in my twenties spoiling Panpan.”

Hua Yang was stunned. Could it be this was the reason she felt some kind of kindred spirit with Wan Yi?

Wan Yi, on the other hand, asked playfully: “Eldest Princess, what was my Fourth Aunt like when she was twelve years old?”

Princess Anle recalled for a moment and teased: “Her, she’s not as good as you. She’s as proud as the peonies in the garden, pointing her nose at others every day.”

Hua Yang:……

Do peonies have nostrils? Auntie, what kind of metaphor is this?

After Princess Anle left, Wan Yi sat on the warm couch and chatted with to her fourth aunt: “Did you have any close friends from childhood?”

Hua Yang touched the little girl’s silky hair and said with regret: “No, with several layers of palace walls separating us, even if there were like-minded young ladies, we would only meet a few times a year. How much friendship can be cultivated this way?”

If her father emperor had more children, she might be able to meet a few princesses with whom she would sincerely befriend. However, her father emperor only had two daughters, her and Nan Kang, and she had indeed always looked at Nankang through her nostrils.

Wan Yi suddenly understood why her fourth aunt was so unattainable. Everyone said that the emperor was a lonely person. The fourth aunt grew up in a high palace wall. How much better was it than a lonely person?

When night fell and Chen Jingzong returned home, Wan Yi went to bed early.

But she wrote a letter and asked the little eunuch from Liuyun Hall to forward it to her fourth uncle.

Chen Jingzong took out the letter paper curiously and saw his niece writing on it: Fourth uncle, today I heard from Fourth Aunt that she didn’t have many friends when she was a child. You have to treat her better.

Chen Jingzong smiled.

After taking a bath, he went to Qifeng Hall to find Hua Yang.

He sat on the side of the low table on the couch, chatting with Hua Yang while eating, and mentioned his niece’s letter.

Hua Yang only found it funny: “Does Wan Yi think I’m pitiful?”

Chen Jingzong: “Aren’t you pitiful?”

Hua Yang raised her chin arrogantly: “What are the benefits of friends? I prefer to see those ladies from prestigious family carefully flatter me and worship me, but I can’t say this to Wan Yi, lest she’d be afraid and dare not get close to me anymore.”

Chen Jingzong:……

A fairy was a fairy. Although she could be soft-hearted and sympathize with mortals sometimes, she was always aloof and would not really be on an equal footing with them.

Although she was not a real fairy, there was not much difference between a princess and a fairy.


On the Third Month, the sun was shining brightly, and the winter jasmine, plum blossoms, and begonias in the grand princess mansion were in full bloom one after another.

Every day, with a lovely little girl like Wan Yi, she enjoyed such splendid spring. The sadness that remained in Hua Yang’s heart for her father emperor’s passing melted away like ice floes on the water.

On the Fourth Month, and a very unexpected guest came to the grand princess mansion.

Hua Yang entertained the wife of Marquis Wuqing Mansion’s Shizi, that was Qi Jin’s wife, and her cousin-in-law Tian shi in the waterside pavilion in the garden.

Tian shi was once depressed and bedridden due to a miscarriage. Hua Yang felt sorry for this beauty who died young in her previous life, and personally went to see her once.

At that time the conversation between the two went a little deeper, but Hua Yang really didn’t expect that Tian shi would come to visit her.

Tian shi was brought into the waterside pavilion by Chao Yun. When she saw Hua Yang, her eyes turned red before she even speak.

Hua Yang gave a meaningful glance at the maids around her.

After Chao Yun and others retreated, Hua Yang pointed to the seat next to her and said warmly: “Cousin-in-law, come sit here.”

Tian shi shook her head and suddenly knelt down in front of Hua Yang.

Hua Yang was startled and wanted to help her up, but Tian shi said while crying: “Grand Princess, I want to get divorce with Shizi. In fact, this is a matter between me and him. I shouldn’t bother the Grand Princess, but it was your words that pulled me out of despair. Because I’m your cousin-in-law, you care about me. But now that I want to sever ties with Shizi, after much thought, I still feel that I should come and explain clearly so that you don’t misunderstand that I am ungrateful and have let down your kindness.”


Hua Yang said in surprise: “Okay, why do we want to divorce? Did my cousin do something to let you down?”

Tian shi smiled, but tears still rolled down her eyes. She looked at the water surface outside the water pavilion, which was rippled by the spring breeze. She said calmly: “Shizi didn’t do something to let me down. He just doesn’t like me. I’m not afraid to let you see a joke, I’ve been married to him for so many years, but the time he shared the bed with me is only a handful of times, and even those pitiful few times were only because the elders were too anxious to have children.

“I never understood what was wrong with me that made him treat me like this. After listening to your words, I decided to let it go and no longer care about what he thought.

“I thought I would continue to live with him in such a stagnant water, but I didn’t expect that he would actually take over two concubines and still let them both conceive children.

“My mother-in-law persuaded me to be happy and said that the child would be in my name when it was born. It seems that the reason why I have no children for so many years was because of my poor health.

“Grand Princess, I am not saying this in front of you because I’m jealous, or to ask you to come forward to solve anything for me. I just want you to know my grievances. Shizi neither favors me nor gave me a dignity that a wife deserves, if that’s the case, why should I stay in the Qi family anymore?”

After saying that, Tian shi wiped away her tears and kowtowed to Hua Yang with a pious expression: “Since I married into the Qi family, the greatest blessing the Qi brought me was getting your words. I will be grateful to you in my heart for the rest of my life. I just ask you not to blame me for being ungrateful.”

Hua Yang, who finally understood the whole story, helped Tian shi up with mixed emotions, and sighed: “If it’s really as you said, and my cousin treated you like that, even I will feel ashamed to defend my cousin. However, if there’s any misunderstanding, I sincerely hope that Cousin-in-law can give him a chance to explain clearly and not easily sever the bond between husband and wife.”

If it were Hua Yang, if Chen Jingzong dared to think about concubine, she would immediately divorce him.

Or if she was Tian shi‘s blood sister, she would support Tian shi to divorce without hesitation.

However, Hua Yang was Qi Jin’s cousin. At this time, she needed to say some polite words to persuade Tian shi to stay, lest Tian shi think that she didn’t care whether Tian shi stay or not.

Tian shi smiled bitterly and shook her head: “I asked him why he would rather let the concubines got pregnant than touch me. He bluntly said that he didn’t like me and couldn’t force himself. He also agreed to the divorce.”

Hua Yang:……

That’s Qi Jin’s word?

The two must have met each other before they got married. Since he didn’t like Tian shi, why did he marry her? Why did he spend all these years torturing Tian shi?

Cousin or not, even if it was her own brother who did such a thing, Hua Yang wouldn’t help him in the slightest!

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  1. thanks! haha wan yi is so favoured by hua yang! poor tian shi, she went into this marriage not being told the truth of this marriage, she’s the most innocent one and the true victim

  2. I’m sorry what? If he doesn’t want to fulfil his obligations to his wife, why is he fulfilling it with 2 concubines- isn’t it the same thing (i.e. in that they’re not Hua Yang)? He’s just being hateful/spiteful for the forced marriage and taking it out on an innocent party. He was already irredeemable for his betrayal and conspiracy but this just tops the cake.

    1. Thing is some concubines are super easy to get rid of. Some of them basically have the same status as other servants so they can be sent away, given to someone else, sold, etc. Even if those concubines have kids their influence is still entirely dependent on Qi Jin.

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      Also I’d bet Qi Jin did the scumbag thing where all of his concubines resemble Hua Yang.

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