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Who Cares – Chapter 196

Chapter 196 Extra (19)


Mao shi intended to ruin Guan Suyi’s reputation, so she raised her voice very high, attracting many noble ladies to turn their heads. One of them was the mother of the current Empress Xu Yayan, Lin shi, who was revered by everyone. Hearing this, she frowned and asked, “Secretly take your child away? What is this?”

Mao shi was overjoyed, and she quickly added fuel to the story. Lin shi nodded and praised, “The enlightenment of the sovereign came from the boudoir, and the change in the back house is related to the rise and fall of a family. It is very good that you can strictly teach your daughter. The girl of my Xu family has been constrained in the back house since they were a child. If it’s not for the New Year sacrifice, they never stepped out of the second gate. Except for their father and brother at home, they never had any contact with outside men. When they were fourteen or fifteen years old, then can be brought out to meet guests. In their heart only think about filial piety and etiquette, and only says and do virtuous words and virtuous deeds……”

Before she could finish her words, someone flattered, “This is the model of a girl from noble house! The Xu family’s education is really extraordinary, no wonder they can raise an empress niangniang.”

“What is clear as ice and clean as jade? This exactly it!” Several others echoed with a smile.

“The Guan family is worthy of being a Confucian family, and the family style is also very honest, except for those third house. That Guan Qiguang is fooling the world and usurp a good name, his son committed a crime, and now he is in prison, and his granddaughter actually clings to the grand princess, wants to enter the palace to serve the monarch! The whole family is a bunch of flies and dogs, and they even dare to come to the Imperial Rare Animal Garden to disgraced themselves! I say, quickly go home and return the child, and then send yourself to become a nun!” Didn’t know who scolded, which caused people to show contempt.

Mao Shiyuan was still worried that Her Highness Grand Princess would support Guan Suyi, and when she saw that the other person was just standing by and watching the play leisurely, she felt relieved.

Guan Suyi didn’t expect anyone to help her, clenched her fingertips that were trembling with anger, and said calmly, “Based on the etiquette of the Xu family, afraid Madam Lin is very dissatisfied with Her Highness Grand Princess?”

The grand princess who was brought into the fire raised her eyebrows.

Lin shi was not at all fearful, and said coldly, “Since ancient times, men are the master outside and women are the master inside. Women should be at home with their husbands and children, how can they interfere in government affairs? My family’s master has recently impeached her highness grand princess, and was supported by the whole civil and military officials in the court. Your Highness, you are not too young, you should quickly return your military power, get married and have children.”

The grand princess said with a smile that was not a smile, “You also said that women are not allowed to interfere in government affairs, and it’s up to the emperor to decide whether This Palace will return the military power or not. How can allow a woman in the back house like you to intervene?”

Lin shi choked and was speechless for a while.

Guan Suyi then said again, “The Analects says: Heaven has the virtue of good life’. The virtue of heaven and even high virtue must be obeyed by the gods, then what about people? The essence of Confucianism is benevolence, and if the character benevolence (仁) is split it become people (人) and two (二), it means many people. Everyone is for me, I am for everyone, honor old people as one own’s aged parent, care for other’s children as one own’s children. My mother could not bear to let a little girl be starved to death, so she rescued her, it’s because my mother care for other’s children as one own’s children. Those Sage that left a good reputation for all eternity, which one ever advocate the murder of human life? Even Confucius said do not do to others what you would not have them do to you.”

She cupped her hands and said word by word, “I don’t ask you how much you know about the Confucian classics; I don’t ask you between the etiquette and human life, which one is more important; I only ask you, if it is your own flesh and blood who eat the cakes, can you bear to starve her to death?”

As soon as these words came out, no one in the field dared to respond. Those who knew the situation in Mao shi‘s family couldn’t help but look at her with enlightened eyes. That girl was a shu daughter, no wonder she was so cruel.

However, Lin shi chuckled and said firmly, “If something like this happens to my own daughter, don’t need to wait for her to starve to death. I will personally end her, so as not to stain the lintel of Xu family.”

“That being the case, I have nothing to say.” Guan Suyi bowed deeply, “As cruel as tiger is, they don’t eat their offspring. There are few in this world who can compare to Madam Lin.”

Compare to Madam Lin? Comparing what? Beastly nature. This Guan Suyi was really cursing without dirty words. The grand princess laughed loudly and cupped her hands, “Others say that This Palace is a female Asura, but today found out that it still far inferior to Madam Lin, ashamed, ashamed!”

Lin shi was overwhelmed by the two echoing one another and she was about to have a seizure, but then heard a deep voice behind her, “Since you came to the Rare Animal Garden, how about going to see the beasts fighting?”

When everyone saw the one who come clearly, they hurriedly knelt down and saluted, and then followed the Holy One to the beast fighting arena obediently.

Guan Suyi’s palms were sweating a lot, and seeing the emperor didn’t even look at her, she felt more and more at a loss. The grand princess, who was originally ignoring her, said with a smile, “After entering the palace, get along with Hunnar well, and try to give birth to a little nephew for This Palace as soon as possible. Looking at Lin shi‘s arrogant look, don’t you get angry? She thought that Xu Yayan will be able to sit firmly on the fishing boat  when she climbed to the Empress Dowager? Hmph, don’t know how to die in the future!”

Guan Suyi didn’t dare to answer, just nodded silently.

Outside the beast fighting arena, the palace servants had already arranged the seats according to their grades. Lin shi sat down on the left side of Emperor Sheng Yuan, and the rest took a step back. The grand princess sat on the right side and slapped the machete on her waist to the table, looking extremely unhappy.

Emperor Sheng Yuan tapped the table and ordered without looking back, “Miss Guan, come to Zhen’s side.”

Lin shi‘s smug expression instantly stiffened. The ladies sitting in the back either pursed their lips and sneered, or had a considering look. And Mao shi was flustered, like sitting on pins and needles.

Guan Suyi hesitated for a moment, then walked over slowly, sat down in the crook of his outstretched arms, wanted to say a few pleasant words, but found that she was running out of words. She had learned Confucianism, studied Legalism, and understood the Hundred Schools of Thought, but she had never been exposed to the knowledge of seducing men. Her pale cheeks climbed a layer of blush, her heart was so anxious, but when she opened her mouth, she only said dryly, “This humble woman has seen Your Majesty.”

“Hmm.” Emperor Sheng Yuan responded casually, and raised the empty wine cup again.

Guan Suyi finally understood, and hurriedly picked up the jug to pour wine for him.

“You also have a few drinks with Zhen.”

“Yes.” As the saying goes, alcohol emboldens a timid person, Guan Suyi perfunctorily filled a cup, touched the emperor’s wine cup lightly, and drank it all.

The corners of Emperor Sheng Yuan’s mouth twitched quickly, and he said solemnly, “Drinking on an empty stomach will only hurts it, eat something to cushion your stomach first.”

“Your Majesty also eats it.” Guan Suyi followed suit, put a piece of roast pork into his bowl, and then sat upright, her mind was blank. Obviously, she had already thought about how to please and how to seduce, but when she saw the real person, she didn’t dare to do anything. Maybe she should snuggle into his arms and say a few coquettish words, or even feed him like she took care of Guan Miao.

However, she was already so ashamed that her head was smoking just from thinking about it, how could she dare to put it into action? Her nature was so boring, men may be confused by her appearance for a while, but they would inevitably get bored after a long time. Could she really ask the emperor for help like this?

While thinking about it, the beast fight had already begun. A tiger and a cheetah were put into the arena by the guards, roaring and fighting together. The ladies admired it with relish, and some people took out money to bet. This was the old rule of the beast fight arena, and naturally there would be eunuchs carrying trays to deliver the tickets.

However, Emperor Sheng Yuan’s attention was all attracted by Madam’s wonderful expressions. Her face turned red for a while, turned pale for a while, her brows were tight then loose, her lips were pursed then pouted. A layer of water vapor was slowly seeped out of her eyes, as if she was afraid or anxious, and occasionally there was a stream of light passed by, as if she was being shy.

Emperor Sheng Yuan, who could easily guess what she was thinking, pressed his fist to his lips and laughed secretly. He poured Madam a few more cups of wine, and then he inadvertently tapped on the table three times.

Just at this moment, the iron gate in the arena was smashed open by the two beasts, then they jumped out like lightning and rushed towards the crowd place. Their eyes were already red, and a lot of saliva flowed out of their bloody mouths, as if they were starving.

Emperor Sheng Yuan sat in the front row, naturally would be the first to bear the brunt, but he was highly skilled in martial arts. He immediately picked up the stunned Madam, and jumped to the tree not far away in two to three steps. The grand princess also dodged with ease, and stood in the neighboring big tree, smilingly watched the chaos below.

Fortunately, the imperial guards were not vegetarians. Some of the men restrained the beasts and took them away, and some of the men protected the ladies to avoid casualties. However, a lot of tables, chairs, cups and plates were broken, and the floor was in a mess.

“Is anyone injured?” Emperor Sheng Yuan jumped off the tree with Madam in his arms and asked in a low voice.

“Re, reporting to the emperor, we are fine.” Lin shi said in shock.

“Zhen see you have a big problem,” Emperor Sheng Yuan said with a half-smile, “Just now in order to seek protection, all madams went straight into the guards’ arms, and ruining your reputation, how can this be good? Madam Lin, Madam Mao, Madam Wei… Zhen stood on the tree and saw it clearly, you were held by outside men and they hugged your waist. This is the so-called infidelity between men and women, according to the rules, should you be locked in a firewood room to starve to death, or sunk in water in pig cage?”

It turned out the emperor was waiting for this! The ladies had just recovered from their horror, but suffered another blow, and hurriedly knelt down and beg for mercy. If it was really according to Lin shi‘s statement, everyone’s reputation would be ruined today!

Lin shi was caught by everyone’s attention, and she couldn’t help but defend, “Mencius said: “Sister-in-law drowned, then help. This is a matter of urgency, and it’s not against etiquette. Today, we were rescued by the guards, and this is the case, which is not disrespectful.”

“Then you Central Plains people still say that men and women have different seats at the age of seven. The so-called difference between men and women do not start to count until the age of seven. You keep saying that you want to starve a five-year-old girl to death, what is it?” Emperor Sheng Yuan asked back.

Lin shi was dumbfounded, how embarrassed her expression was.

“It just strict with others and lenient with oneself.” Guan Suyi said sarcastically.

Lin shi was burning with anger, but she couldn’t refute it, so she had to bow her head and apologize, “It was this minister wife who was narrow-minded, and almost caused people to die in vain. In the future, this minister wife will definitely be strict with herself and be lenient towards others.” She glanced at Mao shi, actually hated her. Mao shi’s hands and feet went weak with fright, she shivered and curled up into a ball.

“It is said that Xu family style is strict and upright, but it’s no longer like that now.” Emperor Sheng Yuan stabbed one more time, and then waved his sleeves, “All of you get up.”

As if they had been granted amnesty, everyone staggered to their feet. When they saw Guan Suyi, whose hands were still tightly held by the emperor, they could not help but wonder in their hearts – it seems this person is going to be favored.

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