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Who Cares – Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Extra (18)


A quarter of an hour later, the commander of Jinyiwei ran back with the jade pendant and said, “Madam, His Majesty asked you to go back for the time being, and someone will pick you up tomorrow morning.”

Guan Suyi hurriedly asked, “My father over there…” She didn’t care who would pick her up tomorrow or what he was going to do, she just wanted to know if her father would be alright.

“It’s just one day, you can rest assured.” The commander of Jinyiwei called a palace carriage and forcibly sent the person back to the mansion.

Guan Suyi was completely at a loss, dragging her feet to cross the front gate. She then saw her mother standing under the porch while craning her neck, holding a brocade box in her hand, which was exactly the same as the one that Emperor Sheng Yuan rewarded every time. She was stunned for a while, and then asked, “Mother, did someone from palace came?”

“No, this brocade box is sent by the grand princess, saying to let you dress up and see you tomorrow at the Rare Animal Garden.” Zhong shi asked hopefully, “Yiyi, do you have any friendship with the grand princess? Can she save your father? What did your senior brothers say?”

Guan Suyi did not dare to tell her mother about Emperor Sheng Yuan, lest her mother become worried, so she only vaguely said, “I don’t know if the grand princess will agree or not, I will see her again tomorrow. Brother Qi has also been arrested and is now on trial. Senior Brother Zhou said he would help to inquire about the situation.”

Seeing the bitterness on her face, Zhong shi couldn’t help but laugh miserably, “You don’t have to hide it from me, they say when a wall is about to collapse, everybody gives it a shove. Your father has fallen into trouble, and for his disciples and followers to not throw the stones is already good, so how can they risk being implicated to help? Just now I sent a servant to the Heavenly Prison to inquire, they said that no one is allowed to visit at all, nor is it allowed to deliver things in, this is intended to press your father to death! I just hate that our family has no authority and power, we can’t redress the injustice for your father. I know best what kind of person he is, how could he possibly do something illegal? Someone wants to blame him! He is wronged, he is really wronged…”

Unable to hold it any longer, Zhong shi sat on the steps and cried bitterly.

Guan Suyi’s red eye sockets were slightly swollen, but she didn’t dare to shed tears indiscriminately, lest she wake up tomorrow with more swelling and damage to her appearance. The only thing she could rely on now was this face, and she even thanked the Heaven in her heart for giving her a beautiful face, which made her lucky enough to be favored by the emperor, otherwise she didn’t know how to unravel her father’s life-and-death catastrophe.

Tomorrow, she must devote 120,000 points of energy to curry favor with the emperor. Even if his feeling towards her had fade away, she must find a way to arouse his interest again. This feeling of being wilfully slaughter by other people, she had already fed up! After thinking about it, she helped Zhong shi up and said firmly, “Mother, don’t cry, grand princess promised to save father, and he will soon come back safely.”

“Without relation and without reason, why would she take action? Yiyi, even if you were once Marquis Zhenbei Madam, afraid you wouldn’t be able to see the face of the grand princess, right?” In the end, Zhong shi was still an astute person, and detected the abnormality.

“Mother, don’t ask, anyway, I have a way.” Guan Suyi helped her back to the room, then opened the brocade box, and found that it contained a gorgeous crimson dress, a set of red sapphire head ornament, a pair of pearls and jade embellished crested shoes, as well as earrings, bracelet and necklace, all looked very precious. There was no doubt that the grand princess wanted her to wear this outfit to the appointment.

Zhong shi was dazzled by the colorful treasure light, and couldn’t help but raise her hand to cover her eyes, and then said in shock, “I understand! Does the grand princess want to send you into the palace to serve the monarch?”

In Wei Kingdom the person who most worried about the emperor’s heirs was the grand princess. She was a die-hard royalist. Except for the Pan family under her command, she had no dealing with the other nine noble surnames, and it could be even said that the relationship was bad. If the emperor had no children and had to pass the throne to the several nephews, she would definitely have a hard time in the future. Therefore, she often selected beautiful and healthy women from the common people and sent them to the palace, urging the emperor to extend his descendants as soon as possible.

However, after years of hard work, the emperor still had no good news, and the urgency in her heart could be imagined.

Her daughter was good-looking, healthy, talented, and had a dignified manner. Now that she had just reconciled, it was normal that the grand princess would look at her. Besides, the grand princess had a straightforward temperament, would not bother with trifles, not to mention a reconcile woman, even a widow had been brought into the palace, just because the other person gave birth to five sons in a row, which seemed to have a lot of a blessing.

In exchange, she promised to save the Guan family.

Zhong shi, who thought she could break the truth, was suddenly caught in a dilemma. She was reluctant to let her daughter go, but her husband needed to be saved, after thinking about it, the only way was the path laid out by the grand princess. “No, no, let’s find another way! The emperor is brutal and murderous, you will die if you enter the palace. Let’s not go!” She held the box in her arms and shook her head, and finally chose to protect her daughter.

But Guan Suyi had a stubborn temper, so how could she change her mind? On the surface, she promised that she would not go, but the next day she locked her mother in the room with a copper lock, while she dressed up and boarded the palace carriage sent by the grand princess. Under the guidance of the palace maid, she slowly walked around the nine-curved corridor, one step at a time. The spring color was charming, but it couldn’t make her feel happy.

After about a quarter of an hour, the palace maid took her to a horse farm and pointed to the heroic woman who was speeding by and said, “That is Her Royal Highness Grand Princess. Please wait a moment, her highness will be here soon.”

Guan Suyi thanked in a low voice, then stood quietly by the fence and waited, even though her heart was raging, her face was extremely calm. The emperor did not come in person, and she felt a little disappointed. It could be seen that two months had passed, and the other person had lost interest. The reason why he sent her to the grand princess was just to uphold the mentality of being dispensable. But in any case, this was her last chance. Even if she was pointed out by thousands of people and scolded by thousands of people, being called a loose woman who seduced the emperor, she was determine!

While thinking about it, a group of noble girls slowly walked over. The leader was wearing a riding suit, looking very arrogant, while the rest of the people were laughing around her and fawned over her.

Guan Suyi quickly stepped aside in order to avoid extraneous problems, and then bowed her head slightly to show respect. She was a little stunned, because Zhao Chunxi was also walking among them. When Zhao Chunxi saw her, her eyes widened and looked surprised, and then hid behind one of the girl in panic.

This kind of dodging action, Guan Suyi had never seen Zhao Chunxi done it before. She was always high above, and rather arrogant. When did she ever bow down and bent her knees like now? But she quickly realized that the reason why Zhao Chunxi became like this was probably all thanks to the “Records of Noble Family”

She already knew the true origin of Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, right? Where were they the descendants of the Zhao clan of Tianshui, just a stable-hand slave who fled from his masters and swindled and cheated under the banner of his masters. She often persuaded her not to get too close to the Tianshui Zhao, but she never listened, and it was too late to distance herself now.

As soon as Guan Suyi thought of this, she heard the young lady of Zhao’s di branch said with a smile, “My father just gave me an Akhal-Teke horse, which is kept in this rare animal park. Xi’er, please help me bring it here, okay? That horse is fierce, only you can control it.”

“Miss Zhao’s family origin is very good at training horses. Last time I handed over Haifeng to her, she helped me wash him clean and fed him a lot of grass. Now that Haifeng has met her, he is more affectionate to her than to me, my heart is very sour.” Another girl said a few coquettish words, causing everyone to wink and giggle.

In the past, Zhao Chunxi would never think too much, just thought that the “family origin” in their mouths meant that she was born in the general family, and had experience in raising and training horses. But now she understood that there was the blood of a stable-hand flowing in her blood, and her family status was low. But they never mentioned her background, but secretly made fun of her, because in their eyes, she was just a clown.

However, even if she learned the truth, she could not get rid of the teasing and insults of these people, and even her anger had to be suppressed in her heart. Because the current Marquis Zhenbei Mansion was implicated by the Ye family, since long ago had already withdrawn from the circle of top aristocracy. Her origin was not only branded as a fugitive slave’s descendant, but also had a shadow of criminal’s descendant. In the future, if she wanted to marry into a rich and powerful family, it was almost impossible.

She must cling to these people in order to keep her precarious position.

Listening to these burning innuendos, and looking at these fake smiling faces, her heart felt like it had been cut with a knife. Not to mention Guan Suyi was also present, which made her feel more and more ashamed. She hated that Guan Suyi didn’t tell the truth in the first place, and also hated that her mom was useless, couldn’t even tie a man’s heart.

But what could she do but hate? The feeling of powerlessness came surging, but she couldn’t show the slightest difference, instead she had to force a smile and run to lead the horse.

When Zhao Chunxi walked away, the group of noble girls gathered together and giggled and said something, without much thinking also knew that they were making fun of her. Guan Suyi didn’t like this kind of intrigue, so she invisibly retreated. These people were too lazy to pay attention to her, and each picked a horse to gallop off in the field.

A quarter of an hour later, the grand princess came on horseback, pressed the whip against her chin, forced her to look up, looked at her carefully for a long time, and said with admiration, “It’s indeed a rare beauty, but the Guan family’s heirs are thin and it’s unknown whether you can give birth or not.”

It was shameful to answer this or not, Guan Suyi could only keep silent.

The grand princess didn’t need her response, she jumped off the horse and said, “Heard that the peony raised by Empress Dowager is blooming, and there is even a flower king, anyway, I don’t understand that thing, but the ladies in Yanjing seems to admiring it. Come, This Palace will also take you to widen your horizon.”

“Your Highness, the father of this humble woman…” Guan Suyi hesitatingly opened her mouth.

“Don’t worry, someone will take care of this,” the grand princess waved her hand dismissively.

Guan Suyi didn’t dare to ask again, so as not to be annoying. She followed the grand princess to the garden step by step, and then saw many noble ladies gathered in twos and threes to enjoy the scenery. When they caught a glimpse of her dressing up, their eyes showed a clear look. One of them was horrified, and that was Guan Wenhai’s mother, Mao shi.

Although her son was unlucky and failed the imperial examination after repeated attempts, but the shu daughter of Jing County Prince was infatuated with him because of his dignified appearance, and she was considered a good relative who climb up. Therefore she was qualified to come to the Rare Animal Park. If there was anyone who least willing to see the Guan family came out of their predicament, then it must belong to her family, because they had oppressed the Guan family too much, almost to the point of being heartless.

She had no doubt that if Guan Suyi was sent to the palace and gained favored, the first person that would be suppressed was her own family, so she hurried over and asked, “Suyi, was Miao’er secretly taken away by your mother? Hurry up and send her back!”

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