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Who Cares – Chapter 197

Chapter 197 Extra (20)


Emperor Sheng Yuan sent people to investigate the loosening of the iron cage, but because the result would not come in a short time, and seeing all the ladies looking pale and lethargic, he said, “Afraid you ladies are scared, why don’t you go and sit in the garden for a while to suppress your shock.”

Everyone could not refuse, they came to the Imperial Garden with weak steps, while admiring clusters of blooming peonies in the surrounding.

“Look, this is the king of peony planted by the Empress Dowager herself. The yellow one is called Yao Huang, and the purple one is called Wei Zi. What do you think?” The grand princess put one hand on Guan Suyi’s shoulder, but it was brushed off by Emperor Sheng Yuan with nonchalant smile.

Guan Suyi lowered her eyes and said, “The king of flowers is very extraordinary.” She didn’t dare to say more.

The rest of the people were also full of praise for the flowers, openly and secretly flattered the Empress Dowager. It was a well-known secret that the emperor had difficulty with having child, and the empress dowager had raised six imperial grandsons under her knees, all of whom were clever and healthy, and a few days ago, she sent a message to let the emperor adopt one as the heir. The emperor was still considering it, but the empress chose the sixth imperial grandson, who had now been brought to Jiaofang Palace to be raised, just waiting for the emperor to issue a clear decree.

If this matter was done, the Empress Dowager and the empress would form an alliance. These two were the most powerful women in the harem, who would dare to fight with them? Rather than curry favor with the emperor and gain wealth for a decade or two, it would be better to stand in line early and gain a merit from the dragon. Thinking like this, everyone praised them more and more, and even compared these two clusters of peonies to flower fairy descending to earth, a sign of auspiciousness.

Guan Suyi frowned. The grand princess held the handle of her machete tightly, obviously suppressing her desire to cut people. If it wasn’t for Hunnar being stubborn, yelling he was not listened, beating he instead fell back, she really wished to strip him naked, poured aphrodisiacs, and threw him into the pile of women, let him gave birth to seventeen or eighteen sons at once. Then let see how can the Empress Dowager that old hag be so proud!

While she was thinking wildly, Emperor Sheng Yuan stepped forward, plucked the most beautiful Yao Huang, and inserted it diagonally on Madam’s temple, smiling, “What flower fairy, what king of flowers, they cannot compare to Zhen’s considerate flower.”

The priceless flower was damaged like this, making all the ladies momentarily dumbfounded. The admiration they had been brewing for a long time all turned into turbid air, spinning back and forth in their stomachs, say not dare to say, hold back unable to hold back, don’t mention how uncomfortable it was inside. Is the emperor meant to slap the empress dowager in the face or to lift up Guan Suyi? Or both? Are the beauties sent to the palace by Her Highness grand princess before still not enough? When did he ever care so much!

Thinking like this, everyone looked at Guan Suyi with different light. They didn’t notice it before, but this former Marquis Zhenbei Madam was actually a rare beauty, with a very extraordinary appearance and bearing. Wearing a king of flowers on her temples, she didn’t look inferior at all, the person was indeed more delicate than flowers. No wonder she hadn’t even entered the palace, but the emperor rushed over to meet her.

Guan Suyi followed her grandfather to travel south and north since she was a child, and she was not frightened by everyone’s scrutiny or jealousy. She touched the tender petals, then looked at the emperor’s deep eyes, her cheeks flushed, and she hurriedly lowered her head. How people usually respond at a time like this? Is it a reserved thank you or an ambiguous coquettishness? She was at a loss, stood there for a long time before saying “thanking Your Majesty for the flowers” in a low voice, and then clenched her fists in annoyance.

Emperor Sheng Yuan didn’t mind her “cold” attitude at all, and took her by the wrist to go to the sparsely populated area. The crowd did not dare to follow, had no choice but to stand on the spot to enjoy the scenery. They actually wanted to gossip more, but when the grand princess pulled out the machete and wiped it slowly, they reluctantly shut up.

Guan Suyi lowered her head and accompanied the emperor, from the base of her neck to the forehead, it was scalding hot. Emperor Sheng Yuan swept his eyes at her, only to see a piece of delicate and rosy skin, he couldn’t help but smile, “What are you thinking?”

“This humble woman is thinking about how to please Your Majesty so you will be willing to save my father.” After walking all the way, she finally understood that she didn’t have the ability to seduce men at all, why bother becoming a laughing stock, it was better to frankly ask for the exchange.

Emperor Sheng Yuan looked down at her, his eyes were very strange, and after a long time he said in a hoarse voice, “Kiss Zhen and Zhen will save your father.”

Kiss? Guan Suyi took a few steps back, with a flustered look on her face. Although she had married before, she had never been exposed to man and woman’s relation, so she didn’t know how to act. However, her father’s life was at stake, not to mention just a kiss, even if she had to offer her body on the spot, she was willing.

The panic was slowly replaced by resoluteness, and she asked in a low voice, “Is it really just a kiss?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed softly, “Madam really knows how to demand a foot after given an inch. Who had promised the imperial sister that she would enter the palace to serve the emperor? If you go back on your words, Zhen can also pretend that nothing happened, and will order someone to send you back. ”

“No!” Guan Suyi hurriedly hugged his arm and said with tears in her eyes, “This humble woman will never back out! For this humble woman to be able to serve Your Majesty is indeed a blessing for three lifetimes.” Then she stood on tiptoe and kissed him, only to find that he was too tall, and she could only kiss his chin that was covered with stubble.

“Not kissing the lips then the condition earlier is not counted.” Emperor Sheng Yuan rubbed his chin with endless aftertastes.

Guan Suyi, who had just breathed a sigh of relief, was suddenly dumbfounded. She had no choice but to stand on tiptoe again to reach his lips, but she was still a little bit off, so she had to jump up and hang around his neck, then kissed him without hesitation. The lips finally fit together, and the soft and warm touch made her tremble slightly.

She blushed with embarrassment, and was about to back away, but the emperor hugged her waist, pressed the back of her head, and sighed, “Madam, kissing is not like this.”

Then how? As soon as these words came to her mind, her lips were pushed open by a large wet tongue, and then it entered the gap between her teeth, entangled with the tip of her own tongue. He forcefully grabbed her breath and swallowed her saliva, but she didn’t feel disgusted at all, rather showed a fascinated expression. Being stared at by his deep and focused gaze, she involuntarily closed her eyes and swept into the whirlpool.

They kissed for a long time, at first they just stood hugging each other, afterward she was pressed against the hard rockery. Hearing Madam groaned in discomfort, Emperor Sheng Yuan carried the person to the stone table and placed her on top, in the end they actually rolled into the flower bushes, bending the flower branches, and making them covered with fragrant petals.

When the two finally separated, one was full of desire and the other was out of breath, not knowing what day it was. It turns out this is what kissing is like, they thought to themselves in unison, and then their ears turned red.

Emperor Sheng Yuan closed Madam’s slightly open clothes, and said with restraint, “Get up, Zhen will take you home.”

Guan Suyi covered her face and stupidly nodded. After sorting out her appearance, she followed the emperor out, but after taking two steps, she was grabbed by the wrist and dragged to his side. No one was seen on the road, it seemed that the guards had already cleared the way. She tried to get rid of the shock of her first kiss, and asked in a low voice, “Your Majesty, the kiss has already been done, do you still count what you said?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan looked at her with a smile, but did not reply. When her face became paler and her mood became more and more chaotic, he said wickedly, “Get in the carriage and take a look yourself.”

Guan Suyi followed his fingertips, and saw a palace carriage parked on the side of the road, with heavy curtains hanging down, not knowing what was inside. She felt something in her heart, and hurried over.

“Father! Is it really you?” Seeing the man sitting cross-legged in the carriage, she burst into tears. She didn’t care about her manners, and climbed up with her hands and feet. She looked at the other person from top to bottom and very meticulously, said while choking up, “Father, you’ve lost weight! Did they torture you? Have you been injured?”

“I wasn’t tortured, and I haven’t been injured. I’m just worried about you, so I’ve lost weight.” Guan Father planned to act a little more calmly, but when he saw his daughter, his eyes were inevitably red. Didn’t know who got the instructions from above, all the criminals were tortured, but when it was his turn, they skipped it hastily. But the fact that he was not tortured didn’t mean that he was not convicted. With Xu Guangzhi’s instigation, those people originally planned to put him to death. Nine murder cases were placed on his head, and no one was allowed to visit, which made him cried out to heavens, but heavens don’t respond, cried out to earth, but the earth is impervious, totally helpless.

He thought he would be beheaded soon, but he didn’t expect that at ten in the morning, the commander of Jinyiwei, Lord Zhou Tianzhou, came to pick him up personally, and took him to the restaurant to wash up, have a good meal, and finally put him in the palace carriage to wait. When he saw his daughter dressed up, and a man wearing a five-clawed dragon robe standing not far away, what else could he not understand? Immediately choked up, “Yiyi, father make you suffer!”

“Daughter did not suffer! Daughter will enter the palace to enjoy happiness in the future.” Guan Suyi hugged her father and cried with joy. She really didn’t feel bitter, as long as her father returned safely, not to mention just entering the palace to serve the monarch, even to die she was willing. She ran all over the places, knelt down and kowtowed, and made humble gestures everywhere, but no one helped her. Now, just to please the emperor a little bit, she quickly achieved her wish. Comparing the two actions, which one suffered more? Which one more lowly?

Both asking for help, then she would rather ask the most honorable person in the world.

“Father, daughter will help you and grandfather achieve your aspiration.” The safe return of her loved ones brought her boundless strength. After she said these words in a low voice, she jumped out of the carriage, walked over to Emperor Sheng Yuan to thank him, and finally brightly smiled. This smile was no longer the twisted and anxious one like before, but very real and very beautiful, it almost dazzled the emperor’s eyes.

He also smiled with her, held madam’s warm fingertips, and said lightly, “Let’s go, Zhen will send you home. Then Zhen will personally inquire about your father’s case.”

“Your Majesty, my father must have been wronged.” Guan Suyi said firmly.

Emperor Sheng Yuan nodded and complied, first carried Madam into the carriage and placed her beside him before talking to Guan Father. Although Guan Father was only a small judicial officer, he had a good calculation in his heart. If there was an unusual change in the yamen, he would know all about it. He also knew the inside story of the nine murder cases, and had evidence to clear his grievances. If it were not for the fear of endangering his family, he would have taken out the evidence long ago.

The two went from the case to the current politics, and from the current politics to the outline of governing the country, unexpectedly went deeper and deeper, and more and more getting along. Only after the carriage arrived at the Guan’s house, they reluctantly stopped. Emperor Sheng Yuan took Madam off the carriage and once again helped Guan Father, thinking to himself: No wonder Xu Guangzhi trying so hard to suppress the Guan family. It turns out that Mr. Guan has the talent to govern the country, so what kind of person is Old Master Guan, who was once famous in the literary world?

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  1. Wow that kiss blew my mind.
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