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Who Cares – Chapter 181

Chapter 181 Extra (4)


After marrying into the Zhao mansion for four years, Guan Suyi had never been so close to Zhao Luli. But what was close to him was only the body, and what could no longer be approached was the heart. She was led to the main house by this man to talk, throughout the way her expression was wooden.

“Suyi, it was my fault.” Zhao Luli was used to apologizing to Madam once he opened his mouth. He understood that if Madam’s family background was low, and from beginning to end he never come to see the truth, he would indeed treat her in such a cruel way. So even if she asked for reconciliation and chose Huo Shengzhe, he could never blame her, let alone resent.

“After you passed the door, you were filial to mother, took care of the children, took charge of the central-fed, and do everything well. To be able to marry you, I don’t know how many blessings I have cultivated in my life.” Speaking until here, he felt more and more guilty. “That night I drank too much and was about to do something worse than a beast, you smashed me, but it actually woke me up. The dead are gone, and the living are still here. The dead only need to be remembered in memory, and those who are around should be cherished even more. Suyi, can you forgive me?” He held Madam’s fingertips, his eyes full of hope and prayer.

If it was a different person, after four years of humiliation and then being lifted up like this, they would definitely be grateful and agree. But Guan Suyi’s heart had become cold, and she couldn’t feel the slightest joy, only felt anger of being arbitrarily controlled. Is she an object? Can people throw her away and pick her up as they want?

However, thinking of her grandfather who was seriously ill, and her parents who had been running around for a living and suffered humiliation, no matter how unwilling she was, she had to accept Zhao Luli’s offer.

“Lord Maquis is not at fault,” she heard her hollow voice ringing in her ears. “It’s this wife who has lost her duty. Lord Marquis is able to wake up, this wife is very happy.”

Zhao Luli’s hanging heart finally landed on the ground, and he slowly embraced Madam into his arms, cherishing and stroking her pale cheeks. Whether or not Madam could let go of the grudge, he had a long life to get her forgiveness. He wanted to turn her into his real wife now, but he was afraid that the shadow of the past would still remain in her heart, so he had to hold back for the time being.

The two reconciled, and the one who was the happiest was the old madam. She called the couple to the main courtyard, gave them some earnest advice, and then asked the servants to set up a banquet so that everyone could recover from their shock. Zhao Chunxi and Zhao Wangshu helped Ye Fan who was arriving late, and were about to take their seats, when they heard their father asked in a cold voice, “When a family eats, where there is a reason for a concubine to be on the same table?”

Guan Suyi glanced at him indifferently, although she didn’t understand why his temperament changed so much, she wouldn’t be easily moved. Was it only a few times Ye Fan sat on an equal footing with her? If he really respected her as his wife, he wouldn’t let her stay alone in the empty house while pampering his concubines. But thinking about it now, being alone in an empty house was not necessarily a bad thing, at least she was still clean.

Ye Fan took a step back, her expression aggrieved. Zhao Wangshu was anxious, and said quickly, “Auntie is our family, isn’t she always sitting like this? What’s more, she is still pregnant now!”

In the end, the old madam felt sorry for her grandson, and waved, “Sit down, Ye Fan is about to give birth, and it’s not too late to follow the rules after the child is born.” In her eyes, after all, the Zhao family’s descendants were more important, which was also why Ye Fan, who had similar face to Ye Zhen, could still win her favor.

Speaking of this child, Zhao Luli felt uncomfortable. He suppressed the regret and guilty conscience that filling his heart, and said solemnly, “Sit down, don’t come out outside if there’s nothing in the future.”

Ye Fan was crying, and just as she was about to sit down, she clutched her stomach and wailed. The skirt was wet, it seemed the amniotic fluid had been broken. Guan Suyi quickly got up to help her, and ordered, “Go find the midwife, Ye yiniangis about to give birth!”

The group of people was stunned for a moment, and then each one moved. The one with the most chaotic mood was none other than Zhao Luli. He was just reborn, and had not yet cultivated a good relationship with Madam, but now he even had a shu child. Madam was the type of person who couldn’t have any sand in her eyes, and just because of this, she would never accept him sincerely, at most she would only respect him like a guest. But what he wanted was not to respect each other as a guest, but accompanied each other through thick and thin, to have love thicker than water.

Why did he always wake up too late and took a step slower? Was this his destiny? His face was extremely ugly, but he had to pick up Ye Fan and quickly sent her to the delivery room. After sitting down, he searched his memory again. Only then did he realize that his younger brother, sister-in-law Ruan and his adopted son Mu Mu had already died. The second house now did not even have an heir to inherit the incense. No wonder even though his mother hated Ye Zhen, but she still accepted Ye Fan, probably because this child was the most important.

He was so shocked that he hurriedly grabbed Madam’s wrist, and asked in a hoarse voice, “Suyi, are you still here?”

Guan Suyi avoided answering, “Lord Marquis, is the wound hurting again? There is this wife guarding here, you can help the old madam go back to rest.”

“No, I have to guard you.” Zhao Luli didn’t dare to leave her even for half a step.

Guan Suyi stared at the door expressionlessly, as if she didn’t hear what he said. From noon to early morning of the next day, Ye Fan finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The loud cries made the old madam overjoyed, and she immediately named him Zhao Guang, holding him in her arms and refusing to let go. Guan Suyi also took the child and hugged it for a while, then handed it to Lord Marquis.

Zhao Luli couldn’t feel the joy of being a father at all, only felt at loss. He visited Ye Fan in a daze, then said goodbye to Madam in shame. He returned to the study to sort out his thoughts, but after just a moment of sitting down, a servant sent a secret letter.

Ye Zhen! He woke up instantly, and then had a splitting headache. What are these troublesome things? There were so many concubines in the family, now even added a shu son, shortly after even the ex-wife came to join in the fun. Zhao Luli in this life was simply beyond stupid!

He opened the envelope and read it hastily, his already gloomy complexion turned black as the bottom of a pot. Ye Zhen said in the letter that she accidently found Emperor Sheng Yuan’s secret, and it was something that could kill her, so she asked him to find a way to save her. What secret? Wasn’t it just the sins committed in previous years have been exposed, and to die a hundred times was well deserved! Save her? As an abandoned chess piece, why should he save her?

Thinking like this, Zhao Luli wrote down the things she did one by one, and bluntly drew a clear line with her. After sending the secret letter, he thought for a while, and finally seized a glimmer of hope. Zhao Luli in this life had not completely withdrawn from the court. A few days ago, in order to help Ye Zhen suppress Pan Jieyu, he snatched an errand from Pan Jieyu’s brother, and he did it very beautifully. Maybe he could use this merit to ask for sealing a title for his wife, so that everyone in the Marquis Mansion could understand that a concubine was just a concubine, and even if she had a son, she would not be better than the main wife.

After thinking he immediately do it. He spread out the four treasures of the study, and wrote a memorial to ask for sealing the title, stroke by stroke.


Ye Fan laid on the bed for three days before recovering a little bit of energy, holding his son Zhao Guang in her arms and teasing with a beaming smile. Suddenly, an old woman ran in and hurriedly said, “Yiniang, it’s not good, Lord Marquis had submitted a memorial to ask for sealing Madam an official title. The emperor has reply it today, said to allowed it!”

Ye Fan froze and asked, “Asking to seal the title? Why didn’t I hear about this before?”

“This servant haven’t heard of it either! Lord Marquis hid it from everyone in the mansion, even the old madam just got the news. Ye Jieyu sent someone to pick up Madam, and said she wanted to meet her and reminisce about the old times. The carriage was all set up, she should be on the way by now.”

“It’s really sealing the tile, not something else?” Ye Fan murmured in disbelief, “But I just gave birth to a son for Lord Marquis, why does he want to lift Guan Suyi at this time? Doesn’t he understand that this is slapping me in the face? Those sluts in the back house will definitely laugh at me.”

The old woman comforted, “Don’t panic, yiniang, Ye Jieyu will definitely support you. She called Madam into the palace now, maybe she just want to beat her.”

Ye Fan forcefully smiled and nodded, but her heart was extremely embarrassed. The emperor had granted it, what could her cousin do, at most give Guan Suyi a slap in the face. When she returned, even if she didn’t have a noble background, she would be able to crush the others with her first-rank title.

What the hell did Lord Marquis want to do? Did he really like Guan Suyi?

Guan Suyi also had the same doubts. Before stepping into the palace gate, she frowned and asked, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to be nice to you.” Zhao Luli held her wrist and cautiously warned, “Don’t walk around in the palace, and don’t believe anything Ye Jieyu said. I’ll come to pick you up after I see the emperor.” Summoned by Ye Zhen, he was both angry and fearful. He hated Ye Zhen for being vicious, and he was also afraid that Madam would meet the emperor, so that he would follow the tracks of an overturned cart.

But an imperial concubine had summoned, how could an ordinary woman defy it, she had to dress up properly and go immediately. In desperation, he could only accompany Madam into the palace on the name of thanking the emperor, and once again warned before parting, “Be careful of Ye Jieyu.”

“I understand.” Guan Suyi nodded in response. Under the guidance of an inner attendant, she arrived at a quiet palace. After entering into the palace gate was a dim aisle. At the end of the aisle, there was a strong scent of sandalwood, smelled more like a temple.

“Your niangniang believes in Buddhism?” Guan Suyi asked in a low voice.

“Yes, niangniang is extremely devout to the Buddha, and would recites scriptures for a while at this time of the day. Madam, please go in, this servant will retreat.” The inner attendant then hurriedly left.

Guan Suyi walked in slowly, and saw that there was indeed a Buddhist hall in front of her, but no doors and windows were installed, and in the middle of the day, the room had to be illuminated by candles and oil lamps; a futon was placed on the ground, on which a scripture was discarded, seemingly stained with some stains and mottled; looking up, the altar that supposed to be dedicated to the Bodhisattva statue was instead hung a painting, in front of the eyes was all red.

Guan Suyi couldn’t hold back her curiosity, she walked around the futon to the Buddhist altar, examined carefully, and immediately her breath stagnated. This painting was very strange, it was actually a scene of a demon child slitting a woman’s belly and breaking out of her body. The painter’s skill was extraordinary, he depicted the woman’s painful and horrified expression, and the demon child’s ferocious and terrifying face to life, even a large pool of thick blood seemed to flow out of the frame.

How could a Buddhist hall enshrine such an evil thing? Only then did Guan Suyi react, she hurriedly retreated, but her body suddenly slammed into a cold and hard chest, then her shoulders were pressed by a pair of big palms, a gloomy voice sounded in her ears, “What do you see?”

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