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Who Cares – Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Extra (3)


The shouts of the coachman and the old woman interrupted the quarrel in the hall. Before the old madam and Zhao Luli could return to their senses, Ye Fan scolded first, “After you hit someone, you want to run away, what kind of rule is this? Also, who help her? Could it be she meeting a man outside?”

These words were extremely vicious, obviously wanted to press Guan Suyi to death. The people there barely showed a strange expression, and before they had time to think deeply, Zhao Luli slapped her with the back of his hand and scolded, “Shut up! There is no place for you to speak here.”

“Lord Marquis?” Ye Fan never expect that he would hit her, she couldn’t help but cry out bitterly. Zhao Wangshu and Zhao Chunxi hurriedly stepped forward to comfort her, and then together they attacked their father, “Daddy, aunt is still pregnant, why are hitting her? Besides, she was not wrong. If mother doesn’t have someone to help her, would she dare to run away as a lone woman? Let’s report it to the official, lest she cause any bad things in the future and implicate the reputation of our marquis mansion.”

“Yes, Daddy, you should write a divorce letter now, it’s better to break it off early.”

“I said shut up, don’t you understand what people say?” Zhao Luli held his aching forehead and said angrily, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking. Zhao Chunxi, you just can’t bear to see Suyi well. On the surface following her, but on her back stir up the wind, and stir up discord. I won’t bother with you, I’ll just marry you off after a while. Zhao Wangshu, you’re an idiot with no brain. You just listen to what others say, and only blindly serve as people’s tool. I will send you to Bailu Academy in the future, don’t come back if there is nothing. Ye Fan…”

His cold gaze swept across the other person’s tall belly, and said slowly, “A concubine is a concubine, you will never be able to replace Suyi in your life. If you’re peaceful, I can still feed you; if you’re restless, then take the child to Cangzhou.”

A group of people were all stunned and looked at him in disbelief.

“I know best what kind of temperament Suyi has. She dares to act then she dares to take responsibility. Even if the Zhao family asks for her life on the spot, she would not frown, so how could she run away? It must have been you two who did something that forced her to leave. People come, drag these two down and beat them hard until they tell the truth.”

Zhao Luli flicked his sleeves, and several guards came up to capture the terrified coachman and old woman. Then he sat down with his head in his hands, and said coldly, “Why Madam leave and where she disappear, you better report it word for word, otherwise it would be considered merciful to kill you, and I still can make your entire family to go down and be buried with you.”

The two were already scared to pee, and barely hit two times, they already blamed each other for all the tricks.

“You dog slave, even dared to loot the belonging of marquis mansion’s mistress, and then stole her travel money and left her alone in the middle of nowhere. If she didn’t leave, should she stay to wait for you to kill her?” When Zhao Luli heard this his eyes flushed, he gritted his teeth and said, “Continue to hit, hit until fifty boards, then drag out the whole family and sell them. My marquis mansion cannot afford a servant who is more honorable than the master.”

Hearing the tragic howl, Ye Fan and the others woke up and looked at the person in the main seat with a suspicious look. Is this really Marquis Zhenbei? Not some ghost possessing his body? Didn’t he despise Guan Suyi so much?

Zhao Luli didn’t care about other people’s thoughts, he just closed his eyes and searched for the memories in his mind, the ecstasy of rebirth gradually replaced by mourning. Because Madam’s family background had become low, the marriage between the two of them had taken a different track from the beginning. In order to save her maiden family, Madam had to make compromises everywhere and tried her best to repay the marquis mansion, but the marquis mansion despised her even more because of this.

Although she managed the inner house in an orderly manner, in fact, the servants were submissive on the surface, but behind the scenes, they only listened to Zhao Chunxi’s order. Zhao Chunxi persuaded Zhao Luli in this life to accept Ye Fan, and then found many women who looked similar to Ye Zhen to keep in the back house, just to add another hurdle for Madam.

People were not in harmony, and the family was not firm. Madam had put so much effort, but what she got was only blame and neglect. Finally, the day before yesterday, the bastard Zhao Luli was so drunk that he was trying to assault Madam, so he was smashed on the forehead and caused her to be sent to Cangzhou. It could be said in this life, she never experienced even a half point of warmth in marquis mansion, only full of pain and complaints.

Zhao Luli covered his eyes and did not dare to think again. He suddenly didn’t know what else he could give her to move that frozen heart. In the previous life, Huo Shengzhe could neglect the entire harem for her, bear all the pressure, withstand all criticism, and spoil her and her children to the sky. He also kept himself clean and devoted himself to her, and in his entire life, he never did anything to make Madam sad.

On the other hand, he not only took concubines one after another, but also indulged his children to harm her unscrupulously.

What could he do to surpass Huo Shengzhe, and then replace the other person’s position? Thinking like this, his heart suddenly trembled, and only then did he realize that Madam had not yet met Huo Shengzhe, and as long as he atoned for his sins, he didn’t need to compare himself to the other person at all. This cheered him up quickly, and even the pain in his forehead was mostly reduced.

Although the old madam was confused by her son’s change, she was also pleased to see it happen, and immediately ordered, “What are you still doing? Hurry up and get madam back!”

“Go search, but don’t alarm Madam, just follow behind and protect her silently. I believe that Madam will never escape. She probably not feel safe with these two servants, so in order to protect herself, she drove for a while. She will come back at her own accord, and I will wait for her in the house.” If he sent people to search for her, it would be extremely harmful for Madam’s reputation. Even if Zhao Luli was impatient, he had to pretend to trust Madam in every possible way, this then could block many people’s mouths. With his understanding of Madam, she would definitely take the initiative to return to the capital. The family she cared about the most was here, and there were also responsibilities that she could not abandon.

If she was not forced into a desperate situation, she would not sink the boat.

The current Wei Kingdom was not as politically clear and stable as in the previous life, on the contrary, there had been many chaos. To get to the bottom of it, it was all due to the struggle between the poor family and the noble family, the noble of Jiuli clan and the Han bureaucrats. In order not to be overstepped, the emperor’s methods became increasingly brutal, and he turned the dark soldiers from the dark to the light, and set up another official named Jinyiwei* to kill all those who dared to disobey him.

This was a chaotic era, and the reborn Zhao Luli was unable to accept it for a while. Fortunately, he was still Marquis Zhenbei now, so he had some power and could still protect his family.

Seeing that the guards in the mansion disguised themselves and went out to look for people, Ye Fan couldn’t sit still. How she wished that Guan Suyi would get harmed outside, how she wished that she would be escorted back by these people, so that she could make up some rumors and completely ruin the other person’s reputation. But Lord Marquis didn’t want to make a big fuss, just waited for her to turn around by herself, then as long as Guan Suyi took the initiative to step into the house, nothing would happen. Even if Lord Marquis was severely injured, she would still be unscathed.

Why is this happening? Ye Fan couldn’t figure it out, her heart was full of uneasiness and trepidation.

At the same time, Guan Suyi sent Li Su’e back to Marquis Zhenxi Mansion, and asked her two steward women to be witnesses, and then drove toward Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, but on the way visit her grandfather first.

“Yiyi, weren’t you sent to Cangzhou?” Zhong shi, who was packing up a bundle, turned pale with fright, and asked anxiously, “Why are you back? Did something happen to Lord Marquis?”

Guan Suyi recounted what she saw on the road, and when she saw the bundle, she understood, “Mother, are you planning to go to Cangzhou to find me? Who will take care of grandfather?”

“Grandfather has your father to take care of. I’m so worried about you, no matter what, I have to go and see. You, this child, you know that your hands are strong, why would you still smash Lord Marquis? You scared your mother to death!” Zhong shi then took out two hundred taels of silver and urged, “Go home and beg for forgiveness to the old madam and make it clear. The steward of Marquis Zhenxi Mansion will testify for you, so you shouldn’t be afraid that she will blame you. This is the travel expense that mother prepared for you, Cangzhou is bitter and cold, if you have any difficulties, just write back, your father and mother will try our best to help you.”

“Mother, where did you get the money? What about the money for grandfather’s medicine?” Guan Suyi held Zhong shi‘s wrist tightly.

“This is the money your father earned from selling calligraphy and painting. The money for your grandfather is still there, don’t worry about it.”

“Father actually went off to sell calligraphy and painting?” Guan Suyi’s eyes immediately turned red, and it was hard to imagine that her arrogant and talented father would actually be reduced to sitting on the street earning money by shouting.

“Don’t cry,” Zhong held her daughter, holding back her sadness. “How can face more important than life? Let’s pay off the money owed to marquis mansion as soon as possible, so that you can stand upright. I just hope that Lord Marquis is safe and sound, and let you suffer less sins. The old madam sent you away, we don’t blame her, she is also kind and wants to save your life! If you can come back in the future, you must be filial to her, you understand?”

“I understand.” Guan Suyi wiped away her tears, washed her face again, and then went to visit the old master. Worried that he could not stand the stimulation, Zhong shi concealed the news and only said that her daughter had some free time and deliberately came to visit the patient. The old master was really happy and pulled his granddaughter to talk, but he couldn’t hold it for long and fell into a deep sleep.

Guan Suyi tucked the quilt for him, and secretly stuffed the two hundred taels of silver back under Zhong shi‘s pillow, then said goodbye and returned to the mansion. As soon as she stepped into the second gate, she saw Zhao Luli standing in the courtyard, staring at her with deep and unfathomable eyes. His eyes were filled with mixture of love and longing, and more, regret and guilt.

Ye Fan came out with a big belly and said sharply, “Yo, Madam is finally back? We even thought you were afraid of the crime and ran away!”

“Lord Marquis is awake?” Guan Suyi breathed a sigh of relief and explained, “It’s because the coachman and the old madam stole my bundle as soon as we got in the carriage, they wanted to loot my belongings, and left Minglan and me in a strange place. I was worried that the two of them had ill intention, so I drove the carriage back to the capital. On the way, I met Marquis Zhenxi madam and saw that the wheel of her carriage was broken, so I gave her a ride and dropped her off. These two are the steward women of Marquis Zhenxi Mansion, they can testify for me.”

The two steward women immediately sent a handwritten letter and a generous gift from Marquis Zhenxi, and said many words of thanks. Ye Fan, who was blocked, was dumbstruck and feeling suffocated. The crowd then looked at Marquis Zhenbei again, only to see that he took two steps forward and hugged Guan Suyi tightly in his arms. Although there were no tears in his eyes, his expression was very painful.

Guan Suyi struggled reflexively, and her resistance stabbed his heart fiercely.

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