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Who Cares – Chapter 178

Chapter 178 Extra (1)


Inside Ganquan Palace, Ye Zhen was sitting in front of the bronze mirror, holding a piece of gold leaf cut into a lotus shape in her hand, then she carefully pasted it between her eyebrows. Four maids surrounded her, some combing her hair, some choosing her jewelry, and some took out the clothes for her to choose.

One of the palace maids named Yong He said worriedly, “Niangniang, do you really want to do this?”

“Xu Yayan has become the empress, and she still want to adopt the sixth imperial grandson as her son. If This Palace doesn’t do anything, how can there be a way to survive?” Ye Zhen’s fingers trembled slightly, and the gold foil was sticking crookedly, so she had to wipe it off and stick a new one. Her features were like painting and her temperament was gentle, but her eyes hid ruthlessness and resentment, which was very different from her usual indifferent image.

Several maids in the palace fell silent, all showing fear in their eyes. Master Ye was impeached by Xu Guangzhi, he lost his official position and was demoted to a commoner. The Ye family’s business was greatly affected, and it was already declining. If niangniang did not try to compete for favor, the Ye family would collapse sooner or later. When the Ye family collapsed, niangniang, who had no support, could only struggle and be left out in the cold by herself.

Niangniang, you’d better think thoroughly before proceeding.” Yong He dragged out a box from under the bed, hesitated, “It’s not like you haven’t heard the rumors in the palace. If you uncover His Majesty’s secrets, with his cruel nature, entering the cold palace is still light…” afraid that he would go crazy on the spot and behead all the hundreds of people from top to bottom in Ganquan Palace.

Yong He didn’t dare to say the last sentence, but Ye Zhen understood it and sneered, “If the emperor is really a reincarnation of an evil ghost, and women who come close to him will die, then it’s unknown how many times This Palace has died. Only the Juili concubines would believe this, they are all brainless idiots!”

Another maid, Yong Ju, looked around, lowered her voice and said, “No, niangniang, there are also rumors on the Han concubines’ side, saying that the emperor was injured on the battlefield, and it’s no longer good!” As she said that, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

Because these two kinds of rumors were widely spread in the palace, the Jiuli concubines did not dare to approach the emperor; the Han concubines while wanted to be favored, they were afraid of breaking the secret and got killed by the emperor. So they all avoided him like snakes and scorpions, and instead rushed to curry favor with the Empress Dowager and little imperial grandsons. The emperor was in his thirties, but he still had no children under his knees, apart from his physical inadequacy, they really could not think a more suitable reason.

Hearing this, Ye Zhen somewhat felt nervous, she thought for a moment and then waved her hand, “His Majesty’s body is fine, those words are definitely fake.”

“But Niangniang, after following him for so many years you haven’t serve the bed for him, wouldn’t that prove the truth of the rumors?” Yong He was still uneasy.

Ye Zhen’s cheeks were slightly red, and she said firmly, “He has never touched This Palace because of Zhao Luli’s face. This Palace had some contact with him before. Him there, him there doesn’t have any problem.” When she was sent to the emperor’s tent naked, the other person did have reaction, but from beginning to end he always held back. It could be seen that he was not incapable, but could not overcome the hurdle in his heart.

Zhao Luli had been married for four years, and she had done enough to cut off the front line, thinking that the emperor would not reject her again this time. Of course, if there was a drug to boost the fun, it’s guaranteed success.

Thinking like this, Ye Zhen ordered Yong He to open the box, took out a small black bottle, took off the stopper and sniffed, “This is Soul Releasing wine, it can make people infatuated and their sexual desire go overdrive, but they will not completely lose their minds. Later you put a drop in the wine jar, it will make the wine more mellow and rich.”

Yong He took the order and left, the other three maids continued to serve on Ye Zhen to dress up. When evening came, the travel-worn Emperor Sheng Yuan they had been waiting for finally came. Ye Zhen hurriedly went out to greet him, but the other person went straight past her, walked to the inner hall to take a seat, and said solemnly, “Bring the wine.”

He was addicted to alcohol, and when he came to Ganquan Palace, apart from talking to Ye Jieyu, he usually drank silently. When he was slightly tipsy, he then flung his sleeves and left, and would never stay overnight. His physique was very tall, with a strong body wrapped in dark clothes, he walked like a beast ready to attack; the contour of his face was sharp and chiseled, completely different from the Central Plains men that were gentle like jade, however there was a sense of aggression that completely masculine and rigid; a pair of blue eyes emitted a cold light in the night, making people frightened.

Slightly timid women probably wouldn’t like to interact with him, even someone as brave as Ye Zhen couldn’t help but a bit flustered. She took a deep breath, then walked over to change the man’s clothes, and ordered the maid to bring in the wine and the side dishes.

Emperor Sheng Yuan picked up the wine jar and sniffed lightly, and said without joy or anger, “Today’s wine seems to be particularly mellow.”

Ye Zhen was so frightened that her face tightened, but her tone was very soft and gentle, “This is a twenty-year-old Shaoxing wine that just presented by the Secretary of Internal Affairs. This concubine can’t drink wine, also do not know how it tastes.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan gave her a half smile, and when her face gradually turned pale, he raised his head to take a sip, and praised, “It’s indeed a good wine, let the Secretary of Internal Affairs send a few more jars.”

Ye Zhen secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly asked Yong He to fetch a few more jars of wine. Emperor Sheng Yuan ignored her, drinking by himself, and without a word he drank about two jars, he then held his forehead, looking rather exhausted.

“Your Majesty, if you are tired, go inside and rest for a while.” Ye Zhen tentatively reached out her hand and gently placed it on his shoulder. Sensing that he didn’t resist, she couldn’t help being overjoyed, and hurriedly sent a wink to Yong He and the others, ordered them to help bring the emperor in.

Fortunately, Emperor Sheng Yuan still conscious. After pushing those people, he dizzily walked to the inner hall and sat on the bed. His pair of blue eyes were filled with mist, staring straight at Ye Zhen. Ye Zhen’s scalp was numb from his gaze, but the arrow had already on the string and need to be released. She slowly sat down next to him and stretched out her hand to untie his shirt.

“Your Majesty, you are drunk, take a rest at Ganquan Palace tonight,” she said seductively.

Emperor Sheng Yuan leaned against the headboard, narrowed his eyes and looked unpredictable. One foot was on the ground, and the other was curled up on the edge of the bed, neither said he would stay nor said he would leave. Seeing this, Ye Zhen swallowed her saliva and continued to take off his clothes, while skilfully caress his strong and powerful body. When she finally touched that part, she was stunned, and then her red cheeks turned pale little by little.

Soul Releasing wine could stimulate men’s lust to the maximum extent, and only one drop was enough to make their sexual desire went overdrive. However, the emperor drank two jars, and the amount was definitely not small, but his body did not respond at all. Could it be that the rumors are true? The emperor is no longer able to do it? So what will happen to her knowing this secret?

She immediately wanted to retreat, but Emperor Sheng Yuan pinched her jaw, and asked in a deep voice, “Lovely dear, why don’t you continue?”

“Your, Your Majesty must be too tired, this concubine will wait until you fall sleep.” Tears formed in the corner of Ye Zhen’s eyes, she was extremely terrified. How moody Emperor Sheng Yuan was, no one knew better than her. If he went crazy for no reason, he would slaughter all the living things around him.

“How can Zhen be tired after drinking the good wine you deliberately prepared?” Emperor Sheng Yuan threw her away, just like throwing away an object. When Baifu heard the sound, he walked in immediately and handed him a handkerchief.

He wiped his fingertips clean one by one, and said casually, “Ye Jieyu has a lot of good things here, even Soul Releasing wine. Zhen is really surprise.”

“Your Majesty, please spare my life! This concubine just wants a child, beg Your Majesty for mercy.” Ye Zhen knew the emperor very well and understood that at this time she must not make up lies to deceive him, so she had to tell the real purpose, “This concubine misses the pair of children, and afraid that the evening scene will be desolate, and only want a child by one’s side, beg the emperor to look at the affection of the past and fulfil this concubine’s wish!” She moved forward on her knees and tried to hold the man’s legs, but was kicked mercilessly by him.

“The affection of the past,” Emperor Sheng Yuan smiled coldly, “The affection of assassinating Zhen?”

Ye Zhen was dumbfounded and could hardly believe her ears. He, he already knew what she did? Then why he kept her alive? Based on his character, shouldn’t he cut her into pieces?

“Do you why Zhen keep you, why Zhen always like to talk to you?” Emperor Sheng Yuan’s expression was unpredictable.

“Why?” Ye Zhen muddleheadedly asked.

“Because you are dirty enough, only in front of you can Zhen feel at ease.” Evil ghosts like dirty things the most. In front of Ye Zhen, he didn’t need to pretend, didn’t need to repress, because he could erase her anytime and anywhere, without worrying that she knew too much.

“Furthermore, you obviously want to give yourself to Zhen, but you have to pretend to be infatuated. You shed a few tears today and sigh a few times tomorrow. Your appearance is really amusing. When tired, Zhen will come to see you, and unknowingly Zhen’s mood will get better.” He stood up, patted the dust-free hem of his clothes, and sighed, “Before Zhen get bored, you are still Ye Jieyu; after Zhen get bored, Zhen will definitely find a good place for you.”

Although he said “a good place”, there was no warmth in his eyes when he looked at her. Only at this time that Ye Zhen finally understood, in his heart where was she a life-saving benefactor or favored concubine? She was just a jumping clown, or even a dead object. No wonder he often looked at her with a cold and weird smile on his face, it turned out that her ending had already been arranged. Is it to be thrown into the cold palace or execute secretly, or even die by a thousand cuts?

Thinking like this, Ye Zhen rolled onto the bed and wrapped herself tightly with the quilt. All her sweet dreams were shattered today. However, before this was over, a dark guard suddenly appeared, holding a small black bottle in his hand, and whispered, “Jieyu niangniang, His Majesty has bestowed you this wine, please accept.” He then grabbed her chin and poured every drop of liquid from the bottle.


At the same time, Marquis Zhenbei, who missed his “deceased wife”, was also very drunk. He swayed open the door, and rushed towards the woman who was sitting under the lamp mending the clothes, shouting “Zhen’er” incessantly. The woman was stunned for a while, and when she heard what he shouted, she struggled immediately. The two scuffled in the room, breaking a lot of things. But after all, women’s strength was no match for men. She was pressed on the bed and her clothes were stripped off. Seeing that she was about to be violated, she suddenly became ruthless and picked up the jade pillow and smashed it on him.

If he tilted his head just a little bit, he could have avoided it, but for some reason his body stiffened for a moment. The jade pillow was smashed on his face, causing him to instantly collapse on the woman’s body, and a line of blood slowly dripped from his forehead.

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TN: It’s the alternate story where GSY is not reborn, it’s not exactly where it was left of in chapter one, because then GSY is dead, but somewhere before that. Notice in the last paragraph, ZLL got smashed because his body stiffened, somehow I can imagine something (which what I mean the author) paused his body, so the story can be differ. I guess in the original story GSY couldn’t beat him, so she was… you know, and die in the end.

What do you think of our ML? he’s very different eh!

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  1. Ohhhhh it’s kinda an AU eh. And i don’t think that ML is actually a different person. He was always such a person. Only after her rebirth that our fl did everything to change his path and his heart early. In this one, since fl has been married for 4 years, he was in the dark for a much longer time. And we have more screentimes for him, not his usual infatuated with madam lol

  2. Oh my gosh translator-nim you are the best.
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  3. Happy she manage to hit the drunk man. Rebirth is fantasy… Reality version – having this extra will help rewind that upset…

  4. You know its always heartbreaking to know how she suffered last life. Imagine she was ravaged by him, how hard she fought, she even tried to smash him, and he still succeeded while calling ye zhens name, that was horrific. And knowing she got knocked up and they killed her child. Wow. Really really well deserved how she was loved by the ML in her rebirth.

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