Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 179 Part 1

Chapter 179 Extra (2)
(The chapter is twice as long as normal one, so I’m going to split it into two parts)

When Minglan and Mingfang returned to the main house after dinner, they saw their master with disheveled hair and pale face, holding a bloody jade pillow in her hand, staring at the bed with wide eyes. The two followed her gaze, one was sluggish, while the other immediately turned around and ran away, “It’s not good! Madam injured Lord Marquis! Hurry up and call the doctor, hurry up!”

Only then Guan Suyi returned to her senses. It was too late to stop Mingfang, so she could only throw away the jade pillow and laughed at herself, “Very good, she’s really bent on Zhao Luli.”

Knowing that the situation was not good, Minglan twisted the handkerchief to wipe Lord Marquis’s blood-stained face, and said in a low voice, “Don’t panic, Miss, you just said it’s this servant who smashed Lord Marquis. At worst this servant will be beaten. It’s all right.”

“Don’t move him, so as not to hurt him, just wipe off the blood.” Guan Suyi’s cold heart surged with warmth current, and she sighed, “Silly girl, I do this by myself, why do you need to bear the blame for me? If I smashed Zhao Luli, at most I will be sent to another courtyard, it doesn’t matter. If he doesn’t wake up, I will pay with my life. The old madam is soft-hearted, I’ll beg her to let you go home.”

Minglan saw that her face had changed from panic to numbness, and her eyes showed a deathly stillness, she couldn’t help but cry in a low voice, “Wherever miss goes this servant will go too, you live I live, you die I die. Miss, why did you beat Lord Marquis? Did he bully you?”

Guan Suyi didn’t want to recall the disgusting scene just now, so she avoided, “Alright, we’ll be together in life and death, let Mingfang stay behind. She’s bent on climbing the high branches, how can she know what kind of trash Zhao Luli is. I originally want to find a steward to marry her, lest she jump into the fire pit, but she doesn’t appreciate it at all. Seeing how good she was just now, she obviously doesn’t recognize me as her master, so let her go.”

Minglan’s mind was simple, and she immediately forgot her previous question, gritted her teeth, and said, “Bah, what a little bitch! Only know how to hook up with Lord Marquis all day long, but I also know that Lord Marquis doesn’t even give her one glance. Miss, we will ignore such person in the future! Don’t panic, Lord Marquis is still breathing, he’s not dead.”

Guan Suyi rubbed Minglan’s head lovingly, and then began to tidy up her appearance. Half an hour later, the old madam hurriedly arrived with a group of people, including Zhao Luli’s son and daughter, Zhao Chunxi and Zhao Wangshu, as well as all his concubines in the back house. No matter how angry the old madam was with this son, after all, it was a piece of flesh that fell from her body, there was no reason not to feel distressed.

The doctor then came to check on Lord Zhao’s injury and told everyone that the situation was a bit serious, poured down two bowls of medicine and wait for tomorrow to see. If he could wake up tomorrow, everything would be fine, but if he didn’t wake up tomorrow, it would be bad.

After all, the old madam pitied this daughter-in-law, and did not reprimand her in front of everyone, but her face was extremely ugly. Everyone guarded in the house all night, and the next day, Zhao Luli still didn’t wake up. His children and concubines were all surround the bed, calling him one after another, but he didn’t open his eyes.

The old madam looked at the people who were crying out of breath, and at the daughter-in-law who looked wooden, she couldn’t help but said coldly, “Suyi, you go out with me.”

The two went to the side hall to talk.

“Suyi, you’ve been married for four years, and the mansion from top to bottom depend on you to manage. Wangshu and Xi’er are also raised under your knees, now they a bit like you. At first, I was very satisfied with you, but in recent years, you’re not even as good as Ye Fan. It’s true that you are the mistress, and it’s true that you should take care of the housework, but you are Luli’s wife first. You can’t even keep the person, so why are you still staying at Zhao’s house? The relationship between husband and wife is a matter of course, if you don’t want to do it, why do you still hit him with a jade pillow? If you plan to be a grass widow for the rest of your life, then go to another place, don’t stay in the mansion to be an eyesore. Look at Ye Fan, look at you again, I’m so disappointed in you!”

The old madam closed her eyes and let out a long sigh.

Guan Suyi didn’t say a word of rebuttal. Why she couldn’t even keep her husband? Because Zhao Luli also need to give her a chance! She had a straightforward personality and couldn’t say soft words, so she treated him sincerely instead, but she didn’t expect him to avoid her like a snake and talked to her coldly. She was also human, with dignity, with flesh and blood, and could feel shame and pain. She couldn’t do it when he called out another woman’s name and was forced to suffer a humiliation that she shouldn’t have to suffer. She didn’t have a face like Ye Zhen, she couldn’t be a substitute for Zhao Luli like Ye Fan, was this her fault?

Well, she can’t stay in this family anymore. Thinking like this, she kowtowed heavily, “Old Madam, it’s me who let Lord Marquis down. If you want to send me away, I’ll pack up and leave immediately.”

The old madam thought she could wake her up, but she didn’t expect her to be so determined, so she couldn’t help but get angry. At this moment, Mingfang knocked on the door and said loudly, “Madam, someone from the Guan family has come, saying that the old master is very ill, ask you to please help.”

Guan Suyi’s wooden expression instantly faded away, and she immediately opened the door and asked, “Who’s coming? My mother? What happened to grandfather?”

Husband lay on the bed while his life and death was unknown, but still didn’t see her shed a single tear, the Guan family shouted casually, but she immediately became a mess. Bah, really raising a white-eyed wolf! The more the old madam thought about it, the angrier she became, and she said coldly, “Last time borrowed a hundred taels of silver, in just half a month, come to sponge on people again, it’s really endless.”

Guan Suyi knelt down with a thud and cried, “Old Madam, my grandfather is seriously ill, I beg you to have mercy and save his life!” The old master’s body could only be supported by precious medicinal materials such as ginseng and lingzhi mushroom. A day’s expense was as high as dozens of taels. If they were not really desperate, where would the family ask from the Marquis Mansion? No amount of pride was worth mentioning in the face of her grandfather’s safety. Guan Suyi kowtowed while pleading, and soon broke her forehead and bleed a lot of blood.

The old madam was not a hard-hearted person. Although she was angry that Guan Suyi seriously injured her son, it was unlikely she would let someone die. She let people wrap one hundred taels of silver to send to Zhong shi right away, and then waved her hand and said, “Go to the ancestral hall and kneel, if tomorrow Luli hasn’t woken up yet, you will go to Cangzhou. Helping you raised Guan family for four years, can you count how much money we spent this whole time? Our marquis mansion had done our utmost benevolence and duty for you.”

Guan Suyi was not an ungrateful person, so how could she not remember the silver that the marquis mansion spent on her grandfather? She originally wanted to take good care of Zhao Luli’s children, support the old madam in her old age, and take care of the household, but now it seemed that people couldn’t tolerate her anymore.

She kowtowed three times and said sincerely, “Thank you old madam, I dare not forget your great kindness and virtue. If I can’t repay you in this life, I just hope to be a cow and a horse for you in the next life. If Lord Marquis met some unfortunate event, I’m in Cangzhou, you can let me pay with my life at any time, please look at the past affection and don’t implicate my maiden family.”

The old madam knew that this daughter-in-law had a good heart, but she was too upright and dull, unlike Ye Fan, who could use her face to please her son. It wasn’t that she couldn’t tolerate her, but the other person shouldn’t have smashed her son, made his life and death unknown. If she didn’t punish her, how should she explain it to others? Besides, if his son really couldn’t wake up, without a doubt Ye Fan would make a big scene, probably even send the culprit to the authorities, or kill on the spot, in short, the outcome would not be good.

No matter how much the old madam hated in her heart, she was unwilling to let two lives gone, so she simply sent her away and left her  fend for herself.

“You don’t have to be a cow or a horse, you just have to fend for yourself in the future. You also know my temperament, I will never implicate innocent people. Just go.” The old madam wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, pushed open the door and walked out.

Guan Suyi slowly stood up with Minglan’s help, she caught a glimpse of Mingfang hiding behind the window, and sighed, “If Lord Marquis doesn’t wake up tomorrow, I will go to Cangzhou with Minglan, and you will stay and take care of him.”

Mingfang said resentfully, “This servant will take good care of Lord Marquis. Madam, why did you hit him with jade pillow? Do you want to beat him to death?” If something happened to Lord Marquis, what’s the point of her staying?

Guan Suyi didn’t reply, she walked out without looking at her, and then caught a glimpse of Zhao Wangshu and Zhao Chunxi standing in the corridor, she couldn’t help showing a guilty look. She bent down and bowed deeply, but the two stared at her with hatred. Ye Fan held her eight-to-nine-month pregnant belly and said harshly, “Guan Suyi, if something happened to Lord Marquis, I want you to pay with your life!”

“My life is here, waiting for you to come and take it at any time.” Guan Suyi bowed again and again, then turned and left.

The next day, Zhao Luli still did not wake up, but his pulse improved slightly. Seeing that Ye Fan was jumping up and down want to kill Guan Suyi, the old madam had to stuff the person into the carriage and sent her far away to Cangzhou. After she was gone for less than half a day, Zhao Luli woke up and saw his sleepy son and daughter sat beside the bed, his expression froze.

How did Zhao Chunxi and Zhao Wangshu become so young? Didn’t he just die from illness? He sat up slowly, touched his aching forehead, and the memory surged like a tide, making him almost faint.

Zhao Chunxi and Zhao Wangshu were woken up by the groining sounds. When they saw their father in great pain, one rushed to help him, while the other ran out and shouted, “Dad is awake! Go and call the doctor!”

The old madam was sleeping next door, and when she heard the sound, she immediately came to check, bowed with hands held front of her chest, thanking heaven for the favor. And Zhao Luli who was suffering from the erosion of his memory, soon realized that he was reborn. This was Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, his wife was still Suyi, but the rest was completely different from his previous life. Grandfather-in-law and father-in-law were not used by the court, but were used as stepping stones by Xu Guangzhi in that debate, and completely suppressed. Now the Guan family was impoverished, his grandfather-in-law was seriously ill and could only rely on medicinal materials to survive; his father-in-law took a job as a small scribe in the ministry of justice, his life was extremely hard; and Madam had been married to him for four years, had always been diligent and conscientious, but he turned a blind eye to her, and even humiliated her everywhere.

“Madam,” he shouted, “Where is Madam? I want to see her!” No matter whether he was dreaming or reborn, as long as he could see Madam again and make up to her, everything would be worth it!

“Is Lord Marquis all right?” An anxious female voice came from outside the door, causing Zhao Luli to hold his breath to look, only to see Ye Fan with a big belly, stepping into the room in two to three steps. Zhao Wangshu and Zhao Chunxi hurried forward to meet her, supporting on her left and right with nervous expressions.

Ye Fan? pregnant? Zhao Luli, who was in ecstasy, seemed to be poured with a bucket of ice water, his blood instantly cooled down.

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TN: Oh I forgot about this. Yes ZLL is the one that reborn!

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