Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 176

Chapter 176 Silly Dad


After listening to Hunnar’s entire nagging, Guan Suyi quickly changed the subject, “Today I went to Changle Palace to visit Empress Dowager. From her words she seems to hate me very much, and the eldest prince consort even showed a resentful look. Is there something strange with the sixth imperial grandson’s death? Could it be you…”

“No,” Emperor Sheng Yuan patted her back and comforted her, “Don’t think about it, I’m not bad enough to deal with a few weak children. The Empress Dowager wanted to find a disfigured child to replace the sixth grandson, and then secretly send the boy himself back to the clan, handed him over to several clan elders to be taken care of. Although those people stay in their homeland and never participate in the politics, their words carry heavy weight. If they’re willing to raise sixth imperial grandson, his future would definitely not be bad. However, where there are people, there’s bound to be disputes, several prince consorts seem to be in harmony on the surface, but inside they have long fought openly and secretly, forging deadly feuds. The eldest prince consort wants to send her son out, how could the other two not want to? If the sixth imperial grandson died, the remaining imperial grandsons will benefit.”

“So, it’s the work of the other two prince consorts?” Guan Suyi breathed a sigh of relief. Not long after the sixth imperial grandson died, she sent out the good news. If he was killed by Hunnar, wouldn’t it be equivalent to letting the unborn child bear the sin?

Emperor Sheng Yuan could see her concerns and comforted, “Don’t worry Madam, for you and the child, I will try my best to be a benevolent monarch. Tomorrow morning, I will announce the news of your pregnancy, and then I will amnesty the world as to accumulate blessings for you and the child.”

“Would it be too early to amnesty the world now?” Guan Suyi smiled, “What should you do when the child is born?”

“Then continue to amnesty and allow all the sinners who have been exiled to return to their ancestral homes and turn over a new leaf.” Wei Kingdom lacked people, no matter how vast the country, without farmers who farmed, it would not be able to restore its national strength. If the court could accept even the sinners, the refugees who fled to the Western Regions due to the war would return one after another. Emperor Sheng Yuan was racking his brains to recruit people, and with Madam’s pregnancy he could possibly move them.

“Everything is up to my husband.” Guan Suyi hooked her shoes with her feet, “I feel much better, I’ll continue weaving.”

“Weave what cloth, you are not allowed to weave.” Emperor Sheng Yuan hurriedly hugged her and ordered, “Jinzi, let people remove the loom.”

“Don’t! Didn’t grandmother say to let me to move around a lot? Weaving a cloth only need to step on the pedals, it won’t be tiring. I’ll weave for half an hour every day, and when I’m done, I’ll make a new set of clothes for you and the child.”

Hearing this, Emperor Sheng Yuan felt hot in his heart, and he helplessly said, “Well then, you’re only allowed to weave for an hour a day. Jinzi, Minglan, you all look after Madam carefully, don’t let her get tired.”

The two could only complied and not dare to neglect.


The next day, the news of the empress’s pregnancy spread to everyone. The emperor was in an extremely happy mood. Even when he received the battle report about the defeat at the border, he did not frown, and even rejected the memorial for changing the front-line commander, encouraged Zhao Hai to fight again. Zhao Hai received the decree and became more and more loyal to the emperor.

The expense for the harem finally became a bit more generous, but all the delicious things were only sent to the Jiaofang Palace. The emperor still maintained a frugal style, so that the concubines dare not make trouble. It’s unknown since when, when the concubines met the empress, they always said “how about the little prince”, as if they were sure that the empress was pregnant with a male fetus. When the courtiers heard the news, they also placed high expectations on the empress, hoping that she would quickly give birth to the di eldest son of Wei Kingdom.

Zhong shi and Old Madam Zuo noticed that the situation was not right and went to the palace several times to comfort the empress. The gender had not yet determined, but such rumors had been spread, and the most anxious person was none other than the empress. It was fine if she got a son in one fell swoop, but if she gave birth to a daughter, she would surely disappoint everyone. Under everyone’s attention, her pressure could be imagined. If her mood could not be adjusted in time, it could bring extremely harmful effects to the fetus.

This was someone deliberate attempt to indirectly harm the empress!

“Grandmother, mother, you can rest assured, I don’t take it to heart. Whether this child is a son or a daughter, it’s my child. I will never be confused because of this.” Guan Suyi stroked her belly and smiled, “Son and daughter, I love both.”

“The question is what does the emperor think? If he doesn’t like a daughter, he will have some resentment towards you. Besides, he is nearly thirty years old and desperately need the di eldest son.” Zhong shi said worriedly.

“The emperor is not that kind of person, he won’t care about this.” Guan Suyi said firmly.

“Then don’t think about anything, just take good care of the fetus.” Old Madam Zuo picked up the gifts from the concubines and sneered, “The rumor is spread from the palace, looking all over, it can only come from several people. Look, the little clothes and pants they sent are all male’s styles, really considerate.”

“It’s more than considerate. At this time, they already found good beauties for the emperor, ready to seize the opportunity to compete for favor.” Guan Suyi smiled sarcastically.

Old Madam Zuo and Zhong shi hurriedly comforted her, and they said goodbye after sitting for half an hour. Immediately after they left, Emperor Sheng Yuan came back, sat down and very patiently asked Madam what she did and ate today, and then lay on her belly and stupidly called out the baby.

Seeing him like this, Guan Suyi immediately put her troubles behind her and covered her mouth with a chuckle. At this time, Shen Jieyu asked for a meeting from outside, and after entering, she saluted respectfully, and asked the palace maid to present the gift she brought to the empress. In addition to her two chief palace maids, Dengxi and Dengfu, she was accompanied by a fifteen to sixteen-year-old little palace maid, who had a very outstanding figure and appearance. Even wearing the most ordinary palace clothes and a simple hair bun, she was like a peach blossom, looking very charming. What’s even better was that she also had a crisp and melodious voice, when slowly spoke some auspicious words, it made people’s ears soft.

Guan Suyi gave her a fixed look, and then looked at Shen Jieyu, who had a calm expression, she couldn’t help but laugh in her heart.

Before the group of people sat on the stool, Pan Jieyu also led many palace concubines to come. When she saw that the emperor was in Jiaofang Palace, she wanted to remind him to spread the rain and dew.

Niangniang, how is the little prince today?” Pan Jieyu asked.

Guan Suyi would correct them at first, saying that she was not necessarily pregnant with a little prince, but now she didn’t bother to pay attention, stroking her belly and smiling, “Today is very good, it’s just the mouth is very light, and want to eat something with a strong flavor.”

“Eat some preserved plum to whet the appetite, so you don’t throw up later when you eat.” Emperor Sheng Yuan took out a jar of preserved plums from the drawer, picked a plump one and stuffed it into Madam’s mouth, and poured her another cup of hot tea, held it both hands and fed her little by little, said like coaxing a child, “Slow down, be careful of spilling. Although preserved plum is delicious, but you can’t only eat it all day long. If you want something with a strong flavor, Zhen will go to the backyard to pick some cucumber and make you a cucumber salad for you.”

“Okay, this consort loves cold dishes now.” Guan Suyi smiled and nodded.

The rest of the concubines were jealous and envious, their hearts were full of complex feelings. Pan Jieyu couldn’t help herself and asked, “Does the emperor personally cook for the empress?”

“Why not? Zhen’s wife and child, do it still have to trouble others to take care?” Emperor Sheng Yuan asked back like it was a matter of course.

Guan Suyi pursed her lips and smiled. This person said it so confidently, but in fact he could only cook this one dish. She also didn’t love to eat it, she just wanted to satisfy his urgent desire to take care of his wife and children.

Pan Jieyu‘s face became extremely ugly, and after a moment of silence, she said, “This is the emperor’s first heir, and should have carefully looked after. With niangniang‘s powerful auspicious air, from now on many princes and princesses will be born in the harem, and the imperial family will also open up branches and scattered leaves, have many children then many blessings. Niangniang, don’t you think so?”

This was a disguised reminder not to dominate the emperor and prevent him from sowing the dragon seeds. Guan Suyi was terribly disgusted, spit out the plum core, and said lightly, “Of course. The emperor now has no heirs, This Palace is also very worried. Your Majesty, this consort is tired, if you have nothing to do, then go to another palace to sit down.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s impatient expression completely turned gloomy, he put down the tea cup heavily, and said coldly, “Is the empress want to chase Zhen out? How can Zhen allow you to order where Zhen supposed to be?” He looked at the concubine in the hall, and said sarcastically, “Zhen still keep all of you is already considered extreme benevolent, don’t think that Zhen know nothing about the things you have done. Zhen is the master of the country and rich in the world, not a beggar who can pick up and eat any filthy things out there.”

These words were too harsh that the concubines were red in the face, so embarrassed that they wanted to die. It turned out that in the eyes of the emperor, they were actually a bunch of filthy things? Also, he was a great emperor, what kind of beauty he couldn’t get? Why bow down to a bunch of idiots who once avoided him?

His exclusive favor for the empress was not necessarily because he love her so much, maybe only because she had never looked down on him, let alone submissive on the surface, but secretly avoided and even tried to make use of him. Pan Jieyu remembered what she had done, and a look of despair couldn’t help but appear on her face. She finally realized that the emperor would never fall in love with her in this life, even more, he didn’t even want to look at her.

Just a few words of deception could turn her from love to fear, what qualifications does she have to be favored and forgiven by the emperor? Thinking like this, she knelt down and kowtowed three times, and then quickly walked out of the Jiaofang Palace and came to a remote place, where she bursted into tears and cried silently.

Shen Jieyu and the others’ faces suddenly turned green and white, looking very ugly, where did they still have the heart to compete for favor. They quickly kowtowed to plead guilty, and filed out. If the emperor hadn’t said it, they wouldn’t know that he had already made up his mind. They realized they had no hope of ascending to the throne in this life. A man’s dignity could not be trampled on, not to mention that the other person was the honorable emperor, this was even more inviolable. It seemed that they really have to find someone to get favor and borrowed the belly to give birth to a child.

After waiting for the miscellaneous people to go away, the dark-faced Emperor Sheng Yuan immediately put on a smiling expression, put his arms around Madam, and asked, “Are you scared just now?”

“No.” Guan Suyi couldn’t help but laugh.

Emperor Sheng Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, and only then did he lie down on Madam’s belly, and said softly, “Are baby scared? Don’t be afraid, daddy is not angry with your mom, daddy is just joking with your mom, in the future you will understand. Daddy will try to restrain himself, not to speak loudly in front of your mom. You grow up well, born smoothly, and don’t let your mother suffer.”

Guan Suyi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, twisted his ear and scolded “idiot”.

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