Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 175

Chapter 175 Ecstasy


When he heard that Madam was pregnant, Emperor Sheng Yuan couldn’t believe his ears. To be on the safe side, he asked Baifu to call several imperial physicians for consultation. Guan Suyi sat dumbly on the bed, her eyes were empty, it’s unknown what she was thinking.

Several imperial physicians took turns to go up to check the pulse, tapping and tapping, probing and probing, gathered together to discuss in a low voice for a while, and then walked up to the emperor who was like a tiger staring at its prey, and said in unison, “Congratulations, Your Majesty, the empress is expecting, it’s just three months now and the fetus is extremely stable. The dizziness and vomiting before is a normal morning sickness phenomenon, no need to take medicine, just a little bit of dietary conditioning will be fine.”

“Three months pregnant?” Emperor Sheng Yuan repeatedly confirmed. According to this calculation, didn’t she get pregnant on their wedding night? So fast! Thinking like this, he couldn’t help but hold his forehead, feeling a bit dizzy.

“What’s the matter Your Majesty?” Several imperial physicians quickly stepped forward to ask when they saw his face was strange.

Zhen is fine.” Emperor Sheng Yuan slowly waved his hand and slowly looked at Madam whose expression was also looking dazed, then he said ecstatically, “Madam, did you hear? You are pregnant with Zhen’s child! You’re going to be a mother, Zhen is going to be a father, and we’re going to have a child!” He laughed uncontrollably, and raised his voice to order, “Several imperial physicians will be heavily rewarded! Jiaofang Palace from top to bottom will be heavily rewarded! Reward, everyone in the palace will be rewarded! Baifu, open Zhen’s private treasury and reward some silver! Quickly!”

Baifu was overjoyed and went away with lighting speed.

Several imperial physicians hurriedly knelt down and thanked the emperor, their old faces smiling so wide that their eyes could not be seen. The emperor finally had an heir, and they hope empress niangniang would get a son in one fell swoop and solve the problem of no successor in Wei Kingdom.

Emperor Sheng Yuan wanted to pick up Madam and swing her to express his ecstasy. But when he put his hand on her shoulder, he remembered that she was pregnant now. His hand seemed to be scalded by charcoal, withdrew it quickly, afraid of hurting even a single piece of her hair. With extreme restraint, he stroked the corners of Madam’s misty eyes, and brushed the hair behind her ears before turning his head and instructed, “Jinzi, Minglan, what are you still doing? Go to Emperor Teacher Mansion and announce the good news!”

The two nodded with a smile, and immediately took the receiving card and left the palace.

After dismissing the miscellaneous people, Emperor Sheng Yuan wanted to properly share this joy with Madam, but then he saw her blinking her eyes, quietly cried.

“Madam, what’s wrong? Are you scared?” He sat helplessly on the edge of the bed, hugged Madam with one arm, patted her back lightly with the other, and comforted, “Being a mother for the first time, it’s inevitable to be panic. Don’t be afraid, I will protect you and our child. I will let the imperial physician move to Jiaofang Palace and take care of you all day.”

“No, I’m not scared.” Guan Suyi looked at Hunnar, and choked up, “I’m crying with joy.” Yes, it was tears of joy. All the hardships she had suffered in the past vanished at this moment, even the scars that imprinted in her heart were also smoothed out one by one. Her child, finally returned to her side again.

Even if she was treated so cruelly and ruthlessly by Zhao Luli in the previous life, when the child arrives, she could forget her hatred and accept it happily. It was also because the child was gone that her last thought of survival was wiped away. She silently endured all the hurts, and silently waited for death.

But now, she was alive again, not only her body was alive, but her soul was completely awakened. Her life was finally complete again.

“Hunnar, I’m so happy. We have a baby.” She buried her face in the man’s broad and warm chest and cried, “I feel like I’m dreaming, I’m afraid that I’ll wake up and everything is fake.”

While stroking her slightly trembling back, Emperor Sheng Yuan put his face against her neck, comforting softly, “It’s not a dream, you are in my arms.” He tightened his hands, there was some uncertainty in his heart, and some fear of losing. Thinking of the painful past and the extremely happy present, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of emotions and thoughts, and unknowingly he also shed two lines of tears.

Guan Suyi felt a warm liquid falling into her collar. She was stunned for a while, then looked up and asked in disbelief, “Why are you crying?”

“Can’t I cry with joy too?” Emperor Sheng Yuan pressed his forehead against Madam’s forehead, sighing with great satisfaction, “To have you, to have our child, my life is worth it.” While speaking, he stroked Madam’s flat stomach and asked, “Can I listen?”

The child was still young, who could hear the voice, but looking at the eyes full of longing, Guan Suyi couldn’t say no, so she lifted the quilt and said with a smile, “Listen then.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan smiled foolishly, and then carefully put his ear on Madam’s belly and listened carefully. Guan Suyi inserted her five fingers into his hair, stroking it repeatedly, and jokingly said, “Did you hear something? Did you hear the child calling Daddy?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan nodded solemnly, “I heard.”

“That’s bull!” Guan Suyi twisted his ears, “you’re so eager for a child, you have hallucinations. The child is still young, he can’t hear and can’t see anything. Wait until several months old, you can hear his heartbeat when you stick your ear again. He’s sometimes naughty, will move a few times and kicks you across the belly.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan raised one eyebrow and looked very surprised. When he looked at Madam’s belly again, his eyes were full of awe. This place nurtured their child and continued their bloodline, so magical and so sacred. He kissed it reverently, and said emotionally, “Madam, it’s nice to have you.”

Guan Suyi also lowered her head and took the initiative to kiss the child’s father. A family of three, how these four words taste so sweet.

Zhong shi and Old Madam Zuo rushed to the palace as quickly as possible. As soon as they stepped into the inner hall, they saw the emperor hugging Yiyi and whispering something. The two of them looked very happy, their eyes were slightly red, and it was obvious that they had just cry. Zhong shi and Old Madam Zuo hurriedly greeted them, took a seat and exchanged some small talks. When they talked about how to raise the fetus, it was like they opened a conversation box, talking nineteen to the dozen.

“Now that you are pregnant, you can no longer eat simple meals, you must eat some nourishing food, but don’t eat cold things, such as hawthorn, longan, barley kernel, turtle, crab…” Old Master Zhong was an agronomist and knew all kinds of plants in detail, Old Madam Zuo was influenced by him and naturally she was also an expert. She explained the way of maintaining health to her granddaughter in detail. There were many people in the palace, and she was very worried that other people would try to harm her granddaughter’s fetus when it was not yet stable.

Emperor Sheng Yuan listened more seriously than Madam. Seeing that grandmother spoke faster and faster, he quickly waved his hand and said, “Old madam, please wait, Zhen will take a brush and paper to record it in detail.”

“To save the trouble, how about this humble woman write the list and give it to Your Majesty.” Old Madam Zuo bowed and replied.

“No, no, no trouble.” Emperor Sheng Yuan spread out the brush, ink, paper and inkstone and said earnestly, “While you talk, Zhen will write it. Instead of you write and give it to Zhen, it will leave a deeper impression this way. If Zhen memorize it well, in the future will be able take good care of Madam. She is pregnant for ten months, it’s really hard for her, so don’t tell her this, lest she think too much and become stress instead. With Zhen guarding and watching her, Zhen will not let her have any trouble.”

Old Madam Zuo was astonished, she never expected that His Majesty would value her granddaughter so much. Not to mention the monarch of a country, even ordinary men couldn’t say these words. They only know how to be happy when they have a descendant, but who would understand the hardships of their wives being pregnant for ten months? Unless they really put their wife on the tip of their heart and love them dearly, only then they would have such awareness like His Majesty.

“Then will troubling Your Majesty.” Old Madam Zuo, who originally not very optimistic with this marriage, instantly had some expectations.

“It’s only natural for a husband to take care of his wife, so why bother with the word ‘troubling’?” Emperor Sheng Yuan gave Madam a gentle smile, and then he picked up the brush and said respectfully, “Still ask old madam to teach Zhen. This is Zhen and Madam’s first child. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s our lifeblood, he must be well.”

“This humble woman will definitely tell everything one’s know.” Old Madam Zuo was even more pleased, on one side recalling on one side narrating, Zhong shi occasionally added a few sentences.

Looking at the three people who were sitting together and seriously discussing the matter of raising a fetus, Guan Suyi stroked her belly and laughed silently.

Afraid they would tiring the pregnant woman, Zhong shi and Old Madam Zuo reluctantly said goodbye after sitting for an hour. Emperor Sheng Yuan personally sent people out of the Jiaofang Palace, and finally turned back and said with some restraint, “Madam, I am so happy today, I really want to jump on the roof and howl.”

“Go and howl then, who will stop you?” Guan Suyi was amused.

“No,” Emperor Sheng Yuan waved his hand solemnly, “I’m afraid of scaring our child, besides, I can’t leave you now, not even for a moment.”

“Then how about when you go to court? How about when you deal with government affairs and meeting ministers?” Guan Suyi couldn’t stop laughing. She felt more and more that under Hunnar’s mature and stable appearance, there was actually a child who hasn’t grow up. He made trouble when he was happy, and made trouble when he was unhappy. In the future, when their children were born, they would definitely be able to play together.

Emperor Sheng Yuan frowned in distress, sighed after thinking for a moment, “Not to go to court it’s really impossible, but after it finish, I will come to Jiaofang Palace to handle the government affairs, move the imperial study to the side hall, and meet the ministers there. I can’t get too far from you. When you over here call me, I can hear it and arrive in time. I heard that giving birth is a very dangerous thing, and I don’t know what to do.”

After being happy, he was left with deep worries.

Guan Suyi took his big hand and comforted, “I’m not even afraid, why you are the one that afraid. Within seven months, I will strengthen my body bit by bit, and my fetus will be more stable, so it will be alright.”

“I will take good care of you and the child. You are only responsible for raising the fetus. I will send some guards over later. It’s strictly forbidden for some miscellaneous people to enter and leave Jiaofang Palace. Your food and clothing expanse will be allocated from Weiyang Palace, without going through Department of Internal Affairs. By the way, don’t be frugal anymore, you must eat something nourishing and wear soft clothes…” Emperor Sheng Yuan kept talking about the precautions, he didn’t notice that Madam rolled her eyes in his arms, she looked at Jinzi and Minglan, and complained silently, “So naggy.”

The two lowered their heads to cover their mouths and laughed secretly.

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