Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Drunken Madness


After about a quarter of an hour, Bian Min’er came out of the side hall with the support of two maids, washed her face, changed her clothes and hairstyle, held her head high, and looking arrogant. She walked back to Madam Bian and took a seat, staring straight at the nine-turn bridge, it’s unknown what she was thinking.

Madam Bian looked her up and down and saw that the redness on her face had subsided a little, she nodded with satisfaction, “After today, you will become the Empress of Wei, you can’t act as recklessly as you did just now. No matter how much fire you have in your heart, you have to bear it for me. I know you don’t like Guan family’s daughter, but the emperor likes it, so what can we do beside obeying his will. When the two of you enter the palace in the future, she will still have to live under your thumbs, and if you want to rectify her, there will be many opportunities. People is already under the nose, are you still afraid that she will run away?”

“Mother, I understand.” Bian Min’er seemed to have calmed down, and was about to drink a few sips of hot tea to sober up, when she heard two Han noblewomen talking in a low voice, “You saw the phoenix hairpin on Miss Guan’s head? It has nine tails, only the empress is qualified to wear it.”

“These golden-bright and dazzling thing, who couldn’t see it? She clearly didn’t have it when she first came, but after she went to Changle Palace it suddenly appeared. I’m afraid that the empress seat has already fall into her hand.”

“Exactly. His Majesty doesn’t say it, but in fact, it has long been implied. It has to be the most beautiful in appearance, the most talented, the most noble family background, and the highest moral character. Which one doesn’t refer to Miss Guan? After some people criticize Miss Guan as a reconcile woman, saying that she is not worthy, His Majesty immediately promulgated the law of nurturing the people, ordered men and women in Wei Kingdom to marry, and encouraged widows to remarry. If anyone want to obstruct Miss Guan from entering the palace again, they can be immediately charge with ‘violating national laws’. He has already paved the way for Miss Guan to enter the palace step by step, and cleared away obstacles one by one. Beside Miss Guan, who else can become the mother the country?”

“His Majesty has a deep affection for Miss Guan, and has good intentions!” When the two said this, they both showed a look of jealousy and envy.

Bian Min’er drank continuously while listening, and unknowingly drank two pots of wine. Madam Bian came up to snatch the wine cup, but she pushed it away forcefully, and asked, “Her phoenix hairpin can only be worn by the empress?”

“How do I know about the Han people’s stuff?” Madam Bian felt helpless, and was about to persuade her daughter in a good voice, but she suddenly threw the wine cup and walked straight to Guan Suyi, without saying a word, took off the phoenix hairpin on her head, threw it on the ground and stomped it into pieces.

“What a nine-tailed phoenix hairpin! I’ll let you wear it, I’ll let you wear it!” In full view of everyone, she actually went into a drunken madness. Not to mention that Guan Suyi and Zhong shi didn’t have time to react, even Madam Bian couldn’t recover for a long time.

In just a moment of effort, she already lifted the table in front of Guan Suyi, and scolded like a cannonball, “Whore! Han dog! You dare to be so arrogant in front of me, when you enter the palace in the future, see if I don’t kill you! Do you think Jieyu is so great? I’m still the dignified empress! My father is the general of the Central Army, in charge to defense the capital; my brother is the general of Huya, stationed in the northwest, they can buy war horses from the Hu people, and they can exchange salt, iron, and copper from Xue Mingrui. My Bian family can make our own weapons and coins, and we also sell endless private salt. I only need five years, when I give birth to the emperor’s eldest son, what are you, Guan Suyi? What is Emperor Sheng Yuan? What are several princes? You people will become my Bian family’s dogs! After all, this world belongs to my Bian family!”

“Hurry up, hurry up, pull the miss back and shut her mouth!” Madam Bian was panting while clutching her chest, looking greatly stimulated and shaky. Several maids were about to pull the person, but a majestic voice rang out, “No one is allowed to move. This Palace wants to see what kind of virtue this future empress really is.”

Everyone turned their heads to look back, only to see the grand princess had removed her saber and pressed it hard on the table. The blade was half unsheathed, reflecting her cold and gloomy face. Because Bian Zhaoxiong supported the eldest prince’s succession, and the grand princess supported Emperor Sheng Yuan, the two had always been at odds and had many disagreements. Now that she had glimpsed into the Bian family’s ambitions, how could she be willing to give up? Naturally she had to hear it clearly.

Bian Zhaoxiong and several princes had not yet arrived with His Majesty, and among all the people present, the grand princess was the most powerful. Even if Madam Bian was so anxious, she couldn’t do anything. She desperately wanted to pounce and cover her daughter’s disastrous mouth, but was held in place by two guards, unable to move. Everyone in the Bian family was held back by swords, spears, saber and halberds one by one, and they could only watch as Bian Miner continued to go crazy.

Guan Suyi had already been protected by the guards brought by the grand princess, and every time Bian Min’er wanted to fight her, she was always pushed away, making her became more and more furious, “How dare you stop me, wow, when my son ascends the throne in the future, you all will be executed! Father led the army to besiege Liangcheng. He should have slaughtered the whole city with all of those Han dogs and entered the Central Plains, but he was stopped by that wild species Emperor Sheng Yuan. He also persuaded Zhao Hai to surrender, and privately opened the city gate and settled peacefully, which made my father lost the merit of being the first to break through the center of the Central Plains, and everything has gone bad since then. Damn the Han dog, all the Han dogs should die! In the future, when my son ascends the throne, I will slaughter all the Han people like my father, leaving no one behind! You are only worthy of being the dog of my Jiuli people, not even fit to be the lowest and most inferior slave!”

Her eyes were red and she looked crazy, the more she talked, the more outrageous she became. Madam Bian kept shaking her head and shouting, “Min’er, shut up! What nonsense are you talking about!”

However, whether she was talking nonsense or not, everyone present were well aware. According to Bian Min’er’s previous style, these words definitely came from her heart. Back then, Bian Zhaoxiong used to lead troops to slaughter the city, and every place he passed was bound to be burnt, killed and looted, not even chickens and dogs were leave behind. It was not until later when Emperor Sheng Yuan suddenly emerged, occupying the position of commander-in-chief of the Jiuli army, and peacefully recruiting many Han generals, only then he slowly relented. The notorious “four-class system” was also jointly proposed by him and several powerful people of Jiuli clan, with the intention of suppressing the Han people, and at the same time suppressing the pro-Han Emperor Sheng Yuan.

If Bian Min’er became the empress and gave birth to the emperor’s eldest son, it would be a disaster for the Han people! No, she must not ascend the throne, not only her, but also any noble girl of the Jiuli clan cannot become the empress. This was no longer a matter of power struggle, but the key to the entire ethnic group’s live and death!

The Bian family colluded with the Hu people and Xue the Thief, hoarding war horses and weapons, and privately minting coins and sold salt privately. Their ambitions to usurp the throne were obvious! They already had the intention to destroy the Han people. As the saying goes, the first to strike is the strongest, after this banquet, the Bian family must be wiped out from the Wei Kingdom!

The Han ministers looked at each other with solemn expression.

General Zhao Hai, who had previously led the Jiuli army to enter the Central Plains by privately opened the gates of Liangzhou, received many kind glances. He was not the first Han general to take refuge with Emperor Sheng Yuan, but he was the one who pushed open the gate of the Central Plains for him. Everyone didn’t say anything on the surface, but behind his back, which one didn’t scold him for being a traitor dog. However, when everyone heard Bian Min’er’s revelation, they suddenly realized that if he didn’t open the city gate and surrendered peacefully, countless people in Liangzhou might have turned into bones.

Loyalty or human life, which one was more important. Under the brutal rule of the last emperor of the previous dynasty, loyalty had been worn out, and generals with the slightest conscience would choose to protect the people. Zhao Hai closed his eyes, tears faintly flashed in the corners of his eyes.

Bian Min’er was still screaming like a mad dog. She smashed Guan family’s table and then went to smash the tables of the people next to her, scolding, “I have put up with you Han dogs for a long time! Wait until several princes joined with the Hu people and occupy the five cities in the northwest, so what if Emperor Sheng Yuan did not want to set up a vassal state? Which Han troops in his hand is the opponent of the Hu people’s iron cavalry, wouldn’t he still have to rely on us? In five years, after several princes developed and expanded in the vassal state, forming a siege of the Central Plains, then it’s the time for our Bian family to change the dynasty! Emperor Sheng Yuan is worthy of being a wild species, he’s not siding with his clan, but actually support the Han people, he should also die!”

The face of powerful people of the Jiuli clan turned deathly pale one by one, as if sitting on pins and needles. How could they not feel Han minister’s anger? They hated Bian Min’er in their heart, but they didn’t dare to act rashly. Several princes did repeatedly propose to set up a vassal state, but they were all denied by Emperor Sheng Yuan for various excuses. He was worried that the vassal state would gradually become stronger and caused civil strife, which now seems to be the case.

“Bian Min’er, that’s enough!” Madam Bian shouted hoarsely.

“Not enough, let her continue.” A deep and rich voice suddenly came forth, making everyone trembled. They turned their heads to look at the back, and saw Emperor Sheng Yuan leading people, followed by Bian Zhaoxiong and several princes, their faces were ashen. Their trust with each other turned to suspicion, and then from suspicion to trepidation.

Bian Min’er didn’t wake up until this time, looking at the mess on the ground, then at her mother whose eyes were oozing blood, she finally slumped to the ground and kowtowed desperately, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, please forgive me! This minister daughter just said some drunken nonsense, please forgive the sin.”

Nonsense? Who can believe this? Old Master Guan immediately stepped forward and said sternly, “Your Majesty, the Bian family and several princes must be cooperating with each other to usurp the throne. If this is true, they should be punished! Please, Your Majesty, immediately take the related people into custody, and wait until this matter is investigated thoroughly!”

“Please investigated thoroughly, Your Majesty!” All the Han ministers knelt down in unison, their voices shook the sky, and even the scholars who had not yet entered the court were not afraid to offend the powerful people, they all bowed down and made a petition. If the Bian family was not exterminated, if those princes who treat the Han people like pigs and dogs were not exterminated, how could they still have the way to survive?

Everyone originally thought that the emperor was a barbarian after all, on the surface they obeyed, but inside they more or less had some doubts. But now when the two sides were compared, only then they realize that the emperor’s reign was actually the greatest luck of the people of Wei Kingdom. If the ruler was the late eldest prince, third prince, sixth prince, or any of those several princes, the Han people would not have the status they have today, let alone live a peaceful and happy life.

To defend the emperor is to defend themselves, this was a belated realization of all the Han ministers. And the position of the empress should be none other than a Han woman! The position of the crown prince could not be assumed by a prince who was not a pro-Han! In an instant, all the Han ministers united, intending to fight against the nobles of the Jiuli clan.

Feeling the tense atmosphere in Qionglin Garden, and feeling the rejection and hostility of Han ministers, the powerful people of the Jiuli clan felt that something was amiss, and they suddenly realized what kind of disaster would be brought by oppressing the people of the Central Plains in the center of the Central Plains. They had no choice but to stand up and say in unison, “Please investigated thoroughly, Your Majesty!”

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