Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Banquet


Linxiang County Princess not only made good friends with the noble daughters of the Jiuli clan, but also admired the talented women of the Han people. Making friends based on temperament and moral character, and not paying attention to family background. Her father was a founding hero, and he had quite a bit of face in the court, which made her like a fish back in water in Yanjing City. Even a thorn head like Bian Min’er could let her in as a confidant, it showed how skilful she was.

If she posted a tea party invitation, not only all the noble family’s daughters would respond, but all the madams would happily attend. It was originally just a small gathering, but news passed quickly from mouth to mouth, in the end received many letters to ask for details. So it had to be changed to a banquet with a hundred tables, and all distinguished people were invited. The location was also moved from the County Prince Jing Mansion to an imperial manor in the eastern suburbs.

Dressed up, Guan Suyi was sitting in the carriage, holding two posts in her hands, and pondered as she looked closely, “First sending a post asking me to come to the mansion for a small gathering, and when I agree, send another post to change the location to imperial manor, and the scene is ten times larger than before. Jinzi, you say, this going back and forth, changing and changing, is it all prepared for me? Is it possible to invite so many people just to deal with me? Could it be that I thought wrong, and in fact, she just invited me to meet with no other purpose?”

Jinzi analyzed, “This Linxiang County Princess is a person with the principle no benefit, no getting up early. What she does and what friends she makes all has a purpose. She doesn’t make friends with you early, and she doesn’t make friends with you later, but choose at this time. Even if she doesn’t come at you, there must be other purpose. You just need to be careful about everything. Fortunately, she used a roundabout way. Even if she tries to deal with you, at most just go around a few circles without really going anywhere and will not make trouble to the point of using knife and spear like that Bian Min’er.”

Guan Suyi shook her head and chuckled, “In the past, I hated socialization the most. I was afraid of using knives and spear, and I was afraid of deceit and treachery. Just wished to shrink at home reading and writing all day, not to ask about the world, not to be stained by the world. Now that my temperament has changed, knowing that others might be tricking me, the first thing that comes to my mind is not to avoid, but to face it head on, as if fighting with people is endless fun. Jinzi, Minglan, why do you think this is?”

Before Jinzi could figure out how to respond, Minglan said bluntly, “Miss, you were dragged down by the emperor. If you never met him, where would you be forced to be like this?”

That’s very reasonable answer that it was impossible to refute. Jinzi, who was going to defend His Majesty, thought and thought, but could only shut her mouth.

Guan Suyi leaned on the soft pillow, tapping the low table with one hand, and propped her forehead with the other, admiring the beautiful scenery through the fragrant bamboo curtain. Her eyes were blank, it’s unknown what she was remembering, her every move was no longer dignified and decent, instead lazy and casual, and after a long time she waved her hand and said, “When you say this, I think about it for a long time, but I don’t feel that I was harmed by him, rather it’s my nature that has been ignited. What kind of person am I, how can I not know? Grandfather ordered me to study Confucianism, but I insisted to study Hundred Schools of Thought behind his back, which means that the restlessness is in my bone. Meeting Hunnar may be my predestined fate, but for now, it’s not a bad thing. Without his forcing, I’ll still be staying in the Zhao family as the nominal mistress. Wouldn’t it be more pitiful and deplorable to waste my life like that?”

Minglan suddenly shuddered when she remembered all kind of troubles in the Zhao family.


When the carriage of the Emperor Teacher Mansion was halfway through, Linxiang County Princess was instructing her maid to dress Xu Yayan well.

Seeing the other person’s beautiful and unparalleled face after wearing makeup, she nodded with satisfaction, “That stupid Bian Min’er thinks that everything will be fine when she enters the palace, but she doesn’t realize that the emperor has strong army in his hand and monopolize the power, the Wei Kingdom has long been ruled by his words. To destroy several princes may have to plan a few times before he can do it, but it’s easy to pinch the Bian family to death. If she still thinks that she is the niece of the empress dowager, so she is higher than the emperor, she may not have a place to be buried when she enters the palace. That’s why I hold her now, you also need to learn, hiding behind her is the safest. When she and Pan Duolan busy fighting, it will be the best time for you to ascend to the top.”

“County Princess, can this commoner woman really enter the palace?” Xu Yayan was still a little worried, and always felt that everything was like a dream. Before she could think of a way to climb, Linxiang County Princess took the initiative to set up a ladder for her and delivered her this opportunity.

“Don’t you see who I’ve invited today? If you don’t even have this bit of eyesight, I will reconsider the candidates for the palace.” Linxiang County Princess drank tea slowly.

“Many thanks to Country Princess for helping this commoner woman!” Xu Yayan thought about it and couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. Most of the guests invited today were noble girls or noble madams from Confucian families who had been studying ‘Lesson for Women’ for a long time and have great respect for her virtue and talent. And she only needed to show her talent a little to get acclimation from everyone, and if the emperor saw it by accident, it would definitely leave a deep impression.

Linxiang County Princess gave her a look and ordered, “My father will invite the emperor to hunt in the eastern suburbs today, and on the way, he will rest in the imperial manor. He has always liked women with outstanding talent, beautiful appearance and gentle temperament, and you are exactly his type. I have given you the opportunity, don’t let me down.”

“But why do you still invite Guan Suyi? She, her appearance and talent are above mine, and I’m afraid she will steal half the limelight from me.” Xu Yayan didn’t want to admit it, but she had to.

“Without comparison, you can’t show good or bad. Although your appearance and talent are slightly inferior to her, there is one thing she cannot compare in any way, that is, chastity. She is unchaste and unclean, but still delusionally want to marry into Supervisor of Attendants Mansion as a reconcile woman, which really annoyed Madam Ji. Just you see, once the two of them meet, they will fight with each other, and the other madams may help, or mediate, or watch from the side, or they will add to the mess. The more they make a fuss, the more you show that you are quiet and graceful, gentle and charming, and in the eyes of discerning people, you will stand out even more. I asked her to come not to make her the center of attention, but to carry the sedan chair for you. You just need to sit still, and don’t lose your head. Besides, if you come forward to insult her, you can sell it well with Bian Min’er, which will make it easier to gain her trust.”

Xu Yayan breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “Will the emperor really like me?”

“Don’t worry, he has always liked a woman like you. Do you remember Ye Jieyu, who was once very favoured? She has similar temperament with you, and a similar appearance. If it were not for the Ye family to cause disaster, she would not be thrown to the cold palace, and silently disappear. You only need to let the emperor see your positive sides, and naturally my father will arrange the path for you in the future. You are a Han woman and have no prominent family background, he will not be suspicious of you, and the speed to be favoured will definitely be very fast.”

“Many thanks County Princess, many thanks County Prince. Yayan will definitely try to repay the great kindness and virtue of the two of you.” Xu Yayan knelt down in joy.

Guan Suyi arrived at the imperial manor in the eastern suburbs, and under the guidance of the maid, entered the Hanging Fower gate. She was about to follow the noise to go inside, but she heard a soft call from behind, “Miss Guan, please wait a moment.”

“Young Master Ji?” Guan Suyi curtseyed, “Do you have something to say?”

Ji Chengyue looked left and right, and whispered, “No matter what my mother said later, please don’t care about her, Miss Guan. You have to believe that it’s just her prejudice, and not my real intention. Wait until I pass the imperial examination and have the ability to take control of the family, I will definitely marry you. Please wait for me.” After he finished, he cupped his hands with his face flushing red, and quickly left.

“It seems that today is really a Hongmen feast.” Guan Suyi stared at the back of the other person’s gradually receding back, shook her head and laughed.

The three master and servants went to the back garden, and when they looked around, they immediately understood the situation today. Guan Suyi rarely went out to socialize and didn’t recognize a lot of people, but Jinzi was very familiar with the guests. All of these people came from a Confucian family, they attached great importance to ethical doctrine and the Three Principles and the Five Constants, and it was precisely because of their promotion that “Lesson for Women” became popular in the upper circles.

Xu Yayan, the author of the book, was also invited to come. At this moment, just like the moon that was hold by many stars, she was surrounded by the madams and young ladies, chatting and laughing. She was dressed up, her face was full of spring, and her fresh and pleasant temperament was vividly displayed in a light green long dress that dragged to the floor. However, Linxiang County Princess, who was supposed to be the host of the banquet, sat by the side with simple makeup and was willing to serve as a foil.

Guan Suyi just glanced at it and said, “It turned out that it was not deliberately aimed at me, but planned to hold Xu Yayan up. Linxiang County Princess is really kind.”

“Even if it wasn’t deliberately aimed at you, you are isolated by the guests. Miss, it’s just an embarrassment to stay here any longer. Why should you wronged yourself to elevate others? Let’s sit down for a while and then leave, what do you think?” Minglan said indignantly.

“Leaving halfway is more embarrassing and disgraceful.” Guan Suyi first greeted Linxiang County Princess, and then nodded to the nearby young ladies and madams one by one, not caring whether the other people responded or not. She found a secluded corner to sit down and said with a chuckle, “Have you forgotten what Ji Chengyue said just now? Presumably Madam Ji is looking for me right now. With her here, we will never be isolated.”

“She’s looking for you to mock and ridicule, to let everyone see your jokes.” Minglan pouted.

“I’m was worried that I won’t have the chance to tear off Xu Yayan’s face. But Linxiang County Princess has set up the stage, indeed as considerate as the rumors says. I’m not afraid of Madam Ji’s troubles. On the contrary, I’m afraid that she won’t make enough troubles.” When she said this, Guan Suyi’s eyes flashed with interest.

She was wearing a flowing dark flower cloud brocade dress, with a layer of crimson muslin on the outside, and her magnificent bright face was lined with an extraordinary temperament, no matter where she sat, she was the focus of attention. No matter how they dismissed her on the inside, many people still could not help but watching her secretly, and among the guests, there were also many children of influential officials who were secretly nitpicking on her appearance and whispering continuously.

Madam Ji naturally quickly discovered Guan Suyi, her eyes flashed, but she did not act rashly, but took up the teacup and sipped silently, as if waiting for something. After a while, a maid led a woman with red eyes and a desperate expression, and whispered, “Madam, this young lady said she was your niece, and begged this servant to bring her to see you. Please take a look… ”

“That’s right, it’s my niece.” Madam Ji waved her hand to dismiss the maid and whispered, “Who asked you to come? Why don’t you hurry home!”

“Eldest aunt, please don’t drive me away! The people from the Qian family are coming, they want to snatch Yao’er back, please save her!” The woman was talking with tears running down like rain, seeing that Madam Ji was indifferent, she actually knelt down with a thud, and kowtowed with no regard to anything else.

Guan Suyi looked over, her brows furrowed immediately, while the rest of the crowd gathered around, trying to find out the problems.

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  1. GS seems to forget that she wouldn’t have been nominal mistress of the Zhao family in the first place if it weren’t for that darned emperor…so Minglan was right in the first place…

    1. To the comment above, I think you forget that in her past life she was still the mistress of the Zhao family, in this life thanks to the emperor who made her grandfather and father officials, he gave her power to be able to change things and not be treated so bad and end up like in her past life where the Zhao family only looked down on her because of her family.

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