Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Good Show


Because Guan Wenhai was suddenly arrested by the officials, and it was said that he had been sentenced with severe punishment, his mother Yao shi had been crying for a day and a night. Until this morning, when she heard that Mu Mu had been found, she urged the great old master to come to the door to beg the people. It had long become the norm for them to ask anything from the Guan family, and they thought that as long as Mu Mu was safe this time, the Guan family would put the matter to rest. So what if Mu Mu had an accident? Just a wild species, what does it matter? When Zhong shi was abandoned by the clan until she had a miscarriage, the Guan family never cared about it.

It was precisely because they were benevolent that the clansmen could squeezed them dry, and the clansmen never thought that there was a time where benevolent people would also run out their patience.

“Sister-in-law, stop crying. When the clan leader personally went, how can people not give in to his demand? I heard that the wild seed is fine, not a single hair is missing, but our Wenhai have been badly punished, we must settle this account with them! They all say that this matter was ordered by Wenhai, I don’t believe it even if I’m beaten to death. It must be their family who framed the blame! What kind of person Wenhai is, we watched him grow up, can we still not know?”

“Yeah, sister-in-law should wipe away your tears. Maybe Wenhai will be back soon. So what if the Emperor Teacher Mansion is high and powerful? If there is no heir, won’t they still have to rely on our clan to continue the incense for them in the future? Dare to do anything to us, as long as the clan leader speaks, there is no reason not to agree.”

After listening to the consolation of her sister-in-law, Yao shi‘s mood was much better, and she was about to ask the maid to fetch a basin of water to wash her face when she heard that the clan leader was back, and hurriedly carried the hem of her skirt to greet him.

“What’s the matter?” Everyone asked in confusion.

“I have sent the servant to pick up the person from the Heavenly Prison, he will be home soon.” There was no trace of joy on the clan leader’s face.

His eldest son asked with an expectant expression, “Has the matter of sacrificial lands been discussed? How many hectares is their family willing to pay?”

“Discussed. Six thousand hectares.” The patriarch didn’t want to say more, and went straight back to the house.

The rest of the people rejoiced, put their hands on their forehead while celebrating, “Oh my God, six thousand hectares! I think it’s more than enough to feed our entire clan, right? The Emperor Teacher Mansion is really generous, I don’t know how much gold and silver they have at home!” Thinking like this, their desire to encroach the Guan Family’s property became stronger and stronger.

However, the happiness was only short lived. At noon, Guan Wenhai was indeed released. When he was walking through the downtown area, he happened to meet several rouge leaders who were arrested and brought to justice. They had already received the tip from the officers, they knew that Guan Wenhai fellow was safe and sound, and it was them that had to take the blame for him. When they saw each other, their eyes were full of blood, and they roared in full view of everyone, saying that they were bought by Guan Wenhai commit crimes, and he was the main culprit.

Guan Wenhai had long been frightened by all kinds of torture, holding his head and hide behind the head guard, at a glance people could tell that there was a ghost in his heart. The crowd’s eyes were sharp, and they really couldn’t understand how he could get out of the prison safely? This is the capital offense of plotting against people’s life!

Soon, Zhong shi spread the news about the Guan clan’s harsh treatment of the Emperor Teacher Mansion, withholding money, robbing the land, abandoning pregnant women, and cutting off their descendants… The charges were innumerable, and truly appalling, people never expected the Emperor Teacher Mansion which looked beautiful from the outside was actually treated this way in the clan, it was true that good people would be cheated on by other!

The people’s sympathy was already biased towards the Guan family. When they heard that the Guan clan came to the door and forced them to save Guan Wenhai, make them organized the clan school for free, and asked them to purchase the sacrificial lands, they were completely speechless. However, the Guan family unreservedly agreed to all of that, which made people hate iron for not becoming steel! What are you doing defending such a clan? Waiting to be eaten alive?

The people turned from sympathy to dissatisfaction with the Emperor Teacher Mansion. They thought to themselves, how high and powerful you are, but actually compromise to this point, it’s losing face too much! Can such a weak official really take on the heavy responsibility of the imperial court? The dissatisfaction continued to ferment, and when they heard that the Emperor Teacher Mansion had asked to be removed the clan, they were suddenly relieved.

Right, as a human being, how can you just endure it blindly? You have done what you have to do, and you have showed all the camaraderie with the clan, how long will you stay if you don’t leave now? Won’t it be too late to wait until someone skinned and tear you to the bone!

Under Zhong shi’s hidden push and propaganda, the people had no objection to this matter. And when they saw the steward of the Emperor Teacher Mansion carrying more than ten boxes and holding a large stack of land deeds while he personally delivered it to the clan leader’s house, they were already convinced by the Emperor Teacher Mansion’s benevolence and generosity, prostrate themselves in admiration.

Suddenly, a loud shout burst out from the crowd watching the excitement on the side of the road, “Hey, I said your Emperor Teacher Mansion is too useless! They are harming your children, they schemed your life, they want to take your family property by force and break your foundation, they are simply deceiving people too much. Then what are you supporting them for? Just let them die!”

“That’s right! Honest men are always bullied, honest horses are always harnessed! Why should your Emperor Teacher Mansion be an ox and a horse for them?”

The housekeeper had already received order from the old master, and after reading the gift list, he bowed to passers-by, neither humble nor arrogant, gentle and polite, “I want everyone to know that our Emperor Teacher Mansion has a family precept that has been passed down since ancient times – Others can be unkind to us, but we cannot be unjust, not because we are weak or gullible, but only for the sake of having a clear conscience.”

“Good! Well said! The Emperor Teacher Mansion is too damn righteous!” These chivalrous words were poking at the passers-by’s hearts, especially those righteous people who walked down Jianghu were most deeply moved, and became more and more disgusted with the Guan clan. After this day, the phrase “You can be unkind, but I cannot be unjust” quickly spread in the Wei Kingdom and became the motto for the chivalrous people, and the Guan family’s benevolence reputation was not damaged by being removed from the clan, but instead became even deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Yao shi, who was still triumphant before, was now holding a pile of land deeds and wanted to cry but have no tears, and the rest of the clansmen sat around in the hall, sighing in despair. The six thousand hectares of sacrificial lands were indeed fertile lands, but they were purchased in their original homeland, and that place was a battleground for the military, so a large number of troops were stationed there. In order to collect enough grain and grass, the generals of the army would wantonly invade the surrounding lands to make military colonies. It could be said that people with no background have little place to stand there, which was also the reason why the Guan clan moved to Yanjing.

If the clansmen still had the protection of the Emperor Teacher Mansion, there was no problem buying many sacrificial lands there. However, once the news that the Guan family had request to be removed from the clan spreads, within half a month, the six thousand hectares of sacrificial lands would be divided up by the major corps. And the Guan clan would also be completely suppressed.

What the Guan family sent was not a permanent resource, but a life reminder!

“Without the Emperor Teacher Mansion, what is the Guan clan? You also offended the old master to death for a junior, and even harmed everyone in the family! I don’t care, this matter was made by Guan Wenhai, and it was he who should be removed from the clan. Tell him to immediately go to the gate of the Emperor Teacher Mansion to plead guilty, and then exile him afar away!” One of the clan elder completely changed his tone.

The patriarch was no longer angry at this time, just because Guan Wenhai had been severely tortured, his tendons and tongue were cut off, and now had become a waste. There was no shortage of heir in the family, so he couldn’t harm everyone because of him. If he had known this earlier, he should have let him die in prison, and there’s no need to implicate everyone!

Yao shi cried so hard but she didn’t have the power to block it, she could only watch helplessly as everyone opened the ancestral hall, crossed out Guan Wenhai’s name, and then ordered him to carry thorns on his back and go to the Emperor Teacher Mansion to plead guilty. Unexpectedly, before the group of people went out, they received the news that the old master was bedridden from anger, and the emperor specially sent him to Imperial Manor in the suburbs of the capital to recuperate, and the Guan clan was not allowed to visit.

The Emperor Teacher dedicated his life to the clan, and when he got old, he ended up with rootless duckweed and severed descendant, so his grief could be imagined. Even though he was seriously ill, he was still able to organize the manuscripts, and he did not delay the major event of writing the Confucian Treasure Books. All the great scholars went to Imperial Manor every day to have discussion, revise the articles, and exchange insight with him. He actually rather indulged in pleasure and forget home and duty, how could still take the feelings of the clansmen into account?

The clan leader used the sister-in-laws to persuade Zhong shi, sent people to appealed with Guan Father, and asked the juniors to ask Guan Suyi to come out and talk, but they all couldn’t get in. The Guan family were more unsociable than other people, except for Guan Father and Zhong shi who occasionally go out, the old master and Guan Suyi would rather stay at home reading books and writing all day long than stepping out of the house.

They didn’t go out, and it was difficult for others to get in. After three days, they finally realized the reality. The clan leader had resigned amid the strong resentment of the clan. Guan Wenhai did not know where he was sent, and it seemed that death was better than life.

Guan Suyi slept and woke up to find that the Guan family had actually left the clan, she almost thought she was still dreaming. But the old master acted very fast. It only took one night to write a family history, detailing why the Guan family asked to be removed from the clan, and opened another family tree, officially classifying Mu Mu as the heir. He had a very deep relationship with the Zhong family, knowing that Zhong shi was infertile, he never mention taking a concubine, and Guan Father himself had no intention to ask for it.

After worshiping the family ancestral hall, the family of five could finally breathe a sigh of relief. After Guan Suyi took a good rest for two days, on the third day, she dressed up and prepared the carriage to go out.

When the female kidnapper negotiated the terms with the bandits, she only said that Guan Suyi was a lowly concubine in the family. Because Guan Suyi angered her mistress, she was sent to the mountain to be taught a lesson. The bandits did not know the real story, so naturally they were not afraid of offending others, and would definitely torture her to death. Although she wore a mask, it wouldn’t stand beating and kneading, and it would fall off automatically within a day, showing her original appearance. It’s hard to say whether the bandits would send her back as promised, but Guan Suyi knew that the mastermind behind it would definitely come to the scene to watch the lively event and enjoy the pleasure of destroying a human live.

Where was the most prosperous part of Yanjing City? Since it was Luogu Street, she just had to go there and wait.

Near noon, suddenly a fast horse carrying a sack drove through the street. The rope that tied the sack was not fastened, and it automatically cut off during the bumps, causing it to fall to the ground. Some busybody unpacked it, and saw a naked woman hidden inside, her hands and legs were broken, her eyes, ears, mouth and nose were completely gone.

“Mother! What kind of thing is this! Report it to the official, hurriedly report it to the official, this is a murder!” The Luogu Street, which was already crowded with people, was boiling for a while, and a woman in a bright red riding suit stood opposite inside a teahouse, she pointed at the scene with the whip, and said with a cheerful smile, “See? This is a good show that this county princess has let you enjoy, and there are more exciting ones to come!”

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