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Who Cares – Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Husband


At the sight of Ji Chengyue’s gaffe, Guan Suyi did not show any ridicule on her face, instead nodded slightly at him, and then looked away naturally. In front of her family and outsiders, she could only be a dignified and virtuous, gentle and courteous Guan Suyi, and could not have the slightest transgression.

She suddenly had no interest in this kind of life, her lips didn’t move, but her voice reached Zhong shi‘s ear, “It turns out that he is the famous eldest young master Ji. Don’t worry about it, mother, he pointed at my nose and scolded me earlier, and also very attentive towards Second Miss Xu, afraid he has no intention to marry the Guan family. The status of Supervisor of Attendant’s family is not low, in any case, they will never let a reconcile woman pass the door.”

With a disappointed look on her face, Zhong shi turned to look at other students, did not notice that Ji Chengyue’s brush tip was slightly stopped, and his eyes were astringent.

“How about the fourth in the second row? I heard that he was born in a poor family, but he is extremely talented, and very filial to his parents. If you get married, you may suffer for two years, but it will be fine when he becomes famous. With your grandfather and father’s support, you don’t need to consider the family status or background, you can marry anyone.” Zhong shi named another student.

Guan Suyi became more annoyed the more she listened, but she could only suppress herself. Why didn’t she realize until now that the days of being trapped with worldly affairs and public sentiments were so boring, and to have her life arranged by others was so annoying? She really wanted to tear this face and immediately live happily.

“Mother, I don’t want to get married, don’t say it anymore.” Although she tried her best to restrain herself, her tone was still a little aggravated. Seeing the sad expression on Zhong shi’s face, she quickly took her arm and apologized. Just sitting here, putting on a graceful airs, she already felt exhausted.

Half an hour later, one after another, students put down their writing brush and submitted their examination paper. Jinzi quietly touched her master’s back and stood with Minglan. Minglan squeezed her eyes and asked in a low voice, “What happened to that person?”

“What else can happened? After waking up from his drunk, he found that he has lost his face, and had to quietly gone down the mountain. He probably would pack his luggage overnight and leave Yanjing in embarrassment. Don’t mention him, it’s bad luck!” Jinzi wiped her hands with a handkerchief while speaking, revealed a deep loathing on her face. When she caught a glimpse of the unperturbed Xu Guangzhi sitting at the front, on the surface praised but actually mocking “Master Xu is still so graceful, being hugged and kissed, touched up and down by people, he can still sit here without changing his face.”

“Probably have already practiced it before!” As soon as Minglan finished speaking, she was dragged to the corner by Jinzi and laughed secretly.

Zhao Wangshu’s mind was completely blank when others were busy writing. To tell the truth, Lu Fengming never taught him even for a day. He was always bribed by him with a few jars of wine and let him go out to play, at the end of the day, he would help him lie in front of his father. If it wasn’t for Guan Suyi who caught him and trained him for a period of time, and then sent him to the village school to be tortured, he might not be able to write all the characters.

Now that Lu Fengming’s reputation had been ruined, how could he still have the heart and courage to write? Holding the writing brush straight while sweating coldly, he suddenly saw Qi Yu sitting in the front row, and thinking of his earnest teachings, his mind suddenly opened up, and his thoughts were flowing. It turned out that all his knowledge came from Guan Suyi’s and Qi Yu’s teaching, so what is the purpose of worshiping under Lu Fengming again? Just to step on Guan Suyi and then fall into the abyss?

He regretted it, regretted that he blindly obey his mother’s words, but instead harmed his future.

Xu Yayan sat with all the noble ladies, also writing slowly. Seeing that Guan Suyi hadn’t started writing, she was relieved but at the same time a little unwilling. Guan Suyi could beat her on the calligraphy, but not necessarily surpass her on the article. Guan Suyi was good at lyrical prose, and she was also good at it; She was best at book theory, and Guan Suyi may not be able to surpass her. Most women have delicate emotions, but they knew nothing about the political situation, and that’s what differentiate her from them.

Thinking like this, Xu Yayan finished her last stroke, and secretly estimated in her heart that she might be ranked in the top ten. No need to mention Young Master Ji, he must come as the first place in this literary gathering. She glanced at him, but saw that he was staring at Guan Suyi intently, his cheeks were crimson, his eyes were like water, it seemed that he already developed some feelings.

Also, based on Guan Suyi’s appearance, if it weren’t for the fact that she had been attacked by Lu Fengming before, and because she was a reconcile person, those who came to ask for marriage would probably already crashed the threshold of Guan’s house. Even now, there were many people watching her openly and secretly. Just now the emperor had come, what was his impression of Guan Suyi? The person with clear eyes and bright heart in his mouth must be her, while he degraded the others to dust, which means that he must have appreciate her very much.

Who wouldn’t like such a woman with good looks and a prominent family background? Xu Yayan had just regained a little self-confidence, but at this moment, she was beaten to pieces, and a violent hostility secretly developed inside her, she could not wait to pull Guan Suyi out and compete in every aspect.

She secretly took a breath, handed the finished article to Master Xuan Guang, and then sat quietly.

All the Masters read the papers one by one, and suddenly one of them wondered, “How can the styles of these two articles so similar? It’s just that one has a profound idea and clever conception; the other is crude and simple, and the writing is immature. However, it can be seen that both articles has a common origin. The two of you come out and investigate with me, to see whether there is a suspicion of prior discussion or plagiarism.” He called out two names, one was Qi Yu and the other was Zhao Wangshu.

Qi Yu’s attitude was calm, neither humble nor arrogant; Zhao Wangshu’s face was pale, and he was sweating like a waterfall. Everyone looked at them with contemptuous expressions on their faces.

Seeing that her senior brother was implicated by Zhao Wangshu again, Guan Suyi said slowly, “Still ask Master Yun to clearly examine. These two didn’t have prior discussion or intention to plagiarize. It’s just that in the past six months, Zhao Wangshu was sent to my senior brother to study, and he has received a lot of teaching, so it affect his writing style.”

Great Scholar Yun Feilong stroked his beard and sighed, “So that’s the case, then this old man will appoint Qi Yu as the first place this time. I wonder if you have any objections?” he abandoned his protégé Ji Chengue and instead went to promote an unknown person, which showed that this person was indeed amazing. After reading the papers, the great scholars were greatly amazed, and they all made comments with red ink on the manuscript.

The students under the seat started to discuss and whispered, “They also said that Miss Guan wanted to harm him by sending him to a village school, but it turns out that all the knowledge was taught by Qi Yu, and have nothing to do with Lu Fengming. When Lu Fengming came up to trample on Miss Guan and Qi Yu, he should explain the truth and defend the two.”

“It’s not that Qi Yu’s reputation is not conspicuous, but Lu Fengming was highly respected and can increase his connection. He gained knowledge from Qi Yu, and he didn’t go astray by relying on Miss Guan’s help, but in turn he slandered the two to the extreme. This character is really amazing!”

“No wonder he wanted to abandon Qi Yu for Lu Fengming, originally they’re jackals of the same tribe!”

These unpleasant words drilled into Zhao Wangshu’s ears word by word, making him extremely ashamed and unable to raise his head. It turned out that Qi Yu’s talent could actually overshadowed Ji Chengyue, no wonder Guan Suyi said that she would send him to the village school to study; It turned out that if people want to worship under the Guan’s family, they have to have a strong talent to learn. It was not that she refuse to use the Guan family’s power to pave the way for him, but that he was not qualified. She never thought of raising him to be a waste, but just let him keep his feet on the ground and walk steadily. It’s all because he take the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain, for no reason misunderstood others and himself.

Regret, ah! Zhao Wangshu covered his face with his sleeves and quietly exited Bodhi Garden along the base of the wall. He didn’t dare to stay for a moment, and was even more afraid of seeing his stepmother sitting outside the crowd.

At the end of the literary gathering, Qi Yu won the top spot, Master Yun’s disciple Ji Chengyue took second place, and five of the remaining eight finalists were all students Xu Guangzhi had just recruited. When they become official, they would be used by Xu Guangzhi and gradually become a faction. Forming parties for personal gain and excluding dissidents had always been his forte, after starting all over again he still haven’t change.

Seeing this, Guan Suyi had completely lost interest and left the Bodhi Garden under the pretext of going to the restroom, but she was stopped halfway, “Miss Guan, please wait! Earlier, this stupid one created karmic hindrance, and have offended you so much, please ask Miss Guan to forgive the sin!”

“No problem, it’s just a little misunderstanding.” Guan Suyi looked back and saw that it was Ji Chengyue. His cheeks were flushed, his eyes were evasive, and he didn’t even dare to look at her directly, his demeanor was very similar to that of Hunnar. Is he likes her? Why? Just because Lu Fengming is a clown?

Who was the person who pointed at her nose and scolded her earlier? Who was the person who kept telling her to leave? With just a little effort, these people could hate her, love her, scold her, praise her, without the slightest bit of their own opinion, let alone the slightest stance. If she had to choose one of them to spend the rest of her life with, she would rather be alone forever.

The husband she imagined should be firm, tolerant and persistent, no matter what others said, he would always trust her; no matter what happened, he would protect her without hesitation; no matter her nature was good or bad, he could accept her without any second thought… In short, his feelings for her would not be shaken by any external things.

Thinking of this, Hunnar’s figure unexpectedly appeared in her mind, making Guan Suyi’s heart tremble fiercely, and the color of her face almost changed. She bowed down and smiled gracefully, barely holding on to a dignified manner to bid farewell to Ji Chengyue.

Ji Chengyue was anxious, but he couldn’t find a suitable excuse to keep her, so he could only watch her leave. Looking at her again at this time, Miss Guan still has a bit of a domineering attitude, she was clearly an imposing and brilliance person, the rumors shouldn’t be trusted so easily.

Guan Suyi found a secluded corner in a daze, and finally made it to the end of the literary gathering. She then followed the old man back to the Emperor Teacher Mansion. As soon as she stepped into the backyard, she saw Mu Mu holding a little monkey in his arms and hurriedly greeted her, “Mom, look, this is Big Brother! Can I keep it?”

Guan Suyi was immediately stunned. This monkey was clearly rescued by Hunnar with a gold bead, how did it arrive at Guan’s house? It’s called Big Brother, and the Mynah seems to be called Little Brother, what a good pair of brothers!

“Where did you get it?” She bent over to look at the wooden sign hanging around the neck of the little monkey, with the word “Big Brother” engraved on it.

“I found it at the door. The gatekeeper told me that there was a little monkey squatting on the head of the stone lion, and it would bite anyone who come near it. It was very fierce. I ran out to see it, and it immediately rushed towards me, holding me and refuse to let go. Mother, it likes me, and I like it too, can I keep it?” Mu Mu blinked his big black eyes.

Guan Suyi was most unable to resist this eager expression, and suddenly fell into a dilemma. Damn Hunnar, all day long never done serious things, and just add trouble for her! If you leave this little monkey here, wouldn’t she think of him all the time?

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  1. Translator-nim ! Thank you 🥰
    Honestly I don’t want her to enter the palace harem. It’s so unfair for her. She should be free to go around and travel and enjoy her life to the fullest after experiencing so much problems in her mariage. But at the same time hunnar, the king is not too bad, a little bossy but he controls himself pretty well. He could have force her long time ago. But he didn’t

    1. That’s unrealistic. This is a historical, eastern novel. A woman cannot remain unmarried under any circumstances….unless you’re the Grand Princess or something. And I don’t even know if the Grand Princess will be able to keep her single status for long. There is no option for the MC but marriage so long as she lives in that time period, basically. And how can a single woman travel around by herself without a chaperone? How can she rely on her family for the rest of her life and live in her father’s house? Can she even inherit the father’s property? What will happen to her once her father and grandfather pass away?

  2. I think what people are overlooking is that the MC is young and hasn’t actually experienced romantic love and the joy of having and making your own family. Her previous life was hard and in this life she is pursuing what makes her happy. She’s not against marriage as much as unwilling to go through that hardship again. But she still yearns for happiness of a family and child.

    And she’s allowed to change her mind. She’s stubborn not stupid. Character development happens in more than one way, and she has been changing throughout the novel. This is just the next step. What the readers want may not be true to what the character has been set up as. And frankly, I think there should be some trust for the author at this point instead of constant scoldings. The ML is going through his own character development and the MC has too.

    Never forget that the MC has a cheat of already living life once. She knows what she doesn’t like which is pretty important! If not for recognising the baddies, she might have suffered some actual losses.

  3. I really like the story and although most comments scold the ML, I still think his character and its development plays a big role to make the story cohesive and interesting. I like that his approach is somewhat passive agressive and not totally imposing and forcing the MC

  4. The ML is not bad , his saving grace being that he respected her boundaries after she laid them down. However his domineering way of speaking and pushy attitude is an ick for me personally and i feel that i can’t give him gold stars for solving problems he created himself . But im not the FML, and not all characters must be likable, it’s just that i want to watch him struggle in the mud a bit before winning her over. One cherishes more what was hard won, the more he is overconfident the more i want him to face set backs. call me blackbellied 🤷

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