Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Look At Each Other


Guan Suyi followed her grandfather and father to send Emperor Sheng Yuan in white dragon fish suit to the gate of Jueyin Temple. Zhong shi, who originally stayed in the back hall with the other madams to discuss how to blend incense fragrance, also hurriedly came to bid farewell to the Emperor.

“It’s enough to send until here, everyone, please go back,” Emperor Sheng Yuan nodded to Madam alone, “Madam please go back.” Just for seeing Madam at the literary gathering, he took half a day off out of his busy schedule, and now that his purpose had been reached, naturally he would not stay.

Guan Father smiled and cupped his hands, but he was rolling inside. Old Master Guan was always outspoken, and immediately said, “Master Huo, our Yiyi has already reconcile, so the name have change to miss.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan suddenly said, “Look at my memory. I made many mistake just now, Miss Guan please forgive me.”

Guan Suyi bowed down and smiled falsely, “Do not dare. Master Huo, you are busy with other affairs, and it’s a great honor for this little girl to help you think about one or two things. The mountain road is rough and difficult, please pay more attention and drive slowly.”

Guan Father heard some familiarity from the conversation between the two, but Old Master Guan didn’t think about it at all, and followed up with a few words. Zhong shi was best at refining plants, and her sense of smell was not inferior to Emperor Sheng Yuan. She secretly looked at the two of them, her eyes were full of shock. How could she smell Yiyi’s scent from the emperor’s robe? And it came from the whole body, blending together with the ambergris’ scent, which meant that the two must have had very close contact.

This, what is this? She was anxious in her heart, but did not dare to show it, and then she saw that the emperor looked at Yiyi with a soft expression on his face, his eyes were shining, and seemed to be very much infatuated. Before getting into the carriage, he looked at her again and again and left a sentence “Thank you for your concern, Miss” that was full of satisfaction, and left reluctantly. What else is there to say? It’s clear that every word and deed were full of ambiguous feelings, so he must have already hooked long time ago! Yiyi has just reconcile! How could it be……

When the carriage disappeared on the mountain road, Zhong shi immediately wanted to question her daughter, but her husband held her wrist and secretly stopped her. What kind of temperament their daughter was like, no one knew better than them, she always said what she was thinking. If she want to enter the palace, afraid she would have already revealed the intention, why waited until now? She would never take the initiative to jump into the fire pit for the sake of power and wealth; on the contrary, if she had no intention, but others scolded her and pointed their finger at her, she might become rebellious and resolutely do something stupid.

Therefore, not only could they not questioned her, but they had to pretend not to know, and slowly figure out a way to avoid it. However, that person was the emperor, how could they avoid him? Zhong shi was at a loss for a while, and couldn’t help but look towards her husband.

Guan Father shook his head invisibly, implying that they would talk about it after going back. The group entered the temple gate and walked to a place with no people, then Old Master Guan muttered, “I seem to smell the Rizui wine on Lu Fengming’s body.” He then stared straight at his granddaughter.

Guan Suyi did not evade, and said calmly, “Yes, I did it. It’s said that it’s not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years. It can be seen that a gentleman is not a perfect person, but also has hatred and grudges. When he first left the Zhao Mansion, I gave him two hundred taels of silver, enough for him to buy a small courtyard and settle down in Yanjing safely. But he’s not satisfied, and intends to ascend to the throne by stepping on the reputation of the Guan family. Since he repaid virtue with resentment, I have no choice but to repay resentment with resentment.”

Old Master Guan’s face kept changing, and finally sighed with indignation, “Conspiracy and tricks in the end is small way (In Confucianism it means a doctrine other than ritual, music, politics and religion), Yiyi, you must not go astray.”

Guan Suyi replied solemnly, “Don’t worry, grandfather, although my methods are narrow-minded, my original intention is still there. I know who I am and what I am doing. I will never ruin Guan family’s principle.”

“That’s good.” Old Master Guan’s face softened a little, and then he continued to walk in the direction of Bodhi Garden. Guan Father and Zhong shi looked at each other and said nothing more. Their daughter was a sensible person, and speak too much would only annoy her, so maybe she was not a very sensible person after all. This child was born with a hard backbone, which could not be provoked or opposed, and could only be pacify.


The mess in the Bodhi Garden had been cleaned up, and Lu Fengming was also taken to the side hall by the monks to sober up. The students wanted to perform well in front of the emperor, but they were disturbed by this farce, and the emperor even said “truly disappointing”, so they all hated the culprit.

As Lu Fengming’s direct disciple, Zhao Wangshu simply too ashamed to lift his head. He always knew that the other person loved drinking, but also knew that he was talented. If he could stay sober during class, he would definitely be able to help him pass the imperial examination. However, now, Lu Fengming had changed from the great scholar of this generation to a “follower of wine and women” in the emperor’s mouth. His true form had been revealed and his reputation had been ruined, and from now on, don’t even think about getting a foothold in Wei Kingdom. As his disciple, what benefits could he get?

Seeing the contemptuous gazes cast from all directions, Zhao Wangshu clenched his fists and told himself that he must not escape. Mother was still lying on the bed, almost dying, if he escape now, what should she do? However, Master Lu was also found by her for him. In the matter of studying, Guan Suyi was much more far-sighted and could discern people better.

Thinking like this, there was a trace of daze in his eyes, and he didn’t know how to proceed in the future. Guan Suyi once arranged everything for him. How to live, how to study, how to advance, all of them were to take one step and look ten step, and there was not a slightest mistake. He only needed to follow the rules to achieve the goal, and then support the Zhao family lintel.

But when his mother appeared, everything changed. Master Lu’s reputation had been ruined, where could he go to invite famous teachers? In order to not get implicated, any great scholar with a bit of status would not be willing to accept him, right? His back was bent, and he felt that he couldn’t straighten his waist or lift his head.

The rest of the students stood in front of the wall admiring the calligraphy, with expressions of awe on their faces.

“I heard that Miss Guan is only eighteen or nineteen years old this year, but she has such a vigor stroke! It is said that whether the calligraphic style is strong or not, depends on hard work and years of accumulation. She is a woman and still a young one at that, how she was trained to become strong to this point? If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never believed it.” A middle-aged scholar shook his head and sighed.

“The Guan family produces literary giants for generations, and it’s rare to have mediocre talents. Could it be that they have some secret teaching method? Esteemed brother, you are an eldest disciple of Chief of Ceremonies, so you should know one thing or two.” Someone grabbed Qi Yu, who was Guan Suyi’s senior brother to asked.

“No secret method, just hard training. My junior sister started to practice calligraphy when she was three years old, her wrists were first tied with sandbags, then replaced with iron blocks, and then letter wrapped with two loops of lead blocks, weighing as little as four to five pounds, as many as ten pounds. Polished day by day, diligently practice, never slack off, after fifteen or sixteen years, this then has the writing power that can split the silk. Don’t be fooled by her young age, if she can break a quarter of an hour to half an hour she would use it all, although she hasn’t yet reach twenty, when it comes to learning, she’s not inferior to scholars in their fifties. Not only her, the old master also injured his wrist because he added too much lead blocks when practicing calligraphy, and now there is always a stagnation in writing. The Guan family’s high level learning is most afraid of looseness, and they often too demanding on themselves. If want to worship under the Guan family, you can’t do it without any real effort. After passing the first test, there will be the second test, after passing the second test there will be the third test, and then there are examinations every other months, and you must not slack off.”

Qi Yu looked down on Xu Guangzhi’s dissemination of “Subset Commentary” and his behavior of collecting disciples, so he added the last few sentences. How could Xu Guangzhi not hear the sarcasm hidden in his words, but he just smiled and did not care.

The students either had shocked expressions, or their teeth were sour and trembling. Are you studying literature or martial arts? It’s too hard! However, there were also those who yearn for the Guan family’s learning, and secretly decided to submit a few articles to the two masters later to test their own depth. This was the real scholar, not like Lu Fengming, who blindly seek fame and deceive the world, and even had the face to say that Miss Guan had humiliated the teacher and wanted to have her thrown out. Truly never seen anyone more brazen than him!

Xu Yayan stood still in front of the wall for a long time. One of the poem she wrote before was next to the four characters “Mingde Weixin”. She originally thought that the floating kite in the wind and unimpeded backbone style, which she newly trained and worked hard on, was enough to make up for her lack of wrist strength, even if could not be said to be the best, at the very least it was outstanding. At first, it did attract people’s attention and won a lot of admiration. However now, when it was compared with Guan Suyi’s domineering handwriting that cracked the wall and split rubble, it fell directly into the dust.

That’s not all, she also questioned Miss Guan in front of the emperor about why she suppressed and insulted Master Lu, and then she showed off her inscriptions on the wall of learning. To say that she had lost face step by step was not an exaggeration. Where did she come out on top today? It’s clearly lose face until grandma’s house! What kind of impression she has on the emperor? Just a jumping clown who could not distinguish between black and white, and overestimate one’s capabilities.

Xu Yayan’s cheeks slowly turned red, and her internal organs were slashed layer by layer with shame and frustration, the pain was unbearable. If there were not many people standing around, she would have liked to rush forward and cut off the wall with a knife, just because she also signed it Caiwei Sanren, for fear that others would not know that this was her “masterpiece”.

There were not a few students who have the same thoughts as her. They all paced back and forth in front of the wall. If they found that their words were written in one place with Miss Guan, they closed their eyes and held their foreheads with embarrassed expressions. If they found it far away, they secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The handsome man who previously pointed at the tip of Miss Guan’s nose and scolded her for having corrupt moral, was now so embarrassed that smoke rose from his head, and he frequently covered his face with his cuffs.

When the Guan family and their party returned to the Bodhi Garden, some students kept bowing down and apologized to Miss Guan. The originally messy gathering place finally regained some orderly. Old Master Guan and Guan Father did not put any airs, and waved their sleeves to let everyone take their seats. Originally it was a good thing to hold a literary gathering, so it could not be abandoned halfway.

Everyone thanked them again, and after they calmed down a little, they started writing.

Guan Suyi didn’t have any intention of participating, she just lowered her eyes and looked blankly. In the end, Zhong shi was not reassured, and whispered in her ear, “Look at the first student in the first row, that is Ji Chengyue, the eldest di son of Supervisor of Attendants Master Ji, who study under the current great scholar Yun Feilong. He is known as the number one gifted scholar in Yanjing, with the most noble status, the best appearance, and the best future among the students present. Yiyi, you take a look, and if it’s agreeable, mother will shamelessly play the matchmaker for you.”

Guan Suyi reflexively looked at the man, but saw that the other person was also looking at her, and only after a while his face was red, and smoke rose from the top of his head. In panic he buried his face, and then there was a ‘clang’ noise, the brush in his hand actually fell off.

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