Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 98

Chapter 98


Guanhe Hall.

After Chen Bozong talked with his father for a while in Chunhe Hall, he brought back a stack of red paper.

The red paper was already cut into Spring Festival couplet, just waiting for the owner to write auspicious black words on it.

When Chen Tingjian was young, he liked to write Spring Festival couplets by himself. Now that his sons have become fathers, Chen Tingjian handed over this matter to his two scholar sons. The eldest would write this year, and the third would write next year, taking turns.

Dalang ran over to watch his father write.

Chen Bozong looked at Yu Xiu: “Why isn’t Wan Yi here?”

Yu Xiu smiled and said, “She’s going to Siyi Hall. The Princess is looking for her.”

Chen Bozong didn’t ask any more questions.

He stood at the table while Dalang polished ink for him. Yu Xiu continued to sit on the couch while doing a needlework. The silk in her hand had just been given to her by her mother-in-law a few days ago. Yu Xiu picked the color that her mother-in-law could also wear, and hurriedly make a coat for her before the New Year’s Eve.

The three of them were all so quiet that Wan Yi thought her mother was the only one in the room. Looking at the Shu brocade coat on her body, the little girl who was at the age of loving beauty stood outside the curtain of the side room a little shyly and a little joyfully. She paused for a moment and then opened the curtain as if nothing happened.

As soon as she took one foot forward, Wan Yi was stunned.

Chen Bozong looked at the door, his eyes fell on his daughter’s new coat, and then looked at his daughter’s anxious little face. Chen Bozong smiled, held up his brush and asked, “Did the Princess give it to you?”

Wan Yi nodded nervously.

She still remembered that day when her grandmother sent a few pieces of silk, and her mother took out two pieces to make new clothes for her father. Her father was not very happy, saying that the two new clothes made this winter had not been worn yet.

Chen Bozong praised his daughter: “It’s very beautiful.”

Wan Yi was not relieved yet. She looked at her mother on the couch and explained in a low voice: “I declined to Fourth Aunt. But Fourth Aunt asked me to wear it when I go out with her. If Fourth Uncle doesn’t come back suddenly, I will also change the clothes back before going back.”

Yu Xiu’s eyes were gentle: “Since it was rewarded by the princess, you can wear it without worry. However, this material is too expensive, you change it first. Be careful not to damage it.”

Wan Yi nodded, said goodbye to her parents, and went back to change clothes.

Chen Bozong said to Dalang: “You should go back too.”

Dalang left obediently.

Yu Xiu put down her needle and thread and came over to help her husband grind the ink.

Chen Bozong said while writing: “The princess loves Wan Yi. That is Wan Yi’s blessing. However, the princess can do whatever she wants, but we must not be too showy. Please explain this to Wan Yi.”

Yu Xiu looked at his handwriting and said softly: “I understand.”

On the night when the emperor had just handed out the reward, her husband told her about the situation in the court.

It was true that the emperor and the empress have high regard for her father-in-law. The new law proposed by the father-in-law was also beneficial to the country and the common people, but it was not favored by the other officials.

Taking the examination law as an example, the officials at the top and bottom used to be perfunctory, treating the common people as trivial matters, and flattering the superiors by giving out tributes. It was easy to be an official and their life were very comfortable. But the court decided to rigorously assess the officials’ performance. If they failed in their duties, they faced salary deductions, demotion, or even losing their heads. It was like having an extra whip hanging over their heads, ready to strike at any moment. Naturally, those cunning officials were not pleased with this.

The laziness of local officials was indulged step by step by the officials at the top. When father-in-law proposed the new law, he also told the emperor clearly that it turned out that the officials in the Ministry of Personnel were just a bunch of losers.

Now that father-in-law was highly regarded by the emperor, other officials were too eager to suppress father-in-law. The easiest way was to keep an eye on father-in-law and everyone in the Chen family. Once someone made a mistake, it was best to make a big mistake, but the small mistake would also be brought out in front of the emperor, and let the emperor alienated father-in-law little by little.

The Chen family had always been frugal, but if they suddenly went out wearing a Shu brocade, they would be suspected as being arrogant.


On New Year’s Eve, everyone in the Chen family gathered together for a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner.

Hua Yang glanced at her father-in-law several times.

In the past six months, Hua Yang rarely had the chance to see her father-in-law since he left early and came back late. Because of this, it was easier for Hua Yang to notice any changes in her father-in-law.

Tonight, Hua Yang noticed that her father-in-law’s hair, which was still black when he was in Lingzhou, now had silver threads, and the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes were deeper.

Hua Yang lowered her eyes, feeling a little sad.

Working hard would speed up a person’s aging. It was fine if other officials were willing to cooperate with father-in-law. However, those people just wanted to go against father-in-law and tried their best to force father-in-law to give up. Although father-in-law had her father emperor’s support, he still had to face endless troubles and obstacles in the early stage of the implementation of the new law.

In her previous life, father-in-law had hidden illnesses and lost a son while he was busy with the country affairs. If it weren’t for being too tired and in pain, father-in-law wouldn’t have died in his fifties.

Compared with Hua Yang’s complicated emotions, Chen Tingjian was very happy this New Year.

He didn’t care how those officials impeached and resisted him. As long as the emperor and the crown prince were on his side, and as long as he was the chief minister of the cabinet, the officials below had to listen to him and act in accordance with the new law even if they don’t want to.

When the new law could be implemented, the people could be happy, the national treasury could be filled, and the court could have money to raise troops, then everything else was not worth mentioning.

After the banquet ended, Hua Yang and Chen Jingzong went to Siyi Hall first.

This street was full of dignitaries. Some mansions were setting off fireworks, and some mansions invited theatre troupes. The Chen family had the most deserted New Year’s Eve.

The wind passed through the corridor, blowing so that people didn’t want to speak. After entering the room and sitting on the warm couch in the side room, hands and feet were warmed up, only then Hua Yang started chatting with Chen Jingzong: “Have you noticed that Father is looking much older than when we just returned to the capital?”

Chen Jingzong glanced at her meaningfully.

Hua Yang: “Don’t talk nonsense. Even if you stay in the guard station every day, you should know about the situation in the court.”

Of course Chen Jingzong knew. The old man even called the three brothers and told them to keep to themselves and not to give others a handle.

“It’s useless for you to feel sorry. It’s a path he chose himself.” Chen Jingzong took a sip of hot tea and said to the glass window.

There was darkness outside the window, and the glass window at this time was more like a mirror, reflecting his face clearly.

Chen Jingzong saw the shadow of the old man on that face.

He sneered and looked at Hua Yang.

Hua Yang kept silent.

Does she feel sorry for her father-in-law?

There must be something. Admiration, guilt, distress. She also knew clearly that it would be dangerous for her father-in-law to take this path, but she still didn’t think about dissuading him.

Because she was a princess, her heart was more inclined to the imperial family and the court. She just wanted her father-in-law to adhere to his new law, to rectify the officialdom from top to bottom, and to restore the purity of officialdom.

In other words, she was trying to protect her father-in-law only because she wanted to take advantage of his talents.

“What about you, has anyone caused trouble for you in the past few months?” Hua Yang tried to change the subject. She actually had never talked about this with Chen Jingzong in her previous life.

Chen Jingzong: “Are you concerned about me?”

Hua Yang: “You are my prince consort, isn’t it normal for me to care about you?”

Chen Jingzong: “It’s normal. It’s been three years since we got married, and I have been waiting for this moment since. I’m a bit flattered.”

Hua Yang glared at him.

She cared about him many times, not just this time.

Chen Jingzong smiled: “I’m lucky. I stay in the guard station most of the time. But Eldest Brother and Third Brother have to deal with other officials every day, so they may be a little squeezed out.”

Hua Yang: “Being squeezed out is just a matter of verbal dispute. Unlike your military attachés, you will go to the battlefield together in the future. If you have a good relationship with other senior generals, they can help you.”

Chen Jingzong: “Really? I’m not familiar with those generals. Can you tell me whose worthy of my friendship?”

Hua Yang thought for a while and said: “Don’t mention far away, just the one in the capital like Marquis Jing’an, who has made great achievements in battle. It’s a pity that you beat his son. He probably won’t give you good face. Third Sister-in-law’s grandfather Old Marquis Luo is also one. Although he injured a leg and has stopped leading the army long ago, he has fought in the war all his life. You can always benefit from visiting him more often. As for the younger ones, I only know…”

Before she could finish speaking, Chen Jingzong suddenly pulled her into his arms, held her face and kissed her fiercely.

Hua Yang:…

When Chen Jingzong carried her into the inner room, Hua Yang couldn’t even hear the sound of fireworks outside the window, and all she could hear was his breathing.


On the first day of the New Year, Hua Yang and Chen Jingzong got up early, tidied up, and went to Chunhe Hall side by side to pay New Year greetings to the elders.

Chen Tingjian first saw the Shu brocade robe on his son.

Knowing that his son would accompany the princess to the palace later, and the princess was dressed in brocade, it really wouldn’t suitable for his son to only wear silk clothes, so he didn’t say anything.

After the young couple left, Sun shi said with a smile: “Let me tell you, although the Old Four is a little rough, he’s still the best-looking among his brothers. He looks quite compatible standing next to the princess.”

Chen Tingjian’s face looked complicated: “You are too partial to him.”

He felt that the Old One was the most handsome and looked the most upright and stable.

But even the Old One could only be reduced to a star next to the bright moon in front of the princess, his demeanor was completely incomparable.

Outside the Chen Mansion, Hua Yang and Chen Jingzong had already boarded the carriage.

Chen Jingzong looked at the back of his sleeve. He was not used to wearing such an expensive material, and always suspected if there was a snag somewhere.

Hua Yang: “You’re so hopeless.”

Chen Jingzong: “If you want to blame, blame the old man. He treated me harshly since I was a child and never give me good clothes to wear. And the thing you use always tearing so easily. How can I not worry?”

Hua Yang:……

She looked out the window and stopped talking to him.

The carriage stopped outside the Imperial City gate. When Chen Jingzong helped Hua Yang get out of the carriage, he saw another carriage coming from behind. It was a princess’ carriage that should belong to Princess Nan Kang’s family.

Hua Yang had no intention of walking with Nan Kang, and Chen Jingzong didn’t even want to look over there.

When Princess Nan Kang and her family got down, they could only see the backs of Hua Yang and her prince consort.

After more than a month, Nan Kang still couldn’t help gritting her teeth.

When Meng Yanqing saw this, he thought his wife was remembering the punch Chen Jingzong gave him, which made him quite moved.

During the Mid-Autumn Palace Banquet, he got drunk and became confused, which harmed himself and made his wife lose face. But now his wife was still venting her anger on Chen Jingzong.

He walked to Nan Kang with his infant son in his arms and whispered: “Forget it, we won’t argue with them.” Mainly because we can’t afford to argue.

Nan Kang was short, so she happened to see his infant son, who was white and chubby.

Nan Kang felt relieved when she thought that there was still no movement in Hua Yang’s stomach even after being married for so long. Either there was something wrong with her, or Chen Jingzong was pleasant to the eye but actually quite useless. Anyway, Nan Kang was happy.

“Let’s go, Father Emperor may be waiting to hold his grandson.”

Nan Kang said while feeling refresh. Her father emperor had a total of four children, Hua Yang had no one at her knees, the crown prince himself was still a child, and her brother prince was far away in Luoyang. She was the only one with a pair of children who could allow her father emperor to live the addiction of being a grandfather.

Emperor Jingshun, Empress Qi, and the crown prince were all in Qianqing Palace.

Nan Kang’s family of four followed Hua Yang’s couple behind.

Emperor Jingshun had money this year and prepared two big red envelopes for his granddaughter and grandson. When holding his grandson who was more than four months old, Emperor Jingshun suddenly remembered something and glanced at Chen Jingzong cryptically.

Chen Jingzong:……

After the children had all left, Emperor Jingshun said to Empress Qi alone: ​​”Hua Yang has been married for three years. Why is there still no good news? Next time Prince Consort comes to the palace to pay respects, will you arrange for the imperial doctor to take a look at him?”

Empress Qi smiled and said: “Your Majesty has wronged Prince Consort. I have asked Hua Yang a long time ago. It is she who still want to play around and not in a hurry to get pregnant.”

Emperor Jingshun understood. As a father, he was very satisfied with Chen Jingzong’s cooperation with his daughter. Unlike Meng Yanqing, who only cared about his concubine.

Chen Jingzong followed Hua Yang and the crown prince to the East Palace as a guest.

Just after sitting for a while, Emperor Jingshun asked someone to bring him a reward, which was a precious spear made of fine steel mixed with gold.

Chen Jingzong knelt down to thank the emperor for the reward, but his expression was a little strange.

Could this old father-in-law be hinting at something?

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