Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 97

Chapter 97


Here in the capital, the 23rd of the Twelfth Month was celebrated as the Little New Year, and officials would also take annual leave starting from that day until the Lantern Festival on the 15th of First Month.

Before the holiday, on the 22nd of the Twelfth Month, Emperor Jingshun summoned all the officials in the capital and held another court meeting.

There were two main things in this court meeting. One was to summarize the achievements of officials in the past year, and the other was to look forward to what would be done in the next year and what goals they were trying to achieve.

Emperor Jingshun didn’t like to talk much. He sat high on the throne and let the cabinet headed by Chen Tingjian preside over the court meeting. When he needed to speak, he would say a few words.

Emperor Jingshun laughed when he heard that the Ministry of Revenue had finished calculating the accounts and found that this year’s treasury had a surplus of 580,000 taels of silver after acquiring the proceeds from the property confiscation of Prince Xiang Mansion.

During the late emperor’s reign, the state treasury was unable to make ends meet almost every year. If the late emperor wanted some money for his own enjoyment, he had to fight with the cabinet first, and later some scholars would secretly scold him for being a coward.

After he came to the throne, he put virtuous ministers in important positions. But it still took more than ten years to fill the previous holes. In recent years, things have gotten much better, but the revenue and expenditure of the treasury were basically the same. There might be a surplus of tens of thousand taels this year, but there be would loss again next year. In short, he always heard the six ministers complaining about poverty, and they all wanted to get money from the treasury. He would get annoyed every time he heard it.

In Sixth Month of this year, Chen Tingjian was promoted to the position of Chief Assistant. The first thing he did when he took office was to write a memorial, imploring officials at all levels to implement the “examination law” to change the previous method of relying entirely on the Ministry of Civil Affairs to review officials’ performance. With this the six ministries and the Metropolitan Procuratorate would register according to the account books and jointly inspect the officials on a monthly basis.

As soon as the examination system came out, the responsibilities of officials in various regions were clarified, and rewards and punishments were clearly defined. This made officials no longer dare to neglect their duties. They attended to their tasks diligently, and they promptly supervised the taxpayers to pay their taxes and grains. As a result, local governments no longer dared to delay tax payments, and the national treasury would naturally have money.

The new law had achieved such remarkable results only half a year after it was implemented. Emperor Jingshun believed that if they continued to adhere to the new law, the national treasury would only become more and more full in the future!

The common people love money, and so do the emperors. When Chen Tingjian first proposed the implementation of the examination law, a group of ministers wrote a memorial to object, citing various reasons and demanding that the old system be followed. Emperor Jingshun also hesitated, but Chen Tingjian steadfastly guaranteed that this law would allow officials to do practical things and increase the revenue of the treasury, not to mention Empress Qi also believed that this law was feasible. Emperor Jingshun firmed up his attitude, fully supported Chen Tingjian, and suppressed other voices!

Now that the new law had achieved results, it had severely blocked the mouths of those officials who were still unconvinced. Emperor Jingshun felt proud and elated for Chen Tingjian!

After the Minister of Revenue finished speaking, Emperor Jingshun praised Chen Tingjian without hesitation, and finally showed concern for Chen Tingjian’s health: “Cabinet Elder worked hard to implement the new law, and in just six months white hair can actually be seen on your head. Zhen can’t bear it in my heart. State affairs are important, but Cabinet Elder should also take care of your body. How about this, Zhen will allocate ten thousand taels from this year’s treasury surplus for Cabinet Elder to recuperate your body.”

Chen Tingjian hurriedly knelt down and declined: “Thank you, Your Majesty for your trust. The heavy responsibilities of the Chief Minister have been entrusted to this minister. Everything this minister does is within this minister’s responsibilities. Since this minister has received official salary, this minister should never receive any more generous rewards from Your Majesty.”

Emperor Jingshun smiled and said: “Any merit should be rewarded, and any fault should be punished. The merits of Cabinet Elder are obvious to all, so there is no need to refuse.”

The other ministers immediately supported the emperor and urged Chen Tingjian to accept it.

Chen Tingjian had no choice but to kowtow and thank him.

Emperor Jingshun did not directly give the silver reward to Chen Tingjian, but sent a special eunuch to deliver the reward to the Chen Mansion with great fanfare, so that the people in the city could know that Chen Tingjian had made great contributions, and Chen Tingjian’s whole family personally thanked the Holy Grace.

As soon as the imperial edict arrived, the masters of each courtyard in the Chen Mansion rushed to the main courtyard to receive the edict.

Princess Hua Yang also knelt beside her mother-in-law.

It was Eunuch Xiao Ma who announced the decree. In addition to a reward of 10,000 taels of silver, Emperor Jingshun also gave two boxes each of jewelry, silk and makeup, as a reward to Chen Tingjian’s family.

Everyone kowtowed to thank the Holy’s grace.

Eunuch Xiao Ma received a reward, went to greet Hua Yang, and then left.

As soon as he left, the atmosphere in the Chen family house relaxed. Luo Yuyan smiled and said to Sun shi: “Mom, when I go outside as a guest, I often heard other official madams praising Father’s examination law. At that time, I didn’t really understand. Now that His Majesty has rewarded Father, it shows that Father’s new law is really powerful!”

Yu Xiu rarely speak in such a situation, but she also knew that her father-in-law was doing a good job as the chief minister, and she was proud of him and smiled from ear to ear.

Sun shi looked at Hua Yang: “What’s the new law and what’s the difference with the old law? I have some insight but I haven’t figured all of it yet. Does Princess understand?”

Hua Yang naturally understood. Although her father-in-law’s new law in her previous life had only been implemented for four years, the surplus money in the treasury was increasing year by year, and in the fourth year it was as high as four million taels!

Moreover, her father-in-law’s new law was not just the “examination law”, but also had several other important reforms. Unfortunately, father-in-law passed away due to illness, and before the various reforms could be implemented in depth, the former opposition officials swarmed in and took advantage of her younger brother to convict her father-in-law, demanded the abolition of father-in-law’s series of reforms and restored the old system!

Hua Yang didn’t care about the grudges between officials. She only knew that her father-in-law’s reforms had made money for the court and allowed the common people to live and work in peace and contentment. In her book, her father-in-law was a good official, and those who opposed him have ulterior motives!

At this time, Sun shi, Luo Yuyan, Yu Xiu and even the children were looking at Hua Yang, and Hua Yang explained it to everyone in an easy-to-understand way.

Sun shi admired her: “Princess is really smart. The old man told me several times, but I still didn’t understand.”

Hua Yang didn’t really believe her. Her mother-in-law was very wise and was just trying to flatter her.

After receiving the decree, everyone was happy and they all dispersed.

Not long after Hua Yang returned to Siyi Hall, Sun shi asked the maid to bring over a box of silver, a box of jewelry, a box of rouge, and several pieces of shu brocade.

Shu brocade was precious, and even the two boxes of silk that Emperor Jingshun gifted today were by no means all Shu brocade. Hua Yang thought that her mother-in-law probably picked out all the Shu brocade and gave it to her.

Hua Yang selected a pink one and told Chao Lan: “Send this one to Princess Mansion and ask Wu Run to make two coats according to the sizes of the eldest and second misses, and use the remaining materials to make some small items for them.”

She liked Wan Yi very much, and Wan Qing’s little mouth was also getting sweeter and sweeter, such adorable little girl.

Chao Yun smiled and said: “The two misses are so lucky to be so loved by the Princess.”

Chao Yue: “That’s because Prince Consort pleases the Princess, so our Princess loves the two misses.”

Hua Yang:……

Because Chen Jingzong unfiltered mouth, now she couldn’t even hear “love the house and its crow”!


After all, the annual vacation was about to begin. Chen Jingzong came back very early tonight as the sun was still setting.

He wiped himself clean in the front yard as usual, changed into regular clothes and came to the back yard.

At this time Hua Yang was playing chess with Chao Lu.

After receiving the look from the Prince Consort, she looked at the princess who was just observing the chessboard, and tactfully stepped back.

Chen Jingzong sat cross-legged where Chao Lu had just been, looked at the chessboard casually, and put down a piece.

His hand stretched out, showing his slender and distinct fingers, full of strength, and not skinny.

Hua Yang looked at his hands and noticed from the corner of her eye that his cuffs, made of dark blue silk embroidered with cloud patterns, were already half-worn.

The Chen family had four embroiderers. Each season the three Chen’s brothers received two ordinary silk robes and two fine cloth robes. For the young masters of the Chief Minister’s family, this cost was considered very modest.

Chen Jingzong worked in the guard station and often wore official robes. When he entered the palace, he changed between official robes and the prince-consort’s official uniform. The rest was used when he returned home and needed to change into regular clothes. However, silk and satin were delicate and easy to be damaged and worn out.

“Today Father Emperor sent out rewards, you know that, right?” Hua Yang talked to him while playing chess.

Chen Jingzong glanced at her and asked, “Do you want to praise the old man in front of me again?”

At the court meeting this morning, he had already heard Emperor Jingshun praise him to the moon!

Hua Yang glared at him, lowered her eyes and said, “Mother picked out some pieces of Shu brocade for us from the rewards. I see there are two pieces suitable for men. It happens to be the New Year. How about making you two robes?”

Chen Jingzong: “No, a rough guy like me can’t wear such delicate fabric. Might as well make it into a bedsheet.”

Hua Yang was too lazy to glare at him and said calmly: “Then forget it. I’ll return it to Mother and let her make a new robe for Father.”

Chen Jingzong: “He’s already old, why he needs Shu brocade for. If you really want to use it, then let’s make me a robe. I’ll wear it for you to see. In the end, it still flattering you.”

Hua Yang:……

Feeling dissatisfied, Hua Yang still sent the two Shu brocades to Wu Run the next day.

Shu brocade was rare, and Hua Yang didn’t have much confidence in the craftsmanship of the embroiderers in the Chen Mansion. Unlike the embroiderers in the Princess Mansion, she brought them from the palace, and Hua Yang’s usual clothes were all from the embroiderers there.

Hua Yang’s new clothes for the New Year had already been prepared. The embroiderers in the Princess Mansion received four pieces of Shu brocade and worked together to deliver the ready-to-wear clothes five days later.

Wan Yi and Wan Qing each got a pink coat, but the styles were different. Wan Yi’s was more beautiful, and Wan Qing’s was more cute.

In addition to the coats, there were also small items such as handkerchiefs and sachets.

Hua Yang directly sent someone to invite the sisters over.

Wan Qing was only three years old and didn’t fully understand what beauty meant. Wan Yi said “Wow” when she saw the new coat prepared for her by fourth aunt princess, and covered her mouth with joy, her eyes filled with disbelief.

Hua Yang smiled and said, “Try it.”

Wan Yi was happy and worried at the same time: “It’s such an expensive material, Father won’t be happy if I wear it out.”

Hua Yang: “Then keep it for when you go out with me. There is a Lantern Festival in the palace this year. I will take you there.”

The clothes were ready, how could they be left unused?

Protected by her fourth aunt princess, Wan Yi left her stern father behind and put on her new coat with a smile.

When Chen Jingzong came back from outside, he saw his two nieces, one older and one younger, dressed like butterflies, affectionately surrounding Hua Yang.

“Fourth Uncle, these are the new clothes that Fourth Aunt gave us. Does it look good?”

Wan Yi asked playfully.

Chen Jingzong looked at Hua Yang and said, “It depends on who you compare with.”

Wan Qing didn’t understand, but Wan Yi understood immediately. Her fourth uncle meant that the fourth aunt was the most beautiful in this house, and they couldn’t surpass her!

Wan Yi usually didn’t hear such sweet words. She was about to be eleven years old, and felt both sweet and embarrassed for her fourth aunt.

In order not to disturb the loving affection between her fourth uncle and her fourth aunt, Wan Yi took her sister and ran away!

Hua Yang couldn’t stop her. After the maids all retreated, she glared at Chen Jingzong and said, “Don’t talk nonsense in front of the children anymore. Wan Yi is sensible and won’t talk nonsense. But Wan Qing doesn’t understand anything. What if she imitates your word in front of Third Brother and Sister-in-law?”

Chen Jingzong: “Okay, next time I will directly boast them for their beauty, so that they can compare to you, a fairy.”

Hua Yang:……

She wanted to glare at him, but the word “fairy” was very useful to her.

Hua Yang sat back at the tea table, picked up the tea cup, and then said after finishing her drink: “Your two robes are also ready. They’re in the closet.”

Chen Jingzong went to the inner room.

Hua Yang looked at the slightly swaying curtain. He had two pieces, one with flying crane pattern on dark blue background and one with crimson lion pattern. She didn’t know which one he would wear first.

Shu brocade was rich, graceful, gorgeous and romantic, and none of the words seems to have anything to do with Chen Jingzong.

Hua Yang slowly took a few sips of tea.

Suddenly there were footsteps in the inner room.

Hua Yang lowered the tea cup and held it in the palm of her hand. From the corner of her eye, she noticed that Chen Jingzong had stepped out of the room, so she glanced over casually.

Chen Jingzong tried on the crimson robe with the lion’s band pattern. The red contrasted with the white, and the lion’s pattern showed his power.

Chen Jingzong was tall and had an imposing air of heroism. When he was not smiling, he not only looked serious, but even somewhat cold and evil.

Fortunately Princess Hua Yang was not fooled by his appearance.

She looked away from his face as usual, and turned to look at the robe to see if there was anything wrong with it.

“Does it look good?”

Chen Jingzong asked like his niece.

Hua Yang chuckled: “It depends on who you compare with.”

Originally just repeating his words, Chen Jingzong came over, took her hand and pulled her into his arms, and asked seriously: “Who do you want to compare with?”

Hua Yang thought that he was going to get sour with her father-in-law and other handsome scholars again, so she told him to shut up in annoyance.

Chen Jingzong took her to sit on the chair, lowered his head and kissed her.

Hua Yang’s hand pushed on his shoulder, but the more she pushed, the weaker she became.

After a long time, Chen Jingzong raised his head, held her face and asked, “Does it look good?”

Hua Yang refused to answer.

Chen Jingzong continued the kiss.

After doing this three times, Hua Yang still refused to speak.

Chen Jingzong thought of many nights in the past. No matter how weak she was, the princess’ arrogance was always there. She would never say a word what he wanted to hear. Instead, she made him feel like a beast and he couldn’t bear to tease her anymore.

“Then if it looks good, you can kiss me, if it doesn’t look good, you can bite me.”

Looking at her tightly pursed lips, Chen Jingzong moved his face towards her.

Hua Yang wanted to bite him, but she was too shy to do it, so it ended up being a kiss!

Chen Jingzong’s eyes were full of pride: “I knew that when you agreed to marry me, you fell in love with my face.”

The author has something to say:

The shu brocade on the bed looked at the shu brocade on prince consort with envy: They both have the same surname Shu, so why are their lives different?

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