Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 99

Chapter 99


The spear that Emperor Jingshun rewarded his son-in-law was of course a good one. It was one zhang and three chi (!!!) long and weighed forty-two catties. The tip of the spear was extremely sharp, flashing with a cold dark light.

The crown prince had only learned some boxing and archery skills. When he saw the spear, he was even more excited than Chen Jingzong, and asked Chen Jingzong to play some spear tricks for him to see.

Chen Jingzong still went to look at Hua Yang first.

Hua Yang had discovered a long time ago that every time Chen Jingzong in front of her father emperor or younger brother, he would always show a respectful look that seemed to only obeyed her. Her father-in-law and mother-in-law despised him for being rough and reckless, but in fact he was smarter than anyone else.

“Go on, but be careful.” Hua Yang said. After saying that, she stood up and followed the big one and the small one outside.

Chen Jingzong walked to the middle of the garden carrying the precious spear, while Hua Yang held her brother and stood under the eaves of the corridor, keeping a distance.

Speaking of which, this was the second time Hua Yang had seen Chen Jingzong use a spear.

The first time was in her previous life, when her father emperor and mother empress took her to see Chen Jingzong.

Even just to take a look, they had to find a reason. At that time, Chen Jingzong happened to be on duty in the Jinyiwei, so her father emperor used the excuse of reviewing the strength of the Jinyiwei and ordered twenty soldiers to compete.

Wrestling was indecent, so each soldier just chose a weapon.

What Chen Jingzong chose was a spear.

He was tall, handsome, and wielded a wooden spear with great vigor and gallantry. He defeated nine opponents in a row, but ultimately had to step down because his strength was so great that he broke the spear shaft.

Hua Yang was only seventeen years old at that time. Although she admired the gentle and graceful gentleman more, she also admired the invincible generals and heroes on the battlefield. She was satisfied with Chen Jingzong’s appearance and skills, plus he was also the son of Cabinet Elder Chen. At the age when she was ready to get married, Hua Yang had already imagined Chen Jingzong as a romantic figure with both civil and military skills like Zhou Lang of the Three Kingdoms.

How did she know that this “Chen Young Master” was impetuous, obsessed with lust, and doesn’t care much about appearance?


The crown prince’s sudden cheers brought Hua Yang back from her thoughts, and she happened to see Chen Jingzong perform a beautiful trick, before putting down the spear.

Hua Yang looked at the spear again and was a little confused. In the previous life when they came to pay New Year greetings, her father emperor did not give Chen Jingzong this spear. Why it suddenly changed this time?

It couldn’t be because Chen Jingzong looked more handsome in this Shu brocade robe, and her father was also pleased by his son-in-law’s good demeanor, right?

After all, it was the New Year, so the couple did not stay in the palace for too long and left the palace with a few rewards.

On the way out of the palace, they met Princess Nan Kang’s family returning from Concubine Lin.

Seeing two little eunuchs carrying a long box, which looked like a good thing inside, Princess Nan Kang asked curiously: “Sister, what is this?”

Hua Yang smiled lightly: “Father Emperor rewarded Prince Consort with a golden spear.”

Chen Jingzong stood on her side with his eyes lowered and his expression respectful.

Princess Nan Kang subconsciously looked at her prince consort Meng Yanqing.

It’s so annoying. Father emperor obviously favored her two children, why did he only give special rewards to Hua Yang and her consort?

It must be because Meng Yanqing was lagging behind, not as favored by father emperor as Chen Jingzong!

Thinking about it, of the two sons-in-law, one was so good at training that the guard won the first place in the competition, and the other was a drunkard and only cared about the concubine. If she were her father, she would also prefer the former!

After figuring it out, Princess Nan Kang gave Meng Yanqing a few death stares.

Hua Yang and Chen Jingzong got on the carriage first, but the spear was too long and could only be hitched in front of the carriage.

Hua Yang adjusted her skirt, tilted her head, and saw Chen Jingzong frowning with a complicated expression.

“Why do you look unhappy when Father Emperor gives you a reward?” Hua Yang asked strangely.

Chen Jingzong: “If he had rewarded me on the day we won the martial arts competition, I would definitely be happy. But today he looked at me meaningfully when he was holding his grandson, and then gave me a golden spear afterwards. What do you want me to think?”

Hua Yang:……

A spear was originally a common weapon, but when it came out of his mouth, it suddenly became something else.

Hua Yang’s face felt a little hot and turned to the side, saying: “If Father Emperor really doubts your capability, he should reward you with elixir. Don’t misrepresent his meaning.”

Chen Jingzong raised his eyebrows: “What elixir?”

Hua Yang didn’t want to mention the elixir that harmed her father’s body at all. Her face turned cold and she warned Chen Jingzong: “Don’t even think about it. You should tell be before randomly using that kind of medicines…”

How could Chen Jingzong not know about those elixirs?

He just wanted to tease her, but she suddenly became angry, and Chen Jingzong immediately thought of Emperor Jingshun’s body.

The emperor’s lustful nature was no secret among the officials in the capital.

Before Hua Yang could say some fierce words, Chen Jingzong said seriously: “Don’t worry, I will never touch it.”

He didn’t need to, but it was not good to say that. At this time, she was obviously not in the mood to listen to his jokes.

Hua Yang leaned against the carriage wall and closed her eyes.

Chen Jingzong remained silent all the way until the carriage stopped in front of the Chen Mansion. Hua Yang seemed to have forgotten about the elixir, and a smile in line with the New Year atmosphere appeared on her face.

Back at Siyi Hall, Chen Jingzong left the spear in the front yard so as not to offend her eyes.

After delaying for a while, when he came to the back yard, he saw Chao Yun holding three invitations and asking Hua Yang to make a decision: “Princess, these three families are hosting banquets tomorrow. Which one do you want to go to?”

There were a lot of banquets before and after the New Year, as there were many imperial relatives in the capital. The princes were all outside, but some of the old and new princesses have married in the capital. Even when some older princesses had gone, the descendants left behind were still imperial relatives. Such a mansion had no friendship with Chen Tingjian, but it wanted to send an invitation to Hua Yang and Chen Jingzong.

None of the three families who were hosting a banquet on the second day of the First Month were close to Hua Yang. Hua Yang ordered: “Don’t go to any of them. Just give each one a gift.”

Chao Yun understood, took the invitation and took the two little maids to the warehouse.

Chen Jingzong sat next to Hua Yang, thought for a moment, and asked, “Tomorrow our family has a banquet to go. Are you going?”

Hua Yang showed little interest: “Which one?”

Chen Jingzong: “Cabinet Elder Lu’s family.”

There were four cabinet elders in the cabinet. These cabinet elders spent time together every day, and the time they spend together may be longer than the time they spend with their families.

Hua Yang was familiar with these elders. Cabinet Elder Lu always supported her father-in-law’s faction, so Hua Yang was willing to give the Lu family face.

“Go ahead.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Chen Jingzong laughed.

Hua Yang asked: “Why are you laughing?”

Chen Jingzong: “If I tell you, don’t be angry.”

Hua Yang: “You say it first.”

Chen Jingzong looked at her and said, “I think that you, a Princess, treat a few Cabinet Elders better than you treat imperial relatives.”

Hua Yang was not so narrow-minded and huffed: “It’s natural. Cabinet Elders can help Father Emperor handle state affairs. They are all meritorious people. What have those relatives done? Close relatives aside, why should I bother doing perfunctory entertainment with those distant connections.”

Chen Jingzong: “Well, that’s how it should be.”

The next day, Hua Yang and everyone in the Chen family went to Cabinet Elder Lu Mansion for a banquet.

The princess drove at the front, and when she got off the carriage, Cabinet Elder Lu, dressed in a dark robe, personally brought the whole family to greet the princess.

Cabinet Elder Lu was about sixty years old, his hair and beard were half gray, and his appearance and demeanor were three points inferior to Chen Tingjian’s.

Chen Jingzong watched from the side and found that Hua Yang treated Cabinet Elder Lu very respectfully and politely.

Looking at Cabinet Elder Lu’s three middle-aged sons, and none of his grandsons were similar to Hua Yang’s age. Chen Jingzong secretly felt relieve.

If Cabinet Elder Lu was as good-looking as the old man and had decent-looking descendants of the right age, Empress Qi may not choose the Chen family for marriage.


On the fifth day of the First Month, a banquet was held at the home of a certain guard commander. Chen Jingzong went alone and smelled of alcohol when he came back.

He consciously rested in the front yard for a long time, and it was already dusk when he woke up.

After taking a shower and gargling his mouth, Chen Jingzong came to the back yard to find Hua Yang.

It was some time before dinner, and the two of them sat on the couch in the side room while chatting.

Hua Yang: “Have a feast and drinking wine. You truly enjoyed yourself this year.”

Chen Jingzong: “I didn’t want to drink much either, but they insisted on pouring me more. Everyone else drank, so if I didn’t, wouldn’t it be losing face?”

He said he lose face, but there was no trace of sadness on his face that he was forced to drink.

Hua Yang thought, soaking Chen Jingzong in the wine pool was like throwing fish into the water. He was happy to be alive!

Fortunately, Chen Jingzong now knew how to take care of himself and would not approach her with a drunken smell, so Hua Yang had nothing to worry about.

“There will be a banquet at my uncle’s house tomorrow night. You haven’t forgotten, right?”

Chen Jingzong: “It’s the celebration for the Old Madam’s 60th birthday. How dare I forget? I have declined all the banquets from other families on the same day and am waiting to pay my respects to the Old Madam.”

Hua Yang nodded. Her grandmother’s big day, even her father emperor would send something.

After dinner, it was already dark outside the window. The two of them washed up early and lay down on the bed.

It was a rest time tonight, but Chen Jingzong’s hands had never been honest.

It was just that he didn’t prepare the lotus bowl, so it was useless for him to mess around.

Hua Yang was wide-awake by his troubles. When he finally agreed to honestly sleep, Hua Yang suddenly remembered an old thing and told him: “Drink less wine tomorrow night.”

In her previous life, Chen Jingzong drank a lot during her grandmother’s birthday celebration. When he came back, he sat gloomily on the edge of the bed, which frightened her so much.

Chen Jingzong: “I can’t make the decision on this. It depends on whether others want to toast me or not.”

Hua Yang could imagine the men mingling with each other at the banquet, and hummed: “If you drink too much, you can sleep at the front tomorrow night.”

Chen Jingzong: “If I drink less, will there be any reward?”

Hua Yang: “Dream on.”


Because her grandmother was celebrating her birthday, Hua Yang took Chen Jingzong to Marquis Wuqing Mansion early the next morning.

Other guests would arrive in the afternoon. At this time, Marquis Wuqing Mansion was still quiet, only the servants were busy in an orderly manner.

Marquis Wuqing and Qi Jin, father and son, entertained Chen Jingzong, while Marquis Madam was busy taking care of things, so Hua Yang and her cousin-in-law Tian shi accompanied Old Madam Qi to visit the garden.

The sun was shining brightly. Old Madam Qi looked at Tian shi and praised Hua Yang: “Your words still the most effective. Look at how energetic your cousin is now.”

Tian shi lowered her eyes in embarrassment.

Hua Yang was just sizing up Tian Shi outside the gate of the Marquis Mansion. Tian shi was a common thin beauty in the capital. She was too haggard when she was sick, which made Hua Yang shocked when seeing her. Now she looked much better. Although she was still slender and thin, she was so beautiful that people would feel pity towards her.

There was a bench in front, and the three of them sat down to talk.

Through a flower tree that had long lost its leaves, you could see the stage and wind shelter set up opposite.

Old Madam Qi shook her head and said, “I told your uncle and aunt a long time ago not to be too showy, but they just didn’t listen to me and even invited two theatre troupes.”

Tian shi sat sideways and gently beat the old madam’s legs.

Hua Yang coaxed the old madam: “Uncle and Aunt are filial to you. Although you complain on the surface, you must be very happy in your heart.”

However, her eyes were attracted by Tian shi‘s movements again and again.

Hua Yang thought that even if she was not a princess, it would be impossible for her husband’s mother or the old lady to expect her to be so considerate.

At this time, Qi Jin and Chen Jingzong came over from bluestone path. They were about the same height and handsome and good-looking. Walking side by side, even Hua Yang took a few more glances.

Tian shi stood up cautiously.

Hua Yang was still sitting next to her grandmother.

Old Madam Qi smiled and said, “Why are you here?”

Qi Jin explained: “You always asking about Prince Consort. It’s rare to have free time today, so I bring Prince Consort here to talk to you more.”

When he was talking, Hua Yang was of course looking at him. He was her cousin after all, and it was rare to see him.

The sun was shining brightly today, and her upturned face was white and pink, shining brightly.

Qi Jin looked at her and then moved away naturally.

Old Madam Qi patted the place where Tian shi had just sat, and asked Chen Jingzong to sit down as well. Then she said to Qi Jin, “The house is busy today. You and your wife don’t need to accompany me. Go and keep an eye at the front.”

She knew what her eldest grandson was thinking, and she felt distress that he still couldn’t let go after so many years. But the empress said that she had to suppress her eldest grandson and not give him any chance, let alone reveal any flaws for the princess to notice.

Qi Jin smiled and left with Tian shi.

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