Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 77

Chapter 77


Noticing the silver thread, Yuan Ci Xian felt mixed emotions.

After listening to what Lu Shi Qing said yesterday, she had already chosen not to act, so when Lu Shuang Yu came to beg her, she didn’t respond positively. But when she learned that Shaohe had never been proposed by Xi Ju in the previous life, it was really hard for her to selfishly stand by the sideline.

The political situation in this life had undergone various changes due to her meddling. Xi Ju’s trip to propose marriage might have been caused indirectly by her. When she changed her own destiny, she also changed Shaohe’s destiny. Under such circumstances, it would be too immoral for her to keep protecting herself.

It’s just that Shaohe gave up without even listening to her plan, and it’s impossible to clap with one hand, so she had to respect her choice.

After Shaohe walked some distance, she turned her head again, and said calmly: “After this farewell, I may not see County Princess again. The injury on Assistant Minister Lu’s body may cause the root of the disease. I hope County Princess will take good care of it.” She then turned to get out of the mansion gate.

Yuan Ci Xian was stunned for a moment, then blinked three times in a row.

What injuries does Lu Shi Qing have?

She frowned and got on the carriage back home, thinking about this question while recalling in her head over and over again all the strange things about Shaohe in the past year.

After listening to what Lu Shuang Yu said this morning, her first reaction was that Shaohe might have dreamed about the bits and pieces of her previous life just like her, but based on their conversation just now, she denied this idea——Shaohe didn’t dream of her previous life, but relived her whole life with those memory. The turning point was the drowning incident at the Lu bridge.

In the previous life, Shaohe also invited Lu Shuang Yu for a trip, but at that time, Yuan Ci Xian never had any strange dreams, so naturally she never went to Lu bridge to rescue Lu Shuang Yu. Shaohe, who was rebirth because of that crucial point of falling into the water, realized that the situation was different from the previous life the moment she woke up, but Yuan Ci Xian didn’t leave her name after saving people, so she didn’t know for a while who changed this matter.

It wasn’t until a year later that Lu Shuang Yu found her savior, Shaohe felt a little panic when she heard about it, and suspected that Yuan Ci Xian, who came out of nowhere, had also rebirth just like her.

She didn’t move at first, but when the news of Yuan Ci Xian’s adoration for Lu Shi Qing spread throughout Chang’an, she finally couldn’t help it. After all, there was no such thing in the previous life.

Yuan Ci Xian clearly remembered that the day Shaohe came to Yuan Mansion, she intentionally asked a maid with a mole to sit at the head seat in the main hall, and then reminded her that she saluted the wrong person. She didn’t understand the reason for her move at the time, but thinking about it now, Shaohe came to test her—to test whether she recognized her face.

But Yuan Ci Xian’s dream was very fragmented and it was pitch dark, she really didn’t recognize Shaohe, so she behaved quite naturally. Including later, when Shaohe led her around the palace while trying to probe her, she also didn’t reveal any flaws because of the incomplete information in the dream.

Therefore, Shaohe overturned her doubts again, only saying that perhaps her small actions over the past year had changed the course of her life.

In fact, at that time, she still had some hope for Lu Shi Qing, so she didn’t look as dull and depressed as later. It was as Yuan Ci Xian and Lu Shi Qing got closer and closer that she gradually felt powerless and chose to accept her fate.

Later, she stopped fighting.

She didn’t argue, but because she knew something in her previous life, she was able to warn Lu Shi Qing when necessary, and she didn’t give up guarding him. That’s why she sent that secret letter reminding him to be careful on his way back from the south. In other words, in the previous life, Lu Shi Qing was indeed assassinated on the way back to the capital. But in this life, either because of Shaohe’s reminder, or because of Yuan Ci Xian’s participation, this incident was avoided.

The same was true for the jade ring. Shaohe knew that Yuan Ci Xian would go to fetch the jade ring because exactly the same thing happened in her previous life. This jade ring involved Lu Shi Qing’s life, and Shaohe, who believed in fate, decided not to make a hasty change, but to make everything follow the trajectory of her previous life, so she didn’t personally hand it over to him, but waited for Yuan Ci Xian to come for it.

Yuan Ci Xian figured this out, but became more and more confused about her previous life.

Her pursuit of Lu Shi Qing in this life began because of the dream, and since this was the case, she should have never had any intersection with him in her previous life. But why she went to ask Shaohe for the jade ring for him? As Zheng Zhuo’s fiancée, what kind of friendship did she have with Lu Shi Qing?

And Shaohe chose to imitate her in order to change her fate after her rebirth, wouldn’t it mean that Lu Shi Qing liked her in the previous life? Without her taking the initiative to pursue, how could this dull gourd be tempted by her? And whether he had feelings for her during her engagement or after the engagement was cancelled?

She couldn’t figure out the problems of the previous life, and she also had no clue of the so-called injury on Lu Shi Qing’s body that Shaohe mentioned, her head was about to explode. As soon as she returned to the house, she saw that Lu Shuang Yu had not left, and seemed to be waiting for her news.

In fact, she roughly understood what this sister-in-law was thinking. Lu Shuang Yu was simple-minded and didn’t understand political affairs. She only thought that her brother was like an omnipotent god. As long as Yuan Ci Xian, the sister-in-law, was willing to help Shaohe and persuade her brother, the matter could be resolved.

Yuan Ci Xian could also understand her sympathy for Shaohe. After all, at the beginning, when the two of them were on that trip, she was rescued while Shaohe fell seriously ill. Although it was not her fault, she still felt a little guilty.

So later, seeing Shaohe become so taciturn, Lu Shuang Yu desperately wanted to match her and her brother up, and wanted her to be happy. It was also because of this that even though she obviously thought that Yuan Ci Xian was good, she still repeatedly made troubles because Yuan Ci Xian approached her brother.

Yuan Ci Xian was about to explain to Lu Shuang Yu that Shaohe’s marriage was already a certainty, but saw her suddenly stepped forward, twisted her fingers and said, “Sister-in-law, I have heard about Her Highness. Just now Cao An came here on behalf of brother, telling me that it’s not because you’re unwilling to help, but that you and brother really can’t help. I was too impatient and reckless just now, so please don’t mind me…” After she finished speaking, she glanced at Yuan Ci Xian carefully, and said pitifully, “After all, brother is already angry with me.”

This girl was actually stayed here to apologize to her because of her brother’s pressure.

Yuan Ci Xian was not a small-minded person, so she immediately assumed the attitude of an elder, went up and patted her on the shoulder, “If he scolds you after you return home, just say my name.”

Lu Shuang Yu pursed her mouth and glanced at Yuan Ci Xian’s hand on her shoulder, she said, “Sister-in-law, don’t act gentlemanly. If you’re like this, I will remember the heart-broken things from the past…”


Yuan Ci Xian choked, twitched the corners of her mouth and withdrew her hand, and was about to tell her to go home quickly, but suddenly saw a fast horse galloping far from the corner of the lane, it was Cao An who came again. He hurriedly pulled the reins in front of her, almost scrambling down the ground: “County Princess!”

Cao An had always been quite steady, Yuan Ci Xian was frightened by his abruptness, then remembered Lu Shi Qing’s injury that Shaohe mentioned, and said while her heart tightened: “What’s wrong with Lu Shi Qing?”

Cao An was taken aback by these words: “Nothing’s wrong with Master, it’s Lu Mansion that has just received the imperial decree – His Majesty said that in five days Shaohe State Princess will follow Crown Prince Xi Ju to be married in Nanzhao. In order to make double happiness, he asked you and Master to get married together on the same day.”

Yuan Ci Xian was shocked by this sudden news to the point that she need to be supported by Lu Shuang Yu on the side: “Wait, I’m a little dizzy.” Then she raised her head and asked Cao An, “In five days? What about the betrothal gift and dowry, and the wedding dress?”

Cao secretly smiled: “Since His Majesty has given the decree, he will definitely arrange it for you and Master, but in fact, Master has already prepared it quietly.”


Yuan Ci Xian was terrified by Shaohe’s words before, and planned to quickly ask Lu Shi Qing where the injury was, so that she could prescribe the right medicine. After getting the news, she simply went to the Lu Mansion together with Lu Shuang Yu, and questioned her first on the way.

But Lu Shuang Yu really didn’t know, and bluntly said there was no such thing.

If Lu Shi Qing was injured, she, as a younger sister who lived under the same roof as him, would be unreasonable not to know. Yuan Ci Xian felt that she didn’t seem to lie, and felt even more puzzled. It’s just that just now Shaohe rushed to receive the imperial decree, and she couldn’t ask more questions. Now in this situation, it was even more difficult to disturb her again, so she thought it’s better to ask Lu Shi Qing directly.

After receiving the imperial decree, Lu Shi Qing plunged himself into the mansion’s storeroom to arrange the betrothal gifts. When he heard that she was coming, he got out of the mountain full of shiny objects and went outside. When he saw her, he smiled and said, “Yuan Ci Xian, you’ll get married in five days, you should be more reserved, what are you doing running here?”

He accepted the news quite quickly, actually he didn’t know how many times he thought about this, how he was “always ready”, but unexpectedly once she open her mouth, she seriously asked: “Lu Shi Qing, have you been injured in any way recently?”

He choked immediately, but quickly denied it subconsciously: “Injured? No.” He said again, “I’m fine, why do you ask this?”

Yuan Ci Xian didn’t answer, only looked at him suspiciously: “Has your knee injury healed?”

Seeing him nodding, she frowned again.

That kind of fall wouldn’t leave any root of the disease, could it still cause him to suffer old cold legs?

She lost her patience, and went to charge at him with the look of wanting to pull his belt, and said, “You let me check.”

Lu Shi Qing dodged back, avoiding her hand: “Who said that I was injured?”

“It was a revelation from Heavens.” Yuan Ci Xian said solemnly, “What are you ashamed of, haven’t I seen it all before?”

“No…” Lu Shi Qing’s heart was beating fast and his head was spinning around, he suddenly made an unspeakable expression, “This has to be stripped naked to see it, you really haven’t seen it before.”

Yuan Ci Xian stopped pulling his belt, blinked: “‘This’ is… Which one?”

Lu Shi Qing hesitated, “That…”

He believed that with her wisdom, she would definitely understand. A moment later, he saw her looked shock and said, “Lu Shi Qing, are you injured ‘there’?”

Lu Shi Qing secretly gritted his teeth, and in order to curb her suspicion, he bit the bullet and said, “Yes…”

Yuan Ci Xian’s face was as wonderful as an overturned inkstone.

She scratched her head and thought for a moment. No wonder he hesitated like this, no wonder even Lu Shuang Yu didn’t know, so he was injured “there”?

Wait a minute. She suddenly raised her head and stared at Lu Shi Qing.

So how did Shaohe know? Also, what’s going on with this root of the disease?

She said incredulously: “Lu Shi Qing, you’re not going to tell me now, in fact you’re asexual, right?”

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