Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 78 Part 1

Chapter 78 Part 1


Yuan Ci Xian fell into deep thought.

With Lu Shi Qing’s friendship with Shaohe as light as water, it really didn’t make sense for her to know such a private matter. Or, could it be that in the previous life, his asexual thing spread all over the country?

Yuan Ci Xian seemed to see the sneering faces of men, women and children in Chang’an City. Each one pointed their finger at Lu Shi Qing and secretly gossip about it behind his back. She didn’t know who his widowed wife was in the previous life, but no matter what, this person was her in this life.

Thinking of this, she covered her mouth all of a sudden, and the expression on her face kept changing: pity, mourning, full of confusion and fear about the future.

Lu Shi Qing’s face had already darkened.

Asexual… Asexual my butt! He can! He very much can, the kind of can that has power to swallows the sea, breaks through all obstacles, and moves mountains and shakes the earth like a thunderbolt!”

He pressed his right hand with his left hand behind his back, restraining the urge to go forward and knock on Yuan Ci Xian this stupid girl, and said as calmly and without anger as possible: “It’s not to that point, it’s just a small injury, it won’t get in the way.”

How can it not get in the way, “A little intolerance will lead to great chaos“! According to Shaohe’s meaning, it seemed Lu Shi Qing treated those thing lightly that he fell into the root of the disease, and eventually the Lu family’s incense was broken.

She said with solemn face: “Don’t take it lightly! Tell me, how did you get hurt, and how is your injury now? I…” She looked at him sincerely, “Can I do something for you?”

“…” There’s a lot thing she can do.

Lu Shi Qing’s Adam’s apple was rolling, he took a deep breath, grabbed her shoulders, and pushed her out: “Do it in five days, you behave these few days, and don’t come to me.”

Don’t come to him and expose him.

The wedding date was really rushed, and both the Lu’s family and Yuan’s family were very busy for five days. Lu family was mostly preparing for the ceremony and decorating the mansion so that everything would go smoothly on the day of welcoming the relative. As for the Yuan family, they mainly focus on three things – how to support the scene for Yuan Ci Xian, support the scene for Yuan Ci Xian and support the scene for Yuan Ci Xian.

Diannan Prince and his wife were not in Chang’an, and they couldn’t make it in time for the welcoming relative’s ceremony, and they also couldn’t violate the emperor’s order, so they had to hand over everything to Yuan Yu.

When Yuan Yu heard that in five days, he would become a widow living alone, he slumped on the seat for a whole day before he recovered his spirits, and then began to add dowry for Yuan Ci Xian like his life depended on it. After one night, almost the entire Yuan Mansion was emptied out, even Xiao Hei was almost taken together. In the end, Yuan Ci Xian had to stopped him, saying that she was afraid that he would be alone and no one would take care of him.

Yuan Yu sighed. Even with Xiao Hei, isn’t there still no one to take care of him?

On the day before the wedding, Yuan Yu followed the wedding custom of “good-blessing mother and nuptial wine child” in Great Zhou, and invited Chen family’s madam, who was well-known in the capital for her glib-tongue, to go to Lu Mansion to decorate the new house and to show off Yuan family’s dowry, so as not to let his younger sister be bullied by the Lu family after she got married.

After Yuan Ci Xian found out, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Since Lu Shi Qing was obsessed with her, not only her, but even if her brother had no fear and started acting up and down, she was not afraid of offending this big backer.

She didn’t think it was necessary for such thing like support the scene. After all, she had a high status and rank, and the Lu family was also simple, and the mother-in-law Xuan shi treated her this daughter-in-law like her own daughter, so even if she bully Lu Shi Qing, Xuan shi would not bully her.

For the past five days, Yuan Ci Xian had been busy being manipulated like a puppet by various people. She needed to remember the rules of welcoming the relative, remembering the marriage customs and taboos, and trying on wedding dresses.

And this wedding dress really fit her like a glove.

She felt a little depressed when thinking about this. Lu Shi Qing quietly sent someone to make this on the First month, and he never asked a single word from her, but he the size fitted perfectly, didn’t it mean he fully grasp her?

Her beauty is no longer mysterious.

For several days in a row Yuan Ci Xian was so busy that her feet felt like it didn’t touch the ground, and fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow at night. She was completely different from ordinary young ladies who were waiting to get married, and had no time to be sentimental. It was not until the day of welcoming the relative, after performing the ancestral worship ceremony at home, and being served by a roomful of maids to put on the wedding dress and put on makeup, that she felt a real sense of being married for the first time.

Although marrying Lu Shi Qing was what she wanted, but when she thought that her parent had not been able to send her away, she in the end felt disappointed, and felt that this marriage was too hasty.

There were several maids in the room who were sent by Emperor Huining to help. They had sweet mouths and talkative. Seeing her staring at the bronze mirror in a daze, they hurriedly stepped forward to comfort her, praised her for her beautiful makeup, and whispered that her clothes were so exquisite that it was comparable to Shaohe State Princess’s wedding dress.

Shaohe’s wedding dress was put together from old clothes by the palace people. Although the regulations were higher than hers, it was indeed a bit rougher. They planned to put it up first and replace it with new ones when they arrived in Nanzhao.

But there was a lot of effort putting on Yuan Ci Xian’s wedding dress. The turquoise Daxiushan with big sleeves had a very meticulous stitches, there wasn’t even a single thread protruding from the inside, so it was quite comfortable to wear. The gown was intricate and exquisitely embroidered, with many unique patterns from Diannan, and it was much lighter than the other wedding gowns, so she wouldn’t be too tired and couldn’t stand upright.

When she put it on for the first time, she was really surprised by Lu Shi Qing’s intentions. If there was any dissatisfaction, it was only the color of her skirt and shoes. According to the regulations of Great Zhou Dynasty, if the husband was an official, the bride’s lower garment and shoes must be the same color as her husband’s. Lu Shi Qing’s clothes were dark red, so Yuan Ci Xian had no choice but to wear those color.

But these maids said that County Princess was born beautiful, even if she splashed ink all over her body, she would still be stunning.

Yuan Ci Xian didn’t believe their sweet mouth, but when she heard them talk about Shaohe, it diverted her attention and she asked how Shaohe doing recently. The maids said she looked fine, and she didn’t seem to be reluctant.

She sighed when she heard this. Cold-blooded must be the trait of the imperial family, it’s too bitter to be a person with feelings in imperial family, and if one could be cold and easily give up affection, it was a good thing.

Yuan Ci Xian sighed, and when she started to feel sad, she saw Shi Cui and Jian Zhi rushing into the house, saying that the welcoming team was about to arrive.

She didn’t have time to think about it anymore, and hurriedly told the two of them to ask her brother not to make things too difficult for Lu Shi Qing, just ask for some money and let him makeup poems if he want to, and don’t learn other people’s trick of playing bamboo sticks. Yuan Yu, this person who fan the flames while watching a bustling scene, called everyone in Chang’an City who had a little friendship with the Yuan family to support her today. She was really afraid that Lu Shi Qing would be bullied so much that he would turn around and say he won’t marry her anymore.

About half an hour later, Yuan Ci Xian put on another layer of makeup, and finally heaved a sigh of relief when she heard the noise outside getting closer and closer, thinking that Lu Shi Qing had come through somehow.

She heard a groomsman shouting for him outside, urging her not to hide, and hurry out, it seemed that several of them were third-rank officials in the court. Shi Cui and her whispered to each other, saying that Assistant Minister Lu is really powerful, he even recruited such a big official.

Yuan Ci Xian thought, this is nothing, he will become a Prime Minister in the future, and all these people will be under his thumb.

The maids heard that the voices of the groomsmen outside were almost hoarse, so they put on the veil on Yuan Ci Xian and helped her out.

Yuan Ci Xian was eager to see if Lu Shi Qing had been beaten badly, so she immediately looked for him in the crowd as soon as she stepped out, then she saw a figure through the hazy veil, standing in the middle with his hands behind his back, seemingly smiling while looking at her.

Yuan Ci Xian herself felt strange, obviously she could only see a shadow, but she just had an intuition that he must be smiling.

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  1. I think this time around the Sixth Prince will be crowned successfully. In the previous life, at some point, the Sixth Prince uncovered Yuan Yi Zhi’s private army either with Ping Prince’s indirect help and decided to sell them out or was forced to in order to cover for himself in front of the Emperor, due to this Ci Xian killed herself and LSQ took revenge on her behalf. That’s why he killed every other prince, but the Thirteenth, and drove the Emperor to abdicate and became the Prime Minister.
    Now, LSQ finally has her and he will protect the Yuan family and they will support the Sixth Prince to the throne, then LSQ will quit his position and leave with Ci Xian. Well, I hope

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