Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 67 Part 1

Chapter 67 Part 1


Regarding the invitation to Yuan Ci Xian, Zheng Zhuo had of course informed the fiancé in advance, and explained the reason and location. Lu Shi Qing agreed very generously yesterday, and there didn’t seem to be anything abnormal.

But Zheng Zhuo still underestimated the ability of this person to hound people. Now it was not even sishi (9-11am), Lu Shi Qing probably secretly used a little trick to make the big court meeting disperse early, and then flew over here with wings.

Looking at “Xu Shan”‘s calm and unhurried footsteps at this moment, Zheng Zhuo sneered in his heart, and he had no choice but to cover up for him: “I asked Mr. Xu to come with me.”

Yuan Ci Xian retracted her gaze, and couldn’t help but tighten her expression: “Is there something important?”

How else could the three suddenly meet? There was no such pomp before.

Zheng Zhuo nodded: “It’s about the Diannan Prince. Mr. Xu and I discussed the countermeasures overnight yesterday, and I invite you to come today, one is to ease your mind, and the other is to talk to you about the follow up.”

While the two were talking, Lu Shi Qing had already arrived at the stone pavilion. But as soon as Yuan Ci Xian heard that it was about his father, she didn’t even have the heart to say hello to him, she just nodded at him and asked Zheng Zhuo anxiously: “Did Jiang Bi Can come for my father?”

Lu Shi Qing’s polite “County Princess” immediately choked on his mouth.

Well, it’s fine you don’t say hello, anyway, if you get along with Xu Shan, it’s useless.

With a deep sigh in his heart, he sat down on the side of the pavilion that was backed by rock mountain.

The side of the cliff was too dangerous, he didn’t want to see Yuan Ci Xian flirting with Zheng Zhuo, and fell down from anger.

Zheng Zhuo glanced at him, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, but on the surface he listened to Yuan Ci Xian’s words and explained: “It is the young lady of Jiang family who came yesterday. After the Jiang family fell, Minister Jiang entrusted her to the third brother, hoping that third brother would take care of his daughter for the sake of his hard work without credit.”

This “third brother” refers to Ping Prince.

After the Lingnan iron mine incident was exposed, although Emperor Huining had no conclusive evidence, he knew in his heart that Jiang Min was working for Ping Prince. Therefore, even if he couldn’t move Ping Prince, he resolutely eradicated the Jiang family. On one hand to warn him, on the other hand to break his wings.

Ping Prince originally wrapped up this matter quite well, but unexpectedly Yuan Ci Xian, who had hit the nail on the head with her dream, would come out halfway. Because the suddenness of the incident, he could only suffer this hidden loss and didn’t try to save Jiang’s family, so as not to anger Emperor Huining even more.

In other words, Ping Prince actually abandoned the Jiang family. Then the so-called “take care” of Jiang Bi Can might not be a literal “take care”. Zheng Zhuo just put his words a little more reservedly.

Yuan Ci Xian nodded understandingly.

Lu Shi Qing glanced at her. She seemed to have always understood this sort of thing.

Zheng Zhuo continued: “She admitted that the Jiang family was indeed working for the third brother before, but after her father was imprisoned, he had the opportunity to expose my involvement with General Yuan to His Majesty, but he didn’t do that. In fact, it was just to prevent one day Third brother is unkind, and she will lose her reliance, so she doesn’t want to completely tear her face with me.”

Yuan Ci Xian sneered. Such story sounded reasonable, Jiang Bi Can was also aware of her circumstances, and knew that at this time playing tricks would not work, and people would not easily reject her if she was honest.

“She said that she originally obeyed her father and seek refuge, but unexpectedly, the third brother treated her extremely coldly. She couldn’t bear the humiliation, so she wanted to beg for my protection. While the third brother was out, she secretly obtained the invitation card for the Winding Stream banquet, and sneaked over. She said that she has no intention and no ability to revive the Jiang family, and she doesn’t expect that I will allow her to stay in Chang’an, but now she has no way out. She only hopes that I can help her leave the third brother and arrange a safe place for her, even if it’s mean to go to exile to suffer.”

Just listening to Zheng Zhuo’s recitation, Yuan Ci Xian could imagine how many tears Jiang Bi Can had shed when she recounted these words.

She raised her eyelids and asked: “Your Highness agreed?”

“Not at first.” Zheng Zhuo said, “This request seems simple, but it’s not. It’s okay for me to help a random young lady who lives on the street, but she’s already a person close to Third Brother, and if I intervene, I will regard Third Brother as nothing and openly oppose him.”

“Seeing that I wouldn’t agree, she made an exchange, saying that she had a piece of news about the third brother’s recent plan, and as long as she left the city safely, she would disclose it to me. Therefore, I agreed to this matter for the time being, sent her out of the city, and prepare to make plans according to the situation after I get the news.”

No wonder Zheng Zhuo didn’t explain the details in the note yesterday, not only because the rush of time, but because he really hasn’t figured out the details yet. Yuan Ci Xian frowned and asked: “Is this news related to my father?”

Zheng Zhuo nodded: “The note she left stated that Third brother is organizing an assassination recently, preparing to stop Diannan Prince and his wife on their way home.”

Yuan Ci Xian’s throat choked up, and her eyes blinked stiffly three times, but because she remembered what Zheng Zhuo said at the beginning, that he had discussed the countermeasure with Xu Shan overnight, she restrained her impatience and asked calmly first: “Is the news accurate?”

“Before I got the news, Young Lady Jiang had been silenced, and none of the people I sent to take her out of the city survived. That note was accidentally found in her sleeve when I was taking care of her body afterwards, it seems it’s supposed to be handed over to my subordinates after she settle down smoothly.”

Yuan Ci Xian frowned deeply: “Your Highness means that Jiang Bi Can was killed by Ping Prince who was worried that his plan would be exposed, but Ping Prince didn’t expect her to keep a hand, and if it wasn’t for a coincidence, you might not have found this note… wouldn’t that mean it’s a fake news she deliberately sent to your door?”

Lu Shi Qing coughed lowly as a reminder. At this point in the conversation, Zheng Zhuo’s narrative part had passed, and it was his turn to perform the next wonderful analysis.

Zheng Zhuo glanced at him helplessly, and then said: “My first reaction was the same as County Princess’s, but after discussing with Mr. Xu carefully, I felt that this might not be the case.”

Lu Shi Qing finally succeeded in taking over the conversation when Yuan Ci Xian looked at him, and he said seriously: “There are three possibilities for this matter. One is what County Princess and His Highness originally thought. But if we reverse the entire link — how Young Lady Jiang could so coincidentally overhear Ping Prince’s plan, how could she so coincidentally get the opportunity to mix into the Winding Stream Banquet, and how could she so coincidentally play the role of passing the news even after death? There are too many coincidences, I’m afraid it is not a coincidence.”

Yuan Ci Xian nodded, agreeing very much: “What Sir said is make sense.”

Lu Shi Qing saw there seemed to be a glint of admiration in her eyes, and he secretly proud of himself, but although he robbed Zheng Zhuo’s chance to show off, he didn’t mean to add luster to himself, and he couldn’t help sighing again for a while.

It’s so tiring being a person with secrets.

Yuan Ci Xian saw that he didn’t say anything further, so she took the initiative to ask: “The other two possibilities that Sir said, maybe it’s like this. The first one is that Ping Prince deliberately let Jiang Bi Can overhear the plan and let her enter Sixth Prince mansion in order to disclose the news to His Highness. The second one is similar to the first, but Jiang Bi Can was not unilaterally deceived, but she did this under the instruction of Ping Prince. After the deed is done, she will gain his trust, but unexpectedly, the donkey is killed after the grinding is done.”

Lu Shi Qing nodded: “County Princess is smart.”

After he finished speaking, his throat felt as if he had been pricked by a needle. If you think she’s smart, you can use Lu Shi Qing’s mouth to say that, ah!

Yuan Ci Xian no longer looked at him, but looked at Zheng Zhuo worriedly: “Although what Mr. Xu said is not unreasonable, and may even be closer to the truth, but I can’t bet on my father and mother’s life, and do nothing. What does Your Highness think?”

Zheng Zhuo glanced at Lu Shi Qing, indicating that he would answer because he was asked, not because he was ignorant, and then said: “I’m afraid this is the purpose of the third brother. Even if the truth is as Mr. Xu speculated, as long as there are one in ten-thousand chance of Diannan Prince and his wife to be in danger, we can’t sit still. However, once we take precautions, we may fall into his trap.”

He said here affirmatively: “But don’t worry, County Princess, I will not take any chances with them. Although the note did not specify the time of Third brother’s plan, Diannan Prince left the capital not long ago, and he’s still in the northern part of Jiannan Province with populated provinces and counties. It’s not suitable to make a big move at this moment, so we still have room for maneuver. ”

Yuan Ci Xian said gratefully: “Thank you, Your Highness, for understanding this child’s feelings.” After speaking, she looked at Lu Shi Qing, “So, does Sir have a countermeasure?”

Lu Shi Qing’s expression behind the mask was slightly displeased.

Oh, you look at Zheng Zhuo if you want some reassurance, and look at him if you want to ask the countermeasures. She just wants to use his brain, doesn’t she?

He said after being silent for a while: “If you want to break the situation, first look at the intentions of the person who set up the situation. Ping Prince’s ultimate goal is always His Highness. Dealing with Diannan Prince is like dealing with other hidden pieces that His Highness has arranged in the court. It’s just a middle link. Ping Prince could not get His Majesty’s heart because his great power and restlessness. No matter how many secrets he uncovered, he can’t convince His Majesty with empty words, rather it will only to startle the snake for no reason. Therefore, even if he knew that General Yuan is close to His Highness, he will bide his time until the match is set up.”

“This situation is not to kill Diannan Prince, but to find two pieces of evidence, one to prove that he may rebel, and the other to prove that he is involved with His Highness. In this way, the crime of rebellion can be placed on His Highness’s head, which is the so-called catching everything in one net.”

Yuan Ci Xian nodded: “The second point is indeed feasible. Jiang Bi Can told His Highness about Ping Prince’s plan, and if the news reaches my father’s hand, it will prove that His Highness secretly reported the letter. But the first one…” She frowned and looked at the two of them, “My father has no intention of rebelling, how can Prince Ping invert black and white to prove this point?”

Lu Shi Qing secretly sighed inside. In fact, Ping Prince wanted to force Yuan Yi Zhi to use his private army when he was cornered, and then seized this handle and showed it to His Majesty. After all, private army and rebellion were the same thing in the eyes of the superiors.

But Yuan Ci Xian didn’t know about his father’s private army, and he couldn’t tell her because previously Yuan Yi Zhi has asked him to conceal this matter.

He had no choice but to say: “Perhaps Ping Prince suspected that Diannan Prince has secretly raised dead soldiers or troops, so he want to give it a try.”

Yuan Ci Xian nodded thoughtfully. Although Ping Prince’s mentality and guesses were reasonable, her father doesn’t have a private army, so he won’t fall into the trap at all. Isn’t it too hasty to set up a situation with such a lot of effort to prove something that may not exist?

She felt that something was wrong.

Lu Shi Qing was afraid that she would guess the truth if she thought deeper, so he changed the subject and said, “In response to Ping Prince’s intention to set up a trap, Xu had already discussed with His Highness one or two countermeasures last night.”

Yuan Ci Xian was indeed distracted: “What does Sir think?”

“Let’s do the reverse plot. The way to break the conspiracy lies in changing the situation. Since right now it’s not the best time for Ping Prince to do it, then it’s the best time for us to do it.”

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