Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 66

Chapter 66


Yuan Ci Xian understood Zheng Zhuo’s meaning at a glance. There were many guests in the house today, not to mention that the walls have ears. If the two of them leave the table together for too long, they would attract people’s attention. Naturally, it was not appropriate to speak now.

Zheng Zhuo probably wrote this note in a hurry after dismissing the girl, and because he didn’t have time to say too much, he only made an appointment with her to discuss in detail tomorrow.

From this, she also had a rough answer in her heart: that young lady must have something to do with her or the Yuan family, otherwise Zheng Zhuo would not say this. Thinking about what she heard just now, the voice was deliberately lowered, falsely rough, but still somewhat familiar. She guessed it was most likely the daughter of second house of Jiang family, Jiang Bi Rou’s younger sister Jiang Bi Can.

After Jiang Bi Rou was expelled from the Yuan family, Yuan Yu patiently informed the Jiang family, but the Jiang family did not dare to take her back to Chang’an because of the sacred order, so they only sent a wet nurse to take care of her outside the city.

Soon afterwards, the Jiang family fell, and this wet nurse was afraid of being implicated, so she rolled up and ran away, leaving Jiang Bi Rou alone outside the city. The entire Jiang family was too busy to take care of themselves, so no one remembered her for a while. On the contrary, Yuan Ci Xian sent to Jian Zhi to check on her.

It wasn’t that she felt regret or being soft-hearted, but seeing that her brother was still a little depressed, she was afraid that Jiang Bi Rou’s death at this time would make it hard for him to let go, so she often sent some food and medicine.

Jiang Bi Rou was already weak, but she became very ill after drinking the wine given by Emperor Huining. Yuan Ci Xian reckoned that she wouldn’t be able to survive this winter, and thought that there was no one in the Jiang family, so she would collect her body by then, but unexpectedly, the next time she sent Jian Zhi, the place was already empty.

After Jian Zhi asked the neighbors, she found out that Jiang Bi Rou had indeed died of illness, but that night, a young lady came to collect her body.

Yuan Ci Xian had suspected it was Jiang Bi Can at that time, but since the Jiang family was ruined, she didn’t care much. But at present, it seemed that this little girl was quite tenacious, and it was unknown what this moth wanted to do.

She couldn’t help but sigh. She was not afraid of Jiang Bi Can’s little tricks, but this incident made her slightly depressed — it seemed like all kind of fate in the dream were difficult to avoid. Even this time, Lu Shi Qing did everything possible to help her bring down the Jiang family, but Jiang Bi Can and Zheng Zhuo’s involvement was still unavoidable.

For a moment she thought pessimistically that the fate of the Yuan family might be the same.

Yuan Ci Xian kicked a small stone all the way back to the back garden, but soon had no energy to be depressed again, because she heard Lu Shi Qing’s voice from afar. She only absented for a while, but the banquet seemed to have changed its direction, from poetry to literacy theory.

She saw Lu Shi Qing standing beside the long table with his hands behind his back, smiling at a young man on the other side of the winding stream, “Brother Dou’s words are wrong.”

What classic books are they discussing? She returned to her seat as unobtrusively as possible, but as soon as she sat down, she saw a young lady on the side leaning over and whispered to her: “County Princess missed a good show.”

Yuan Ci Xian looked at Lu Shi Qing, who stood on the other side and discussing something with other people, and didn’t even look at her. She asked in a low voice: “What good show?”

The young lady whispered: “You see those red-faced gentlemen on the other side? There are eight of them in general, all of whom were angered by Assistant Minister Lu. After you left, the discussion turned into the classics, but somehow Assistant Minister Lu seemed very unhappy, and he spoke to eight of them in one breath, making them speechless. I really feel sorry for these young gentlemen…” for no reason bear that out-of-nowhere anger.

Yuan Ci Xian couldn’t help being taken aback, she looked up at Lu Shi Qing, who seemed very imposing, and saw that his face was indeed very ugly, he sneered and said, “Brother Dou’s words are even more ridiculously wrong. It’s true that sages of the past had a saying: A virtuous person withdrew from colors. However Brother Dou has violated the taboo of scholars by taking the words too literally.”

The young man surnamed Dou on the opposite side seemed unconvinced, and seriously argued: “The so-called a virtuous person withdrew from colors, first means to follow the example of a virtuous and wise teacher, and abandoning female charm; Second, when treating a wife, one should focus on her internal character rather than her external appearance. Since ancient times it has been interpreted in such way, what do you mean of taking the words too literally? Afraid it’s Assistant Minister Lu who twist the words and force logic.” After he finished speaking, he couldn’t help but glance at Yuan Ci Xian.

Yuan Ci Xian touched her nose in embarrassment.

Oh, she was indeed full of female charm, and Lu Shi Qing liked her just fine, but she didn’t teach him to twist the words and force logic.

Lu Shi Qing smiled, also glanced at Yuan Ci Xian, and then asked: “Brother Dou thinks, what does the ‘color’ in ‘A virtuous person withdrew from colors‘ refer to? Female, female charm, male and female’s looks? I’m afraid that’s too narrow. As later generation, reading and studying classics should return to history and fulfill the sage’s meaning. Brother Dou misinterpreted the meaning of the sages from the perspective of the present world and saying, you take the words too literally, Lu is being polite.”

“In ancient times, the relationship between husband and wife is the beginning of human relations and the foundation for the enlightenment of the Son of Heaven, how could Confucius, as the sage of the past, violate human nature? Human beings have five senses, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and body, and everything they perceive is “color”, even attitudes and behaviors are also ‘color’. Brother Dou using the female charm’s argument is not only one-sided, but also means to despise all the young ladies present.”

The gentleman surnamed Dou was stunned by these words, and the young men around him were also dumfounded. It seemed they had never heard of this kind of interpretation, and they felt it was novel and doubtful at the same time.

Yuan Ci Xian glanced at Lu Shi Qing.

This mouth was really good at talking. Wasn’t it said that talented people came out from generation to generation, and the former generation should make way for the younger generations?

Lu Shi Qing continued: “Let’s talk about female charm. Compare to virtue, appearance is naturally an outside thing, but if you don’t really experience it, just listen to what others say, how can you really know which is more important? How is Brother Dou’s blind debasement of outside things, and blind regard of appearance, different from a hypocrite who is full of benevolence, righteousness and morality, but actually deceives the world to amass fame? If you have never picked it up, then you’re not qualified to talk about putting it down.” He smiled, “Of course, Brother Dou is young, so it’s no wonder to be still inexperienced of the world. It’s just that if you want to talk to Lu about the importance of virtue and female charm, please experienced it before discussing it.”

There was an uproar all around.

Wow, this Lu Shi Qing was really shameless, relying on his fiancée on the side to be so cocky. Among them he was indeed the only one who picked it up, so he was qualified to talk about putting it down?

But what he said was irrefutable. After all, if you searched all over Chang’an, you still wouldn’t be able to find anyone who could match Lancang County Princess’s beauty. If Lu Shi Qing said that he had never experienced real female charm, afraid there would be no one here who could.

The young man surnamed Dou on the opposite side felt his face getting roasted, and his chest felt like it had been pierced by a sharp knife, he almost couldn’t hold back and wanted to cover it with his hand.

He thought, probably this is… the power of a sage.

He couldn’t help admiring deeply, and cupped his hands and said: “Listening to the words of a wise man is superior to ten years of studying. Dou will remember Assistant Minister Lu’s teachings, and if he succeeds in his studies someday, he will definitely come to discuss with you again!”

Lu Shi Qing waved his hand to signal that he didn’t have to be polite, and then return to his seat gracefully.

The corners of Yuan Ci Xian’s mouth twitched slightly, she tugged on his sleeve, and asked in a low voice: “Are you serious? Why it sounds like…” Like leading people astray?

Of course Lu Shi Qing was not serious. Who asked Yuan Ci Xian to leave the table to chase Zheng Zhuo and abandon him here. He felt dissatisfied, of course he had to find someone to vent his anger.

He couldn’t say, he only broke down nine, and if she came back a little later, everyone present would suffer.

But after all, Lu Shi Qing didn’t want to admit that he was talking nonsense, and said solemnly: “Serious.”

Yuan Ci Xian was confused by his seemingly bluffing words just now, and said “Oh” suspiciously, then asked: “It seems, the winner of today’s Winding Stream banquet is you. Then I will be very busy.”

He was still angry at first, but he asked strangely: “What are you busy with?

She held her cheeks and distressedly said: “Next year it will be your turn to host the banquet, and there will be so many guests coming to our house, am I not going to be busy?”

Lu Shi Qing was taken aback for a moment, and then finally realized her phrase “our house”, which made his jealousy and annoyance disappeared in an instant, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but raise a little bit. He tilted his head to quietly cover up the uncontrollable excitement.

Yuan Ci Xian secretly glanced at him sideways.

Tsk, so easy to coax.

At the Winding Stream banquet that day, Lu Shi Qing deservedly won the first place. Afterward he sent Yuan Ci Xian back to Shengye Lane first, and then went back to the house silently.

The next day, the 15th of Second month, was the Flower Festival, which was a good day for people to go outing together, to step on the green and enjoy the red. But it also coincided with big court meeting, and the imperial court didn’t give a day off, so Lu Shi Qing could not go out, which saved Yuan Ci Xian from explaining to him that she had made an appointment with someone.

Yuan Ci Xian went out of the city in a carriage, and arrived at Yanxing Gate on time at chenshi (7-9am), just passing by Zheng Zhuo’s carriage side by side. There were a lot of people around, and the two of them had a tacit understanding, they didn’t call to stop the carriage, and continued to go straight to the east, as if they really just happened to pass by.

After passing the Lu Bridge, the pedestrians who enjoyed the spring walks gradually dispersed, Zheng Zhuo called to stop the carriage first, and then went up to an inconspicuous mountain nearby.

Yuan Ci Xian asked the carriage to drive a little further, and then walked back to the mountain as if enjoying the scenery.

Watching the spring scenery in the mountain was a common thing during the Flower Festival, and the two of them acted like this, and didn’t seem like they deliberately make an appointment. Even if they were seen by others, it would not be suspicious. After such a lot of tossing, Yuan Ci Xian finally met Zheng Zhuo at a stone pavilion on top of the mountain.

This stone pavilion was built in a remote place, it seemed to have been there for some years and looked quite dilapidated, and it was backed by rocky mountain, with cliffs on both sides. If someone approached, they would be discovered by the people in the pavilion immediately, so it could be considered very safe.

After making such a judgment, Yuan Ci Xian sat down at the edge of the pavilion with peace of mind.

Zheng Zhuo was a gentleman, because they were a lone man and a lone woman right now, he deliberately left her the side that was backed by rocky mountain, while he sat on the dangerous cliff to show that he did not intend to offend.

He smiled and said, “Troubling County Princess to make this trip. Chang’an has been covered with a lot of spies these days. But there are many people outside during the Flower Festival, so it’s not easy to attract attention.”

Of course Yuan Ci Xian knew that Ping Prince hadn’t left the capital yet, afraid he was watching Zheng Zhuo and Yuan family closely.

She smiled back at him: “Your Highness is too polite. You should be chanting scriptures in Wangji Temple today, but because I want to ask you for news, you went to a lot of trouble to sneak out.”

Zheng Zhuo laughed loudly: “Every time I chanted, I got drowsy, so I have to thank County Princess for saving me today.”

After exchanging a few polite words, Zheng Zhuo restrained his smile, and was about to talk about the topic, but suddenly glanced at the mountain road, and was slightly stunned.

Yuan Ci Xian followed his gaze, and saw a man in a wide robe and a wooden hairpin coming from the entrance of the mountain road. The bright spring light made his silver mask shone brightly, and with the mountain flowers fell behind him, it was very eye-catching.

Yuan Ci Xian was also taken aback, and asked Zheng Zhuo: “Why is Mr. Xu here?”

Zheng Zhuo smiled helplessly, and couldn’t help sighing in his heart.

That’s right, why did this guy Lu Shi Qing come here?

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