Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 The Emperor’s Heart


Lu Shi Qing was silent, raised his eyes and said: “Your Majesty, you can’t. General Yuan knows this official doesn’t like County Princess. Now if this official go, doesn’t it make him suspicious of your intentions? In this way, your plan to control County Princess in the capital will inevitably be exposed.”

Emperor Huining laughed angrily: “Zhen see that you really despise Zhen’s niece, only wish she could go back to Yaozhou so that it can be quiet again!”

Lu Shi Qing was silent, as if tacitly acquiescing, then listened to him talking to the eunuch for a while: “But what Zishu said is also reasonable. Then how about this, wait until Sichen returns to the city, let some people to pretend to be mountain bandits to make a scene, and lead Ci Xian back to the city first. Remember, don’t hurt anyone, keep your hands and feet clean.”

Lu Shi Qing frowned slightly.

The eunuch withdrew after receiving the order, Emperor Huining gave Lu Shi Qing a seat, and he was concerned about other things: “Did you gain anything last night? Is that Wuxing’s Ji family really tricky?”

Lu Shi Qing’s eyes clung to the eunuch’s leaving back for a moment, and quickly came back to his senses: “This official have been paying attention to Wuxing’s Ji family for a long time, and found a large number of brand-new arrowheads in their goods last night, which are not in-line with the regulations of military weapons. However, if this official’s conjecture is correct, someone deliberately let this official discover these tricks in order to kill with borrowed knife.”

Emperor Hui Ning narrowed his eyes, and he had some idea in his mind, and sighed: “These sons of Zhen——!” He then continued to ask, “You just said, Ci Xian went with you to the countryside. Does she know about this?”

Lu Shi Qing shook his head: “County Princess doesn’t know the whole story.”

Emperor Huining seemed to feel relieved, and said, “Speaking of the Yuan family, Zhen would like to have a few words with you. Do you know why Supervisor Zhang came to see Zhen just now?”

“This official doesn’t know, please ask Your Majesty to clarify.”

“A group of courtiers headed by Supervisor Zhang have always held prejudices against the Yuan family. Since that year when Zhen directly named Yuan Yi Zhi as Second Rank Prince, they reminded Zhen that Diannan Prince is so powerful that we have to guard against him, especially his son who has some blood of the Zheng family. Zhen then took Shichen as a hostage and decreed to force him to stay in Chang’an.”

“Last year when Nanzhao invaded, it was them again who wanted Zhen to bear the humiliation and beg for peace, and ordered Ci Xian to marry Nanzhao. Zhen knew what they were thinking. Yuan Yi Zhi was eager to protect his daughter, so there would be some animosity with Zhen, and they would be happy to see him at odds with Zhen. But later, these people read the urgent report from Yaozhou and changed their minds, hoping that Zhen would allow the war.”

He sneered: “How can Zhen not know their intentions? They secretly hope that Diannan army would be defeated and Yuan Yi Zhi would apologize with death as stated in the military order. But how could these people have expected that in such a critical situation, the Diannan soldiers would unite into impregnable stronghold and saved a desperate crisis, turning the defeat into victory for Great Zhou.”

Lu Shi Qing listened with a smile from beginning to end.

Emperor Huining continued: “Diannan won the battle, and Yuan Yi Zhi shocked the frontiers and won the popularity of the people. They once again couldn’t sit still, presented a petition to let Zhen test him out and see if he had any rebellious intentions. Zhen then issued a decree to let him bring Ci Xian to the capital to receive the reward. As a result, the Yuan family came here confidently, standing upright without fear of a slanted shadow. If Yuan Yi Zhi really plotted something, how could he have the courage to let the pair of son and daughter fall into Zhen’s eyes? Especially this time, Ci Xian came to Chang’an alone, which is a testament to his wholehearted loyalty.”

Lu Shi Qing nodded with a smile.

“However, Supervisor Zhang didn’t think so. He came here just now and gave me a ridiculous idea – asking me to put this girl in the harem.”

Lu Shi Qing’s expression froze, and a strange look flashed in his eyes.

Emperor Huining saw it with his sharp eyes, and asked: “You also feel that it’s inappropriate?”

He quickly regained his composure, and replied: “What is proper, what is not proper? Your Majesty, there are two sides to everything. What Supervisor Zhang said is really to help you control County Princess and the Yuan family, which is beneficial. But County Princess is your niece, and there are Ninth Highness who admired her before, so this matter is not a beautiful talk to tell people of the world.

“Moreover, not everyone understands the emperor’s heart. In the eyes of the courtiers, it can be misunderstood that you want to promote the Yuan family. At that time, there will inevitably be another undercurrent and bloody storm. This is a disadvantage. ”

Emperor Huining nodded in agreement: “Zhen also thought so. Zhen didn’t have such an idea, originally wanted the Old Sixth to marry Ci Xian.”

Of course Lu Shi Qing knew about this, but he said strangely: “Could it be that Furong Garden before…”

In the middle of his words, Emperor Huining snorted coldly: “It was Zhen who asked Old Sixth to go. First, to dispel Old Ninth’s thoughts, and second, to let Ci Xian meet Old Sixth. In the end, you disturbed all Zhen’s painstaking efforts!”

Lu Shi Qing hurriedly stood up and cupped his hands: “It’s this official fault. That day, His Sixth Highness met this official at Danfeng Gate by chance, and seeing this official was idle, he invited this official to go with him. This official didn’t think much about it, but unexpectedly…”

“Unexpectedly, you stole Old Sixth’s limelight! Now Zhen’s Old Sixth can’t keep Ci Xian, you tell, how should you atone for this crime?”

Lu Shi Qing knew this would happen. The old emperor “sincerely confide” with him for half a day, from the beginning was rushing to say this last sentence.

If he was sensible, at this time he should say something like: this official is willing to share the worries for Your Majesty, marry County Princess, and help Your Majesty hold the Yuan family firmly in his hands.

He didn’t want to be tactful.

It’s just that under such circumstances, it was impossible to bluntly say “don’t want to marry” to the emperor.

He thought for a while and said: “This official understand what Your Majesty’ means. If you want this official to marry County Princess, this official naturally will not dare refuse. But according to this official’s opinion, this matter should not be rushed. Whether it is you bestowing the marriage, or this official asking for a matchmaker, in the end it depends on the meaning of Diannan Prince. Yaozhou and Chang’an are thousands of miles away, so it’s really inconvenient. It’s better to wait until the end of the year, when the Diannan Prince and his consort enter the capital according to the regulations. Since Your Majesty has a clever plan to make County Princess return to the city, then you should not be in a hurry.”

After he said all these high-sounding words, he added: “You must resent this official in your heart at this moment, but this official not afraid to tell you a joke, this official does not like County Princess, it’s really because this woman can overcome this official. This official and her intersected several times, not once was this official not in an embarrassed situation, and this time it still caused injury. If this official welcomed this big Buddha into the door, not long after, afraid you will not be able to hear this official talking in front of you again.”

Emperor Huining looked serious at first, but then he laughed loudly: “That’s right! You are Zhen’s courtier, not Zhen’s son, and this marriage is a big matter, Zhen can’t force you too much. But you also have to be prepared, lest one day Zhen is unhappy and want to sell you to the Yuan family, you shouldn’t be too relaxed.”

Lu Shi Qing nodded in response, and after coaxing the emperor, he said earnestly: “Your Majesty, this official investigated the case yesterday and stayed up all night. General Yuan’s whip is also really powerful, can you allow this official to take a day off?”

Emperor Huining gave a nod, explained a few words about the case, then ordered him to go back and rest.

Lu Shi Qing got into the carriage outside the palace but did not rest. He removed the gauze layer by layer from his hands, and called Zhao Shu to order: “Think of a way to cover this wound.”

Zhao Shu went into the carriage and looked at the back of his shocking hand, and couldn’t help being startled: “Master, how did you get this injury?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, I’m in a hurry.”

He nodded quickly: “There is a way, but… it will hurt a little, and it’s a little dirty, are you sure you want to do it?”

“Just do it.”

The moment Lu Shi Qing’s carriage galloped out of Danfeng Gate, on the palace road of Hanliang Palace, a palace maid walked over and whispered to Shaohe State Princess, Zheng Yun, who was waiting at the end: “Your Highness, I have inquired. Lancang County Princess wants to return to Yaozhou, but His Majesty refuses to let her go, so he sent people…”

After hearing this, Zheng Yun asked lightly, “What about Assistant Minister Lu?”

“Assistant Minister Lu said that he was on sick leave, afraid he will not come to Hanliang Palace to teach His Thirteenth Highness today.”

She smiled wryly: “Understood, go down.”

The maid wanted to retreat, but she was called again: “Wait. Send two spies to the vicinity around Yongxing Lane, if Assistant Minister Lu leaves the mansion, keep an eye on where he is going, then report back to me.”

After Lu Shi Qing returned to the mansion, he covered the wound on the back of his hand, called a servant into the room, and asked, “News.”

This man named Cao An replied: “General Yuan has not returned, and His Majesty’s troops have gone to the countryside to wait for orders. Is Master going to rush there?”

He shook his head: “It’s too late, and there is no need. But I have to go to Yuan Mansion to wait for Yuan Shichen to return, and explain a few words to him.”

“Master is worried that Lancang County Princess guessed the whole story from the movements of the mountain bandits, and tore face with His Majesty when she got angry?

“She’s not so reckless. I’m afraid that after Yuan Sichen learned the truth, he will impulsively go to the palace.”

Cao An nodded, and asked: “Are you still going through the secret road?”

Lu Shi Qing said “Um”, put on the mask, then pointed in the direction of the mansion gate before leaving: “The two at the gate who came to keep an eye on me, send them a cup of tea, and say they have worked hard.”

He was startled, but also didn’t dare to ask who sent the spies, busily agreed.

Lu Shi Qing opened the secret door, bent down to go down the secret passage, suddenly paused, turned around and said seriously: “Wait, let’s change it to sour plum soup.”

Cao An was slightly taken aback, and subconsciously asked: “Why?”

Just when he thought he had talked too much, and his master would not answer, he saw the person frowned and said, “Because it’s too unpleasant to drink.”

Bad things should be shared with others.

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