Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Moved


This little ancestor really dared to say anything, and she was not afraid that it would spread to His Majesty’s ears.

Yuan Ci Xian spoke until her mouth dry and the ink in her belly was drained, then she turned around and grabbed Lu Shi Qing’s hand: “Assistant Minister Lu, you don’t take it to heart, okay?”

Lu Shi Qing dodged, did not want to be touched by her, and said indifferently: “Lu is fine, please ask County Princess to return to the mansion first. I have something to discuss with your esteemed brother.” After speaking, he looked at Yuan Yu.

Her heart turned cold in an instant: “You won’t harm my brother, will you?”

Lu Shi Qing glanced behind Yuan Yu: “Didn’t General Yuan bring his troops along with him tonight? The one who will suffer the disadvantage, afraid it’s Lu.”

Yuan Ci Xian followed his gaze, looked at the dark road ahead, and said to her brother: “Brother, you must not bully Assistant Minister Lu.”

This fence-sitter!

Yuan Yu was depressed, and said bitterly: “You girl… watch me twist your elbow! Go back first, Jian Zhi is waiting for you not far ahead.”

She pouted, turned away sullenly, and just walked a few steps before turning back and ordered: “Speak if you have something to say, don’t fight!”

Both of them ignored her.

She stood still and said, “I’ll leave when you agree.”

Lu Shi Qing and Yuan Yu sighed together, and said in unison: “Got it.”

When she was gone, Yuan Yu said: “My sister already instructed Yuan to not discriminate, then still ask Assistant Minister Lu to please explain, Yuan will listen.”

Lu Shi Qing smiled: “General Yuan, what happened tonight, how about you go back and ask County Princess. Lu’s explanation, you may not believe after hearing it, so why bother?”

Yuan Yu choked.

He continued indifferently: “Then I will ask General Yuan, when are you going to send County Princess back to Yaozhou?”

Why is he trying to drive people away?

Yuan Yu raised his eyebrows: “In what capacity is Assistant Minister Lu now meddling in Yuan’s family affairs? Our Ci Xian can live in Chang’an for as long as she wants, what does it have to do with you?”

Lu Shi Qing said silently: “This matter really has nothing to do with Lu, but it’s closely related to your Yuan family. General Yuan, have you ever heard the saying that ‘one stone can stir up a thousand waves’?

“The wind and rain outside the mountains and forests are precarious, the tiger ordered the wolf to guard the mountain pass for him and protect all animals. One day, a wolf cub broke into the tiger’s den. The tiger was afraid of the wolf’s ferociousness, and because it was indispensable to the forest, he allowed the wolf cub to play in it and provide it with good food and drink.”

“But wolves are wolves, and tigers are tigers. How do you know that the seemingly kind-hearted tiger is thinking in his heart to hold the wolf cub firmly in his palm, so as to avoid the threat that one day the wolf and the other animal will drag him off the throne? How do you know that the other animals are not thinking in their hearts to do their best to please this wolf cub, so they can use the wolf’s claws to tear up the tiger?”

Yuan Yu’s expression flickered.

“This is a dangerous mountain forest, a world where hundreds of beasts fighting each other, where there’s hungry leopards and hungry eagles, where enemies surrounded on all sides… Dealing with tigers is not what this naive wolf cub should do.”

He paused here, nodded his head to Yuan Yu: “That’s all Lu is going to say, please excuse.”

After Lu Shi Qing finished speaking, he got on his horse, pulled the rein, and was about to whip away, but heard Yuan Yu jumping on like thunder: “What tiger, what wolf! Lu Zishu, you really can speak well, after talking for half a day, don’t you just dislike our Ci Xian? I originally don’t agree with you two, but now it seems…” He rolled his sleeves, “I really don’t believe that my Yuan family can’t handle you, and I’m going to beat you into my brother-in-law!”


Why is it so difficult to communicate with the Yuan family? Is his metaphor too subtle?

Lu Shi Qing saw that he looked like he was about to rush up and beat himself, so quickly made a gesture to stop him: “General Yuan, what did you promise County Princess just now? If you and I can’t live in harmony, it will make her sad.”

Yuan Yu’s footsteps faltered, his lips pursed, then he waved his hand to signal him to go: “Let you go tonight. If in the future you still ignore Ci Xian’s feeling, I will let you eat my fist!”

It was already late at night when Lu Shi Qing returned to the mansion, after he bathed thoroughly and treated his wound, it was almost dawn, he simply did not sleep, and after getting dressed, he boarded the carriage and went to Daming Palace.

It was early when he arrived at the Zichen Hall, and after sending people to report his arrival, he learned that Emperor Huining was discussing official business with Left Supervisor of Imperial Secretariat Zhang Zhi Xian, so he stood outside the palace and waited.

The sun broke through the clouds, and the golden light shone everywhere. His long silhouette was cast on the white marble steps at his feet, with an eleven-gold jade belt pinching his waist, shining brilliantly under the sun. If there was anything inharmonious, it was probably the white gauze around the back of his right hand.

When he was bandaging himself earlier, he even thought about applying the same bandage to his left hand, but he finally held back.

Lu Shi Qing waited for a long time, but seeing that Zhang Zhi Xian had not come out, he lowered his head slightly, glanced at the hand, and frowned a little.

He lost control last night. He was Zheng Zhuo’s advisor, if he hadn’t moved by this whip, he would never have said that to Yuan Yu.

After a stick of incense, an old man in purple official robes with half-white hair and beard came out of the hall. It was Zhang Zhi Xian.

Lu Shi Qing came back to his senses, raised his eyes slightly, and stepped forward: “This official has seen Supervisor Zhang.”

Zhang Zhi Xian held two positions as Left Supervisor of Imperial Secretariat and Manager of Affairs, a second rank official, and one of the prime ministers who held real power in the court. He stroked his beard and said, “Assistant Minister Lu has always working hard, very diligent and prudent, truly a talent of my Great Zhou.”

Lu Shi Qing bowed his head and said, “On this character, this official is not as good as Supervisor Zhang, let alone His Majesty.”

Zhang Zhi Xian smiled “hehe”, he narrowed his eyes and walked away. When he passed by his side, he paused, tilted his head and said in a low voice: “The word “hardworking” is originally a good word, but Assistant Minister Lu must not make a mistake.”

Lu Shi Qing turned around and continued to bow his head towards him: “This official will remember Supervisor Zhang’s teachings, and in the future will certainly follow Supervisor Zhang’s way.”

Zhang Zhi Xian’s footsteps stopped, his beards trembled, and he turned to stare at him angrily. Ignorant boy, just Assistant Minister of Chancellery, but arrogantly claimed he would follow a Supervisor’s way in the future, and he still said it in front of this Zichen Hall, what a big tone!

Lu Shi Qing continued to smile: “Supervisor Zhang is the elderly, please walk slowly and be careful on your feet. Great Zhou and His Majesty can’t do without you.” After speaking, he saluted solemnly and completely drove him away.

Emperor Huining announced Lu Shi Qing into the palace, and when he saw people, he laughingly asked: “Just now Assistant Minister Lu and Supervisor Zhang are arguing again?”

Lu Shi Qing saluted him and replied: “This official is terrified, how dare to disrespect Supervisor Zhang.”

The emperor still wanted to joke, but when he raised his eyes he saw Lu Shi Qing’s saluting hand, he was startled: “Assistant Minister Lu’s hand…?”

Before he could answer, an attendant eunuch hurriedly entered the hall and leaned into Emperor Huining’s ear and whispered, “Master, there is news from the Yuan family.”

Emperor Huining glanced at Lu Shi Qing, without suppressing his voice, said: “Just say it, Zishu is not an outsider.”

The eunuch straightened his back a little: “Master, the spy has come to report that General Yuan has sent Lancang County Princess out of the city overnight, and the direction should be to Yaozhou.”

Emperor Huining was a little surprised, raised his eyebrows and asked in a deep voice: “Do you know why?”

The eunuch couldn’t answer: “This, the spy didn’t say…”

Lu Shi Qing blinked lightly twice, then suddenly cupped his hands and stepped forward: “Your Majesty, this official knows.”

Emperor Huining motioned him to speak.

Lu Shi Qing said calmly word by word: “Yesterday, under the order of Your Majesty, this official went on a tour with Lancang County Princess, then at Jinxiu Zhuang in West Market happened to obtain some clues. Following the trace, found a suspicious Huihu caravan in the outskirts of Chang’an City. Unexpectedly, County Princess entangled this official tightly, and quietly followed all the way. Because of the situation at the time, this official had no choice but to advance and retreat with her, and it was already the second half of the night before we escaped.

“General Yuan waited for County Princess to return to the mansion until late at night, but she didn’t come, so he anxiously went out of the city to look for her. When he saw this official with County Princess, he misunderstood the situation, lost his temper, and quarrelled with this official. County Princess blindly protected this official, which made him very angry. This official think that the reason why General Yuan ordered her to go back to Yaozhou is because the discord with this official, he doesn’t want her to be involved with this official again.”

Emperor Huining was stunned after hearing this, and then laughed: “Each one of you, so young and energetic! So, your injury was caused by this child Shichen?”

Lu Shi Qing nodded: “That’s right, let you laugh.”

Emperor Hui Ning pointed at him with his hand: “Zhen want to leave Ci Xian under Zhen’s nose to observe, but you are good, you actually provoked Shichen to send people back! You say, what should be done now?”

He was silent for a long time before saying: “This official is guilty, and will wait for Your Majesty’s punishment.”

Look at his insincere appearance, where it looks convincing.

Emperor Huining thought for a moment, and asked the eunuch: “Where is the people?

“Master, heard they just go out of the city wall.”

He nodded and said to Lu Shi Qing: “You were also unintentional, so you will be excuse, and you’ll make amends by welcoming County Princess back.”

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  1. The Emperor ships them. I bet it wasn’t the Emperor who originally wanted the Yuan family dead in her dream, but her ex-fiancé who set them up and whispered bad things in the Emperor’s ear

    1. No, this is an aging and suspicious Emperor and this Lu Shi Qing is working together with the ex-fiance, who is a Prince that’s being suppressed and set-up by hos own father it seems. This is not a spoiler by the way. It’s what seems to be happening so far. I don’t actually know why it was the 13th Prince that took the throne but it might be that something happened to the 6th Prince later or he turned it down.

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