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Who Cares – Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Confide


Guan Suyi was speechless by the Emperor Sheng Yuan’s shamelessness, and was silent for a long time before she said, “Your Majesty, this subject woman finally understand why you can become the emperor.”


“Because you are invincible.”

“Oh? Madam praised me so much. Indeed, Zhen swept thousands of troops back then…”

“No,” Guan Suyi interrupted him, “there are two kinds of sayings in Central Plains. One is that the benevolent is invincible; the other is that the despicable is invincible. Your Majesty, you are already invincible in the world!”

The smugness on Emperor Sheng Yuan’s face was replaced by astonishment. After a while he hugged Madam and laughed softly, his eyes flashed with a happy brilliance, “Madam, Madam, you can dominate the Central Plains with this mouth alone, even Zhen has to bow down to you. There are two kinds of sayings in one sentence, how should Zhen choose? Of course, you can’t put ‘invincible’ on the despicable, you can only eat your dumb loss. Madam, no matter how unhappy, it’s alright to scold, but by any means don’t hit Zhen again. Zhen is not afraid of pain, just afraid you hurts your hand.”

Guan Suyi was ashamed and angry but couldn’t struggle free, so she could only persuade softly, “Your Majesty, let go of this subject woman first, shall we sit down and talk slowly? This subject woman often hears grandfather and father compliment you for your generous heart, benevolence and calling you a rare wise ruler. When walking in the street market, the people also praise you and love you very much. With great difficulty you built the country, accumulate all the prestige, could it be you are willing to ruin it for the sake of an insignificant woman? Have you ever wondered how this history will be written by the future generations? How can you add a stain on your glorious achievement that will never be washed away? You say that this subject woman is porcelain and you are rubble, but you are so wrong! This subject women may be porcelain, or it may be a little exquisite and precious, which makes people want to collect, but the world is equally exquisite, equally precious, so much so that an exquisite and precious porcelain is nothing. You are richest in the world, you can get everything that you want, not only it’s justified but also very easy.”

She continued in a sincere tone, “Your Majesty, you are not rubble, you are a national weapon, you are the Eastern Emperor Bell* that guards the mountains and rivers, and the Nine Dragon Cauldron that supports the fate of the country. Your reputation and prestige cannot be tarnished. Still ask the Emperor to preserve some dignity for yourself and for this subject woman.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan tapped his chin on her shoulder, looked sideways at her flickering eyes, her open and close lips, and his heart was full of longing and tenderness.

“Preserve some dignity for you? Zhen thought you would cry and shout for Zhen to keep your chastity. Don’t you all Central Plains women value chastity? You have been hugged and kissed by Zhen, so your chastity has been lost, then you can be considered as Zhen’s person, right? Besides, Madam is also very wrong. There is no woman in the world who can compare with Madam. In my heart, Madam is a unique treasure.”

Guan Suyi furrowed her brows, and said with some restraint, “Chastity is for others, but dignity is for yourself. I don’t know what other women think, if I lose my dignity, it is no different from killing me. Your Majesty, you are high and powerful, so you never put us ants in your eyes. But you must know that ants also have the right to live and have the determination to fight everything. If they were played too much, they would rather turn into mud than compromise. Don’t think that you are the monarch and can arbitrarily manipulate my life. You have already ruined my expectations for marriage. Would you please let me live the rest of my life in peace? I can’t afford to play your game!”

Emperor Sheng Yuan felt her violently heaving chest and her more and more rapid breathing, finally slowly let her go, sighing, “Madam, don’t be angry, Zhen will feel distressed if you are angry. You sit tight and listen to Zhen.” At the end of the sentence he tapped her shoulder blade.

Guan Suyi’s shoulders went numb, and she couldn’t move her legs, she couldn’t help but shout, “What are you doing?” Did he really want to destroy her chastity and force her to submit?

However, she was wrong. Emperor Sheng Yuan just carried her to the soft couch on the other side, and made her recline on the pillow. Afraid that she would be cold, he covered a thin blanket, then stuffed a hand stove, and carefully tucked the messy hair on her forehead behind the ear, all the movements were thoughtful.

It was almost late autumn, and the north wind was blowing outside, making the withered and yellow leaves rustled. A gust of cold wind came in through the damaged window paper and circled around the incense burner on the table, causing the vertical upward smoke to disperse in all directions.

The quiet atmosphere infected Guan Suyi, and Emperor Sheng Yuan’s gentle attitude also made her vaguely aware that he had no intention to hurt her.

She eased her tone and asked again, “What on earth are you trying to do? You tapped my acupuncture point?” Since she saw the magic of martial arts, she spent a lot of time researching it, so she was able to distinguish one or two tricks.

“If I don’t hold you and restrain you, I’m afraid you’ll try your best to run away. Zhen said that Zhen will not hurt you, just want you to sit down and listen to what Zhen have to say.” Emperor Sheng Yuan took out a few pieces of rice paper full of words from his arms and laughed at himself, “There are many things Zhen want to say to Madam, but didn’t know where to start, so Zhen imitated the Emperor Teacher and wrote many drafts before coming here, but after listening to Madam’s sacrificial eulogy, Zhen suddenly realized that even the most beautiful words are nothing if they don’t have deep emotional support.”

He threw the draft paper into the brazier and watched it slowly turn into ashes, his face indistinguishable from joy and sorrow. When the smoke dissipated, he walked to the couch and sat next to Madam, took off her small and delicate embroidered shoes, put her feet covered with a thin blanket on his knees, and gently patted, “Actually, the first time Zhen saw Madam was at Jueyin Temple. At that time your tongue was like a knife, refuting a group of Legalist scholars until they were speechless.”

Guan Suyi glared at him sternly and ignored him.

Emperor Sheng Yuan wrapped her slightly cold jade feet with his big palms, and smiled bitterly, “Zhen really had no eyes at that time, thought that this little girl’s mouth was full of hypocrisy, very sour, and the temperament was still so strong and impetuous, don’t know which unlucky egg will be able to endure it in the future. So when Zhao Luli came to ask for a marriage decree, although Zhen already had the intention of admitting you into the palace to lift up the Guan family, Zhen still gave you to him.”

Guan Suyi sneered and said, “Thanking the emperor for the marriage. Although it was a bit difficult at first, but now my husband loves me, my mother-in-law protects me, my children are filial to me, and my servants respect me, there is nothing unsatisfactory. If my brain got crushed by the door, only then I will reconcile with Zhao Luli and become one of your three thousand beauties, waiting for your occasional visit.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan pulled her white fingertips over, and said with astringent voice, “Madam doesn’t need to stab Zhen, Zhen have already regretted it. What three thousand beauties, Jieyu is the favored concubine, that just rumors. Madam, also doesn’t need to beautify the Zhao family, whether you regard yourself as the Zhao family’s daughter-in-law or not, you know very well, Zhen also know very well.”

“However, as long as I want, I can become the well-deserved Madam Zhao at all time.” Guan Suyi stared at him.

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s eyes darkened, and his tone became very dangerous, “If Madam is willing to surrender to Zhao Luli, why would you wait until now? What is the point of saying these words other than disgusting yourself and making Zhen uncomfortable?”

He gently stroked her cheeks, which were particularly rosy because of anger, and recalled, “However, when meeting Madam again and have deep conversation with you, Zhen realized what Zhen had missed. Because of this regretful mistake, Zhen learned how to judge a person and measure a thing, from then on, be more cautious and dare not make a rash decision; Because Madam is proficient in literary and calligraphy, so Zhen have the patience to read through the Confucian classics that Zhen once scorned, and listen carefully to every sentence of the Emperor Teacher’s teaching, so as to improve day by day; Because Madam sees the suffering of the people in her eyes and feel pains in her heart, so Zhen learned to love the people like one’s own children, and govern with benevolent; Because Madam wrote the article to fight false flattery and guide public opinion, Zhen understand the importance of people’s hearts and opinions. It is because of Madam that Zhen become this way. Zhen can study all night without sleep; Zhen can sit in the court hall and plan strategies; Zhen can hold back the anger and accept admonishment like a stream. Zhen have changed from a reckless man who only knows how to kill, a violent Rakshasa, into an outstanding master in the mouth of the courtiers, and the wise monarch in the hearts of the people.”

Countless dots of light flashed in his eyes, and he sighed, “In order to match such a beautiful Madam, Zhen willing to become a better version of oneself. In order to get Madam’s affirmation, Zhen willing to create a peaceful and prosperous world.” He leaned closer and looked straight at Madam’s stunned pupils, “Madam, do you still think Zhen’s feelings are ridiculous? Do you still think it’s just a tease, a game?”

Guan Suyi’s throat was dry and it was difficult to speak for a long time. She was stunned by this man’s words, and she never imagined that behind his various benevolent actions, there were her own shadows everywhere. No wonder he denounced Xu Guangzhi several times and resolutely prevented him to become official; no wonder he revised the legal code, cleaned up the court, and encourage free airing of views for the people; no wonder he refused to accept the “four-class system” and avoid the division of the country.

Although it seemed like she thought too highly of herself, the reality was really in front of her. In order to cater to her and gain her approval, this person had done a lot in silence, so much so that it changed the fate of the Guan family, changed the fate of the dynasty, and even changed the pattern of the world.

Guan Suyi found that she couldn’t spit out a word, but it was no longer because of anger, but because of emotions that were too complicated to describe. In a trance, she had a strange thought—perhaps the deepest feeling is not to give everything to a person, but to use all your capability to change everything for her, change yourself and change the world at the same time.

Of course, in this world, not everyone could do this, because only emperors have the power to change the pattern of the world.

It turned out that this was the love of the emperor that everyone scrambled for, and it was indeed had a lot of weight and power. Guan Suyi avoided his affectionate eyes, looked into the boundless distance, and thought to herself: Unfortunately she can’t afford this love, let alone want it. Reconciling, remarrying, and then locked in a deep palace to compete with a group of women for favor, that is not the life she wants, and the ensuing criticism will cut off her grandfather and father’s careers, and then ruin the Guan family’s thousand years reputation.

The love of the emperor is indeed rare, but how long can it last? She had already lost once and would never gamble on a second rebirth.

Emperor Sheng Yuan knew what she was worried about, and his heart was anxious, but he was very helpless. Now, no matter how sincere and careful the word, it would sounded empty to her. As the saying, ‘Just as distances determines the stamina of a horse, so does time reveal a person’s true heart’, everything would be proven by time.

He slowly untied his jacket, took off his robe, and said bluntly, “Madam said just now that Zhen is high and powerful, but yourself is an ant, at my mercy. Madam, you are wrong, there are also times when Zhen is humbled into the dust and live like ant. At that time, if you know more about Zhen, you would understand that Zhen never play games, let alone play tricks on people’s hearts. What is human heart and what is emotion, Zhen have no way of knowing in the past twenty years, because since childhood Zhen was always in the company of wild beasts, illiterate, did not speak, only knew how to hunt.”

Guan Suyi saw that he had even took off his inner clothes, revealing his strong body, immediately turned her head and reprimanded, “What do you want to do? Quickly put on your clothes!”

Emperor Sheng Yuan squeezed her chin lightly, turned her face around, and sighed, “Zhen want Madam to see, under the cover of gorgeous robes and monstrous power, what the real Hunnar, or Huo Shengzhe, really looked like.”

TN: Don’t worry he won’t beep her…

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