Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Bridal Chamber


In the previous life, because her grandfather lost his standing and his father’s hopelessness in becoming an official, Guan’s family had little foothold in Yanjing, but suddenly she was favored by Marquis Zhenbei and married in with the ceremony of  official wife, which greatly eased the family’s plight. Guan Suyi’s mood was sincere and fearful, as if walking on thin ice, for fear that she would do something wrong which lead to disgust. After Zhao Luli left, she sat blankly, even if she was hungry and dizzy, she did not dare to touch the food on the table.

She would always remember the confusion and helplessness that suddenly rose from the bottom of her heart when the pale golden warm sun shone on her hungry and cold body the next morning. Since then, she had a premonition of her sad and ridiculous second half of her life.

In this life, without the sincerity and fear, without walking on thin ice, and without the hope and expectation of married life, Guan Suyi felt extraordinarily at ease. Taking off the wedding gown, removing the hairpin, and washing off the powder, she sat by the table and ate slowly, and handed out a few dishes to the joy matron and the maid outside so they could eat at the side room next door.

Minglan and Mingfang also got a snack table, but they didn’t dare to move their chopsticks, feeling entangled, “Miss, you will have a bridal chamber later, don’t eat too much. Beside, if the master sees you eat up all the dishes, I’m afraid he will think you… think you…”

Guan Suyi interrupted the two with a smile, “What will he think of me? Greedy? Don’t worry, your master has a big heart and won’t care about it.” Zhao Luli was a man with the biggest heart she ever met. The man wore a bright green hat on his head, not only was he not ashamed, he was proud of it, and for fear that he wore it not firm enough, he would buckle it on his head from time to time. He was Ye Zhen’s dog, told him to go east and he would not dare go west, even if he was thrown away carelessly, he still would unswervingly wait, and when he saw a little bit of hope, he rushed forward desperately.

He had exhausted all his affection for Ye Zhen, so he could be vicious to others to the end. Even his own flesh and blood, as long as they didn’t crawl out of Ye Zhen’s belly, they would be killed without hesitation.

In this life, Guan Suyi didn’t want to get involved with him, but since she was unable to resist, she quickly figured it out. Staying in Marquis Zhenbeihou Mansion was much more comfortable than being a nun. There was no need to eat vegetarian food, nor  abide by the precepts. On weekdays, she could enjoy flowers, write, and read, it was very free. If she married an unfamiliar person, it’s still unknown what would happened in the future, but she understood that for the husband to take concubine, managing the back house, getting jealous, and deceitful things would definitely be indispensable. Instead of lived a lifetime muddleheadedly like that, it’s actually better not to reborn again.

It seems that God refuses to let you and me go, then continue to fight to death in this life. Guan Suyi curled her lips, her eyes were a little chilly.

Minglan and Mingfang knew that their mistress had always have her own idea since she was young, so they didn’t dare to persuade her too much, and restlessly ate all the food on the small table. After half an hour, the sound of clamoring outside gradually disappeared. They assumed that the banquet was almost over. They immediately cleaned up the dishes and wiped off the greasy mouth for their mistress.

Guan Suyi put her knees together, half sitting on the edge of the couch, her hair scattered like a waterfall, her delicate face half hidden by the hair, made her lips even more red and her teeth look brighter. As soon as Zhao Lulifu pushed open the door, what he saw was this scene, and his heart jumped slightly. Everyone has the love of beauty, and even if the infatuation in this life had been spent on one person, he couldn’t deny how excellence and outstanding his newlywed wife was.

The feeling of guilt and regret faded in a flash, and he slowly walked to the couch, thinking about how to spend the night in the bridal chamber. He once made a heavy oath that no one would take his wife’s place, so he couldn’t touch Guan Suyi, but her family background was no longer what it used to be, so she couldn’t be treated coldly.

Thinking of this, Zhao Luli was in a dilemma. If it was replaced by the humble Guan family who had just entered Yanjing, why would he be this worried, he would just leave Guan Suyi unhesitatingly. But now, if she received any grievance, he still had to deal with Old Master Guan and father Guan who would stand by her, if the two families made a ruckus it would be ugly.

So Zhao Luli held his forehead with his hands, staggered, and decided to pretend to be drunk.

Guan Suyi narrowed her eyes at him, and the corners of her mouth slowly raised. It’s okay to pretend to be drunk. If not, she would make him remember his “virtuous, beautiful and innocent” late wife, let him feel brokenhearted and run away in embarrassment. In the last life, as long as she mentioned the word “Ye Zhen”, Zhao Luli would always walk away. She still felt wronged at the time, but now she loved this sharp blade that cuts the other’s heart.

She also didn’t know what Ye Zhen looks like, was she really so dazzling, peerless and graceful? Otherwise, how could Zhao Luli and Emperor Sheng Yuan be so fascinated that they would not wake up? Guan Suyi suddenly became curious about the “Late Madam” who she had never met before, and brushed the hair on the side of her cheeks, with a very casual attitude.

The corners of Minglan and Mingfang’s eyes were almost cramped from blinking but didn’t see any movement from their mistress. So they stepped forward to help the new master, and then one helped to change clothes and the other went out to fetch water. Guan Suyi covered her mouth and yawned, ready to go to sleep when Zhao Luli finished acting. She didn’t want to have any physical contact with the other person, because she would feel nauseous, and she didn’t want to give birth to a child with half of his blood, because it was a sin. Have nothing to rely on or support on the old age was not in her consideration. As long as the Guan family could stand upright, she would be able to live comfortably and freely in this life.

Zhao Luli’s acting skill was not very good. To prevent exposure, he have no alternative but to rush to the bed in a few steps, fell down and pretend to sleep, and let Minglan and Mingfang take off his robes. In embarrassment, he did not realize that his new wife had never say a word of concern or helped him.

“Miss, the master is very drunk, this servant will go and cook a bowl of sobering soup to help him.” Minglan said breathlessly.

Mingfang suddenly robbed her, “It’s better if this servant go. This servant  just now asked the housekeeper, so know where the kitchen is.” Her heart thumped and thumped so hard, she never thought that the master was such a handsome and elegant figure. No wonder the ladies in Yanjing called him ‘Jade Son’, and every time he went out, there was bound to be a trail of fascinated women. If, if it could be exchanged for a night of grace, that would be great!

Guan Suyi seemed to have never noticed Mingfang’s shy and eager look, and waved her hand, “Go.”

Minglan got along Mingfang day and night, naturally knew her every move, she looked at her mistress, quite a bit hesitant to say something. Guan Suyi half-supported her forehead and looked at her, with a playful smile on her face, then put her white fingertip on her lips, and made a silent gesture.

Seeing miss’ rising eyebrows and the soft lips with a shallow dent pressed by the pink fingernails, Minglan’s cheeks were red, and she sighed in her heart: Only a wonderful person like Miss can match the Jade Son, Mingfang is really overestimating herself.

Guan Suyi hugged the bedding on the soft couch by the window, planned to stay in it overnight. In the last life, Mingfang and Minglan failed to accompany her to the end. One attempted to seduce the marquis and was killed by Ye Fan and Zhao Chunxi; the other went back to Guan’s house to ask for help after she was in trouble, but was finally sold by Zhao Luli.

Starting all over again, she did not intend to deal with Mingfang. An ambitious woman like Mingfang could be easily used as a tool in her hands. Regardless of whom she would marry, it was unavoidable for the husband to take concubines, instead of accepting someone with unknown origins and unpredictable temperament, it was better to receive someone who was easy to control. Facts had proven that she was right. When Ye Fan entered the door, she could easily push Mingfang and let them had a dogfight, and then her own main house would be quiet. As for Minglan, she must find a good husband for her in this life and marry her gracefully.

Minglan knew that her mistress dislike the smell of wine and has a serious cleansing habit. Afraid that she would not let the master get close tonight. But this was her bridal night, how could it be wasted, she deliberately tried to persuade a few words, but saw her put up her index finger again, pursed her red lips, and shushed inaudibly.

Minglan’s charming face blushed and nodded repeatedly.

The master and servant were talking in riddles, and Zhao Luli, who was lying on the bed, felt a little uncomfortable. He wanted to open his eyes to take a look, but worried about getting into more embarrassing situation. The two maids served very well, but he never heard a word from his new wife, also didn’t know what she thought in her heart. Would she be resentful or dissatisfied? If she insists on calling him to get up, how should he respond?

While thinking, He Xiang’s anxious voice came from outside the door, “Lord marquis, it’s not good, the eldest miss suddenly has high fever, just now she lost consciousness, please go and see!”

The daughter who was about eight points similar to his wife had always been Zhao Luli’s heart and flesh, the affection and love was better than that of his di son. At this time, where could he looked drunk, suddenly turned over and sat up, put on his boots, and ran out while hastily put on his outer robe.

With a “bang”, the door that was pushed open bounced back to the door frame, startling Minglan. She stammered as she slapped her chest, “Isn’t the master very drunk? How can he move so quickly?”

“Isn’t it easy to pretend to be drunk?” Guan Suyi tied her hair into a simple bun and used a hairpin to secure it, pointed to the cloak on the hanger and said, “Let’s go, let’s follow along, lest others say that the stepmother is cruel.”

When the two came to Penglai Garden, there were people entering and exiting inside, and Zhao Chunxi shrank into the thick bedding, with a wet kerchief on her forehead, and her cheeks flushed abnormally, she looked extremely weak. Seeing the new madam suddenly appeared, the servants all over the house showed hostility. On the contrary, Zhao Luli’s expression looked very ashamed and guilty at the thought that he just pretended to be drunk.

“Well! It’s so hot! Have you sent for a doctor?” Guan Suyi went straight to the bed and gently caressed Zhao Chunxi who was dazedly ill.

“Someone has been sent to invite. It should be on the road right now.” Zhao Luli dodged her eyes.

Guan Suyi sat down on the bed, took off the slightly hot veil, and replaced it for Zhao Chunxi. An anxious expression appeared on her face, but she smiled slowly in her heart. With a different family background, everything was also different. In the last life, where did Zhao Chunxi need to use this self-destructive method to deal with her? Only inviting her to Penglai Garden the next morning after guarding an empty boudoir alone, a few words of comfort was able to make her grateful. At that time, the Guan family got out of the predicament because of Zhao Luli’s importance. She was only grateful to the Zhao family and had no suspicion. Why would she think of anything else?

Looking at it now, the daughter summoned the mother to her courtyard to talk, this was an act of establishing superiority. Zhao Chunxi never paid attention to her from the beginning to the end, let alone showing filial piety. It was so stupid that she pitied and thought about her everywhere.

In this life, in order to suppress her famous stepmother, she did not hesitate to make herself ill. It was unknown how long she was blown by the cold wind to have such a high temperature? Thinking of this, a smile flashed in Guan Suyi’s eyes. Seeing that these people were not doing well, she felt relieved. It was worthwhile for her to endured the nausea of marrying in.

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  1. I hope this is not the ML, this family is too disgusting. If he is then I’m gonna puke on the author

    1. Well this is difference in quality writing!… Hard lvl vs Easy mode… making an unlikable ML into suitable ML or Discard ex-fiance/husband for perfect aloof/black–bellied (prince) with CLEAN sheet background…
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  3. Really curious how the author will make either of the male lead characters redeemable, Her husband is a complete doormat and moron and the emperor took away his comrades wife. I don’t care what happened, you don’t take away your supposed friend’s wife and boink her.

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