Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Divorce


The Ye Mansion, which was still slightly depressed just now, was about to collapse in a blink of an eye, and the danger was imminent. This change came too quickly, and people were caught off guard. The people passing by saw the officers coming and going, heard the loud cries, so they all gathered around to watch.

“Why did the Ye family even have the plaque removed? This doesn’t seem like a petty fight!”

“Hey, don’t you know? The Ye family relied on Ye Jieyu‘s favor, so they always acted wildly. Now they have stabbed the hornet’s nest and make the Emperor Teacher impeach them! There are thirty-two charges, and they are all posted on the notice in front of the gate of Minister of Justice office, go and see for yourself, there are a few Confucian scholars there to recite for free.”

“Minister of Justice office is too far, I’m too lazy to run, you can tell me.”

“Yes, yes, you can tell everyone.” The gossipy people quickly echoed.

The well-informed person recounted the cause and effect triumphantly, and concluded at the end, “Speaking of which, it was the red coral that caused the disaster. You said that you are worried about your two grandchildren, afraid that they will be bullied by their stepmother, at once stuffed in a shu daughter as a concubine, why are you so brazen? Isn’t it obvious that you tried to embarrass the Emperor Teacher Mansion? That’s just great, the Emperor Teacher Mansion doesn’t use a normal move, but one move will kill you!”

“Tsk tsk tsk, the literati’s methods are truly terrifying! Even doing personal vendetta to this point!” A Confucian scholar shook his head and sighed.

Didn’t know who spit in the back, and shouted loudly, “You fucking knows fart! The Emperor Teacher not only impeached Ye Quanyong, but also impeached the emperor, saying that he indulged his foreign relatives and bring disaster for the common people, the emperor then issued a decree to strictly investigate the Ye family, otherwise it’s unknown until when the Ye family will be rampant. Do you think Ye Quanyong is a good person? I tell you, the Ye family doesn’t have any good thing! In the past, a large area of Gejia village in the western suburbs was forcibly occupied by the Ye family who allied with some officials, the emperor clearly issued a decree, exempting the common people of Great Wei from paying taxes for three years, the people in  ten miles and eight villages should have all benefited from this, but at Ye family’s land, the rent were still collected like before, they still recruited forced labor like before, coupled with summer floods and severe cold in winter, the grains could not be harvested, to the point the villagers of Gejia starve to death and freeze to death. Walking a little closer to that place, all I saw was red earth and white bones, really a desolate place! Some villagers couldn’t stand it anymore, they were going to the capital to sue to the imperial court, but they were beaten to death by the minions sent by the Ye family, and they were thrown into the mountains to feed the wolves. What kind of good thing is Ye mansion? Just a bunch of fucking beasts! If there is no Emperor Teacher, they will still rely on the emperor and Ye Jieyu‘s power, and it’s unknown how long they will run rampant, and it’s unknown how many people they will harm. Emperor Teacher is eliminating evil for the people, enforce justice on behalf of Heaven!”

The man cried bitterly as he spoke, showing that there were a lot of grievances in his heart.

Someone next to him whispered, “Yes, yes, eight to nine out of ten beggars in Yanjing are from the Gejia village. When they saw the plaque of the Ye family from a distance, they avoid it. They are very afraid! ”

“More than that! There used to be a very prosperous cloth shop in Willow Lane. The dyed cloth is colorful and does not fade for a long time. It’s very popular with powerful people and nobles. Completely different patterns are embroidered on both sides of the silk, and even if people turn it over and over in their hands, they can’t find any flaws. Because of the unique skills of the dyeing and embroidery, someone from the Department of Internal Affairs took a fancy to them and wanted to choose them as imperial merchants and specialize in tribute weaving, but the news was intercepted by the Ye Mansion, and the nine members of the family of the owner of cloth shop were forced to death by some dirty means, the family property and secret methods were forcibly seized, they really have no conscience!”

“And there’s…”

In the past, because Ye Jieyu was favored, everyone did not dare to criticize “Imperial-in-law Ye”, but now even the emperor had been charged with “condoning foreign relatives to cause disaster”, and also wrote a Guilty Edict to reflect on himself, it could be seen that the Ye family’s punishment was difficult to escape, so the bloody cases one by one were turned over and spread to everyone.

Looking at it this way, the Ye family’s raid and extermination of the clan were really not wrong at all.

“Emperor Teacher is too selfless. He only has the law and public interest in his eyes, but he has forgotten his own family! He impeached Ye Mansion, causing Ye Quanyong’s family to be destroyed. He didn’t think about how his granddaughter will live in Marquis Zhenbei Mansion? We know that the deceased wife of the Marquis Zhenbei is Ye Jieyu‘s twin sister, and half the blood of the Ye family still flows in their di son and daughter. With such a bloody feud, Guan shi will have a hard time in the future.”

“Yeah! In order to seek justice, Emperor Teacher has sacrificed the lifelong happiness of his granddaughter, and I don’t know if he will regret it in the future.”

“Guan shi is pitiful, really pitiful…” The people who were still indignant just now sighed for Marquis Zhenbei Madam.


After the father-in-law and several brothers-in-law were kidnapped, Zhao Luli helped Liu shi out of the door, followed by a group of crying womenfolk. The Ye Mansion had now been sealed, and the officials were preparing to stick the seal on the door. If they couldn’t find a place to settle down, they must sleep on the street.

Up to now, Liu shi finally realized the benefits of her ex-son-in-law, pulled him to shout the injustices one by one, repeatedly begging him to bring Master Ye out. Zhao Luli promised again and again, but his heart was trembling. Where would he find a way? He could only bring the womenfolk back to the mansion for resettlement, and then slowly plan to rescue his father-in-law in the future.

Liu shi didn’t dare to put all her hopes on her son-in-law. She stroked the hem of her clothes and tidied up her hair on he temples. Then she went to the gate of the palace and knelt down to see if she could see her daughter. She just walked out a few steps when she heard a passerby talking about “Guan shi this , Guan shi that”, and then new hatred and old hatred surged together, pinching his son-in-law’s arm and said angrily, “Yes! My Ye family fell into this situation, all were caused by that Guan shi! Chen Guang, you must divorce that vicious woman!”

Zhao Chunxi didn’t even have the slightest idea how to fight against Guan shi, and only hoped that she could stay farther away from her, so she couldn’t help but fan the flames and said, “Dad, didn’t Guan shi threaten us before, saying that it’s not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years? That saying is finally here, the Guan family’s impeachment of grandfather must be under her orders. The trivial matters in the family should be discussed and be coordinated together, each takes one step back to be more open-minded and make the whole family happy, but she actually make a fuss to the point of people dying! Daddy, she is too narrow-minded. With such a person as my and Wang Shu’s mother, how could we dare to provoke her in the future? If accidentally pierce her heart, will we die in her hands?”

“Daddy, I’m afraid!” Zhao Wangshu had been frightened by the collapse of the Ye family and the ferocity of the officers. He could not help but trembled with fear when he heard that it was all because of his stepmother’s ghost.

Zhao Luli looked at the Ye’s family, who was suffering from the bitter wind and rain, and at the children who were like startled birds. He was seething with anger for a while, then dropped a sentence, “I’ll go see her to settle the bill” and left in a fit of rage. Liu shi cursed for a moment through gritted teeth, and then she smiled coldly: My Ye family is indeed unlucky, but can you get a good outcome Guan Suyi? As a woman, living in the back house, your husband is your heaven, and your children are your land. Without your husband’s favor and at odds with your children, I want to see if you’re unable to rely on heaven and fall to the ground for the rest of your life, how should you live! Guan Qiguang that old bastard has harmed his own granddaughter, but he still doesn’t know. Reading books too much is making you stupid! Cuih!

With a fierce spit, Liu shi said, “All go to the palace gate and kneel. You won’t get up unless Jieyu niangniang has summoned!”

Although Zhao Chunxi and Zhao Wangshu were full of reluctance, they did not dare to object, so they had to force themselves to go.


Guan Suyi was idle today and was wandering the newly opened bookstore when she heard someone call her from above, “Madam, Marquis Zhenbei Madam?”

“Hunnar, why are you here?” Guan Suyi looked up, turned out it was the big man of the Jiuli tribe, almost nine feet tall and shrunk in a cramped corner, a pair of seemingly pure black, but in fact, occasionally appeared blue eyes were staring at her.

“This bookstore was opened by Lord Marquis, and this subordinate accompany him to see it.” Emperor Sheng Yuan barely suppressed his joy and pointed above.

Standing behind Guan Suyi, the maid named Jinzi quickly glanced at the emperor, and then let out a sigh of relief. It took all of her mind to bring the very intelligent madam to come here without letting her see the flaws.

Guan Suyi looked up and saw that Qin Lingyun was standing by the railing with a smile that was not a smile.

“You still have the mood to go shopping?” He took out a Buddhist bead, his tone was very gloating.

“What happened?” Guan Suyi’s heart moved, and she speculated, “My grandfather took office today. Could it be that he impeached Ye Quanyong in the Jinluan Palace?”

“More than that.” Emperor Sheng Yuan walked down slowly and spoke with red ears.

Guan Suyi thought for a while, and then said, “And impeached the emperor?”

Qin Lingyun asked in amazement, “How do you know?” If it weren’t for the fact that the emperor sent spies to follow Marquis Zhenbei Madam all the time, making sure that after she left the mansion’s gate and drove to the bookstore, she didn’t meet any acquaintances on the way, nor did she stop much, Qin Lingyun really wanted to suspect that she was a clairvoyance and omniscient.

“It’s very simple. Impeaching the Ye family can impeach the emperor by the way. In this way, the first fire of the Inspectorate is really lit.” Guan Suyi took out a travel journal, smiled and shook her head while reading.

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s mood fluctuated slightly, and he realized, “So, the target of the Emperor Teacher has never been the Ye family, but the emperor?”

“If you want to quickly establish the prestige of the Inspectorate, is there a more suitable target than the emperor?” Guan Suyi put down the book, bowed three times in the direction of the imperial city, and sighed, “Fortunately, the emperor is a real wise monarch, lead by example and serves the public wholeheartedly, only then my grandfather can seek benevolence and acquire it. In my opinion, within three to five years, our Great Wei will definitely rejuvenate, and within ten years it will unified the rivers and mountains.”

In front of the Emperor’s lackey, she easily patted the horse’s butt. Of course, the administration of officials in the Great Wei was indeed much clearer than in the previous life. In the early days of the founding of the country in the previous life, the court was very chaotic. First, Xu Guangzhi used his literary to mess with the law. Second, Jiuli aristocrats oppressed the Han people. And third was the secret struggle between foreign relatives, noble families and clan relatives. It was not until the civil unrest broke out later, and the Great Wei was almost torn apart, Emperor Sheng Yuan finally realized the pain when the pain gone and ruthlessly rectified the administration of officials, but it took three to five years to gradually stabilize the situation.

On the other hand, this world was peaceful and smooth. Could this be the result of saving her grandfather? A small change could influence the fate of a country. Heaven’s will was really unpredictable.

When Guan Suyi sighed and lamented, Emperor Sheng Yuan felt his hot blood surged after being praised by her. Carrying the whole country’s rivers and mountains on his left shoulder and the common people on his right shoulder, he had been trying his best to explore and move forward, fearing that one wrong step would turn the world upside down and the common people would be forced to leave home and become miserable. However, others could only see his high power and invincibility, how could they understand his fear and trepidation, like walking on thin ice? Even if they praised him as a wise monarch and holy master ten thousand times, it was no match for Madam’s plain and firm prophecy.

“Borrowing Madam’s auspicious words, I will let Madam see my Great Wei’s peaceful and prosperous age as soon as possible.” Emperor Sheng Yuan’s voice was hoarse, and he was about to say something else when he saw Zhao Luli running this was with a huff, and dragged her out without looking at anyone else, said angrily, “The Ye family suffered such a great disaster, and you are still hanging out? If you don’t let the Emperor Teacher withdraw the impeachment memorial and enter the palace to plead for the Ye family today, I will divorce you!”

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