Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Mu Mu


Ruan shi and Mu Mu did not end well in the previous lives. After the two of them died, rumors spread that Guan Suyi’s life was hard and tortured her six relatives, which not only bring bad luck to the Guan family, but also killed her sister-in-law, nephew, and adopted son. The old madam believed in Buddhism, and really invited a monk to come to the house to done somethings, which made her situation even more difficult.

Since then, her prestige in the Marquis Mansion had been shattered. No matter what she said or did, there were always people talking behind her back, as if she was a big joke and shouldn’t be alive at all. If she hadn’t followed her grandfather to the south and the north since she was a child, and had cultivated a strong bones and an iron heart, she would have been killed by the rumors.

As the saying goes, “The public’s mouth can melt gold, accumulating and destroying bones“, dying from rumors were ten thousand times more tragic than dying on the battlefield. Even if the people went to the Yellow Spring, the damage to their soul would never be eliminated. Of course, she wanted to save Ruan shi and Mu Mu, not because she was afraid of people’s words, but because she wanted to give them a new life, and to see if humans could fight for their lives with heaven.

Thinking like this, she waved to Minglan, “Take my name card and go to the imperial hospital to ask for an imperial doctor. The second madam and the young master, one is heavily pregnant, the other is young and frail. The two are tired from the journey, and need to be conditioned.

In the entire Marquis Mansion, only Zhao Luli and Guan Suyi had ranks, so they could hire an imperial doctor. When others were sick, they had to find a doctor on their own, or tough it out. Ruan shi had frightened the eldest young master and the eldest miss, and was often mocked by the servants as evil spirit. If there was nothing she would never dare to go out, much less cause trouble to the marquis mansion, and she would silently endure major and minor illnesses. Seeing that her sister-in-law was so attentive, she couldn’t help being a little flattered, and said hurriedly, “No, no, there is no need to call the imperial doctor. Mu Mu and I are just tired, we just need to go back to sleep.”

“You’re pregnant with the eldest son of the second house, so it’s better to be more cautious. Let the imperial doctor see if you are sick or not, and prescribe a few pills to eat.” Guan Suyi waved at Minglan who was hesitant to move. Minglan nodded and ran away.

The old madam also echoed, “Why should the family be so polite, your sister-in-law cares about you.”

“Yes, daughter-in-law knows, thank you sister-in-law.” Ruan shi‘s eyes were slightly red, and seeing Guan Suyi’s expression was normal, she took a seat beside her cautiously. Mu Mu seemed to sense the new Madam’s kindness, and moved over in small steps, and continued to look at her with his head tilted.

Guan Suyi also imitated his movements, tilting her head to look back, the little guy blinked, she blinked, the little guy tilted his head to the other side, and she followed suit. After going back and forth a few times, Mu Mu suddenly covered his mouth and smiled. Eyes curved into crescents, looked very cute.

Guan Suyi felt so soft in her heart, she desperately wanted to hug the child and kiss him, but she was afraid of scaring him, so she could only tentatively reach out and touch his forehead. Mu Mu hid for a while, then stopped moving, looking at her with curiosity in his eyes.

“Does he know how to talk or just doesn’t like to talk?” Guan Suyi asked softly.

“He doesn’t like to talk.” Ruan shi whispered to her sister-in-law’s ear, “He was there when his parents died. Perhaps he was frightened by the sight of blood flowing like a river, so he rarely spoke since then. The more you tease him, the more he is reluctant to open his mouth, still hides in the nooks and crannies where no one can see, often after rummaging through the whole Marquis Mansion we find him tired, hungry and timid, looking so pitiful, so we couldn’t do anything to him.”

A mental injury was harder to heal than a physical one. Guan Suyi felt a little more pity in her heart, but she didn’t dare to approach Mu Mu rashly, so she picked up a piece of cake to coax him, “Rushing the journey the whole morning, are you hungry? Come, eat a piece of cake.”

Mu Mu stared at the cake, clearly eager, but also showed a look of fear.

It’s just a piece of cake, how could children be so afraid of it? Guan Suyi’s heart skipped a beat, and finally realized something. Pastries were not scary, but what about after eating them? She immediately asked Ruan shi to bring Mu Mu to the window, leaning towards the morning light she said, “Mu Mu, open your mouth for mother to see.”

Mu Mu looked at her with wide eyes.

“Ah, open your mouth, ah…” Guan Suyi very patiently demonstrated, because there was a small game of imitating each other before, Mu Mu quickly opened his mouth and made a hoarse sound.

The old madam noticed something was wrong, hurried over to watch, and couldn’t help but exclaimed. She saw the inside of Mu Mu’s throat was swollen and inflamed, pus was flowing out, and if not receive medical treatment it could completely block the passage for eating and breathing. No wonder he didn’t dare to eat pastries, no wonder he went so suddenly in his previous life, because he had been ill for a long time, but no one noticed.

A cold sweat broke out from Guan Suyi’s back, and she immediately sent someone to urge the imperial doctor. Thinking of it, she was not completely innocent in her previous life. If she was careful enough and responsible enough, if she gave Mu Mu half the care and concern she placed on Zhao Wangshu and Zhao Chunxi, he would not have died so unclearly.

What kind of sin have you done in your past life? Guan Suyi’s heart was in severe pain, but she didn’t dare to hug Mu Mu rashly, so she could only comfort him, “Don’t be afraid, when the imperial doctor comes to give medicine, our Mu Mu will not be in pain.”

Mu Mu seemed to understand, but also seemed to not understand, he kept opening his mouth and said “Aaah” with a smile in his eyes.

The imperial doctor soon arrived, gave Mu Mu some medicinal powder with a blowpipe, and prescribed a few more decoctions, saying that madam was careful and found it early, if it delayed for two or three days it would be troublesome and so on. Ruan shi‘s fetal position was very good and her body was also strong, she didn’t need to be conditioned, just let her move around more when she was free.

The imperial doctor was sent away with great gratitude, and the old madam knelt in front of the Buddhist altar and recited something, which showed that she was really frightened. Mu Mu’s throat was cool and comfortable, and his pale face became more rosy. He ran to Guan Suyi with his short legs and continued to look at her with his head tilted.

Ruan shi said with shame, “If sister-in-law hadn’t found out in time, Mu Mu would have been in danger. I’m so careless, I really shouldn’t…”

Guan Suyi interrupted her softly, “You are also pregnant, so it’s inevitable that there will be times when you can’t take care of it. You have been taking care of Mu Mu all these years. He doesn’t close to anyone, but prefers to get close to you, which clearly shows that you have done enough. Children have sharp eyes, who is good to him and who is bad to him, even if he can’t say it, his every move will reveal it.”

“It can be seen that sister-in-law is really good to Mu Mu too, otherwise, how could he like you so much when he just met you. Look, his eyes won’t turn.” Ruan shi was greatly relief, and felt more and more that her sister-in-law treated people with generosity and had pure heart.

Guan Suyi fell in love with Mu Mu’s ignorant appearance. Seeing Minglan coming over with white porridge, she immediately waved, “Give it to me, I’ll feed him.”

This time, Mu Mu didn’t shy away. The other end just blew a mouthful of hot porridge, he already opened his mouth wide and waited, his little hands grabbed the hem of his clothes, like a baby bird waiting to be fed, causing everyone in the room to giggle. Guan Suyi laughed for a while and feed a mouthful, only felt that she had been in the Marquis Mansion for many days, and only at this moment she felt truly happy.

At this moment, a steward woman hurried in and whispered in the old madam’s ear, saying it was a whisper, but the voice was not low, and several masters who were closer could hear it. Anyway, the news had already spread, it was not a secret.

“Old Madam, it’s incredible, something has happened to the Ye family! Yesterday’s treasure appraising banquet was not completed at all. The good treasure was placed under everyone’s eyes, but it was inexplicably shattered. Master Ye immediately ordered people to seal the mansion, detained the guests, and then went to the palace to ask the emperor for help. He thought the emperor could help him turn over the city of Yanjing. However, really did not expect the emperor to not investigate, only said that the Ye family’s blessing was shallow, difficult to bear the Holy’s favor so the national treasure was shattered by heaven’s will, and let them just pinch their noses and recognize it; As if that’s not enough, the emperor turned his face and beat the Imperial Guards who went to the Ye family to investigate the case, downgrading them, and said they left their posts without authorization. This is what happened yesterday, and today during the court, the emperor still not let the matter drop. Rebuked the Joint Defense Department and the leaders of  Imperial Armies one by one, said in the future, only the emperor could mobilize the defense of the capital with tiger tally. Such an arbitrary dispatcher like the Ye family did is guilty of conspiracy and rebellion, and the nine generations should be punished! This sentence made Master Ye terrified and pissed himself in the hall, made it smelled of urine.

The steward fanned her nose and covered her mouth, as if she was really there.

The old madam asked anxiously, “Afterwards, what did the emperor say?”

“Later, the emperor thought that he was disrespectful in front of the imperial court, so he dispersed the court meeting in advance. How could Master Ye dare to go, he knelt in front of Chengde Hall to plead guilty. Lord Marquis, Lord Marquis also ran to kneel with him when he received the news.  Perhaps he is now at the Ye mansion to help with the aftermath.” The steward’s voice became lower and lower, until it became silent.

“Unworthy son! What does the Ye family have to do with him!” The old madam was trembling with anger.

Afraid that she would be hurt by her anger, the steward hurriedly reported the good news, “The emperor originally wanted to seize Master Ye’s official position, but Ye Jieyu suddenly relapsed and vomited a bed of blood. If she hadn’t sought medical treatment in time, she almost died. She cried and shouted the emperor for mercy, and then asked herself to be demoted to atone for her father’s sins. The emperor was afraid that she could not bear the stimulation, so he had no alternative but to send Master Ye out of the palace, said he should reflect behind close door. Now it’s unknown whether Ye Jieyu is alive or dead, listening to what the imperial doctor said, it’s very likely that she will not survive tonight. Now the news has spread all over the street, saying that the daughter of a horse dealer also dares to dream the ultimate wealth, even Heaven couldn’t bear to watch and specially sent a disaster to punish her. The Ye Mansion, who was still full of arrogance and great momentum yesterday, has now become the laughing stock of the whole Yanjing, and even the storyteller in the tea-house has already sang it at this time. Old madam, this servant will let you hear one section…”

The steward woman cleared her throat and sang, “The Ye family has a daughter, her heart is higher than the sky, her life is as thin as paper, no matter how much have planned, in the end the enemy broke a coral tree, and an unpredictable disaster is coming. But begging for the monarch’s favor, on the contrary entered the dark haze again, thinking that the power is monstrous and domineering, but after all, the monarch is the monarch, the subject is the subject, and the crime of arrogance cannot escape…”

“Good singing!” The old madam’s face was like a frost and she gritted her teeth, “However, Ye Zhen has nine orifices in her heart and as cunning as a fox, so she won’t let herself suffer loses in vain for such trivial matters. Who knows if her old illness is true or not? It is said that a scourge will live for thousands of years. I don’t think she will die this time, it’s just a bitter trick, that’s all.”

Ye Zhen had already “drowned” before Ruan shi passed the door, so she didn’t know why her mother-in-law hated the Ye family, so it was not easy for her to speak.

Guan Suyi’s brows frowned, her face was gloomy, and she seemed to have inexplicable worries. She thought hard for a while, and muttered, “Then how did the coral tree shatter in front of everyone’s eyes? Minglan, you go to inquire again, be sure to ask. Be more detailed.” As for the fate of the Ye family and Ye Zhen, she had already expected it, so she had no interest.

Minglan’s footsteps paused slightly, and then she rushed out. The old madam and Ruan shi looked at each other and thought to themselves: The daughter-in-law’s (sister-in-law) focus seems a little strange? The Ye family insulted her like that, but she did not mock or slander them at all. It can be seen that the Guan family education is indeed extraordinary!

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  1. We all know that the “saving grace” was faked and her blood vomiting attacks are too…. they always coincide with Ye crises🤨

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    1. Or more like premeditated, maybe she knew to jump in for her benefit and to save her family, because if it was fake someone as smart as the Emperor would’ve known but if it was planned or by the right place and the right time, then it would still be a life-saving grace just not out of sincerity

    2. I think the life saving grace before… is actually started from her father’s hand. If I read it right, the poison actually delivered by Master Ye! Maybe Master Ye as wealthy merchants supplied weapons to all parties in the war, and one of the party roped him in and asked him to arrange for assassination. Master Ye planned a scheme to poison Sheng Yuan and yet Ye Zhen had vision that he will come out as the winner no matter what, so she gambled it. Just drink enough poison (since she should know the name and lethality of the poison her own father purchased) not to make it fatal and then reap the benefit. It turned out her gamble is right but she didn’t know that Sheng Yuan is moved completely lol. And that is why she is more dominant than Master Ye, since she hold the bigger chip.

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