Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Tall Trees


After ordering Ye Zhen to go back, Emperor Sheng Yuan put down the spoon and said solemnly, “This bowl of soup is given to you, drink it while it’s hot.”

Who dared to refuse what the emperor gave, Baifu was flattered and took the soup bowl, took it in small sips and drank it all, he intended to praise Ye Jieyu‘s cooking skills, but afraid of angering the emperor by saying the wrong thing, so he had to shut up. He really couldn’t guess the emperor’s mind now, saying that he didn’t love Ye Jieyu, but of all the concubines in the palace, only Ye Jieyu could talk to him; saying that he loved Ye Jieyu, but he never never stayed in Ganquan Palace for more than an hour, let alone stay overnight.

No wonder after so many years, not only Ye Jieyu had never given birth, but the rest of the imperial concubines did not move at all. And the empress dowager, who was not his biological mother, did not urge at all, and only concentrated on raising the little grandsons left by several princes. His Majesty was already twenty-seven this year, if there was no good news, afraid that in a few years, it would provoke criticism from the courtiers. Baifu finally realized the taste of “The emperor is not in a hurry, but the eunuchs are“. But he did not dare to advise bluntly, only pick a few more beauties to serve in the palace, preferably someone as talented as Ye Jieyu.

While thinking about it, Emperor Sheng Yuan had already leaned on the dragon chair and closed his eyes. The sky outside the window was getting dark. A layer of shadow covered his handsome and cold face, his thin lips pursed very tight and slightly pulled down, showing a bit of depression.

Baifu didn’t know what happened to the emperor when he went outside in plain clothes, but very sure that he was not in a good mood right now, if he make a slight mistake, he might throw himself onto the muzzle of a gun. The servants who could serve in Weiyang Palace were all experienced, and there was no need for the chief supervisor to remind them to lowered their eyes and ears, kept their voices quiet, and dared not make trouble.

In this dead silence atmosphere, time passed quietly, as if a long time had passed, but it was only a moment, Baifu suddenly heard His Majesty’s low voice, “Bring the Book of Songs here, I want to see it.”

“It’s here.” Baifu hurriedly found the book and placed it on a tray covered with silk.

Emperor Sheng Yuan flipped through the pages at will, his cryptic eyes suddenly fixed, and after a while, he slowly read word by word, “There are tall trees in the south, and it is not to be contemplated; Han has a wandering girl, and it is impossible to think; The vastness of Han is incomprehensible. The eternal nature of the river is incomprehensible. Baifu, can you sing this poem? Sing and let me listen.”

“Your Majesty, due to the turmoil of war, the rise and fall of the feudal states, and the displacement of the people, many of the tunes in the Book of Songs have been lost. This servant have shallow knowledge and dare not show their ugliness. If Your Majesty really likes it, it is better to ask the Emperor Teacher tomorrow. The old master may know a thing or two.”

“Ask Guan Qiguang to sing a love poem? Forget it.” Emperor Sheng Yuan shook his head and laughed, as if thinking of something, he murmured, “Someone can certainly sing it, but if she sings it to Zhen, Zhen will be even more pathetic. But  it’s better this was, what remain unseen is deemed clean, what remain unheard is deemed quite.”

Which woman won’t even give you face? And who can make you pitiful? Baifu felt incredulous. Seeing that His Majesty’s expression changed from longing to loss, and then to gloomy and depressed, in the end he did not dare to ask.


Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, Main House.

Zhao Chunxi had been waiting in the side hall for more than an hour. Seeing that Guan Suyi had not returned to the house, she couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. Her two maids, Hexiang and Xueliu, repeatedly ran outside the second gate to take a look, their faces full of impatience. After another quarter of an hour, Hexiang ran back and said indignantly, “Miss, don’t wait, let’s go back. Madam knew that you’re going to apologize today, but without informing anything she went out privately and let you wait in vain. She is hanging you on purpose!”

“My aunt is about to pass the door. Wangshu and I have been close to my aunt since we were young. She is worried that we will be wooed, which will shake her status. It is not surprising that she gives us some power play.” Zhao Chunxi squeezed the veil tightly and endured secretly.

“But you are the serious eldest miss of Marquis Mansion, then just let her grind you? If she treats you so coldly, you should let lord marquis know, otherwise if you suffer in silence for a long time, she will treat you as a soft persimmon, and will squeezed more and more easily.”

“There’s no need to tell daddy, so what if I tell him? He always asks me to please Guan shi more, and do not be disobedient, after all, my dowry and future depend on her planning. She also insulted me for being raised by a little woman, and daddy didn’t listen to me and ignored it. They said that if you have a stepmother, you will have a stepfather, which is really true.”

“Miss, this servant will say something over the line. Aunt Ye is your own aunt after all. Behind her are Master Ye, Madam Ye, Jieyu niangniang, and even the emperor’s support. Her identity is not comparable to that ordinary concubine, and when she gives birth to a son in the future, as long as Jieyu niangniang issues a decree, it will be enough to raise her as an equal wife. Then she will be in equal footing with Guan shi, so why should you alienate Concubine Ye according to the Lord marquis’s orders, but instead force yourself to get close to Guan shi?” After saying this, Hexiang looked around, feeling rather guilty.

Zhao Chunxi’s eyes lit up slightly, and then dimmed again, “Lifted her up to be an equal wife? Wouldn’t you lead the wolf into the room?”

“What kind of person is Concubine Ye, you still don’t know? She has watched you and the eldest young master grow up since you were young, she will treat you as if you are her own, she’s extremely sincere. Compare to that Guan shi, she will be so much better. If you are worried after she has a son, her heart is easily change, then simply give her medicine for a few years, and when you get married, the eldest young master will be conferred as Shizi and inherit the title, and then give her a child to support her.”

If you can give medicine to Ye Fan, you can also give medicine to Guan shi. Zhao Chunxi’s heart trembled slightly, she was obviously persuaded. After thinking for a moment, she waved her hand and said, “My aunt came from a humble background. If I want to raise her to be an equal wife, it is not easy, I still need to take care of slowly. However, my time is limited, and I’m going to get married in two or three years. I’m afraid I won’t be able to wait for her.”

“Miss, you are doing it the wrong way. The length of time is not only decided by Heaven, but also by us. Jieyu niangniang’s holy favor will never fade, and a few pillow talk can make the Ye family become a top-level powerful family. When that time comes Concubine Ye’s family background will also risen with the tide. And in the mansion, you and she can join hands to deal with Guan shi and suppress her. If Guan shi‘s personal morality is detrimental, how can she manage central feed and still have the title. No matter what Guan family said, it won’t justified. Combining attacks from three sides, and in one year she will become a phoenix that falls on the shelf.”

“Great idea!” Zhao Chunxi clasped her palm, and then worriedly said, “But after all, she is a first-rank titled madam appointed by the emperor. If she is suppressed too hard, will it offend the emperor?”

“Are you still afraid that the emperor will protect her, but not protect Jieyu niangniang? The only woman who followed the emperor in and out of the battlefield was Jieyu Niangniang, the only woman who lived and died with him was Jieyu Niangniang, the only woman who sacrificed her life to save him was also the Jieyu Niangniang. Now that His Majesty has ascended to the throne and proclaimed the emperor, only Jieyu Niangniang has the highest position of all the imperial concubines in the whole palace. Holding the Phoenix Seal, commanding the Six Palaces and the Jiaofang alone, such a great honor, not to mention protecting you, it will be easy to create a giant noble family. Just wait, when Jieyu Niangniang gives birth to a dragon heir, and go further, Ye family will soar to the sky and be full of glory, and you and the eldest young master are the juniors who are most valued by her, the future will certainly not bad. You don’t have to cling to the present, just take a long-term view.”

“My mom…” Zhao Chunxi changed her words in time, “If my eldest aunt can really go further, my grandfather will become a true imperial father-in-law. According to the rules, he can be canonized as a Duke. When that time comes, a mere Guan family is really nothing to be afraid of.”

“Yes, so why do you have to humble yourself in front of Guan shi as Lord Marquis instructed? You just need to befriend your maternal family and approach Jieyu niangniang, and there will be countless glory and wealth in the future.” The more Hexiang spoke the more she felt she was clever, she couldn’t help but felt pleased with herself.

Zhao Chunxi was still hesitating when she suddenly saw Xueliu rushing over and said excitedly, “Miss, just now the gatekeeper sent a message to this servant, saying that Jieyu Niangniang has rewarded many things to the Ye Mansion, one of them is an eight-foot-tall red coral specially given for Concubine Ye to add makeup. Its whole body is crystal clear, the color is gorgeous, the price is invaluable, and all the passerby were staring. The gatekeeper also said that the red coral alone is enough to defeat a princess’ dowry! Good God, Ye Mansion is now famous, everyone is talking about it!”

Hexiang hurriedly beat the drum, “Jieyu niangniang care about Ye family the most, unable to tolerate them being bullied by others. When the time comes, Concubine Ye will no longer have to worry about being crushed by that cheap servant.”

“More than that, Concubine Ye can turn her back on Madam, and see if they dare to neglect eldest miss in the main house!” Xueliu raised her chin, her expression extremely arrogant.

With such a powerful maternal family and such a favored mother, what else would Zhao Chunxi worried about? She felt a pang of relief in her heart, and immediately called out the steward and left with arrogance. As for her dowry and marriage, mom could help to plan. She was the noble Jieyu, with just one sentence, not to mention letting her daughter marry into an aristocratic family, even pointed out to to imperial family would not be difficult.

One moment that group left, the next moment Guan Suyi returned, caught a glimpse of the still warm tea cup on the table, she asked, “Has Zhao Chunxi come?”

“Reporting to madam, Eldest Miss has been waiting for you all afternoon, and she has only been gone for less than a quarter of an hour.” The steward cleaned up the table while she spoke.

“Leave without waiting for the people, perhaps she received the news that Ye Jieyu made a face to Ye Fan, and changed her tune then withdraw. In the future, if our courtyard want to welcome the eldest miss, it will be very difficult.” She smiled disapprovingly.

“It’s better if she don’t come, our courtyard is finally clean.” Minglan put the brocade box on the desk and went to prepare tools for repairing the shredded paper.

The two master and servant worked on the book until the middle of the night, and finally kept the fragments properly and pressed them into a special splint. Minglan took advantage when the miss took a bath to asked her to improvise a poem, so as to teach her a few more words. The Guan family was a literary noble family, talking and laughing with great scholars, no contacts with white people. Even the uncle who guarded the gate was also articulate, not to mention the servants who served the master. If they didn’t have a little bit of learning spirit, they would be rejected by the master.

Guan Suyi rested her head on the edge of the tub, closed her eyes and hummed slowly, “There are tall trees in the south, and it is not to be contemplated; Han has a wandering girl, and it is impossible to think; The vastness of Han is incomprehensible. The eternal nature of the river is incomprehensible.” The lingering voice was melodious and gentle, but it also carried an inexhaustible sadness.

Minglan was stunned, clutching her chest and said, “Miss, what does this poem mean? I feel a little sad in my heart.”

Guan Suyi opened her eyes, looked at the void, and explained word by word, “There are trees in the south of the Han River, but I don’t want to explore the secluded forest. The beauty across the water is wandering leisurely, and my heart longs for it but it’s difficult to seek. The Han River is deep and wide, the water is broad and I cannot swim. The boiling Han River is long and long, even if there are wooden rafts, it cannot be crossed. This poem tells the love of the heart, but it is also full of the pain of not being able to ask for it.”

“No wonder my heart is so sad in.” Minglan suddenly shed two lines of tears, in exchange Guan Suyi was laughing. Infatuated people are pathetic, infatuated people are pitiful, infatuated people are even more ridiculous. In this life, she will never be infected with even half a point of love.


TN: Did she plant bug in Weiyang Palace?

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