Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Drunk Together


Guan Suyi stared at the slightly agitated Jiuli man, and asked with a smile, “You said you want to drink with me, did you understand what I said?

“I understand five or six points, but I feel that what Madam said is very reasonable. Legalists set point to stop disputes, rewards and punishments are clear, promote meritorious deeds and fear violence, the ancients are lawless and does not inline with the present, the rules change with time, and if not the chaos will occur; In contrast with Confucianism’s clan rituals and the degenerate view of Three Fundamental Bonds and Five Constant Virtues, surely it’s more superior and fair.”

Guan Suyi tapped her finger on the table and said sarcastically, “The Jiuli clan entered the Central Plains and became the ruler of the Han people. From then on, they were born nobler than the Han people, and you were originally have a different tribe bloodline, and also have an official position, but here you are, discussing fairness with me, don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”

She still remember in her previous life, when the Jiuli people first entered the Central Plains, they acted extremely arrogantly, and there were a few narrow-minded powerful people who deliberately suggest to the Emperor Sheng Yuan to implemented the four-class system, which divided the people of Wei into Jiuli, Semu, Han, and Southern people according to their bloodlines, and the more they went down, the more they were exploited and oppressed. Although Emperor Sheng Yuan did not approve this memorial, he did not refute it, so the four-class system came into being. Since then, the life of the people in Central Plains became extremely difficult, and their situation was not much better than before the war.

In the third year of Sheng Yuan, the people who were suffering from forced labor were furious and rose up. They seized ten cities in the two central and southern province overnight, and shaken up the court hall. Emperor Sheng Yuan subdued the rebel army by thunderous method, and only then did he issued  a clear decree, saying that Wei had no distinction between Jiuli, Semu, Han, and Southerners, and there was no distinction between high and low, noble and lowly, but all the people in the country were his subjects and could  bathe in the grace of the monarch’s benevolence. It took another two years to clean up the mess.

When Guan Suyi died, Wei had no bloodline separation, but the memory of being oppressed and humiliated was indelible forever. On the other hand, she was educated by Confucianism and it’s in her nature to be tolerant. Although she was disgusted by Xu Guangzhi, she did not lose her ability to distinguish between good and evil. She disliked the four-class system, but she would not be like those narrow-minded people who put everyone in a certain class into an unbearable rank.

Who was good and who was bad, who had good intentions or treacherous thoughts, most of the time she could see through at a glance. For example, the Jiuli man in front of her didn’t have the slightest malice towards her, on the contrary, he was very diligent and eager, his eyes were always shining with light of seeking knowledge, and it was not an exaggeration to say “cute”. It’s really not right to put the grievances of the previous life on his head.

Thinking of this, Guan Suyi waved her hands and sighed, “Well, there is no separation in making friends…”

“Not only does making friends do not depend on the rank, but people all over the world should have no distinction between high and low. Both the Jiuli and the Huaxia people live in this land has the blood of Flame Emperor and Yellow Emperor flowing through them. Since ancient times, we have been from the same clan and ancestor, and now we share the same family and the same country, and we should work together to create a prosperous world. Does Madam think so?”

This was the truest thought of Emperor Sheng Yuan. It was precisely because he had tasted the pain of being oppressed and despised that he hated the distinction of blood even more. Although Confucianism had many limitations, its definition of the monarchs, the ministers, and the common people was very delicate. He who made his fortune from rebellion knew better than anyone the importance of winning the hearts of the people, so no matter how much he resented the sour, rotten and decaying Confucianism, in the end he put it on the altar, just because the suffering people yearn for benevolent governance and supported a wise ruler.

Guan Suyi never expected to hear these words from a member of Jiuli tribe, and was stunned for a while. After a moment, she slowly raised her right hand, took off the veil hat on her head, and smiled , “Alright, let’s become friends, please!” Then she took a drink from the wine cup, and finally put the mouth of the cup down to show her unrestrained feeling.

Back then, she also followed her grandfather through the nine states, traveled all over the mountains and rivers, listened to the chirping of apes at the bottom of the stream, admired the setting sun in the desert, was exposed to the blowing wind and dry sun, bear the frost and snow, rain and dew, experienced all kinds of emotions and acting spontaneously. However, after marrying into the Zhao family and faced the prosperity of Xu’s Neo-Confucianism, she was trapped in a nightmare.

It’s unknown since when she became depressed and gloomy, only wanted to die quickly. It was at this moment, when she met the vibrant smile and eager eyes of this Jiuli man, that she suddenly woke up. After living a new life, why not live more freely? Which people in high gate mansion doesn’t step outside its second gate, and entangled with private dealings, if I want to, what business is it for other people? What’s more, it’s still unknown whether Xu Guangzhi will be able to succeed in this life.

The more Guan Suyi thought about it, the more happy she felt. Before Minglan could serve her, she filled the cup herself and drank it again. Then, she wiped the wine stains from the corners of her mouth with the back of her hand, squinting her eyes and complimenting, “Lord Marquis is so generous, even took out Gujing tribute wine.”

“Comparing generosity, how can the humble one compared to madam?” Qin Lingyun took out a Buddhist bead and secretly observed the emperor, only to see that he was holding a cup of wine for a long time, which seemed a bit silly.

No wonder Guan Suyi loved plain clothes (suyi) very much, when she wore a floor-length dress that was neither embellished with jewels nor had complicated embroidery, only decorated the edges with dark silk, it actually made her more graceful and elegant. The thick inky black hair was tied behind the head with a flying phoenix silver hairpin, and two strands of hair hang down from the side of the cheek, natural and fresh. What’s even better was that her facial features were all exquisite and gorgeous, both the femininity of a women, but also the heroic spirit of a youngster. Her eyes were as bright as stars, her gaze dazzling. She clearly came from a scholarly family, but there was a bit of unconstrained and unruly, prideful and wanton attitude in her. It was not an exaggeration to say that she was a peerless beauty!

Not to mention the men present was stunned, even Li shi was in a trance for a moment.

“Oh my goodness! My sister is born like this and that Zhao Luli still wants to take a concubine. Is he blind?” Li shi slapped the table and scolded. “It’s indeed a good cabbage ruined by a pig.

Guan Suyi laughed, becoming more and more beautiful, which made Li shi became more fascinated, and kept persuading her to drink beside her.

Emperor Sheng Yuan suddenly returned to his senses, immediately brought the wine cup to his lips, and took a few sips to quench his thirst. Like all men in the world, he also liked beauty, and naturally attracted to those who were bright and beautiful, but this level of beauty he was only seeing it now. When she raised her head to drink, her lips were dyed with pearlescent light; when she raised her hand and wiped it lightly, it was like a charm of the forest; when she laughed softly, it was like spring flowers blooming. In an instant, the surrounding noise and hustle and bustle faded away, and the darkness turned into brilliance, so that people could only look at her, listen to her, think of her.

However, she was already a married woman, and from then on only Zhao Luli could openly look at her, listen to her, and think her. Emperor Sheng Yuan reluctantly looked away, and finally drank three cups in a row, only to felt that the taste of the tribute wine had changed, it was not rich and mellow, only sour and bitter.

Guan Suyi didn’t notice the gloom hidden under the bushy beard of the Jiuli man, just took a few more drinks and became more energetic.

At this time, the battle of words on stage was in full swing, and Xu Guangzhi repeatedly threw out the arguments, bluntly saying that the rule of benevolence was better than the rule of law, and among filial piety, compassion, loyalty, and trust these four, filial piety was the most important, and should be established as the foundation of the country. Governing the country with filial piety was the core of Xu’s philosophy.

But Guan Suyi couldn’t agree, she opened her red lips lightly, and slowly spit out three words – what a fart.

Li shi was stunned for a while, then she clasped her palms and laughed, “I never expected my sister to curse people, why I don’t feel it rude at all? People who are beautiful, and the words that spit out are also beautiful.”

Qin Lingyun knew that her lecherous chronic problem had been committed again, and he couldn’t help but have a headache.

Emperor Sheng Yuan also forgot the sourness and bitterness in his mouth, and laughed in a low voice. Guan Suyi would actually curse people? Not surprising though. She could be graceful and elegant, unrestrained and uninhibited, she could be proud and self-assured, just because she has that ability. She grew up in Guan’s house, but her temperament was like a wild horse without reins, dared to say dared to act, how exactly Old Master Guan raised her up?

While he was pondering, Guan Suyi continued, “If you govern the country with filial piety, then when there’s dilemma between loyalty and filial piety, which one should you give up? According to Xu Guangzhi, you should give up loyalty and choose filial piety. However, when one falls in disgrace the whole family is doomed, and the country is lost, then where’s the home? Do not defend the big country but take care of the small family, then what is there to take care? Among filial piety, compassion, loyalty, and trust, it should be loyalty first and filial piety second; If the two are in contrary, you should give up filial piety and be loyal to the end; If the family and the country are not secure, then take care of the big country and give up the small family. Help the common people and bring peace to the world. Only with great benevolence and righteousness will there be thousands of blessed homes! Xu Guangzhi’s vision and pattern are really too small.”

“Well said, very well said! “Emperor Sheng Yuan clasped his hands in admiration, and his heart was surging. Guan Suyi’s words went straight to his heart, and her arrogant demeanor was so moving that his heart was burning hot.

The audience erupted in thunderous applause, showing that the public agreed with Xu Guangzhi’s point of view, which made Guan Suyi sneer, “Confucianism spread countless poison, and it is also worthy to talk about governing the country. The so-called punishment is not for the counsellor, and the etiquette is not for the common people , which is completely contrary to the saying that ‘the ruler is light and the people are precious’, it’s equivalent to slapping one’s own mouth; and the concealment of relatives can also be extended to the concealment of officials, so that blood relatives violate the law and the whole clan protects them, and officials that failed to do their duty is not declared. Over time, character of the people in every towns every counties will thoroughly collapse, the whole court will be corrupt and abuse the law, in the end it become the norm. Instead of being ashamed, they are proud of it. In ten, twenty, thirty years, there will be no cure.”

Qin Lingyun looked solemn, nodded again and again. Emperor Sheng Yuan also put down the wine cup and listened.

“People have selfishness, this is their nature. Doing good is mostly for others, doing evil is mostly for oneself, it’s difficult to do for others, but easy to benefit oneself, so it’s difficult to be a clean official, and it’s easy to be a corrupt official. Benevolent governance is equal to human governance, if there is no sever punishment and harsh law, how the official not benefit themselves, then who will govern the common people? Who will govern the country and the states? Who will govern the monarch on top? Anyway, if there’s concealment of relatives and concealment of officials, the monarch will be like a puppet who has no eyes, ears, mouth and nose, just let others deceive. So benevolence governance is possible but it can never govern people. And law governance, no matter how many years have passed, will not be replaced, nor will it die out, because it protects the interests of the common people in a certain way.”

Finally poured out the words that had been held back for two lifetimes, Guan Suyi drank a cup and felt very happy. Who stipulated that the Guan family must advocate Confucianism? Men can have their own thoughts, can women just be ignorant objects? She was not convinced.

Putting down the wine cup, her voice was a little drunk, “The law in the past was based on the monarch, ignoring the common people, and eventually led to public resentment, chaos, and subversion of the country. If the law was formulated with the people as the foundation, then the life of the common people should be better, right? Our Great Wei should stand longer, right?” After the words were finished, a pair of glassy black and white eyes fixed on the Jiuli big man.

Emperor Sheng Yuan was overwhelmed by her gaze and couldn’t help but say in a hoarse voice, “That’s natural. Madam is worried about the country and the people, and has the world in her heart. His Majesty will definitely hear Madam’s appeal.”

“That’s not my appeal, it’s their appeal.” Guan Suyi pointed at the dark crowd downstairs and smiled lightly.


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