Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Speech Karma


After returning to Weiyang Palace, Emperor Shen Yuan took out the two pieces of paper in his arms and spread them out on the table. Because the folding time was too long, the imprint was difficult to remove, which made the Rakshasa evil spirit and the smiling Bodhisattva on it a little distorted. He pressed and stroked with his palm, but he couldn’t return it to its original state, and he couldn’t help but look gloomy.

Baifu walked over with a tray and placed the teacups, teapots and other items within His Majesty’s reach as usual, but heard him said in a solemn voice, “Place it further, in case the tea overflow the edge of the cup and wet the paper.”

Baifu moved the tray away while apologizing, found four paperweights to flatten the two paintings. He had the intention to praise a few words, but was afraid of flattering on the horse’s leg, so he had to resentfully retreat to the side. After pressing for a while, the imprints were still there after the paperweight was removed, and the rice paper that Wencui Building prepared for the guests was thin and yellow, so it wouldn’t last long. Emperor Shen Yuan looked at it, and finally picked up the paper and walked towards Ganquan Palace

In Ganquan Palace, Ye Zhen sent away the attendants and was talking with her mother Liu Shi. When talking about how Zhao Luli whipped Zhao Wangshu, Liu shi was so angry and scolded him endlessly, saying that the other person had a bad heart, the tiger who poisoned its child, and so on.

Ye Zhen didn’t respond, she just frowned and listened. At that time, she was willing to throw away a pair of children and an extremely infatuated husband to pursue monstrous wealth. It was obvious that she was ruthless and heartless, and naturally would no longer have any nostalgia for the people in the Marquis Mansion. If it wasn’t for Zhao Luli still having some use, she would have broken all ties with the other person long ago, and where would she still string him along. Hearing that Zhao Luli punished the pair of children under Guan Suyi’s push and handed over all the power of the family to her, she was glad that she was one step ahead. Even the stubborn Zhao Luli could be quickly manipulated by her, if she was allowed to enter the palace, wouldn’t it become a serious problem for her confidant?

She didn’t know why, even though she had never met her, she had a great hatred and jealousy towards Guan Suyi, hating that she could not be knocked out of the dust, couldn’t watch her battered and exhausted, felt death would be better than life.

Ye Zhen hated Zhao Luli for being soft-hearted, cowardly and useless, but she would not let him become someone else’s arm. After thinking about it, she was about to instruct her mother to bring Ye Fan into the Marquis Mansion, when she heard a low voice from behind the screen, “What are you talking about?”

The mother-daughter duo were instantly panic, and while they ran out to welcoming the person, they repeatedly recalled what they had just said, whether or not they committed a taboo. The palace servants outside the hall were all crawling on the ground, shivering. Seeing that His Majesty was making an unannounced visit, no one dared to warn them.

Fortunately, Ye Zhen resented Liu shi‘s vulgar speech, and when she complained, she usually listened in silent, did not like to agreeing, and did not say anything that was not her usual style. And Liu shi hated Guan Suyi very much, and for half an hour, she just gushed about her various evil deeds, and did not expose the secrets of her daughter and the Ye family.

It was not a big deal letting His Majesty listened to her scolding Guan Suyi, on the contrary it could help seamlessly plant the seed. Possibly in the future, in His Majesty’s mind, Marquis Zhenbei madam would be a selfish and vicious figure who abuses her stepson and stepdaughter. And His Majesty was an extremely stubborn man, if he hated a person since the first impression, nothing would change his opinion, and vice versa.

Love is added to the knee and hate is thrown into the abyss. This temperament was very easy to please, but it was also very easy to lose control. When he dotes on you, he will be obedient and grant whatever you asked for. If he hates you, you can only pray for more blessings.

Ye Zhen repeatedly recalled the conversation with her mother, determined that there was nothing out of bound, moreover it could said to be a lucky stroke, so she felt relieved. Liu shi was able to teach her daughter to become a Jieyu, her mind naturally could turn very fast. When she knelt down to salute, her pale face returned to normal.

Previously Ye Zhen told Liu shi that even if she left the Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, she couldn’t turn her face and didn’t recognize anyone. On the contrary, it was even more necessary to inadvertently reveal her inner pain and reluctance to win His Majesty’s pity; in order to make him understand that she was a weak woman who values love and righteousness, and was forced by life, and needed a strong and powerful shelter.

Because of this, even if Ye Zhen didn’t have much affection for the pair of children and her ex-husband, she always showed the appearance of “never forget”. But there must to be a perfect balance between “never forget” and “have to forget”, otherwise, over time, it would inevitably frustrate His Majesty, and in the end it would be self-defeating.

Therefore, Liu shi did not shy away from mentioning her grandson and granddaughter in front of Emperor Shen Yuan. After saluting, she wiped away her tears and said, “Your Majesty doesn’t know, that Guan shi is not at all like the people say, as soon as she passed the door, she urge lord marquis to beat Wangshu, and now he is locked in the house, not even letting him out of the door. And my poor granddaughter should be socializing and entertaining everywhere, so she can take a look at other families, lest the marriage will be difficult in the future. As the Marquis Mansion’s mistress she should take the initiative to hold tea parties and flower meeting for her, and develop contacts. Unexpectedly, Guan Shi did the opposite, and repeatedly rejected many posts for Xi’er, and strictly prohibited her from interacting with the daughters of other noble family, and only allowed her to follow and serve her. Your Majesty, you said, how can there be such a mother in the world? She wants to raise Wangshu as a waste, and delay Xi’er lifelong event!”

Speaking until here, Liu shi was already choked up.

Ye Zhen “didn’t dare” to cry in front of His Majesty, but her eyes were filled with tears that could not fall, which was more pitiful than crying.

Emperor Shen Yuan laid the two drawings on the table, and slowly flattening them with his palms, his resolute and handsome face did not reveal any anger. After Liu shi finished speaking, he said lightly, “Someone came to report a few days ago, saying that Prince Cheng’s Shizi was almost killed by someone breaking his head. Zhen was busy with government affairs at that time and did not conduct a detailed investigation, only ordered imperial physician to go and treat him.

Liu shi gradually stopped crying and looked at her daughter nervously. Ye Zhen thought something was wrong, but she didn’t dare to answer, only reluctantly pulled the corner of her mouth.

Emperor Sheng Yuan didn’t even lift his eyelid, still staring at the drawings on the table, and continued, “Guess who the perpetrator is?”

Liu shi wiped her tears with her trembling hand, didn’t say anything while pretending to choke with emotion and even held her breath. Ye Zhen didn’t dare to not answer, and said in a trembling voice, “Could it be Wangshu?”

Emperor Shen Yuan responded lukewarmly, “It’s him. Even if Prince Cheng and Prince Jin were imprisoned for treason, their titles are still there, their identities are still there, their bloodline are still there, they are Zhen’s brothers, and the members of imperial family. Those who murder the imperial family should be executed, and it can even implicate the nine generations. This is the law formulated by you Han people since ancient times.”

“Wangshu, he actually made such a big mistake!” Ye Zhen dropped her body down, put her forehead against the back of her hand and pleaded, “Beg the emperor to forgive his sins, and beg the emperor to be kind. If the emperor wants to punish, then punish this concubine, it is this concubine who owes him. If he had his mother by his side since he was a child to teach him…”

When Emperor Sheng Yuan heard her mention the past, he couldn’t help feeling guilty, and waved his hand to interrupt, “Get up, Marquis Zhenbei has beat him up, so this matter is written off. Zhen heard that Zhao Wangshu’s temperament is very naughty, if he doesn’t properly restrained at home to be grind and taught, it’s inevitable that there will be disasters in the future. Zhen can tolerate him once, but not the second time. As for the Guan shi strictly prohibited Zhao Chunxi to interact with daughters from noble families…” He pondered for a moment, and suddenly smiled, “Does she have a copy of “Records of Noble Family” in her hand?”

Before the four kingdoms were destroyed and the Central Plains were unified, this place was once ruled by noble families, and even the imperial family members were not as honorable as the children of the noble family. And Emperor Shen Yuan was used to revere as sole orthodoxy, and didn’t like being overwhelmed by others. As the saying goes, “know yourself and know your enemies, and you will never be defeated.”

Those scholarly noble families that were far from imperial power, he intended to win over and use them, but the complicated and very tricky powerful official noble families, sooner or later, would become his stepping stone, a ghost under the knife. On the other hand, Zhao Luli couldn’t see through his mind. He was always proud of his blood of the Zhao family in Tianshui, and had said it many times, so Emperor Shen Yuan wrote it down. After ascending the throne, someone presented a copy of ‘Records of Noble Family’, he turned the page of the Zhuo family, he couldn’t help but smile, but because of the relationship were estranged, it had not been revealed.

Ye Zhen saw that His Majesty was smiling strangely and wanted to ask the reason, but did not dare to speak. While hesitating, she heard him ordered, “Bring the ‘Records of Noble Family’.”

This was obviously said to Baifu, after the person took the order, he quickly assigned a quick-footed little eunuch to go th the Weiyang Palace to pick up the book, and in a short moment, the ‘Records of Noble Family’ had been opened on the table, Zhao shi escaped slavery, written in black and white, clear as bell. Ye Zhen flushed with embarrassment and was speechless for a while, but Liu shi screamed, “The Zhao family cheated the marriage! If he hadn’t said that he was the direct descendant of the Tianshui Zhao family…” Realizing that the following words were inappropriate, she immediately closed her mouth tightly.

How could Emperor Shen Yuan not know what virtue the Ye family was. Merchant seek profit. If Zhao Luli had no outstanding point, the Ye family would never marry their exquisite daughter to a young sergeant who was still working hard in the army at that time. However, these past events have nothing to do with him, so he wouldn’t bother, just clarify the misunderstanding for Guan Suyi.

He didn’t like Liu’s mocking remarks towards her. When the noble ones were defiled by the mean ones, the situation were always made people angry.

The mother and daughter of the Ye family were too embarrassed to speak, but he didn’t even bother to lift his eyelids, so he slowly flipped through the ‘Records of Noble Family’ and sighed, “It turns out that the author of this book is also her great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, no wonder…” As if thinking of something, he smiled softly, and his mood instantly brightened.

“Your Majesty, the minister’s wife has made a mistake…” Liu shi‘s scalp was numb by the moody Emperor Sheng Yuan, knelt down and was about to asked for forgiveness, but was interrupted by him, “You have shallow knowledge, you must be careful in your words and actions in the future. Guan shi is dignified and gentle, respectful and cautious, and never climbed over the etiquette, which is inherited from the Emperor Teacher. She is also a model of clan woman, even more, Zhen personally confer her as first-grade title woman. You slander her, you slander the Emperor Teacher and slander Zhen.”

The charges were counted one by one, and Liu shi couldn’t bear it anymore. She withered to the ground, begging and begging for mercy before being dismissed by His Majesty. When she left, it’s as if granted an amnesty.

Ye Zhen also beg for forgiveness, but she felt extremely uneasy. The emperor defended Guan shi like this, wasn’t it for the sake of the Guan family’s father and son? If Guan family did not fall, it would be difficult to step Guan Suyi into the mud. She thought about it, and finally pressed the deeper and deeper fear.

Emperor Sheng Yuan cleared out that ‘love to lecture’ woman’s name. After  letting out his anger, his mood was refresh again, and then pointed to the two drawings that he had already flattened, and asked, “You’re good at embroidery, can you embroidered them into a table screen?”

Ye Zhen hurriedly agreed, “Naturally. Where did Your Majesty get these two paintings? The few strokes are extremely expressive, which shows the profound skill of the painter.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed but did not answer, handed the drawings to Ye Zhen, ordered her not to wrinkle or break it, after eight days, he would fetch it, then he left. When he walked to the door of the palace, as if remember something, once again said, “After all, Liu shi is from a merchant family, and her words and deeds are vulgar, if you have nothing to do, you can read more. Don’t call her into the palace to gossip too often, so as not to disturb the atmosphere.”

Who was the person who asked me to call my mother into the palace the other day? Your Majesty, what about your words? But Ye Zhen didn’t dare to say these questions, had no other choice but to pull the corners of her mouth in answer.

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