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Who Cares – Chapter 191

Chapter 191 Extra (14)


Zhao Chunxi reclined on the soft bed, closed her eyes and rested her mind., looking very leisurely, but in fact, her thoughts were churning inside. She originally planned to take care of Guan Suyi slowly, so that she could clean her father’s feelings for her first, but the people outside couldn’t wait, let her eliminate the two people before Qi Yu enter the palace to face the emperor.

It had been two days since Qi Yu returned to the capital. On the first day, he went to the Guan family for a visit. On the second day, he came to the Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, and he had to enter the palace to report his duties tomorrow. In other words, she had to seize the only opportunity in front of her. She originally planned to give the two of them some medicine to support the affair, but when she reached under her bed, she realized that the medicine box she had hidden well had disappeared. This change terrified her enough, and the people under her hands became more and more disobedient, making her more and more panicked.

She didn’t dare to do it herself, but she had to keep promises to others, so without better option she took out Guan Suyi’s poems and pretend to appreciate it when Ye Fan came to visit, and let her servants quietly confuse the other person, so as to borrow a knife to kill people. Ye Fan really fell into the trap, stole the poem collection and handed it over to Song shi, let her publicize it.

There were witness and physical evidence, and this witness was still Qi Yu’s wife, who would question her words? Although this plan was crude, it was easy to use, and now she just needed to wait patiently for the result. And sure enough, a quarter of an hour later, someone came to report, saying that Sister-in-law Song caught Madam and Master Qi committing adultery in the mansion, and asked the old madam to give her justice.

“How could it be?” Zhao Chunxi pretended to be shocked, and immediately jumped off the soft bed, flung her sleeves and said, “Go, go and have a look!”

In the study room, Guan Suyi was suffering from a dilemma. Was there any difference between being caught in adultery with her senior brother or with the emperor? She thought about it quickly, and then had to admit that the difference was huge, it could even be said to be the complete opposite. If she was caught with her senior brother, she would only have a dead end; if she was caught with the emperor, the only person who would die was the one who arranged it. The emperor was having an affair with the minister’s wife, when such scandal happened, which house wouldn’t cover it up to death?

As the emperor’s woman, even if the Zhao family wanted to peel her skin and break her bones, before the emperor rejected her, they still have to carefully serve her. This is the power of power. No matter how unwilling you are, you can only hold back. If you hold back, you will have a vast sky. If you can’t hold back, can be easily killed to keep the mouth shut.

Did Zhao Chunxi and Ye Fan expect this result before they started to move? Really want to see the expressions on their faces when they open the door. After the extreme despair and grief, a strong sense of delight actually rose up in Guan Suyi’s chaotic heart. Anyway, things already happened, what could she do? Just jumping from one fire pit into another.

“Your Majesty, please save senior brother.” She lowered her head and quickly wiped the tears from her face.

Emperor Sheng Yuan stared at her for a long while, then waved his hand, “Take him up.” As soon as he finished speaking, a guard silently jumped down from the beam and picked up the stunned Qi Yu.

As soon as this person said the word “Zhen“, Qi Yu understood the identity of the other person, but he couldn’t figure out why his junior sister would have a relationship with the other person anyway. But now was not the time to investigate, he had to quickly lay down on the beam, so as not to reveal his position. The top of the head was a blind spot, and an average person would not look up unless they were already aware beforehand.

Emperor Sheng Yuan waited for Madam to wiped her tears and sorted out her appearance. Then he spread out his arms and said lightly, “Come here, since we are an adulterous couple, we have to put on a good show.”

Guan Suyi hesitated for a while before sitting down at the crooked of his arms. Noticing that his scorching big palms wrapped around her waist, her body couldn’t help but stiffened for a moment. This time it wasn’t like the last time in the Buddhist hall, without the slightest charm. On the contrary, he kept rubbing her back with his fingertips, silently venting his hidden desires. He held her in his arms, kissed her forehead, and said hoarsely, “Don’t be afraid, Zhen will protect you.”

Knowing that this person was also the culprit who pushed herself into the fire pit, Guan Suyi inexplicably felt a touch of warmth and safety. When she repeatedly warned herself not to be stupid, there was a sound of unlocking the door, then Song shi led a group of people inside and scolded, “Qi Yu, you heartless man…” Before she finished speaking, she was stunned and asked in surprise. “You, who are you? Where is Qi Yu?”

Zhao Chunxi and Ye Fan were also dumbfounded. Looking around, there was no sign of Qi Yu, and this person seemed to emerge from the ground, a completely unfamiliar face.

Others did not recognize him, but the old madam had seen the other person several times in the early years. Blue eyes were very rare in the Central Plains, but in recent years, the imperial court had introduced a of fourth-class system, and many people of color had come to Yanjing to do business, which made it not so rare. However, this man’s blue eyes had a hint of black, and when he looked at people, it seemed to be permeated with poison, which made people shudder. She could never forget this face, let alone these eyes.

As soon as her knees softened, she knelt down, opened and closed her mouth without making a sound. If the daughter-in-law really had an affair with this person, would they still be able to live after running to catch the couple in the act? It should be known that today was different from the past. Back then, he was only a general, but now he was the emperor. It was not an exaggeration to say that his power overflow the sky. If Marquis Zhenbei Mansion couldn’t handle today’s incident properly, and let people leak just the tiniest bit of words outside, then the whole family would be finish!

Emperor Sheng Yuan didn’t even look at the old madam who was about to faint, or at Zhao Chunxi and others who were confused and horrified, just held Madam’s slender hand and played slowly. “Came here to catch the adulterer, but don’t even know who the man is,” he said solemnly. “Fortunately, there is still someone in the mansion who knows, and understands etiquette.”

Only then did the old madam come back to her senses and beat Zhao Chunxi and Ye Fan on their knee with her crutches, “What are you doing, get down on your knees and greet the emperor!”

Emperor? Zhao Chunxi and the others looked at each other in dismay, and then inhaled a deep breath. They never expected that Qi Yu would disappear, and replaced by Guan Suyi and the emperor alone in a room. If the two of them really had an affair… Everyone’s mind went blank for a moment, even the vulgar Song shi was so frightened that she sweated like pulp and knelt down with a thud, begging for mercy incessantly.

No matter how stupid she was, she also knew the consequences of breaking the emperor’s scandal were, ranging from pulling out her tongue and gouging her eyes, or beheading her on the spot. Unlike Ye Fan, she didn’t have the protection of the Ye family and the Marquis Mansion. She was just a rural woman, and ten out of ten she would be pushed out as a scapegoat! She couldn’t understand how Qi Yu disappeared from the room, but she had no time to think deeply. She regretted it very much. If she knew that Guan Suyi was hooking up with the emperor, how could she dare to touch even a single hair of her? Shouldn’t she still worship her as a bodhisattva?

Ye Fan and Zhao Chunxi also cried bitterly. In just a few breaths, the cold sweat soaked the back of their clothes, and they kept kowtowing and begging for mercy.

Guan Suyi felt very ashamed at first, but when she saw these people looking green and white, both regretful and afraid, she quickly relaxed. She had to admit that she liked the scene in front of her. She had been married to the Zhao family for four years, but today was the happiest and the most relaxing. The so-called smashing a cracked pot was exactly this. They were the adulterer and the loose woman, what else can be done? She exhaled a suffocating breath, but her heart was desolate.

Emperor Sheng Yuan glanced at her with a smile, and patted her cheek lightly, then looked at the old madam and said, “Go and call Zhao Luli back, today’s matter is not something you can handle.”

As if receiving a pardon, the old madam hurriedly kowtowed, “Someone has already been sent to call, still ask Your Majesty to please wait a moment.” At the end, she took everyone away, closed the door again, and arrested all the servants who were watching outside. She needed to wait for lord marquis to return to the mansion and let him decide, whether to pour muting medicine and sold all of them, or secretly executed them, in any case, they could no longer stay.

The small courtyard, which was chaotic before, emptied in an instant. The dark guard took Qi Yu and jumped off the beam and went out of the mansion.

After the miscellaneous people retreated, Emperor Sheng Yuan said warmly, “This time truly wronged Madam. In the future, Zhen will not make Madam suffer any more grievances.”

Guan Suyi forced a smile and said, “With Your Majesty’s protection, this minister wife is very grateful, how can feel wronged. It’s just that the senior brother is implicated…”

“What you said is actually the opposite.” Emperor Sheng Yuan said coldly, “If he hadn’t seized the handle of his colleagues and wanted to impeach the other person in order to compete for the opportunity to stay in the capital, you would not have faced such a situation today. Besides, you think he’s really innocent? If he didn’t have a secret affection for you and often wrote letters to express his feelings, he wouldn’t have aroused Song shi‘s suspicion. Song shi not only has your poem collection, but also the love letters he never dared to send, and if those two pieces of evidence were taken out, you will undoubtedly die. It’s hateful that he didn’t dare to make it clear for you at the last moment, truly cowardly and incompetent.”

Guan Suyi was so frightened that she broke out in a cold sweat, thinking about it carefully, she felt even more afraid. If the emperor hadn’t come, she wouldn’t be able to tell the truth even if she had a hundred mouths today. It seemed like a small game, but there were so many players behind it, and it was even mixed with some court battles. And she was the most innocent and lowly victim among them, who was wantonly humiliated, used, trampled on, and finally shattered to pieces by these people.

She hugged her shoulders tightly, there were countless messy emotions surging in her chest, helplessness, powerlessness, exasperation… In short, she had nothing but a small life.

Emperor Sheng Yuan hugged her, caressed her cold face, and coaxed, “Zhen can see the unwillingness and struggle in your heart. You want to break this cage and live a free life, but you have no power or confidence. If you take a wrong step, not only you will die, your family can still be implicated. If you follow Zhen, what things you cannot get? Those who have trampled on you, will crawl under your feet.”

He took out a piece of mandarin duck jade pendant, tied it firmly on her waist, and said in a low voice, “Zhen will not force you. If you think about it clearly, take this jade pendant into the palace, and Zhen will wait for you.”

Guan Suyi was distraught, but she still took off the jade pendant and firmly refused, “A gentleman does not take advantage of the dark room. Today, this minister wife is compelled to ask you for help. In the future, we should adhere strictly to our roles, each safe and sound. You are the monarch, if there is a scandal that you’re having an affair with a courtier’s wife, it will be a stain on you, please think again.” And her fate would only get worse.

“Stain? Zhen’s stains are still few? The reputation of a tyrant has fallen to the left and right, so what should Zhen be afraid of?” Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed disdainfully, “You don’t know, Zhao Luli’s ex-wife is not dead at all, she is the Ye Jieyu in the palace. Zhao Luli has been working hard for so many years, is it not to pave the way for her? Since the two of them are so deeply in love, then Zhen will help them realize their wishes. Madam, you hurry back to pack your things and make room for Ye Jieyu, she will arrive soon.”

Guan Suyi was dumbfounded, and felt that her brain was malfunctioning, completely not understand what he was talking about.

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    1. But she started out here. She is exactly the woman she was at the end of her last life. She didn’t get her spirit back even after waking up until she was pushed by the emperor.

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