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Who Cares – Chapter 189

Chapter 189 Extra (12)


Guan Suyi lived very comfortably, even after she finished the errand, she did not hurry back to Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, but delayed as long as she could. Zhao Luli had already calmed down the civil unrest in Tongcheng, but he still had to rectify the local officials. He couldn’t leave for a while, so he could only write a letter every three days to report about his safety.

After being rescued, Li shi suffered from a serious illness. She always had a high fever and was in a drowsy state for more than a month. In the end, Marquis Zhenxi found a senior monk to help her dissolve the disaster, only then she slowly recovered. When Guan Suyi finished reciting the scriptures for the late Empress Dowager, she also recovered completely and often came to the mountain to play.

“I heard that the patriarch of the Li clan drank too much and fell into the pond at the entrance of the village and drowned? A few young men surnamed Li went down to rescue him, but the body has not been found until now?” Guan Suyi poured the hot water into the teacup and asked casually.

Li shi didn’t show any sadness at all, but instead laughed, “This news has spread to the mountain?” Those who condemned her to death, those who humiliated her reputation, and those who pushed her down the pond all went down to the Yellow Spring, none of them escaped. She knew exactly who did this, but she was not afraid at all.

“That maid of mine has a broken mouth and likes to ask around.” Guan Suyi put down the kettle and sighed inaudibly, “It’s good he died.”

Li shi’s eyes and ears were sharp, and when she heard this, she smiled more heartily, “I like sister’s temperament, you looked delicate and weak, but your bones are very hard. It’s a pity to be given to a soft egg like Zhao Luli.”

Guan Suyi smiled without saying a word, and was about to call out Minglan for some refreshments, but saw a tall figure standing at the door, which seemed to have been here for a while. Minglan knelt at his feet, too frightened to breathe.

“Your Majesty?” Before she could respond, Li Su’e shouted and walked over to salute.

“Get up.” Emperor Sheng Yuan vainly helped her up, and then pressed down Guan Suyi’s shoulders, who wanted to get up and bow down, and said lightly, “Heard you have just recovered from a serious illness, why didn’t you raise your body in the mansion, what are you doing out? Be careful of catching cold air again, making Marquis Zhenxi don’t want to go to court. Zhen have something to say to Madam Guan, you go back first.”

Li Su’e and the emperor met when they were poor, their relationship was different from others, so they naturally spoke more casually. She glanced at Guan Suyi worriedly and said, “Your Majesty, this woman don’t dare to intervene in your affairs, only ask you not to make thing difficult for Suyi, she is this woman’s savior.”

“If Zhen want to make thing difficult also won’t make thing difficult for Madam.” Emperor Sheng Yuan waved to Minglan, “Send Madam Li down the mountain, and everyone else will retreat.”

Minglan and Li Su’e didn’t dare to disobey, had no choice but to turn around and leave step by step. Guan Suyi felt a little scared in her heart, and tentatively said, “Your Majesty, have the remains of the late empress dowager buried already?”

“It has been buried back in the clan land.” Emperor Sheng Yuan walked around behind the screen and ordered in a deep voice, “Come here and read for Zhen.”

You come all the way, just to let me read for you? Guan Suyi was very surprised in her heart, but she didn’t reveal it on her face. While pointing at the bookshelf and asking him which one he like, she secretly observed his face. She saw that his eye sockets were sunken, his lips were white, and his brows were full of violent air, as if his inner demon had risen again, and he seemed to be very tired and fierce.

Emperor Sheng Yuan rubbed his eyebrows and said perfunctorily, “Which one you read, just listen to it.”

Guan Suyi complied in a low voice, after thinking about it, she still took out the Buddha beads, recited the rebirth mantra, and said in her heart: Sending Buddha to the west, a good person will do it to the end. I’ll help you transcend as well, hopefully you can overcome the evil tendencies and have more compassion.

Emperor Sheng Yuan slept very restlessly these days, until he saw Madam Guan and listened to her gentle voice, the feeling that he had lost something completely dissipated. He didn’t care what she read, as long as he could stay quietly beside her and smell her fragrance, it was enough. However, when he heard the familiar scriptures, he was still stunned and said helplessly, “Are you trying to let Zhen transcend?”

“No,” Guan Suyi said calmly, “This minister wife sees that Your Majesty’s expression seems exhausted and the light in the eyes are dim, which should be caused by fatigue. The scriptures can nourish your energy and concentrate your mind. Listening to this is better than listening to anything else.”

“Forget it, it’s up to you.” Emperor Sheng Yuan smiled helplessly, and then closed his eyes and pretend to sleep. After listening to it for less than a quarter of an hour, he made a slight snoring sound, obviously falling asleep.

Guan Suyi didn’t dare to disturb him, gradually lowered her voice, and silently guarded for a while, then circled behind the screen and waited. This person had just gotten rid of his inner demons, and it was normal to have occasional insomnia. Listening to some scriptures was indeed better than reading any books. Due to the strict etiquette nowadays, it was inconvenient for her to stay in the room for a long time. She remembered the character she had not finished writing a few days ago, and turned to the study.

Baifu treated her very respectfully, so naturally he didn’t dare to stop her, only kept close by the side of the bed. An hour later, Emperor Sheng Yuan woke up slowly and saw that there was no one in the room, and his relax expression suddenly became extremely gloomy. While putting on his shoes he walked outside and looked around, becoming more and more anxious.

“Where’s is she?” He stared at Baifu with red eyes.

“In, in the study practicing calligraphy!” Baifu was so scared that his knees went weak.

Emperor Sheng Yuan left him, strode to the study, and saw the beautiful woman standing by the window splashing ink and wrote, this then suppressed his anxiety. “In the future just wait by the side after reading, don’t run around casually.” He urged in a deep voice.

“In the future?” Guan Suyi raised her eyebrows.

“To tell the truth, Madam, Zhen has been sleeping very unsteadily lately. Only by listening to your chanting can be relieved.” He walked to the table and praised sincerely, “Good character! Madam’s talent is really extraordinary.”

“Your Majesty, it’s not good to go on like this. When you have time, you can read some scriptures yourself, maybe it will be better.” Guan Suyi did not dare to refuse this person. He could talk to her in a good voice now, that’s because she was useful. If she got carried away because of this, even unable to differentiate good from bad, and use all sort of excuses, he could give her torture as much as glory.

Seeing that her family’s life had just improved, Guan Suyi really had no confidence to fight against the imperial power. Not to mention that he just came to listen to the scriptures, even if he slashed her with a knife, there was no way to seek justice. Thinking like this, she sighed helplessly.

Emperor Sheng Yuan seemed to be admiring the calligraphy, but in fact he secretly observed her expression, and saw that although she was resisting, she didn’t say anything, so he smiled. From this day on, he came to Jueyin Temple every day to listen to the scriptures. His symptoms of insomnia were getting better day by day, his spirit looked very different than before, and he actually became more generous and benevolent

Occasionally he would take Madam down the mountain to play, wandering in the narrow alley, doing nothing, just walking side by side, and it was also made him very happy. He also took Madam to the Rare Animal Garden, let her see the beasts he kept there, and then let them out to fight. He guessed that Madam would be so frightened that she would dive into his arms, but he didn’t expect that she would just stood still for a moment and then regain her composure. After several go, she actually got used to it, once got used to it, it didn’t seem strange.

Such days passed quickly, and unconsciously it was already the beginning of spring, and Zhao Luli finally returned with fifty thousand armies. After receiving a letter from the old madam, Guan Suyi had to pack her luggage and go back to Marquis Zhenbei Mansion. The mansion was still the same, the vegetation was sturdy and the house was dignified. Only Zhao Guang, the shu son born by Ye Fan, had grown up bigger, and was brought to the main courtyard by the old madam. Because of this, Ye Fan gained a bit of face again, and gradually brought the servant’s heart back. The rest of the concubines were crushed by her, unable to lift their heads, and looked lifeless, as if they had reached their twilight years.

Guan Suyi and her said a few empty words, then put down the luggage and dressed herself up, and then went to the main gate to welcome Zhao Luli, who was victorious and returned to court. In order to pave the way for Ye Jieyu in the palace, he also fought with his life, and it was unknown how many injuries he had suffered over the years. He regarded Ye Fan as Ye Zhen’s stand-in, so what did he think of Ye Jieyu as? The other person was Ye Zhen’s twin sister, should they look exactly the same?

Could it be he redirect his affection toward her? In love with Ye Jieyu? Thinking like this, Guan Suyi felt sick for a while, and was about to take out her handkerchief to cover her mouth, when she saw Zhao Luli riding a high-headed horse and running quickly, and said happily, “Mother, Madam, I’m back.”

“It’s good to come back, it’s good to come back! Come inside and wash the dust and have a good meal.” The old madam hurriedly stepped forward to pull him, and Ye Fan led Zhao Chunxi and Zhao Wangshu around to greet him. As the serious mistress, Guan Suyi was pushed to the end, looking at this “family happiness” in front of her with indifferent eyes.

Zhao Luli paid attention to Madam all the time, and when he saw this scene, he felt like he had been stabbed in the chest, and the pain was unbearable. It turned out that in this life, Madam did not regard herself as the member of the Zhao family. When he left, she wouldn’t worry about him; when he returned, she wouldn’t be happy to see him. No matter how you come and go, you will never get into her heart.

But it was not her fault, only the stupidity of the former Marquis Zhenbei. Thinking like this, Zhao Luli pushed Ye Fan away, walked to Madam’s side, held her slightly cold fingertips, and said with a smile, “The spring is cold, I’ve made Madam wait for a long time, go in and warm yourself in front of the fire, then sit down and talk for a while. After not seeing for so long, I really miss Madam.”

Guan Suyi twitched the corners of her lips, as if she wanted to smile, but in the end she couldn’t.

Ye Fan’s happy expression froze on her face, and when the couple walked away, she suddenly returned to her senses, only to see a group of concubines pointing at her, muttering while giggling, as if they were attacking and jeering, which made her embarrassed and annoyed. She walked to the main courtyard, picked up her son, who was sleeping soundly, and took it to Lord Marquis to see.

The males in Marquis Zhenbei Mansion were withering. She didn’t believe that Lord Marquis could still give her the cold-shoulder when he saw his son. Before she approached the main house, she heard the old madam laugh loudly, “It’s good that you miss Suyi when you go out. While you both still young, hurry up and spread the branches and leaves for our Marquis Mansion. When you have children, the family will be lively, and when it is lively, then it will be prosperous. The so-called many children many blessing, prosperous sons prosperous family, this is the truth.

Before Guan Suyi could speak, she heard Lord Marquis readily agree, “Mother is right, how can a shu son and a di son be compared? There’s only Wangshu as di son in the house, in the end it’s a little thin. I will add a little brother for him next year.”

The old madam burst out laughing, pointing at her son and saying a lot of jokes. Zhao Wangshu clapped his palms foolishly, saying that a little brother is good, and he wanted a little brother; Zhao Chunxi however came out with a gloomy face, she caught sight of Ye Fan who was dumbfounded, and whispered, “How can a shu son and a di son be compared, aunt heard this? Seeing daddy has changed his mind and wants to hold Guan Suyi up, why don’t you hurry up and think of a way? If she gives birth to a di son, Marquis Zhenbei Mansion will have anything to do with Guang’er. ”

There was also no place for their pair of siblings. How could she not see her father’s change? It was clear his feelings for Guan Suyi had deeply rooted, the love had entered the bone marrow. If the two of them have a di son on top of that, who would get the title of Marquis Zhenbei was still uncertain. In the past, she wanted to keep Guan Suyi to fight with her aunt, but looking at it now, she had to get rid of her.

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