Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 171

Chapter 171 Palace Rules


Three free days after the wedding passed in the blink of an eye. When waking up in the morning and saw Madam lying in his arms, Emperor Sheng Yuan sighed contentedly. Everything now was once a beautiful thing that he could not dream of. The power and status were only secondary, the most important thing was that his beloved was by the side, body to body, and heart to heart. The so-called “with this kind a wife, what else a husband can ask for” was probably this kind of feeling.

Seeing Madam’s eyelashes trembled slightly, as if she was about to wake up, he immediately rolled over and pressed her down, his tongue skilfully pried open the gap between her teeth, got in and danced with hers, sucking slowly.

As soon as Guan Suyi regained her senses, she was stupefied by the kiss, and could only follow the man’s rhythm. She thought that the bedroom matter had only pain, but turned out that was because marrying the wrong person. As long as you found the right person, it would feel like stepping on the clouds, like falling into a hot spring, when the bodies closed together it was comfortable, joyful and scalding hot. Hunnar would always pay attention to her feelings, stare into her eyes without blinking, call Madam again and again, and finally hold her in his arms and kiss her sweaty cheeks and forehead delicately.

He saw only her in his eyes, and he thought only her in his heart. Although he would always say some embarrassing and annoying love words, but he would also make her smile.

“Hunnar,” she called out his name in a low voice, “don’t make trouble, it’s time to go to court.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan raised his head from her neck with difficulty, said while gasping for breath, “I really don’t want to be an emperor, let alone go to court.”

“Okay, don’t be the emperor anymore, bring the imperial grandsons here, choose a crown prince among them, pass the throne to him, and then we both go to the end of the world, enjoying the fun of being hunted down by the imperial army all day long. By the way, I also I have to take my family with me, so they won’t be caught and threatened by the Empress Dowager.” Guan Suyi pushed him away and put on her robe.

Emperor Sheng Yuan hurriedly yank her back, pressed her on the bed to block her mouth, he lingered for a long time before laughing and whispering, “I only complained jokingly, but Madam always has ten thousand words waiting behind. Alright, alright, I will get up and change clothes, then go to court to listen to politics. Madam, get up quickly and help me dress, I don’t want others to serve me.” As he spoke, he picked her up and carried her playfully.

Guan Suyi was afraid of falling, had to put her arms around his neck, and said helplessly, “Why didn’t I see that you have such a playful temperament before we got married. Dare I ask how old are you this year?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed loudly, and then put Madam back on the bed, half-knelt down to put on her shoes, “I can only do this in front of Madam. When I see Madam, I am happy, and when I am happy, I want to make trouble.”

Guan Suyi was stunned for a while, then covered her mouth and smiled, “I understand, small animals usually do this. Put on an act in front of people, reveal their true colors at people’s back, it’s really hard for you.” Her fingers slipped into Hunnar’s hair, gently smooth out his hair.

Emperor Sheng Yuan was not annoyed at all, instead pressed her back again, kissing and biting, and scratched her delicate cheek with his half-short stubble, and a joyful laugh emanated from his throat. How could Guan Suyi just resign herself helplessly, she lifted her waist and turned him over, their two lips were very close, as if she wanted to kiss him, but when he raised his head and approached her, she quickly avoided him with a mischievous brilliance in her eyes.

Baifu led a group of palace maids to stand outside the room, their face full of numb expressions. Jinzi looked at the sky and mumbling, “Sir, how about you urge them? If they keep continue, the emperor won’t be able to go to court today. Just after the big wedding, if there’s news that the emperor dismissing the court, the old master of our family will probably run to the palace and beat empress niangniang with a feather duster.”

“You are empress niangniang’s most capable maid, it is most suitable for you to urge.” Baifu was not be fooled by this. If you offend the emperor, it’s still alright, if you offend the empress, even if she herself doesn’t press charge, the emperor would jump out first to deal with you until you cry mom and dad.

Jinzi covered her face, made a toothache expression, and then turned to look at Minglan, “Why don’t you go? If the emperor misses the time, it will not be good for niangniang‘s reputation.”

Minglan was the most honest and simple after all. When she heard that it was not good for her master, she immediately knocked on the door of the room and shouted loudly, “Your Majesty, Niangniang, it’s time to wash up and change!”

The room was quiet for a moment, then there was a crisp low laugh and a long sigh. After a while, the two of them, who were properly dressed, walked out of the inner hall hand in hand and walked to the washstand to wash their hands and face. Seeing the maids gathered around, twisted the wet handkerchief and prepared to help him wash, Emperor Sheng Yuan immediately took it over and handed it to Madam, “In the future, there will be no need for so many people to serve, only Baifu, Jinzi, and Minglan is enough. The rest all retreat.”

The palace maids did not dare to disobey and filed out.

Guan Suyi took the handkerchief and gently wiped him, “Didn’t they all serve you before?”

“These people are all the maids of Jiaofang Palace, where are they serving me?” Emperor Sheng Yuan bent down and said in a contented tone, “Only Baifu and personal guards can step into my bedroom, and I usually take care of myself and never let others get close. But now I have a wife, I have to enjoy the feeling of being taken care of by my wife.”

Guan Suyi increased her strength and wiped his face red, teased, “I have a husband now, shouldn’t I also enjoy the feeling of being taken care of by my husband?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan wrapped his arms around her slender waist, bit her earlobe and whispered, “That’s natural. Madam, please wait patiently, husband will definitely serve you well tonight.”

The tips of Guan Suyi’s ears quickly turned red, and she rub the handkerchief on his face, and said angrily, “Hunnar, can you speak properly?”

“No.” Emperor Sheng Yuan kissed her forehead, kissed the tip of her nose, and strode off while laughing, she could hear his triumphant voice after he was already far away, “Madam, wait for me at home, I will come back soon.”

“You bastard, you’d better not come back!” Guan Suyi chased outside the palace and grinded her teeth, but after a while she couldn’t help but laugh, when she saw Jinzi and Minglan came in with the food boxes, she suddenly said, “Why Hunnar left without having breakfast?”

Jinzi’s face was full of helplessness, “Niangniang, you two got up early in the morning and fool around for more than an hour. If the emperor doesn’t hurry to go to the court, he will be late. If after you just got married he neglect the government affairs, then I say the old master can kill you in the name of righteousness, will you believe it?”

Guan Suyi held her forehead and introspected, and repeatedly told herself to stay focused, be dignified, and not to mess with Hunnar again. Then she picked up the chopsticks to eat, stopped just after one bite, and instructed, “Walking all the way to the Jinluan Palace, there will still be time to eat two buns, right? The length of the court meeting is variable. Sometime it will be over in a quarter of an hour, and sometime will not finish in an hour or two. If he doesn’t eat breakfast, he will probably starve for a long time. When grandfather and father went to court, I would stuff two wotou in their sleeve pockets to relieve their hunger.”

While talking, she picked up a few big buns and ordered, “Send it to Hunnar, hurry up. Let him eat a few bites on the road.”

Jinzi took the food box and used her qinggong to quickly chase after him. Finally, she caught up with the emperor halfway and handed the buns.

“Madam asked you to send this? Afraid that Zhen will be starving?” he asked repeatedly.

“Yes, please eat it while it’s still hot, so that niangniang will not feel distressed.”

“Understood, you can go back.” Emperor Sheng Yuan, who had a calm face just a moment ago, after Jinzi walked far away and the sedan chair’s curtain dropped down, immediately showed a silly smile, “Baifu, Zhen also has a wife who care for Zhen.” After taking a big bite of the bun, he said vaguely, “Today’s buns taste extraordinarily good!”

Baifu flattered, “Your Majesty, niangniang only has you in her heart, so who else can she care for if not you?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan became more and more happy when he heard this, and he even still had the smile when he came to the court hall. No matter what the ministers reported, it didn’t erase the good mood in the slightest, treated others with pleasant face. The courtiers were also quite relieved to see this, and they all said that the phoenix seat had its master, and the emperor was indeed greatly benefited.

Marrying into the palace was different from marrying into ordinary family. There was no rule of returning to her maiden family on the third day. Guan suyi couldn’t go, so she was the one that had to summon the family to the palace

Zhong shi looked at her daughter up and down, and said with relief, “The complexion is even better than before the marriage, I can rest assured now.”

Old Madam Zuo handed over a few boxes of medicinal herbs and instructed, “If you want to stand on your heel as soon as possible, you have to give birth to an imperial heir. Grandmother prepared these medicinal herbs for you. Take a dose every five days to consolidate the fundament and nourish the womb. There are also some potion to improve and maintain the skin, just brew it with hot water and drink it every day, it can make the skin smooth and the complexion better. To survive in this inner palace, power and children are incomparable to the favor of the emperor. Since you have such a face, you should make the best use of it. Grandmother did not let you learn those coquettish tricks, but only tried to delay aging and retain your beauty. Beauty is women’s most advantageous weapon. It will save you a lot of trouble.”

If Guan Suyi heard this before, she would have blushed, but now she took the herbs calmly and sincerely thanked her. She poured a cup of hot tea for her mother and grandmother, and said slowly, “Grandmother, Yiyi has something to ask for, I wonder if you can help?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Now you have been instructed to compile the history of the Jiuli clan and the history of the Wei Kingdom. You have the right to go in and out of the palace to find ancient books, and it’s also convenient for you to meet me every day. I have a book in mind that I want you to help write. Can you spare some time?”

“What book?” Old Madam Zuo became interested.

“Palace rules.”

Old Madam Zuo was stunned for a while, then suddenly laughed, “Good, you crafty little thing, you found the path so quickly. Alright, I’ll take over this job, what do you want?”

Guan Suyi put down the teacup and said eloquently, “Although I have never been an empress, others have been. Instead of fumbling step by step and stumbling forward, it’s better to start by learning my predecessors’ experience and draw a path. In the past dynasties before our Wei Kingdom, there have been many palace rules and ancestral systems. I want to ask grandmother to help me integrate and edit it and make it into a book. There are not many requirements, just one, to establish my absolute authority as the empress. I am the mother of the country, how can I lower myself to compete with the concubines out of jealousy? If I set the rules first, if anyone breaks it, I will deal with them according to the law, there is no need to fight against them.”

Old Madam Zuo agreed, “The family has family’s rules, the country has national rules, and the inner palace should naturally have the inner palace’s rules. The empress is the master of the Six Palaces, and she has to subdue everyone as soon as she undertook the seat, why there’s a need to retreat and secretly plot? Rules are made by those in power, and people in lower positions have no other way but to obey. In addition to the rules of the palace, you should also write an article yourself to set the tone and advertise yourself as a ‘virtuous empress’.”

Guan Suyi had already prepared, and immediately took out a manuscript and gave it to her grandmother for revision. Why did she have to fight with Pan Duolan and the others? Just draw a path, and let them go around on their own.

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