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The inner attendants searched one by one then said, “Return to Niangniang, these people are all women, and no men mixed in.”

Guan Suyi waved her hand casually, “Get down.”

After everyone put on their clothes and fastened their belts, they filed out with tears in their eyes, thinking that they would not dare to look up to meet people for many days to come. Pan Duolan put down her hanging heart while clenching her fists tightly. Even if she was extremely angry, she would no longer dare to show the slightest dissatisfaction to the person on top.

For the other person to speak bluntly, rather than using those trick to frame herself, was already the greatest kindness. In the eyes of outsiders, the current Pan Duolan not only couldn’t hold grudges, but also had to be grateful to the Empress, because she raised her noble hand and spared her life.

Someone in the higher position, with bright mind and sharp method, how terrible was such opponent?

Guan Suyi looked around below her seat and said slowly, “The palace should have been a place with strict rules. If you mess up, you will make a big disturbance. Don’t think wearing the wrong clothes just a trivial matter, it can actually ruin you forever. What if someone, who doesn’t feel content, gets inspiration from Pan Jieyu‘s unruly behavior and dresses up a man as a palace maid and takes him with her every day?”

The concubine, who was still sitting in their original position, were so frightened that their hair stood on end, and quickly knelt down to express their sincerity, “Concubine will never dare to commit the crime of defiling the harem. Please the empress clearly examine.”

Shen Jieyu couldn’t sit still anymore, she kowtowed honestly, she already understood in her heart that this round not only failed to suppress the empress, instead let her burn all the Three Palaces and Six Courtyards with one fire. After this incident, when everyone went back, they would all be trembling in fear and suspicious of each other, even more they would close the door to decline visitors, safeguarding from everyone.

Since she made a fuss, might as well make a big fuss, Guan Suyi said coldly, “In this palace, men should wear men’s clothes, and women should wear women’s clothes. Break the rules, the consequences are not something you can bear. When This Palace first entered the palace, originally wanted to get along with you in harmony, but after seeing the chaos on the first day, truly feel heartbroken. Pan Jieyu, Shen Jieyu, after This Palace visit the Empress Dowager, you will hand over the directory, account books, palace card and other things. This palace will rectify the Six Palaces from top and bottom, and see how many ghosts are hidden in the dark.”

Pan Duolan and Shen Jieyu, who originally wanted to delay for a few days, did not dare to refuse, and hurriedly agreed. Even beaten to death they wouldn’t have guessed with just one piece of clothing, it could provoke such a big catastrophe. After this, not only the empress could clean up the palace, and interrogate the personnel, but even they themselves had to clean up their surroundings, so as not to be framed by some dirty tricks.

Borrowing power to beat power, in just a few words the empress confiscated the palace authority, intimidated the imperial concubines, and made all the inner attendants, palace maids, and imperial guards frightened by her methods. Who would dare to go against her in the future? The so-called master of the Six Palaces was probably like this.

Thinking like this, the concubines couldn’t help but show reverence, and after kowtowing over and over again, they returned to their sit and listened to the admonition honestly.

Guan Suyi spoke a few more words, waved her hand and said, “It’s already time, let’s go to Changle Palace to pay respect to the Empress Dowager.” Everyone complied and followed suit.

In the Changle Palace, the Empress Dowager was lying on the soft couch with her eyes closed. There was a bowl of soup medicine in her hand, the smell was very pungent. The three prince consorts sat around her with the little imperial grandsons, their faces full of sorrow. Compared with the last time they met, the Empress Dowager seemed to be a few years older, her turbid eyes loomed with death, and it was obvious that her limit time was approaching. But it’s no wonder, her husband, son, and maiden’s clan were all dead, and the imperial grandsons she raised became waste. She fought shamelessly for her personal gain in the first half of her life, and earned nothing in the second half of her life. If anyone change place with her, they would have long been disheartened and killed themselves.

She raised her hand to let everyone get up, and said weakly, “Empress, this is a meeting gift from Aijia, take it.”

The eldest prince consort handed a brocade box to Guan Suyi, which contained the treasures of the Jiuli clan. Bian Min’er had already executed, and the Bian family had been beheaded, so this necklace became an ownerless thing. In order to placate Emperor Sheng Yuan, the Empress Dowager could only give it to the empress.

But in Guan Suyi’s eyes, this necklace was just a ridicule object, she didn’t even want to see it, how could she wear it? But she didn’t show it, respectfully took the brocade box and thanked the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager’s body was not good these days, and she had no mood nor energy to deal with everyone. After a few words, she let the eldest prince consort sent off the guests.

Everyone withdrew one after another, and after they went back, they gathered all the people in their own palace to check their identities one by one, and dealt with the suspicious ones quietly, lest the empress grasp their handle. Before, Ye Zhen always pretended to be weak, where did she have the energy to rectify the harem? The Empress Dowager and Pan Jieyu were both foreigners, and they knew very little about the rules of the Han palace courtyard, more unlikely to try to reorganize them. Even after the establishment of the Wei Kingdom for several years, the palace was still in chaos.

Guan Suyi received the directory, account book, and other items, and shook her head while flipping through it. At this moment, Baifu walked in with a flattering face and saluted, “Niangniang, the emperor sent this servant to ask you when you will go to the imperial study. He’s been waiting for you for most of the day.”

“He has his government affairs to handle, what will This Palace do over there?” Having said that, Guan Suyi stood up and walked out.

“Madam told me to wait.” Emperor Sheng Yuan threw down the memorial and spread his arms.

Originally Guan Suyi wanted to salute, but when she saw this, she pursed her lips and smiled, walked over slowly and sat next to him.

Emperor Sheng Yuan hugged her gently, looked at her for a long time, and smiled, “When Madam has not yet entered the palace, whenever I’m tired I would think, if Madam is by my side, it won’t be a problem for me to deal with the memorials for day and night. Not only will I not feel tire, but I will still enjoy it. Now my wish has come true, and it feels like a dream.” He then pushed a thick pile of memorials, “Troubling Madam to help me sort this out, then I will reply to it, okay?”

Although Guan Suyi was forced to marry into the palace, she also planned to live a good life with Hunnar. She opened a memorial and said softly, “Sharing worries for the husband originally is the responsibility of this consort, so why said troubling?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan, who had already picked up the brush, was stunned for a moment, and after a while he asked in a hoarse voice, “What did Madam just call me?”

“Husband.” Guan Suyi looked at him with a smile.

Emperor Sheng Yuan stroked his forehead, then he rubbed Madam’s lips, and said helplessly, “If it’s not daytime and we’re not in the study, I will definitely kiss Madam.”

Guan Suyi covered her mouth while blushing, and said angrily, “Can you just speak less and deal with memorials more? If you keep smooth talking, I can leave.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan hurriedly grabbed Madam and apologize, “Madam, don’t go, it’s your husband’s fault. Your husband will follow Madam’s order and deal with memorials more.”

Guan Suyi still felt angry after thinking about it. She raised her fist and hit him. At the end, she couldn’t help but laugh. After laughing, she sorted the memorials one by one and placed them neatly on the imperial table. The war was on one file, the agriculture affairs were on one file, and the governance were one file… and then according to the priorities, the most important ones were put on the top, and the less important ones were below, so it was clear at a glance.

Emperor Sheng Yuan had always regarded approving memorials as hard work, but today he did not feel tired or bored at all. Not only was his mind very clear, but his hand was also very quick, and there was always a smile hanging on the corner of his mouth.

“Madam,” he said after a while, “the culture of the Central Plains is indeed broad and profound. Many seemingly simple words hide many great truths. Now I have a deeper understanding of it.”

Guan Suyi slowly flipped through the memorial and responded, “Oh? What have you learned, let’s hear it.”

“I learned a lot, such as ‘Marry a wife, marry a virtuous person’, ‘A virtuous wife then husband have few misfortunes, a virtuous wife then husband will be benefiting‘, ‘One day husband and wife are one hundred days of kindness, one hundred days husband and wife are deeper than the sea’. Madam, can marry you, it’s indeed my blessing for three lifetimes.”

Guan Suyi glanced at him quickly and said shyly, “Deal with the memorial yourself, I’m leaving.” Let you talk some nonsense!

Emperor Sheng Yuan quickly put down the brush, took Madam who was about get up into his arms and sat her on his knees, kissing her hot ears while laughing loudly, “Madam, don’t be angry, I just feel something, and I can’t help but let it out of my chest. Madam, sit down and read the memorial.” As he spoke, he shoved a memorial into her hand, his tone was affectionate and flattering.

Feeling the hard object under her body, Guan Suyi almost jumped up in fright, and immediately took the memorial and sat down on the side, glaring at Hunnar fiercely.

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed again and touched the corners of her flushed and wet eyes. He then restrained his mind and continued to deal with government affairs. Baifu, Jinzi and the others had already retreated outside the door, hearing the sound inside, their sweet tooth felt hurt. If they hadn’t met Madam, they would never have imagined that their master also had such a warm side. Now he was more cheerful and smiling all day, completely different from his past unpredictable and moody self.

Marrying Madam, he became more and more like an ordinary person, rather than a half-beast.

Guan Suyi finished flipping through the memorial and saw a manuscript on the table. She couldn’t help but pick it up and read it. After a while, she said while feeling ashamed, “It turns out that Xu Guangzhi is so far-sighted, and I’m narrow-minded.” This article affirmed the legislative policy proposed by Xu Guangzhi that argued “the five-quasi-clothes to control the crimes” was the basic criterion for dealing with kinship relations, and should be introduced into the law. Xu Guangzhi’s opinion was not applicable to the current situation, but it is applicable to a peaceful and prosperous age. Perhaps after twenty years if he could still be used, he would also become the Wei Kingdom’s trusted aide.

Emperor Sheng Yuan was stunned for a while, and after realizing what she said, he quickly comforted, “Madam is not narrow-minded, but focuses on the present. No one is born to know everything, you need to look while you walk, and you learn while you look. You are so, and so am I. Then let’s support each other and explore slowly.”

Guan Suyi shook the manuscript and asked, “You wrote this?”

After hesitating for a moment, Emperor Sheng Yuan nodded and admitted, but was poke on the forehead by Madam, and she reprimanded angrily, “You lied. Judging from the writing, this is clearly my father’s style.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan didn’t feel ashamed at all, but chuckled softly, “Daughter knows her father best, I did copy it and incorporated my own thoughts. You can still see father-in-law’s style, your eyes are really sharp.”

“Who’s the one that just said you learn while you look? Then in a flash who’s the one who took the credit of his subordinate as his own? This face is getting thicker and thicker…” Guan Suyi was talking incessantly, but was interrupted by a sentence from Hunnar, “Madam, are you still hurt?”

“Where does it hurt?” Guan Suyi was stunned for a while, and when she realized what he was talking about, smoke almost came out of her head, and she punched him, “Hunnar, can you speak properly!”

Emperor Sheng Yuan immediately hug Madam who thrown herself into his arms, and secretly wondered: Didn’t I learn this from you? Who told you to refuse to talk to me properly before.

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