Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Regret


Bian Min’er woke up while rubbing her sore neck, and as soon as she opened her eyes, even before she could see her surrounding, she was ruthlessly slapped. She jumped up and questioned sternly, “Which damned dog slave dare to…” Before she could finish her sentence, she was slapped again, followed by another, two times, three times… After a dozen slaps in succession, she heard an extremely cold voice slowly speak, “Are you awake? I’ll continue to slap if you’re still not awake.”

“Mother, why are you beating me?” Only then did Bian Min’er see the person in front of her clearly, and she realized that she was not in Qionglin Garden, but in a dark and cramped place, like a prison cell.

“Where is this?” She turned pale from fright and said in horror, “Mother, why are we locked up? Where the hell is this?”

“Why are we locked up, isn’t it all thanks to you?” Madam Bian knew that her daughter’s drinking capacity was not low, even after five to six pots of wine could not make her drunk to the point of going crazy in public. The drink must have been mixed with some drug, which made her say those words that send the Bian family and several princes to their doomed. However, knowing was knowing, and whether they could be forgiven was another matter.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this daughter had always been arrogant and domineering, never care about human life, and was cultivated to have such an ignorant temperament, even if she lost her mind, she would at most say some stupid things about other families’ daughters. Where would be saying to execute all the Han people and even the emperor?

No matter how many of those words were true or false, it was impossible for the Han courtiers to spare the Bian family, let alone allow those princes to sit on their vassals. Among the Jiuli people, in addition to the imperial family and the top ten noble surnames, just like the Han people, there were many poor people with real talents and real learning. They all genuinely followed Emperor Sheng Yuan to fight hard until achieving their current status. However, in the early days of the founding of the country, when the meritorious service was awarded, because their social status was low, their credits were deprived and even robbed, and they could only hold small position in the military.

Once the few princes fall, the top ten noble surnames who were close to them would also be implicated, and the emperor could reasonably lift up those supporters who really rushed to fight with him among the mountains of daggers and seas of flame. He wouldn’t have to worry that he could have no one to use, let alone worry for the Jiuli people who alienated him.

After this incident, his control over the Han people and the Jiuli people would only be deepened, the prestige he established before would only get higher, and the loyalty he got before would only be steadier. He had already turned into a dragon and soared into the sky, but those who used to despise him had always reluctant to face him, which was why today’s catastrophe happened.

Who would have thought that he didn’t need to confront anyone, let alone strategize a plan and slowly scheme, and just use one woman’s drunken words to wipe out all the big problems!

This trick was not very clever, but it was really ingenious. And it was precisely because the Bian family raised Bian Miner into this kind of virtue that he had the opportunity to take advantage of it. Now, even if each Bian family has a hundred mouths to defend Bian Min’er, saying that she was drunk, possessed by a ghost, or even drugged, who would believe it? Her daily actions, words and deeds were exactly the same as her crazy words today. In her eyes, Han people were worse than dogs, and everyone in Yanjing knew this.

In ordinary times, no matter how arrogant and domineering she was, the Bian family and the Empress Dowager would always support her. But now, she did her best to provoke the hatred of all the Han people and provoked a life-and-death dispute between the two ethnic groups, even if the old Heavenly Sovereign came, he couldn’t defend her!

Madam Bian regretted it so much! The more she thought about it, the angrier she became, she slapped Bian Min’er five or six times, even knocked out a few of her teeth. The womenfolk of the Bian family were all imprisoned in the same cell, but no one stepped forward to stop her, all staring at Bian Min’er with indifferent and resentful eyes.

Bian Min’er was shocked and frightened. She rushed over and hugged her mother’s legs, crying and begging, “Mother, stop beating. Where is this? Why are we locked up? In any case you should make me understand what happened.”

Madam Bian thought she lost her memory of the banquet after getting drugged, and kicked her away with one foot, dropped down to the ground then refused to speak. Her eldest sister-in-law truly hated her, detailed the events at the banquet one by one, and finally said with a sneer, “When the emperor ascended the throne, I said that now the Jiuli and Han people share the world, mother-in-law and father-in-law should manage sister-in-law better. Don’t let her be too arrogant and cause a big disaster. Now, this word has really come true. When others want to plot against the Bian family, who else can they choose beside her? Because she’s crazy! Because she attracts hatred! She talks about ‘Han dog and whore’ every day, and if something goes wrong, she will flare out on the Han servants, kill one today, kill another tomorrow. You didn’t reprimand her, and even help her dispose the body. You didn’t hide it from the outside world, and let her get the reputation as devil incarnate. Can you explain what she said at the banquet just now? The Central Plains are the Han people’s world. Once they feel threatened, even the emperor won’t be able suppress them! Our Bian family is over! It’s all over!”

Bian Min’er was dazed and frightened, and hurriedly defended, “It’s not me who said those words! I was knocked unconscious when I went to the back hall to change my clothes, and I just woke up! That’s right, where are my two maids? They, they must have betrayed me and made a fake Bian Min’er! Mother, please believe me, I really didn’t say those words, even if I’m crazy I wouldn’t playing around with the lives of our whole family! Mother, look at me… ”

No matter what the truth was, or whether the person who said those words was Bian Min’er, the Bian family had already beyond hope and could not pursue the matter. The other party used Bian Min’er’s face, voice, and identity, and completely crucified the Bian family.

Bian Min’er’s eldest sister-in-law said dejectedly, “So what if it was you? So what if it wasn’t you? If only you accumulate a little bit of virtue and restrain yourself, others will not believe those words. Do you know why the people who plot against the Bian family chose you? Because you are the rotten seed of the Bian family! Just pierce you, and you can make the entire Bian family rot…”

Before she could finish her words, she heard a crisp applause from the dark passage, and after a while, a graceful woman in brocade clothes came over and said slowly, “In the whole Bian family, I’m afraid only this young lady has this foresight.”

She stood outside the prison door, illuminated by the dim yellow candlelight, this face that make the moon hide and the flowers shy was very dazzling. Who else if not the biggest winner today, Guan Suyi.

“It’s you!” Bian Min’er finally realized, rushed over and roared, “It’s you who did it! You framed me!”

Guan Suyi didn’t answer, and walked in front of the cell door twice, her tone unhurried, “That day in the dark alley, you asked me if I dare to kill you and if I dare to go against the entire Jiuli clan. I didn’t answer at that time. Now I’ll give you the answer – I dare. Kill you, I dare; going against the Jiuli clan, I also dare.”

She leaned over slightly, stared at Bian Min’er’s red, already timid eyes, and said word by word, “Then it’s my turn to ask you, do you dare to bear the consequences of angering me?”

Dare? Bian Min’er shook her head invisibly, then shook her head again, and finally collapsed completely. She didn’t dare, because she angered this person, she actually exchanged the whole family’s life for it. If she had known this, she would never have provoked the other person. Even now, she still doesn’t understand how she ended up in this plight, and who was Bian Min’er that gone mad.

She finally burst into tears like a normal fifteen-year-old girl, and choked up, “Guan Suyi, one person’s mistake is one person’s responsibility. You kill me, don’t hurt my family. Guan Suyi, come back!”

Unfortunately, the person had gone farther away, leaving only the cold voice echoed in the aisle, “It’s too late, I didn’t want to take this step, it’s you who forced me. Between you and I, after all, I have the last laugh… …”

Bian Min’er shook the cell door frantically, but failed to call the person back. Madam Bian grabbed her to questioned her, and only then she learned that Bian Min’er tried to assassinated Guan Suyi, and suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood, she fell down while cursing “evil creature”.

Guan Suyi walked out of the underground palace and stood under the porch, she let the cold wind blown over her, wanting to disperse the bloody aura around her faster. Jinzi looked at her carefully and asked, “Miss, are you alright? The Bian family deserves it. Don’t be frightened by Bian Min’er’s madness. With all the evil things she had done, even if she died a hundred times, it still won’t washed away her sin.”

Guan Suyi smiled slyly, “What? Do you think after I took revenge on her, and saw her last tragic state, I will have some sort of emptiness, frustration or helpless entanglement feelings?” She shook her head and her tone was loose, “Repaying virtue with virtue, repaying grievance with grievance, is the most enjoyable thing in the world. From now on, I want to live this carefree life.”

Jinzi was stunned for a few breaths before shaking her head and smiled, “Miss, it’s good that you’re happy.”

The master and servant walked to the front hall, but saw a slender, beautiful woman standing next to Emperor Sheng Yuan, bending slightly to look at Mu Mu in his arms. Her lips opened and closed, but it’s unknown what she was saying. Emperor Sheng Yuan’s face was full of impatience. While wrapping the sleeping Mu Mu with a thin blanket, he waved his hand as if to drive her away.

There was a hurt look in the woman’s eyes, but she stubbornly stood on the spot and refused to leave. She glanced at Guan Suyi who was slowly approaching, and her brows frowned quickly.

“This is Pan Jieyu, who fought under the grand princess, and she’s a ruthless character.” Jinzi whispered.

Guan Suyi had already guessed this person’s identity, walked over and saluted, and then stroked Mu Mu’s flushed cheeks, and said angrily, “How many glasses of wine did you let him drink? He actually drunk like this!”

“Madam accuse wrongly, except for the cup at the beginning, Zhen only fed him with chopsticks. He is young and has a low alcohol tolerance. It’s better to hone more in the future.” Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed, holding Mu Mu in one hand and hugging Madam’s slender waist with the other, and said with a gentle voice. “The night is cold as water. The two Mount Tai and mother-in-law have been waiting for a long time. Zhen will send you back. After the Bian family and several uncles were dealt with, Zhen will immediately come to propose marriage.”

Guan Suyi tried to take her younger brother, but he avoided her, so she could only sigh, “I know that you Jiuli people drink wine like water since you were young, but although wine is brewed from five grains, it contains alcohol poison, which is very harmful to the liver. It’s better to drink less in the future.”

“What Madam taught is right. As long as you speak, don’t even say letting Zhen drink less, even want Zhen to quit immediately, Zhen won’t refuse.” Emperor Sheng Yuan continuously smiled as he was in very good mood, while the whole time Pan Duolan seemed to be like a transparent person. He slowly left with his arm around Madam. To him, the concubines in the palace were nothing more than exquisite decorations. It was not him who want to accept, it was not him who want to choose, all was the Empress Dowager’s arrangement, so let them all serve the Empress Dowager. All he need was Madam.

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