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The rouges group were no match for two thousand elite cavalries, without the shield, they were cleaned up like chopping melons and cutting vegetables, but leave some leaders to be brought back to be tortured.

Emperor Sheng Yuan played with Mu Mu for a while. Seeing that Mu Mu was talking less and rubbing his eyes from time to time, and seemed a little sleepy, he knew that the fear in his heart had gradually faded and that they could return with peace of mind. He put the little guy on the carriage’s shaft and used the light from the torch to check all parts of his body. After finding out that there was no trauma, just a few bruises, he then felt a little relieved. If the little guy was hurt anywhere, Madam would be sad, and if Madam was sad, he would be a hundred times sadder than her. Is this the so-called “empathy”?

Mu Mu was very well-behaved and sensible. Seeing his sister wiping her tears while rubbing his bruises, he quickly stretched out his short hand to hug her and comforted her, “I’m fine, those people hit me twice at first, but when they saw me obediently sit and not moving, they stopped hitting me. I know you guys will come to save me.”

“Well, Mu Mu is so good. Next time if you encounter this kind of thing, don’t make senseless resistance, just remember the route clearly, find an opportunity to leave a secret signal and I will come to save you. Do you remember the treasure hunt game we played? A small triangle is placed in a small circle, that is our secret signal to get in touch, and you should remember it in your heart.” Guan Suyi felt that blindly teaching her brother to study still wouldn’t work. Children who grew up in peaceful times always had poor survival ability.

When she was a child, there were turmoil between the vassal states, and the world was very chaotic. One time she encountered a wave of homeless people, and she was unfortunately separated from her parents, in the end they found each other by using a secret signal. All the survival skills she had learned in the past had to be taught to Mu Mu from beginning to end, and it was not wrong to be vigilant even in peaceful time.

Mu Mu shook his head and murmured, “I, I want to learn martial arts, I want to fight the bad guys myself, and I don’t want my sister to save me, that’s too dangerous.” He then secretly glanced at Emperor Sheng Yuan and hopefully said, “Brother-in-law is a general, Brother-in-law can teach me.”

Before Guan Suyi could answer, Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed, “Okay, brother-in-law will teach you martial arts, you can become a general in the future, and expand territory for brother-in-law!”

Mu Mu was still an ignorant child after all, couldn’t hear the deep meaning hidden in those words, he just felt very happy, and his little head nodded quickly. Guan Suyi held her forehead while saying, “Mu Mu is the heir of the Emperor Teacher Mansion. In the future, he will take over grandfather’s mantle and become a great Confucian in the world. You kidnapped him to practice martial arts now, aren’t you causing trouble for my grandfather?”

“Sister, I want to study as well as learn martial arts. I can be a Confucian general.” Mu Mu replied very cleverly.

Guan Suyi was dumbfounded, and Emperor Sheng Yuan was also stunned, after a while they both laughed in unison. Isn’t a Confucian general still a general? This silly boy. Forget it, he can do whatever he likes, as long as he can be happy and grow up safely.

Zhao Luli looked at the three of them from a distance, and when they were finish talking and laughing, he walked over and asked, “Is Mu Mu okay? Is he injured?” He had always feel guilty about this former adopted son. He took him back but left him to be raised by his sister-in-law, let alone talk, he only saw him a few times in a month, so that the child had no affection or nostalgia for him.

If he took better care of him and made him feel a sense of belonging in the Zhao family, perhaps Suyi would not have gone so decisively. But wrong was wrong, and regret was useless, so he could give up easily and did not compete with Suyi for custody of the child.

Now Mu Mu even called Huo Shengzhe as brother-in-law, it could be seen that the happy occasion between those two were approaching, and the Emperor Teacher Mansion also had a qualified successor. After Suyi left the Zhao’s house, everything really goes smoothly. Thinking like this, a wry smile appeared on Zhao Luli’s face.

Mu Mu cupped his hands cautiously, “Back to Mr. Zhao, I’m not injured, thank you for your help this time.” Although he and the other person lived under the same roof, the number of times they met was very small, at most only half an acquaintance.

Guan Suyi also thanked him again. The two of them were so polite, which made Zhao Luli feel embarrassed and could only sighed, “There’s no need to thank me. I originally wanted to save Mu Mu secretly, but I didn’t expect that when the rouge gang saw that my caravan was full of disabled people, they started to get idea to rob it, which made the matter bigger. Fortunately, Mu Mu was not injured, otherwise even if I die ten thousand times still cannot escape the blame.”

He paused, then his tone suddenly softened, “Mu Mu, how has Suyi been doing recently?

Mu Mu tried not to look at his sister, nodded and said, “She is very good. She reads and writes at home all day, and then helps grandfather organize manuscripts and write the treasure book. She is very happy.”

“It’s good that she’s happy.” Zhao Luli seemed to have tears flashing in his eyes, and afraid that others would see it under the torch light, he had to bow his head slightly and walked away hastily.

Emperor Sheng Yuan said in a deep voice, “Whether she lives well or not, is my responsibility from now on, and has nothing to do with you. Don’t you think it’s too late to ask this question now?”

Zhao Luli’s already depressed back was looking even more dejected, and he stood at the same place for a while before slowly walking towards the place where the fire could not shine. In the distance, the sound of the swordsmen had ceased, and the soldiers piled up the corpses on the ground and burned them, then packed up to return.

Guan Suyi hugged Mu Mu in her arms, wrapped him in a thin blanket, and said softly, “Mu Mu, close your eyes and sleep, and you’ll be home when you wake up.”

“Really?” Mu Mu’s misty eyes were full of hope.

“Of course it’s true, when did your sister lie to you?” Guan Suyi hugged him tighter and without hesitation tapped his back with her fingers. Mu Mu quickly fell into a deep sleep in this gentle comfort, his little hands tightly grasping the hem of his sister’s clothes.

Emperor Sheng Yuan watched this scene silently, and suddenly said, “Madam, you must be a good mother in the future. When we have a child, it is up to you to decide whether he will study literature or martial arts. No, if the first child is a boy, then he will be the Crown Prince of Wei Kingdom. He must have both civil and military skills in order to carry the national cauldron, so he still needs your strict teaching. The second child preferably is a little princess, who looks very much like Madam when she was young. I will definitely hold her in the palm of my hand…” The more he spoke, the more excited he became, as if very soon he and Madam would have children run around their knees.

Because of his childhood experiences, his desire for family far exceeds ordinary people, but he was also infected with the nature of a lone wolf, and unwilling to accept any woman. Madam’s appearance was like a redemption for him, even more, it was destiny.

Guan Suyi hurriedly covered Mu Mu’s ears, seeing that he had no sign of waking up, she whispered, “Shut up! Say that again and I’ll be angry!”

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed softly, “Okay, I won’t say it. Madam, are you tired? Why don’t you let me carry Mu Mu, I have a lot of strength, and I can hold him back to the capital without any problems. If you hold him like this, your arms will be numb within a quarter of an hour.” As he spoke, he moved to the other side and carefully took the child.

Mu Mu recently ate very well and slept soundly. He had grown a lot of meat, and it was indeed difficult to carry him. Besides, Guan Suyi had just escaped danger and was already exhausted, so she did not refuse Hunnar. When Qin Lingyun lifted the curtain and entered, he happened to see one of them hugging Mu Mu’s upper body and the other holding Mu Mu’s legs, sitting head to head, shoulder to shoulder and resting together. The intimate atmosphere was like honey that could not be dissolved, making the air sweet.

“Master, this subordinate brought Big Brother over.” He raised the small cage in his hand, his face a little embarrassed.

Big Brother was curled up in the cage, sleeping with a layer of bloody gauze wrapped around his tail. He seemed to smell a familiar smell, and could not help but snorting twice, but he was too tired to wake up. Guan Suyi hurriedly took the cage and whispered thanks.

Since Emperor Sheng Yuan wanted to rush back for morning court, the carriage was driving fast. Guan Suyi had many doubts that needed to be answered, so she stopped Marquis Zhenxi and asked, “Have you investigate the person who kidnapped me?”

Qin Lingyun glanced at his master, saw him nodding slightly, and then replied, “We couldn’t investigate him, he bit his tongue and killed himself, he’s really a tough stubble. But please rest assured, Madam, on the way back, I will stop by Yanghua Mountain and bring the female kidnapper back. Her mouth should not be as hard.”

As soon as Guan Suyi closed her eyes, she could remember the vicious face of the other person, and waved her hand, “Forget it, let her stay there, no need to torture anyone, I’ll find out the real culprit by myself.”

Qin Lingyun was stunned for a while, then laughed softly, “I thought the Guan family was known for their benevolence and magnanimity, but I didn’t expect that Madam was not at all like the rumors. Today if it some ordinary woman who encounter what Madam had encountered, afraid she only knew how to wait for death, how could be able to escape safely by herself. I have seen the person, his limbs and jaw were dislocated, and the techniques are quite sophisticated, not like something a powerless woman can do.”

Marquis Zhenxi had never seen Madam’s divine power, and had no interest in Confucianism, so he didn’t know that she had been practicing calligraphy with heavy load since she was a child. From his master’s recounting, the process of her escape seemed to be very easy, but after thinking about it carefully, it was inevitable to realize how dangerous it must be. If her ability was one point worse, the ending would be as the female kidnapper said, death was better life. He would like to ask this scholarly family’s noble girl, where did she learn these kung fu? It’s hard not to make him raise some doubts.

His Master was precisely “the look is not charming, people are self-fascinated*“, and now couldn’t find the south, east, north and west, so he couldn’t help but worry more.

Guan Suyi glanced at him and said slowly, “It is precisely because there are so many people like you who judge people by their appearance that I can escape. Women of the Jiuli clan are not the only one who are strong and powerful, I, Guan Suyi, am also not a vegetarian.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan gently held her cold fingertips and answered on her behalf, “Madam has been practicing calligraphy with heavy load since she was a child, and her wrist strength is extraordinary. It’s not strange for her to be able to restrain an adult man.”

“Practicing calligraphy with heavy load? That makes sense.” Qin Lingyun then asked again, “What about dislocating the joints? Ordinary women don’t learn this.”

Guan Suyi was angry but also found it funny, and said coldly, “My grandfather’s wrist suffered from an old disease and was often dislocated. I helped him put it back again and again, and over time practice makes perfect. The structure of human joints is the same, it can be fixed and naturally it can be un-fixed, what’s so strange about it? For you men, is it a normal reaction for women to just sit and wait for death when they encounter danger? Don’t patronize me, go back and take good care of your sister-in-law, don’t let other people trick her to return to the clan and get sunk in the pond. Right now, there’s a booklet called “Lesson For Women” circulating in Yanjing, do you know?”

Qin Lingyun was shocked by the meaning of her words, inevitably turned pale from fright. Sunk in the pond*? What sunk in the pond?

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  1. “the look is not charming, people are self-fascinated* makes me think of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? Or maybe “no one can account for taste”? Anyway, I love that GS tells the marquis not to patronize her, wish she would do the same for the emperor…

    1. She really told him that remember? When she sort of confessed. Emperor is still learning about human relationships and he always steps when he realises he’s crossed her bottom line and learns

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