Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Investigate


After a cordial conversation with his wife, Zhao Luli’s impression of her changed drastically. Although he was still a little wary, he also appreciated her a lot and his guilt was increasing inside. He sent the people back to the main house, immediately sent the housekeeper to investigate the source of the rumors secretly, and then hid in the study for introspection.

Guan Suyi took off her gorgeous dress and wore only a plain cotton blouse, sitting lazily on a recliner drinking tea. It was unknown where Mingfang going, she was either in Zhao Chunxi’s courtyard or wandering near the study. Minglan was the most honest, she was putting the cloth, jewelry, medicinal materials and other things that Zhong shi had sent into the trunk, and muttered, “Golden nests and silver nests are not as good as our own doghouse. Only after entering the Marquis Mansion that I found out that it’s still best at home. Miss, I really don’t want to come back just now.”

“You think I want to go back to this ghost place?” Guan Suyi put down the tea cup and took out an unfinished embroidered purse from the sewing box to sew slowly.

Minglan hesitated for a while and then said, “Miss, just a few rumors, why would the old master and master be so angry? Know Your Shame Then Be Brave, I know this sentence, it’s imply that lord marquis doesn’t know how to be ashamed. I never expected the old master to curse people so badly, he doesn’t even need to speak!”

Guan Suyi twisted the silver needle and slowly stretched the thread. “Those rumors are just trivial things. My grandfather and father were angry at marquis mansion for trampling on me. Of course, they have to beat him vigorously, to avoid me unable to straighten my waist. What you don’t know is that there are some crucial point in this, but I can’t explain it to you. You only need to know that Marquis Zhenbei has no friendship with the emperor, moreover there is still a conflict. He pulled the emperor’s banner to press down on Guan family, saying that father and grandfather’s official positions were obtained by him, he won’t care if it spread to the other people’s ears, but if it’s reach the emperor’s ears, it’s equivalent to scalping his face off and stepping on it.”

She smoothed the silk cloth with her white fingertips, and smiled, “You said, if I take your face off, will it hurt? Will it be painful? Wouldn’t you want to die?”

“It hurts! It’s painful! I think I want to die!” Minglan covered her face and nodded in fear.

“So I frightened him casually, and he was scared. You wait, whoever dares to chew their tongue behind my back in the future, no need for me to do anything, they will be fiercely crushed. I don’t come to Zhao’s house to fight this or that, I’m here to live a good life. Someone rushed over to become my gunman, why wouldn’t I use it?” Of course, her simple life only included Minglan and her relatives, but not the Zhao family.

“Will the rumors really reach the emperor’s ears?” Minglan asked cautiously, then walked to the window and looked around, like a thief.

“Silly girl, who do you think Zhao Luli is? Is he worth the emperor’s concern? There must be one or two scouts. Not only the Marquis Mansion, but also in other noble families, and even the royal family members. But the emperor has ten thousand things to do everyday, how can he have the time to pay attention to this. As long as the Marquis Zhenbei Mansion does not commit rebellion or intends to rebel, he will not be interested with other things. Zhao Luli, this living turtle, takes himself too seriously. I don’t know what he was thinking to make him scared like that.” If the emperor took the wife of fierce general, capable official, or a powerful prince, he might bother to kill that person so as not to leave troubles, but Zhao Luli this dull and silent wimp, he couldn’t bother to look him!

Guan Suyi concealed these last sentence in her heart and did not dare to say it, fearing this little girl Minglan, could not hold back, and cause trouble. The source of the rumors, without checking she already knew who was the ghost, except for Zhao Chunxi, no one could come up with such a childish and clumsy trick.

It seemed that she had two purposes. One was to deceive herself, let her feel gratitude and awe towards the Marquis Mansion, in the future would be easily controlled; second, when she was in fear and embarrassment, Zhao Chunxi would stand up and stop this unhealthy trend, and sold personal affection to her. The red face and white face, she sang all herself. To be so sly at a young age, she really had her mother’s demeanor.

When she was thinking about it, Mingfang’s affectionate voice came from outside, “Oh, eldest miss is here, please come in! This servant has just boiled a warming soup, I will bring it for you.”

Minglan rolled her eyes and muttered softly. Said, “Miss, you have been back for a long time, but she didn’t say that she is boiling a warming soup in the kitchen.”

Guan Suyi raised her index finger against her lips, and her slightly raised eyebrows were full of playful smiles.

Zhao Chunxi walked in slowly with the support of two girls, her face still ill, looking very weak. Minglan hurriedly let her sit on the warm Kang bed. Guan Suyi pulled the quilt to cover her cold legs, and scolded, “It’s cold day, why don’t you lie down and instead run around all over the place? If there is something, just let the maid make the journey to me.”

Zhao Chunxi put on a shameful face, wanted to say something but hesitate, and after a while said softly and quietly, “I, I’m here to make amends to mother, so how can I let people below do it for me? Mother has already heard the news, right? The servant who passed it on is not good, and I’m really ashamed when I heard it…” After roughly telling the rumors, she went down from the kang bed and knelt down. Fortunately, she was pulled up by Minglan, who had quick-eyes and fast hand, and pressed her on the kang bed. She had no choice but to apologized, “Mother doesn’t need to be anxious, I have suppressed the rumors. Whoever dare to make irresponsible remarks in the future, I will never tolerate them in Marquis Zhenbei Mansion.”

In the future? In other words, forget it this time? Suppress the rumors you made, and the servants involved won’t be given fart, perhaps even won a lot of rewards, then you sell this bitter master’s front to me, it’s rare to be so shameless at such a young age. Guan Suyi replied while slandering in her heart, “Originally it’s like this. Your father has also heard about it, and now he is investigating it. Punish that should be punished, beat that should be beaten, sale that should be sold, whoever commits the crime will be held responsible. I don’t need you to make amends. Moreover, your father has personally confessed to my grandfather and father before. Family members speak frankly with each other, you don’t have to always take troubles to heart.”

Guan Suyi touched Zhao Chunxi’s head, softly comforting, “Don’t take care of these things, just take care of your health.”

Guan family already knows? Zhao Chunxi’s heart skip a beat, and her face instantly turned pale. The Guan family’s father and son were the benchmarks set up by the emperor to promote Confucianism, and their official positions had nothing to do with the Zhao family. Originally, this rumor was meant to passed to Guan Suyi alone, and it was enough to frighten her, but didn’t expect it to be passed on to the Guan family. How ashamed was her dad?

After thinking about the fact that her dad had sent someone to investigate this matter, Zhao Chunxi wanted to reverse the matter immediately, but she was afraid of showing her tracks, for a while she was like sitting on pins and needles. Fortunately, her two senior maids were very clever and hurried away looking for an excuse.

“It’s good if mother doesn’t blame.” Zhao Chunxi endured and forbeared as if she was really grateful. “When I saw you that day, I immediately felt very close, as if I had known you in my previous life. Then I asked my daddy and said that I want you to do be my mother. Daddy also likes you very much. In order to give you a beautiful wedding, he specially asked the emperor for a marriage imperial decree…”

These remarks were undoubtedly for gaining favor, and intended to tell Guan Suyi: ‘You can get married by the emperor’s decree and become the mistress of the Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, it’s all the thanks to me, Zhao Chunxi’. It was baffling where the other person’s self-confidence came from. It was true that a lot of women in Wei wanted to marry Zhao Luli. He was indeed handsome and talented, and in the eyes of others, he was like a beautiful jade, but in Guan Suyi’s eyes, he was a turtle with green head.

In the previous life, if she hadn’t been confused by Zhao Luli’s pretentious appearance, how could she fall for a lifetime? People and turtle were not the same race at all, and they have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Interrupting Zhao Chunxi’s enthusiasm, Guan Suyi curled her eyebrows and said, “I said how can I marry into Marquis Zhenbei Mansion. It turns out the two of you father and daughter insisted on it. My grandfather is the emperor’s teacher, and my father is Chief Minister of Ceremonies, in terms of family background, I am no worse than di young lady of the prime minister’s mansion. Why she can enter the palace to be an imperial concubine, but I can only be a small Madam Marquis?”

Zhao Chunxi was dumbfounded. She didn’t expect the other party to react like this. When she was about to explain, she heard her say, “No matter, marrying a chicken follow the chicken, marrying a dog follow the dog. Since I already missed it for the second half of my life, I can only admit my fate. You go back first, I want to stay alone.” The tone was full of disgust and helplessness.

Zhao Chunxi was extremely angry, if she was not good at maintaining outer appearance, her facial features would probably already deformed. She originally thought that this person would be infatuated with her dad like other girls, but not only she was not infatuated, but also disliked it. Chicken, dog, she really a beast to compare her dad with animals! But she was right, compared with the position of imperial concubine, Madam Marquis was really nothing.

Farming and reading heirlooms, noble conduct, not coveting fame and fortune, bah! All were lies! Zhao Chunxi bid farewell politely, went out of the main house, cursed the other person in her heart, and then thought of her mother in the palace, which made her even more frustrated. The Marquis Zhenbei Mansion had fallen, and this realization came to mind so clearly that her straight back was slowly bend down. In a short time, she dared not come to the main house again, so as not to be slapped in the face by that poor woman.

When people walked far away, Minglan said in a low voice, “Miss, you really want to be a concubine in the palace?”

“I deliberately used that words to stop her, so that she won’t always thinking that Marquis Zhenbei Mansion is so honorable, noble, and superior.” Guan Suyi pointed to the embroidered stool where Zhao Chunxi had been sitting, and said, “Clean it with boiling water. It’s very dirty.”

Minglan hurriedly brought the boiling water, and said while pouring, “Miss, you are not afraid that Zhao Chunxi will run to tell lord marquis? You now are Madam Zhao after all. It’s unpleasant to say that you want to enter the palace, right?”

“So what? Silly girl, I said I want to wait for Zhao Luli to live with him, do you believe it? I never thought of entering the palace as a concubine, but I hate them for coming to disturb the new life I finally got. In the future, whenever they make me feel a little bit more uncomfortable, and I will make them ten thousand times worse, it’s quite interesting for us to play around like this.” Guan Suyi smiled as if thinking of something.

Minglan was full of doubts, and she didn’t understand where the deep hatred between miss and the Marquis Mansion came from. But she had always been honest, and only wiped the embroidered stool clean and bright, so she sat obediently on the footsteps to help her mistress fill the soles of her shoes, didn’t dare to ask more.

The ground dragon was burning in the room, and the heat quickly evaporated the water gathered in the cracks of the bricks. The two masters and servant, one was reading a book and the other doing needlework, and without knowing it more than an hour has passed. Suddenly, messy footsteps came from outside the courtyard, and immediately Zhao Chunxi’s maid, Hexiang, could be heard shouting, “Madam is not good, lord marquis wants to use family law to the young master, please go and persuade! This is also because of you and still need you to go help resolve it!”

Was this the result of investigating Zhao Wangshu’s head? Guan Suyi closed the book, stretched it flat, and pressed it under the pillow, by no means in a hurry to change her clothes and put on her shoes. Hexiang was anxious, but she didn’t dare to urge too much. She finally understood, how could this new madam looked like a poor girl, her arrogance were bigger than anyone else!

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