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Who Cares – Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Gaffe


Xu Yayan never expected that Guan Suyi would recognize her identity, but she thought left and right, and still not remember when and where they had intersect, so she had to give up. Before this, she had also imagined what Guan shi look like and what her temperament would be, and when she really saw her, she finally felt relieved. She was so gorgeous and flamboyant, if she was really an impetuous person like the rumor, there was no need for deep friendship.

How could Guan Suyi not notice the coldness in her tone? If it was in the past, she would have understandingly and tactfully walked away without speaking, but today she smiled and shoved in front of her face and continued to talk, “It turned out to be Master Xu’s masterpiece, do you have any extra manuscripts? Can you lend me a look?”

Xu Yayan still had the same gentle and courteous look, took out a fragrant book from the box by her side and handed it over, “There happened to be the last one, then I will give it to sister to read. If sister has any advice, you can look for me to discuss it.”

“Alright, I will read it carefully and give advice one by one.” In her previous life, Guan Suyi, who lived quietly in Cangzhou, devoted all her remaining vitality to study, especially the works of the Xu family, which she read every day and was familiar with it. Combining the viewpoints of “Mencius’s Confucianism” and “Zisi’s Confucianism” to interpret and decompose them, and then wrote articles to refute them one by one.

Started over again in this life, if really want to talk about the level of knowledge, Xu Guangzhi might not be her opponent. This “advice” was not a rhetoric, but the truth. However, it angered the students who had read Master Xu’s masterpieces and respected him as a teacher, even more so Xu Yayan, who was very unhappy.

“Miss Guan, if you have time to talk nonsense here, why not go to the main hall and apologize to Master Lu?” A handsome nobleman said coldly.

“Yeah, although Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies have already apologized on your behalf, but after all it’s not as sincere as you personally go. Your Guan family originally a family of benevolence, but didn’t expect to start bullying others after you move up in the world, people today are treacherous, public morals are degenerating everyday.” Another person was filled with righteous indignation.

“My grandfather and father have apologized on my behalf? When and where?” Guan Suyi finally showed a solemn expression.

“At the beginning of the literary gathering, in front of all the students at the gate of Jueyin Temple.” Xu Yayan advised, “Miss Guan, Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies are both the backbone of the country and well-known figure in the literary world. I hope you will think twice in the future, and don’t burden their official reputation.”

Guan Suyi smiled instead of being angry, looked around at everyone and said slowly, “I have one doubt in my mind, can you please answer me? Virtue and talent, which one is more important? Which is the first and which is the second?”

“Confucius said: ‘A great horse is not praised for its strength, but its virtue.’  He placed more emphasis on virtue even on horses, so what about people? He also said ‘The Constant Mean is also virtue, and it’s the most important’! it can be seen that the essence of Confucianism is all in the words “Constant Mean”, which is the supreme virtue, so Confucianism should be based on virtue, take virtue as the foundation, and knowledge is the second.” Xu Yayan talked eloquently.

Guan Suyi nodded and said, “That’s right. Master Lu has talent but no virtue, he hampered the students’ progress, so he was persuaded to resign, where did I do wrong? My grandfather’s and father’s apology, and I will take it back on their behalf.” She smiled slightly, then politely said, “Persons who walk different paths cannot make plans together. Since you all pay more attention to learning and do not ask about morality, then I will leave.”

Xu Yayan was once again realized the feeling “a scholar meets a soldier, and the reason is not clear“. In this person’s mouth, Master Lu became a person with “no virtue”. Who does she think she is? Even Judicial Minister would not be as decisive as her!

“Wait? Since you said Master Lu have no virtue, do you have any proof?” The handsome young master, who had asked her to go to the main hall to apologize earlier, questioned her.

Guan Suyi didn’t answer nor did she look back, seemingly slow, but in fact she walked very fast towards the courtyard gate. What it meant by ‘when views are irreconcilable, it’s a waste of breath to continue discussion’? This exactly it. Young students were the easiest to incite, as long as a person earn some prestige and write a few essays, he could instruct them to run up and down and wave flags and shout battle cries. Before, they still repeatedly praised her as a role model for women, but now after only one month, they began to scold her for insulting the teacher. What was the fact, what was the truth, they didn’t think about it at all, just blindly obey the authority.

No, maybe it’s not that they were not thinking, but as a woman, she naturally should be a head shorter than them. Too much praise would inevitably inspire jealousy, the human heart was such an inconsistent and vicious thing. The slander poured out and the criticism filled the sky, but Guan Suyi’s mood was exceptionally calm. She had already figured it out, in this life she had to live for herself, regardless of others.

The handsome man was furious by her arrogant attitude, and scolded loudly, “If you have no proof, it means that you are slandering, I will definitely tell the Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies, and ask the two masters to judge the right and wrong! You have insult the teacher and your morals are corrupt, you should leave the literary gathering immediately, so as not to contaminate the purity of the literary world!”

His status seemed to be very precious, and the people around him hurriedly stepped forward to comfort him, with a flattering attitude. However, Guan Suyi never looked back, raised her right hand and waved lightly, the person had already left the courtyard gate, leaving only a domineering scent of cinnamon, which made these people blushing and their eyes burning.

The scene was silent, and finally Xu Yayan spoke softly to break the gloom, “Forget it, right and wrong the public will make an appropriate judgment, so there is no need to care about her. What can she gain today other than disgracing Guan family’s style and ruining Guan family’s reputation?”

“Exactly. The virtue of the noble man is like wind, the virtue of the villain is like grass, the wind will topple the grass. Which is right and which is wrong, when the wind of righteousness passes by, it will be clear at a glance. Come, come, still ask Miss Xu to continue to read for everyone.” The handsome man had a courteous attitude.

Another person who also admired Second Miss Xu hurriedly said, “Miss’s hairpin flower small script is unparalleled. After reading the book, you should leave the calligraphy as a memento.”

The students who had worshipped Master Xu as their teachers followed suit and surrounded Xu Yayan like the moon that were held by many stars. Many  noble ladies who wanted the reputation of eager to learn and love talents were also very willing to make friends with her, so they comforted her one after another, and then scolded that Guan shi woman to vent their jealousy and hatred.

Compared with Guan Suyi, Xu Yayan was in the limelight today, but she still maintained an air of neither arrogance nor impetuous, neither humble nor overbearing, which made people look up more and more. She picked up the “Subset Commentary” and was about to read it, but found a man hidden in the corner suddenly came out and walked towards the courtyard gate.

He was very tall and strong, with a thick beard covering his jaw, which hid his appearance, but a pair of black-blue eyes were terrifying. He walked slowly, looked around at the crowd, and the depths of his eyes flowed with a careless yet majestic power.

Black-blue eyes? Everyone could see that this person has a pair of eyes with different colors, which was the same as His Majesty, but in the whole Wei Kingdom there’s only one! Shouldn’t this person be the emperor in white dragon fish suit? How long has he been here? Such a powerful aura, why has no one discovered him before? Everyone’s eyes were glowing, and their hearts were beating like drums. They wanted to come forward to talk, but they were afraid of offending the holy face and made a fault.

Xu Yayan’s palm holding the scroll was already covered in fine sweat, and she kept recalling her words and deeds. After making sure that there was no rudeness, only then she let out a sigh of relief! The most outstanding person today was none other than herself. If she wins the emperor’s favor because of this, father would definitely rise to the top, and the Xu family would definitely soar to the sky. She no longer has to copy manuscripts for a few taels of silver and stay up all night…

Everyone’s thoughts were different, but they all began to stroke their temples and smooth the hem of their clothes, lest there be any disrespect. However, this man only glanced at them coldly and walked away, when they looked again after he went out of the courtyard gate, he had disappeared without a trace, it’s unknown where he was going.


It was also shameful to say that Emperor Sheng Yuan had waited for Madam in the Bodhi Garden for half an hour, and he should have chase after her, but he couldn’t leave due to physical discomfort. At the sight of Madam, his always strong self-control collapsed like a flood, all rushed down to his lower abdomen, causing the unspeakable place to almost rupture.

He hurriedly hid his breath and hid behind the rockery, lest Madam see his ugly appearance and leave an even more unbearable impression. He never knew that the elegant and charming Madam who had always showed her natural features, when she changed her clothes and put on a little bit of makeup, would be as beautiful as fantasy. The moment she walked in, it was like a beam of light shining from the sky, and it was like a sharp blade piercing his heart, making him to almost walk forward recklessly, wrap her in a robe, and then take her away without hesitation.

How could she wear that kind of clothes? How could she smile so dazzlingly? Today, she was different from any time before, less repressed and more indulgent; She had lost her gentleness and only arrogant remained. It seemed that she no longer want to be gentle, and not even want to utter a single superfluous words for unrelated people.

What changed her? Is it because of him? Because she knew that she could rely on him in everything, so she completely opened her heart and lived wantonly? This thought flowed through his heart like honey, and Emperor Sheng Yuan couldn’t wait to see Madam and asked her.

After the desire subsided, he hurriedly chased out following the guidance of the dark guard, went around in circles, and finally saw Madam by the sparkling spring lake. She stood against the wind, her figure was ethereal, her white muslin shawl was fluttering, and the fragrance was overflowing. It’s unknown where Jinzi was, only Minglan stayed by her side, looking at her without blinking.

In this way, she was more terrifying than a demon, like if she turn around and look at him, she could kill him on the spot. Emperor Sheng Yuan covered his chest and suddenly felt a little overwhelmed. He opened and closed his lips a few times, but couldn’t make any sound, only then he realize that his throat had already been dried by the fire of desire.

“Have you seen enough?” Unexpectedly, Madam turned around and gave him a charming smile.

An invisible arrow shot into Emperor Sheng Yuan’s chest, causing his heart to stop and his blood to freeze. He calmed down for a while before saying hoarsely, “Not enough. No matter how long I watch, it’s always not enough.”

Guan Suyi was about to raise the corner of her mouth, but her expression shattered in an instant, she quickly turned her back and scolded angrily, “Stay away from me, you beast!”

“Madam, your temperament is getting bigger and bigger, how did I provoke to even make you scolded me beast.” Emperor Sheng Yuan felt very aggrieved, he barely took two steps forward, then heard Minglan scream and hurriedly cover her face. When he looked down, he realized that he had lost control of that place again, and he couldn’t even cover it with his wide robe.

This is really embarrassing! He sat down slowly in the gazebo by the lake, spread his legs, leaned forward, and appealed, “If Madam blames me for polluting your eyes, don’t look at it. Shall we sit down and talk for a while? Anyway, you have nowhere to go now, and you’re too lazy to take care of those vulgar people, so use me to kill time.”

“Use you to kill time? Can you bastard talk properly?” Guan Suyi’s head was about to smoke, but the other person was only stunned for a moment, and then laughed wildly, as if she had told a big joke.

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