Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Night Visit


Suddenly falling into a warm and wide embrace, Guan Suyi was taken aback and was about to call for help, but a big hand covered her mouth and comforted, “Don’t shout, it’s me.”

“Hunnar? You bastard!” Guan Suyi struggled while crushing the other person’s toes with her heels.

Emperor Sheng Yuan immediately let her go. But because it was dark and she couldn’t see, in order to prevent her from bumping into the desk and chair and hurting herself, he pressed her into the soft couch and laughed in a low voice, “The sound of Madam’s ‘Hunnar bastard’ is much better than the Mynah. Zhen keep it in the inner hall now, and when missing Madam, Zhen feed it a grain of rice, listening to it repeat that few words, then the appearance of Madam flirting with Zhen vividly came to mind, healing Zhen’s love-sickness. But now, when Zhen really heard Madam scolding, it was like drinking a miracle medicine, the fatigue of the whole day completely disappeared, leaving only joy.”

“You really deserve to be scolded.” Guan Suyi sneered.

Emperor Sheng Yuan had long been accustomed to Madam’s verbal swords, and while waving away Jinzi and Minglan who hurried in to check the situation, he pointed to the lantern on the table and whispered, “Madam, look carefully, Zhen will perform a trick for you. ”

Guan Suyi was immediately distracted, staring at the lantern without blinking. She saw him gently stroke its top with his fingers, then the charred wick ignited a bean flame for no reason, first swaying with the wind, then slowly jumping up, illuminating the surroundings.

“Is this also martial arts?” Guan Suyi was so amazed that she wished she could hold his fingers to check, but she was too annoyed at him for going into the women’s boudoir at night and refused to approach.

“Everything in the world has its own category. Maybe it’s divided into yin and yang like people, or it’s divided into five elements like things. Internal power is no exception. Zhen’s internal power is yang flame, which is extremely strong and rigid, and can burn things when condensed on the fingertips.” He held the wick as he spoke, completely undaunted by burns, crushed it easily, and then lit it again.

After repeating the demonstration three times, Madam was driven by curiosity, slowly walked to sit down across from him, then opened her mouth to asked, “Didn’t someone say that just looking at me from a distance is enough? But now you break into a boudoir at night, and still grabbing and intimidating, isn’t this slapping yourself in the mouth?”

Zhen just grabbed you because Zhen worried that you would be frightened and shout, making people come. When you regain your calm, didn’t Zhen let you go immediately?” Emperor Sheng Yuan spread his hands with a helpless expression, “Zhen did say that it was enough to look at you from a distance. However there is a sentence, but don’t know if Madam has heard of it?”

“What?” Guan Suyi squinted at him.

So close yet worlds apart. Even if the Madam is close to Zhen, as long as Zhen hasn’t possess you for a day, it seems like we’re worlds apart. You can see that this round table between us is only two feet apart if measured, but in Zhen’s heart it’s the same as a thousands peaks and ten thousand valleys, really out of reach.” He sighed with lonely expression.

Guan Suyi, however, did not buy it, took off a sword from the wall, pulled it out from its sheath, put the back of the sword on the table, the tip of the sword facing the man’s chest, and said in a long voice, “How can a thousand peaks and ten thousand valleys be without the blade tree and sword mountain*? I will add an unusual adventure for you, and the scenery should be more magnificent and majestic. I went to the Grand Princess Mansion specially to ask for this thing for you, you can enjoy it as much as you want. They all say beat the old master to death by random fists*, I’ll throw the sword randomly a few times, and let’s see if it will hack people to death, why don’t we try?”

Madam’s stubborn resistance was very vivid and very cute, which made Emperor Sheng Yuan almost laugh out loud, but he was afraid that she would be thin-skinned and fly into rage, so he had to hold back, “Madam, don’t mess around. This sword is very sharp and if you throw it randomly, you may hurt yourself. Let’s sit and talk for a while, and then Zhen will leave.”

Guan Suyi tore off one of her hair and blew it on the blade. Seeing that it suddenly broke into two pieces, she said coldly, “It’s good to know that the blade has been sharpened. What do you want to say? Hurry up and leave after that.”

Zhen just went to the Zhao’s house and made Zhao Luli wake up. After all, he was once a comrade, cannot bear to see him being blinded by Ye Zhen for a lifetime.”

“Don’t pretend to be a good person now, if you want to wake him up why dragged it until now? He must have guessed your intentions, right? Is it a glorious thing to plot to rob other people’s wife? It is worth proclaiming everywhere?” She stretched out her hand to hold the handle of the sword, wishing she could slash to death this seemingly remorseful, but actually triumphant person in front of her.

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s feigned sorrowful expression immediately faded, the corners of his mouth could not help but rise, but he quickly it pressed down, “Madam, don’t worry, before you nod your head and promise to marry Zhen, Zhen will never let anyone ruin your reputation. Zhao Luli knows what kind of person you are, and will never confuse you with Ye Zhen. Zhen and he have suffered such a big loss, how can we swallow this breath? Letting Ye Zhen go home is not for her to enjoy a good fortune.”

“If you come here to discuss the Zhao Mansion or Ye Zhen with me, then please return, I’m not interested in knowing any of it.” Guan Suyi’s face was full of impatience.

Seeing that she really had no nostalgia for the Zhao family, Emperor Sheng Yuan was relieved, took out a document from his arms, and said with a smile, “Then Zhen won’t say anymore, and let the past go. Just now halfway through the road, Zhen suddenly remembered something. Zhen asked Baifu to handle the separation of households for you, but forgot to register Mu Mu into the Guan family’s record. If Zhao Luli know about it and went to the government office to register first, he can fight you for the custody in the court. In order to prevent you from being hindered by him, Zhen just went to find a household official and ordered him to prepare all the documents and seal them. Madam, you carefully keep them.”

Guan Suyi was not someone who unable to recognize other’s good intentions, so she quickly took the document and thanked him sincerely.

Only then did Emperor Sheng Yuan stand up and reluctantly said, “The documents have been delivered, Zhen will leave now. Madam, even if it’s the second married for you, even if you still bring a young son, Zhen will not give up. As long as you nod your head now, in a few days Zhen will welcome you to the palace extravagantly, and recognize Mu Mu as adopted son and raise him with care. Even if you and Zhen have other children in the future, Zhen will also treat him as if he is Zhen’s.”

His black and blue eyes stared at Madam, filled with tenderness and sincere longing.

Guan Suyi were looking at him, but as if being burned, she hurriedly turned her face away. She was always touched by his sweet words, and had to quickly build up her heart again and again. If she stay in Yanjing and often meet each other, it would be really hard to resist. Sure enough, she had to go back to Jiaozhou.

Thinking like this, she said coldly, “It’s getting late, you should go. I’ll never get married again in my life, so you should kill that feeling as soon as possible.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s eyes dimmed, he walked to the door then stopped, said firmly, “Madam, Zhen can make you reconcile, Zhen can also move your heart, and make you remarry. You will be Zhen’s empress sooner or later.”

Remembering the days when she was disgusted by Ye Zhen, Guan Suyi’s heart suddenly burst into anger, and sarcastically said, “First, you raised Zhao Luli’s ex-wife for six to seven years, and now want to raise his second wife and adopted son for him. You either have a hobby for being a fool; or you love him so much that you can’t see any woman by his side. I dare to make a suggestion, you two should just get together and be a couple, you really are a perfect match! ”

Emperor Sheng Yuan already had one foot outside the threshold, and one foot was still inside the door. Hearing this, he lost his pace and almost fell. He took two deep breaths and said with love and hate, “Madam, if one day you are willing to talk nicely to Zhen, Zhen will definitely go to Jueyin Temple to burn three sticks of best incense for the Bodhisattva.”

“What are you still pretending in front of me for?” Guan Suyi sneered, “That Mynah bird is still well raised in the palace, which shows how you take pleasure in it.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s slightly annoyed look instantly faded, and he chuckled happily, “In this world, everyone wants to please Zhen, only Madam is very straightforward, talking with frigid irony and scorching satire, Zhen still like this tone more. Before it was Zhen who speak wrongly, Madam you don’t have to talk nicely to Zhen. The more you are like this, the more Zhen love you. It’s getting late, Zhen is leaving.”

Guan Suyi knew that this was his provocative method*, but people tended to be controlled by their doubt. What if he really likes people who contradict him? Why don’t you talk nicely to him next time? Hey, what are you thinking about? There will be no next time, she will go to Jiaozhou in a few days, and will have no chance to meet again in this life.

Thinking like this, she let out a long sigh of relief, but felt a little lonely in her heart.

But Emperor Sheng Yuan, who stepped out of the door, did not leave immediately. He stood in the corridor for a while, after seeing that the candles in the room were blown out, and Madam’s breathing became smooth and even, only then he disappeared into the night and swept toward the imperial city. Let Madam leave Yanjing and move to Jiaozhou? Impossible!

The Emperor Teacher Mansion was more luxurious than the General Zhengbei Mansion, but the population was extremely simple. There were only a few servants serving, so the work to be shared was naturally a lot. The things that the masters could do, such as dressing and washing, were all done by themselves, and generally no need for anyone to serve in the house. Jinzi and Minglan got up early in the morning to clean the yard and wipe the windowsill. Although they were doing the work of second- and third-class mads, they felt very relax.

Guan Suyi got up with her hair disheveled and stared for a while before realizing that she had returned home and was no longer the mistress of the Zhao Mansion.

“It’s so nice.” She let out a long sigh while wrapping herself with the thick quilt. Only people who have been married knew that it was best to be a young lady in their maiden family. They didn’t have to worry about anything, just eat, sleep, and play.

“Mom, grandmother asked me to wake you up. She said that the sun is burning your butt (tn: LOL, it means noon), and if you go to sleep again, she will come over in person and whip you with a feather duster.” Mu Mu ran in with a bamboo dragonfly in his hand, and his two cheeks were red and plump, looking very cute.

He liked the Emperor Teacher Mansion very much. The people here have sincere smiles on their faces and a clear light in their eyes, which made him very comfortable when they look at him. He threw himself to the edge of the bed and clumsily climbed up.

Guan Suyi hurriedly hugged him, rubbed him in her arms for a while, and kissed him happily. Back at her maiden house, not only Mu Mu felt at ease, but even she felt like she could keep the clouds open and see the moon*. This was the real rebirth, the Zhao family and Ye Zhen, they could go to hell.

She held Mu Mu in her arms, picked up the wet handkerchief to wipe his face and washed his hands, and then began to take care of herself. In the bronze mirror was a young and attractive face, with clear bright eyes and a bright temperament, completely different from the decadence and numbness of her previous life. Even if she resented Hunnar’s insolence behavior, she had to thank him. If it wasn’t for his forcing and pushing, she would not have taken this step. She carried too many burdens on her shoulders and accumulated too many scruples in her heart. It was Hunnar who helped her remove them one by one, and wiped them off for her as well.

She didn’t set foot on the muddy path covered with dragon robe, but she did get the light of imperial power, there’s no denying that.

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  1. I really wonder if she realizes how much the emperor is helping her? Her father and grandfather only knows of a little. And her father seems to realize the emperor is interested in her, so he is sending her away – to stem the talks is probably just part of the reason.

    1. I would say GS realizes it but the emperor’s help is like offering a drowning man a drink of water…she never asked for the emperor’s help, he’s doing it for his own self-satisfaction, so apart from the proper level of gratitude as courtesy, why should she feel anything for his behavior?

      I do agree the emperor and ZL are the best match. Grand Princess has the best eyes.

  2. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I actually like the Emperor. He’s a much more realistic and flawed character than we often get for male leads. He cries, he gets upset, he makes bad judgement calls but learns his lessons, he reconsiders information and refines his opinions. I like him ever so much more than the ‘perfect’ cold, arrogant emperors who recaptured the throne at 12 and magically ruled over everyone, flawlessly playing politics and running successful military campaigns and probably promoting new agricultural advancements… He’s had real character growth (not just ‘I can’t trust anyone… wait, I can trust this hot chick disguised as an eunuch/disguised as a prince/a poor-noble girl I met while I was disguised/unnoticed Concubine with a cheat/etc’) and is trying his best to woo her. Can’t really judge him by modern standards. I know he regrets giving the marriage decree for her and ZL, but it isn’t like he had good reason not to. At that time he didn’t have reason to believe YZ would be behind it. He felt guilty about ‘stealing’ the guy’s first wife and granted his request, believing it was heartfelt, since he humbled himself to ask. The story tells us the Emperor was still learning / figuring out intrigue. It was a newbie error that had a negative impact. It wasn’t HIS rebirth, lol. Considering he is the Emperor of this time/culture he really has been far more patient and understanding than ‘he has to be’. So I don’t mind him. Plus, while she is upset and still traumatized by her past life… she IS actually interested in him and flattered by his honest appreciation. So I’m OK with his pursuit. I mean, she sends mixed signals, so I can’t blame the smitten man for paying more attention to the positive signals than the negative ones.

    1. I completely and utterly agree with you. I’m glad there’s someone who can assess the relationship in this way. We simply cannot judge this situation based on modern, western values. The novel has a historical and eastern setting. And the emperor, for all intents and purposes, could be many times worse. I like how he strives for self-improvement and likes to reflect on his mistakes and find some way to fix them. It’s commendable.

  3. Yes! Finally! Guan Suyi said what in my mind when I read the early chapters about Hunnar and Zhao Luli! I mean, I keep asking on why the emperor always want to steal Zhao Luli’s wife? Before, it’s the first wife, now it’s the second wife. Is he has romantic feeling toward Zhao Luli and didn’t want him to have a spouse (like, if I can’t get him then no one can)? Though, as the story goes, I ignore this thinking as the chemistry between Hunnar and Guan Suyi getting better. 😂😂😂

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