Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 116

Chapter 116 The Ending


After all, it was a chronic poison that hurt her body, the old madam cried for a while and then fell asleep. Her already old face became even more haggard, and her gray hair had turned completely into silver threads in just three months, rather look like she was about to die. Zhao Luli sat quietly beside the bed to guard her, his heart felt like it was stab with a knife, and he felt unbearable remorse.

After staying for half an hour, he remembered Ye Zhen who was still busy in the warehouse, and a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth.

At this time, the sky was completely dark, and the lanterns on the eaves had been lit. The dowry servants who was recalled by Ye Zhen also had a kerosene lamp in their hands to illuminate the place brightly, in case Ye Zhen, who was seriously checking the account, saw something wrong and suffered a big lost. Zhao Wangshu held a stack of account books in his hand and circled around her, his eyes full of admiration. Zhao Chunxi leaned against the door frame with a sneer.

“Don’t bother, Guan Suyi will never be covet any of your thing. How can she like these vulgar things? Use yourself to measure other, if it were you, this warehouse would have been emptied long ago, right? No wonder you’re so nervous.”

“Sister, how can you say that about mother? The property has been passed through other people’s hands, shouldn’t we check it? These are all mother’s things, it’s only natural for her to take it back.” Zhao Wangshu immediately retorted.

“You stupid! You think because she’s your blood mother, she will really treat you well…” Zhao Chunxi trembled with anger. In the past three months, she was forced to hand over her stewardship rights in every way by Ye Zhen, and she became more and more aware of her true face. For her own selfish interests, she could betray everything and disregard everything, she had no heart at all!

“Sister, you must have been deceived by Guan shi. Look at how she treated me, she actually made me, the dignified young master of the Zhao family, go to a village school to study, and let me hang out with a bunch of poor kids. What big things can I do in the future? Daddy clearly paid a lot of money to hire a great scholar Mr. Lu for me, but he was almost leave angrily because of her. She deliberately raised me on purpose to be a stepping stone for her own son. She’s gone, and our family of five can have a peaceful life. You call me stupid, but you’re the stupid one, you can’t even differentiate between good and bad people, outsiders and family.”

Three months of brainwashing was enough to make Zhao Wangshu wary of his stepmother to the bones, instead followed his mother’s words everywhere.

Zhao Chunxi was already speechless, and was about to flung her sleeves and leave, but saw her father standing in a dark corner, his eyes seemed to have countless hazes, but they were surprisingly bright. He walked in slowly and asked in a gentle voice, “Have you checked it? Did you lose anything?”

Ye Zhen said reluctantly, “I haven’t lost anything for the time being.” If there was even one thing missing, she would immediately sue the Guan family and tear off Guan Suyi’s face. For some reason, she just hated her, hated her to the core!

“It’s getting late. Just check it again tomorrow. Follow me to the main hall, I have something to say.” He left first, giving no room for the person to refuse. Ye Zhen winked at her dowry servants, and then followed him. If there was nothing missing, she just need to destroy a few pieces, and finally went to Guan Suyi to demand it and see how she explained it.

Many candles were lit in the main hall, and the two men were kneeling on the ground. When they heard the footsteps, they couldn’t help but look back in horror, and they happened to come face to face with Ye Zhen. Her breathing suddenly stopped, in an instant she was sweating like a waterfall, soaking through her back. She had never seen the Miao person, but she could not be more familiar with the advisor. If he hadn’t run fast back then, he would have turned into a dead bone now. But Zhao Luli tied him up, did he know something?

Ye Zhen held the door frame and did not dare to enter for a long time. Seeing that her face was not right, Zhao Wangshu quickly stepped forward to help her, and half dragged and half pulled her in.

Zhao Luli lifted the half-empty wine jar and took a big mouthful. Huo Shengzhe was right, he really needed this thing right now. His limbs were cold, his blood was cold, but his heart was not cold, because his heart had long been trampled into powder by Ye Zhen.

“I’ve thought about it for a long time, should I let you know what kind of person your mother is. I want to send her away in secret and let her die silently outside, but I’m afraid that you will keep chasing me to ask for her whereabouts, for a lifetime try to look for her, miss her, and will never let go. I’ve had enough of this kind of suffering, and I cannot let you repeat the same mistakes.” The strong smell of alcohol spread across the room as his lips opened and closed.

“Daddy, what are you talking about?” Zhao Wangshu was puzzled.

Zhao Chunxi buried her head deeply.

“What I’m talking about, your sister must know very well.” Zhao Luli left to lock the door, closed the window tightly, and said word by word, “This matter has to start from the beginning, you all listen quietly and don’t interrupt. I also don’t want you to carry those unbearable pasts, but I even more don’t want you to be used by your own mother, and eventually die an unknown death. If you think that she is weak and pitiful and needs protection, then you are very wrong. When it comes to vicious heart and evil methods, in the whole Wei Kingdom afraid no one will be able to surpass her…”

As the candle swayed, the light and shadow changed, he brought up all kinds of things from the past, including how the old madam was poisoned until she fell into coma. Zhao Chunxi’s face was already numb, but Zhao Wangshu felt like he had been strike with thunder, shaking his soul.

“Impossible! Daddy, you must have been deceived by Guan shi!” He turned to Ye Zhen and urged, “Mother, I believe you. I saw eldest aunt that day, she is alive and well, how could mother be her!”

Ye Zhen shook her head and wept while hugging her son, as if she could not bear such slander, but she was very clear in her heart. With the witnesses and physical evidence laid over here, afraid Zhao Luli would no longer tolerate her. Her painstakingly fabricated lies could only deceive Zhao Wangshu.

“What do you want to do with me?” Her voice was rough like a gravel. “If you don’t send me away, you want me to die from a sudden illness? Are you not afraid that your son will hate you?”

“Die from a sudden illness? How could it be?” Zhao Luli suddenly laughed, “You may not know, Suyi has already got what you want the most. I want you to see the scene that day with your own eyes, and I want to see what kind of expression you will show. What kind of illness my mother had before, that’s the kind of illness you will get. Just lie down on the bed, the Zhao family does not lack this much of food.”

He took a sip of wine and turned to look at Zhao Wangshu and said with a cold tone, “I know you have a temperament like mine, blind in your eyes and blind in your heart, and you’re the typical don’t shed tears until you see the coffin. Since you think that what Ye Zhen has done is for your own good, then I won’t dismiss Mr. Lu that she invited back, and I won’t sell the book boy she brought back. Just follow the path she arranged for you, and you’ll see for yourself whether it’s a dragon or a worm. If you don’t repent for a day, I will not care about you for a day, lest you say that I slander Ye Zhen and harm you even more.”

Half-drunk, he looked at his daughter and smiled, “Back then, you were like Ye Zhen the most, helping her deceive me and let me end up where I am today. Now you are becoming more and more like Suyi, strong and resolute, can distinguish right from wrong. Good, very good. My Zhao family is not completely destroyed by Ye Zhen after all! Just go, everyone go, let me stay in peace for a while.”

As soon as he finished speaking, two lame servants pushed open the door and walked in, dragging the terrified Ye Zhen down. Zhao Wangshu was stunned for a while, but in the end he chased out, shouting his mother urgently.

Zhao Chunxi was now very remorseful and choked up, “Daddy, back then you went drunk and made a big mistake, are you going to repeat the same disastrous mistake now? Don’t let Guan Suyi look down on you!”

This sentence knocked Zhao Luli up like a heavy hammer, like a person who fell off a cliff grabbing a vine, instantly stopping the momentum of the fall and avoided the ending of shattering his body. He threw away the wine jar and murmured, “Yes, you are right. I can’t make Suyi look down on me. I have to wash up, get a good night sleep, and go to Liuzhou tomorrow to discuss a business. I want lift the Zhao family again. Those old and weak soldiers in the mansion, those orphans of the soldiers in the estate village are all waiting for me to support them.”

“Yes, daughter will help you go back. You have a good night sleep, and everything will be fine when you wake up tomorrow.” Zhao Chunxi’s hanging heart finally landed on the ground, and her tears burst out. It turns out what kind of person you fall in love with will get you the corresponding outcome, love the wrong person will only get despair, love the right person, even if you experience loss, you will still have endless courage.

Guan house.

Guan Suyi had a meal happily, walked around the garden with Mu Mu and her grandfather to digest the food, and then went to her father’s study to practice calligraphy.

“What are you going to do in the future?” Guan Father spread out a sheet of snow white paper and asked casually.

“I haven’t figured it out yet, but I definitely won’t get married.”

“Then go back to Jiaozhou to accompany your maternal grandparent. If it weren’t for the fact that you have a good fate with the late Empress Dowager and entered the emperor’s eyes, there would have been many rumors all over the capital. If there’s people who want to deal with us, they can criticize you for looking down on the Zhao family, and dislike Zhao Luli’s commoner status, so then rush to reconcile. You go to Jiaozhou to live for a while, and then come back after the wind has passed. ”

Guan Suyi’s heart was filled with resentment, “So what if people say that I reconcile because of this, even dislike the lowly status of the Zhao family? It’s easy to talk about others, but it’s difficult to examine yourself. Just ask any noble lady in the capital to change with me and see if they can bear it! They can say whatever they want, I’ll live my life as usual, what am I afraid of?”

Guan Father frowned, “You’re not going to Jiaozhou? Mr. Lu sent out an article a few days ago to attack you, he publicize how you treat your stepson harshly, how you disrespect the teacher, how you dismissed him, and how you threw Zhao Wangshu into a village school. Because your reputation is connected with the late Empress Dowager, others dare not criticize openly, but you should know what they think in their heart. Your senior brother is implicated by you, there are no more disciples in the village school, and now can only drink the northwest wind*. How many people have you offended and how many criticisms have you provoked with your upright temper? If it wasn’t for your luck and if the emperor hasn’t taken a hand to protect you, how could you stand here and practice calligraphy? You would have been sent to the temple a long time ago!”

Guan Suyi’s grievance disappeared, and she quickly grabbed Guan Father and explained, “Father, can I not go to Jiaozhou? That Mr. Lu is addicted to alcohol and drunk all day, where can he give pointers to his disciples? Daughter feel oneself is right, but it’s true that it hurts senior brother, so I will go to see him tomorrow to make amends!”

“Forget it, you’re very similar with your grandfather, always say whatever you think in your heart. I don’t expect you to change at all. I will be lucky if you don’t cause me anymore trouble. The emperor protected you this time, but how can he protect you for a lifetime?” Guan Father’s eyes flickered slightly, he muttered, “I have written a letter to your maternal grandfather, and arrange for you to leave in the next few days.”

Guan Suyi reluctantly agreed, practiced her calligraphy absentmindedly for a while, and then went back to her room to sleep, but just as she opened the door, she was pulled by a large hand and gently dragged over.

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  1. It’s not just Zhao Chunxi who’s become more like Guan Suyi, Zhao Luli laying everything out clearly for his son is similar to her brutal honesty too. Guan Suyi really is one of a kind; what kind of reincarnation protagonists leaves their enemies better than when they found them?!

  2. Does everyone forget the Zhao are commoner now? How many commoners can afford an overpriced tutor instead of sending the children to a public schoolhouse?

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