Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Resentment


When Ye Zhen came out to meet the guest, Zhao Luli was like an enraged beast with all the hair on his body standing up. The good memories he shared with Ye Zhen had long been replaced with Madam’s frowns, smiles, joy and anger, so he could maintain a clear head and glimpse the truth through the illusory light and shadow.

After Ye Zhen’s return, it seemed that “anxious” was not enough to describe her various behavior, and it’s more appropriate to replace it with “aggressive”. She was forcing Madam to recognize her original di wife status, and then let her retreat to the position of equal wife. Wasn’t she always kind, weak, and indifferent to the world? Could it be that the Imperial Palace was really a shameful place that could make her change so much?

Seeing that she was surrounded by noble family’s womenfolk and criticized Madam in a playful tone, Zhao Luli wanted to walk over and drive them all away. However, Madam was always steadfast and her face was as usual. She put her two fingers together and tapped on her full and smooth forehead, and then pressed it on her rosy and shiny lips, spitting out words as sharp as a knife, making everyone stunned and afraid to speak.

It looked so beautiful, Zhao Luli stared at her closely, his heart pounding.

Zhao Chunxi had long been able to resist the invasion of her stepmother’s beauty, and it only take a few moment before she recovered from her daze and walked quickly. She knew that her stepmother was by no means a kind of person who shoot without aim*. She said that the emperor had other motive to posthumously confer the second aunt, so this matter must be true.

“Mom, have you guess something? Does it have anything to do with our family? Is it important?” She asked in whisper.

“It has nothing to do with the Zhao family, don’t worry. Take good care of your mother, don’t let her be used as a gunman by other people.” Guan Suyi looked at the mature and prudent Zhao Chunxi, and felt a lot of emotion in her heart. The person who used to be the most jealous was now the closest to her. Even when her biological mother return, she could look at the problem rationally and kept her inner beliefs; unlike Zhao Wangshu, no matter how good you were to him before, as long as others instigate him slightly, he could immediately change his original intention, and would not return.

In the final analysis, it was all due to character, regardless of whether the nature was good or bad. Therefore, Guan Suyi did not hold any resentment, nor was she angry, and she instructed lightly, “Go back and kneel, the ceremony is about to begin. You don’t need to ask more about these things, you will know sooner or later.”

Zhao Chunxi nodded obediently, walked to Ye Zhen and whispered, “Mother, are you okay? The ceremony is about to start. If you can’t hold on, your daughter will send you back to your room to rest.”

Ye Zhen naturally didn’t want to kneel and worship for two hours, and quickly held her forehead to pretend to be weak, but she didn’t expect that as soon as she walked into the backyard with her daughter, she was pushed into the rockery hole and warned in a low voice, “Only daddy would believe the lie that you asked to leave the palace yourself. How could I not understand your temperament? You are the kind of person who don’t shed tears until you see the coffin*. If you don’t already lose all hope of getting back the favor and worry about your life, how can you be willing to give up the glory and wealth in the palace? Now that you have nothing, you think of us. Do you treat us father and children as objects without flesh and feeling? I know about a lot of things you did in the palace, saying that you sacrificed everything for daddy, but I saw that you hooked up with the emperor very happily! Do you remember the poison you gave me? If you annoyed me, I will bring it to daddy to expose your true face!”

Seeing Ye Zhen’s shocked and angry expression, she said word by word, “I was looking forward to your coming back, but then I gradually realized that your heart is higher than the sky and you will never come back, so I thought that I would also fly to you. At the same height, I can see you all the time and be close to you. But I now understand that tearing off other people’s skin to harden a pair of wings for yourself, without the support of bone wings, it will fall off sooner or later. Look at yourself, how embarrassed, how defeated, but you still don’t know how to repent and still do all the shameful things! You still want to compete with stepmother and try your best to push her down! Take out your appearance, talent, temperament, and moral character one by one, which one can you compare with her? Where were you when daddy was poisoned with alcohol and dying? Where were you when the Zhao family were stripped off its title and the mansion was raided? Where were you when I was almost insulted by the officers? Where were you when the Ye family wanted to dragged the Zhao family to the grave with them? You were not in every single one of them. After abandoning your husband and children, what qualifications do you have to be the mistress of the Zhao family? What qualifications do you have to be daddy’s wife? What qualifications do you have to let me and my brother call you mother?”

Zhao Chunxi burst into tears as she spoke, and choked up, “However, you are our mother after all, we can’t deny that. So when you come back, we accept it. We just hope that you will be honest, peacefully know your place, don’t make chaos for our family again, let alone use my brother to hurt stepmother! If you don’t listen to me, yes, I’ll let daddy know who you really are. You better behave!” After the words fell she resolutely pushed Ye Zhen away, and flung her sleeves as she leave.

After a long time, Ye Zhen walked out of the rockery, her face was expressionless, but there were many bloodstains on her palm.

At the same time, the Sanskrit sound and the sound of wooden fish resounding inside the mourning hall. Except for the Zhao family who were kneeling at the front, the rest of them were absent-minded, and their thoughts were not in the right place. They repeatedly pondered Madam Guan’s words. Naturally, His Majesty wouldn’t make a big fuss and stir up the crowd for ordinary women, in other words, there must be another deep meaning behind his actions. But what exactly is it? General Zhao won a big victory in the border, so he need to be appeased?

No way. There has been no good news at all recently, and there are too many generals stationed at the border, generals who have a higher rank than General Zhao were not a few, why he needed to be appeased? There must be another meaning behind it, but no one had grasped it.

Everyone wanted to ask Madam Guan, but they were worried that they would be make mistakes if they said too much, so they had to hide it. The women who were intimidated by her didn’t take it to heart at all. Before the ceremony was over, they all made excuses to leave, slapping the Zhao family’s face again, and returned to the their mansion to learn a shocking news – The affairs of the world was so coincidental, the emperor’s biological mother also had a difficult childbirth, in order to save the emperor, she cut open her stomach with a knife and cut her wrist to feed him with blood, which allowed him to survive. Because the Jiuli people were ignorant and uneducated, they felt this was very ominous and concealed the existence of his biological mother from the emperor. It was not until the news of Madam Guan cutting open the stomach to take out the child spread in Yanjing, which aroused great admiration from the public that those who knew about this matter told the truth.

The emperor felt sad in his heart, and he also deeply felt that the Han people were obedient to Heaven’s will, sensible, understood good and evil, could distinguish honest and dishonest, had a broad mind to tolerate something that other tribes could not, accept common sense that other tribes could not, and had the courage to lift the ground and break the sky, destroy the old and establish the new. So with one sweep of the imperial brush, Ruan shi was posthumously conferred, and now even wanted to posthumously conferred his biological mother as the Empress Dowager.

Filial piety was the foundation of human relations and the first of the eight virtues. Not only people in the world, but even animals know filial piety, so the sheep have the grace to kneel to suck for milk, and crows have the feeling to feed back its parent. Abiding by filial piety and supporting one’s parents was a heaven’s law and earth principle* and righteousness, so how could people argue? Therefore, as soon as the emperor showed his wishes in the court, he immediately received the support of whole civil and military officials.

If there was no Madam Guan’s taking out the child by cutting open the stomach as the foundation, the emperor would probably hide it for the rest of his life. Recalling his biological mother, he actually burst into tears in the court hall, blaming himself again and again, it could be seen that he had been suffering for a long time, and the grief had cut to the bone. Now that he had fulfilled his long-cherished wish by posthumously conferred Ruan shi, naturally felt extremely grateful to Madam Guan, and even more he could control the trend of opinion on this matter.

Praising Ruan shi as Zhenlie  and Madam Guan as courageous, was equivalent to praising the late Empress Dowager as Zhenlie and courageous; insulting Madam Guan as having ruthless heart and black hands, wouldn’t it mean to also scold the late Empress Dowager? Madam Guan cut open other people’s stomachs, but the late Empress Dowager cut open her own belly, her courage and boldness was even higher!

If it weren’t for her bravery and “ruthless heart”, there would be no current Emperor Sheng Yuan. All unreasonable things were reasonable when it reach the emperor; all inhuman things were the way of heaven when it reach the emperor. Those who obey can exist those who disobey can perish*, it’s the method of the tyrant!

Those womenfolk were so frightened, remembering the words they said in the mourning hall that many people listened to, and Madam Guan’s grandfather was still the dignified Emperor Teacher and also served as the imperial censor. If he impeached a few words at the court, their husband’s official positions would come to an end! No wonder Madam Guan hinted that there was another mystery behind it , which turned out to be the case!

A few people did not dare to hide it, and hurriedly went to their husband to discuss it, but they were all severely reprimanded, and they were punished with the family law, almost unable to keep their current position. Soon after, everyone cleaned up their clothes and hat, put on thorns on their backs, and entered the palace to plead guilty. It must be known that the emperor was preparing for the posthumous conferring ceremony, and said that the late Empress Dowager had blessed him for many years, and it was necessary to hold a ritual to send her to the afterlife. He had invited all the important officials in the court to discuss. At this time, if anyone babbling nonsense to block him, the end will be miserable.

Sure enough, the emperor was very angry. He took off two official hats on the spot, and ordered the rest of the people to resign their powers and reflect behind close door. Bluntly said that they don’t understand great benevolence and righteousness, filial piety towards close relatives, and ordered them to go home and read more books, after they understand then come again.

Not to mention how embarrassed those people were, when the news reached Jueyin Temple, everyone was greatly surprised and even more convinced by Madam Guan. This calmness and wittiness, prophesy with supernatural accuracy, were absolutely incomparable. What’s even more incredible was that her heroic act untied the knot in the emperor’s heart and helped him fulfill his long-cherished wish, which must leave a deep impression on the emperor, moreover very similar to the late Empress Dowager.

What kind of honor was this? What kind of good karma? If it used well, the Zhao family, who had been knocked down to the bottom of the mud, would be able to rise to the sky in an instant. Even if Zhao Luli couldn’t get the title back, as long as Madam Guan was willing to take care of the Zhao family, it would be easy to give Zhao Wangshu a good future, and there wouldn’t be a problem with Zhao Chunxi’s marriage.

But would she? If it were before, the answer would naturally be yes, but now it’s hard to say!

Thinking of this, the guests couldn’t help but look towards the east wing, and thought to themselves: Don’t know which plague god the Zhao family has offended before, when it seems that luck is on the line, the ex-wife actually came back from the dead and after returning try to fight Madam Guan for the main position. The kind of proud woman like Madam Guan wouldn’t make so much noise, just ask for reconciliation decree. She can slap her husband in front of the Dengwen Drum, defend her family with her life, and willing to defy the world by cutting open the stomach to take the child, how could she tolerate others sitting on an equal footing with her? Reconciliation or surrender, no matter how you look at it, the possibility of her choosing reconciliation is far greater than surrender.

How could Zhao Luli not know something that others could guess? His five internal organs were burning* now, out of his wits. To have this one thread of relationship, as long as Madam says the word “reconciliation”, without explaining the reason, Huo Shengzhe would not hesitate to give the approval.

It would be great if Ye Zhen didn’t come back, if she didn’t come back, I wouldn’t have to lose Madam… He knew he shouldn’t think like this, but he couldn’t control the frantic thoughts in his heart.

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