Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 60 Part 2

Chapter 60 Part 2


Chen Jingzong went ashore, sat on the stone next to her, and took off his wet shoes first.

Hua Yang turned her head, she didn’t like looking at his big feet the most.

Chen Jingzong raised her umbrella, stared at her fair profile face, and asked, “Are you angry?”

Hua Yang: “Are you talking about that woman? Why should I be angry?”

Chen Jingzong: “I also don’t think you need to mind this irrelevant thing. Not to mention I just helped her beat a thug back then and didn’t even say a word to her.”

Hua Yang unexpectedly said: “Since you remember her, why do you still say you don’t remember?”

Chen Jingzong: “It’s not common for men to openly bully women in town. Besides I’m only in my early twenties, I’m not old enough to forget things. Of course I remember such a thing, but I really didn’t remember her or that ruffian’s face. She recklessly came to talk to me, and looked at me inappropriately. In front of the children, should I still catch up with her? ”

Hua Yang smiled: “Then if the children are not here, are you willing to catch up with her?”

Chen Jingzong also smiled: “If the children are not here and she wants to get close to me, I have already crossed the river and entered the mountains. Then she can’t catch up even if she wants to.”

Hua Yang: “You think too highly of yourself. Maybe she just wants to say thank you, not necessarily to hook up with you.”

Chen Jingzong: “I don’t care what she wants. Not to mention that I’m married now and I’m an upright Prince Consort, even if I’m not married yet, I would still avoid unnecessary suspicion in case others see us together and spreading some gossip.”

In the water, Sanlang caught a small river crab and wanted to show it to his fourth uncle and aunt. Wan Yi looked at her fourth uncle and aunt who were almost sitting under one umbrella, stopped Sanlang and told him to put the river crab in the bucket first, don’t go over to disturb.

Over here, Hua Yang threw another small stone and said calmly: “In front of me, of course your words are better than your singing. Who knows what will you do when no one is around.”

Chen Jingzong: “If I really do something, will you divorce me?”

Hua Yang nodded.

Chen Jingzong: “Then you can rest assured. Even if all the beauties in the world are placed in front of me, I will only want you. I am not a fool, I don’t cherish the most beautiful ones but go eat some crooked melons and cracked dates instead.”

Hua Yang scorned: “Who do you think you are? Why should you choose among all the beauties in the world?”

Chen Jingzong suddenly clasped her ankles and took off her shoes while saying, “I don’t care about choosing either.”

Hua Yang no longer cared about what he was saying and hurriedly covered her feet.

Chen Jingzong: “We are all playing in the water. What’s the point of just watching? Don’t worry, the water is warm and won’t make you cold.”

Hua Yang: “I’m not a child!”

Chen Jingzong: “Children won’t be as duplicitous as you.”

While he was talking, he had already picked up Hua Yang and walked to the middle of the stream. He held up her skirt with one hand and dipped her feet into the water with the other.

The water in the stream was indeed warm, and it washed over her feet in a steady flow.

Hua Yang couldn’t deny that she was indeed a little envious of Wan Yi and the others, and indeed wanted to wade in this clear stream.

“How about my trousers?”

Holding his chest with both hands, Hua Yang reminded him in a low voice.

Chen Jingzong then bent his left leg, held her with one hand and sat her down on his bent leg, then helped her roll up her inner trousers, revealing her flawless jade-white legs.

It was so beautiful that Chen Jingzong couldn’t help but touch it.

Hua Yang reached out and pinched his hand.

Chen Jingzong then put her into the water, rolled up her skirt, and asked, “Should I holding it for you, or do you want to hold it yourself?”

“I’ll do it myself. You keep an eye on the children.”

Chen Jingzong saw that she was like a child going into the river for the first time, secretly concealing her excitement, but walking happily in the water. Occasionally she would bend down close to the water, as if she had discovered fish and shrimp, and then secretly test the water spot that was slightly deeper.

Wan Yi soon stayed by Hua Yang’s side.

Chen Jingzong could only accompany his nephews, scanning the surroundings from time to time.

Maybe this section of the stream was too close to the Chen family’s ancestral house, and the people spontaneously did not bother to wash clothes here. Plus Chen Jingzong and his wife took the children out to play today, and the women washing their clothes consciously stayed far away from this place.

Hua Yang played in the water for about half an hour and had a great time.

When Chen Jingzong saw her walking towards the shore, he immediately came over, picked her up and placed her on the stone where she previously sat.

Her calves were wet and her feet were dripping. If she put them directly on the ground, it would get dirty.

Chen Jingzong sat on the ground, hugged her calf, took out the handkerchief from his front clothes and wiped it for her.

Hua Yang had already held up her umbrella, which blocked her legs and Chen Jingzong’s movements.

The handkerchief in Chen Jingzong’s hand was what she had given him before. Except for the handkerchief embroidered with peonies and mountains that he regarded as treasure, Chen Jingzong always used the other two pieces interchangeably.

At this time, he lowered his head and looked focused, as if what he was wiping was not the princess’s leg, but a rare treasure.

Hua Yang suddenly became curious: “If my father hadn’t granted us marriage, what kind of woman would you marry?”

Chen Jingzong glanced at her and said: “I don’t know. I think the old man and mother would definitely arrange it for me. As long as she’s not too ugly and her family’s character is reasonable, I will marry her.”

Most couples in this world were married like this.

Hua Yang didn’t believe it: “You should have a preference, such as lively or gentle, or like to the eyes to be big.”

Chen Jingzong listened to her, and while lowering his head to wipe her other leg, he raised the corners of his lips and lowered his eyes: “I really never thought about it, but the day I saw you, I suddenly knew what I wanted. ”

Hua Yang:…

Regardless of whether she was beautiful or not, he likes the fair ones!

She pinched him again.

Chen Jingzong said helplessly: “I didn’t say anything, why did you pinch me?”

Hua Yang stared: “You can’t even think about it!”

Chen Jingzong smiled.

After her legs and feet were wiped and he was helping her put on her socks, Chen Jingzong asked: “What about you, what kind of prince consort did you want to marry?”

Hua Yang snorted: “Anyway, it’s definitely not like you.”

Chen Jingzong held her little feet and stuffed them into her shoes: “It’s a pity that you can only marry me.”


Guanhe Hall.

Yu Xiu quietly mentioned to Chen Bozong that a woman took the initiative to strike up a conversation with her brother-in-law. Although the matter had been clearly explained, she was still worried that the princess and her brother-in-law would quarrel over this.

Chen Bozong: “No, Fourth Brother is not that confused, and the Princess even more will not be jealous over an ordinary woman.”

In other words, the fourth brother probably doesn’t have the ability to make the princess feel jealous for him right now.

Yu Xiu sighed: “The Princess treats me kindly, but I really can’t tell what she is thinking. When I think she should be angry, she smiles like a fairy. When I don’t hear anything, the princess has a fit. It’s not just me, that time when the princess entertained Princess Xiang and Lingyuan County Lady, they also carefully tried to figure out the princess’s minds, and their smiles were strained.”

Chen Bozong: “Most people in high position are like this. But the Princess treats you as a sister-in-law, so you don’t have to be as cautious as outsiders.”

Yu Xiu thought for a while and smiled: “I admire Fourth Brother more and more. You see, even Father respects the Princess, but Fourth Brother treats the Princess just like an ordinary husband treats his wife. Sometimes he even dares to have a temper with the Princess. He’s really bold.”

Chen Bozong looked at her and then looked out the window.

In this regard, the fourth brother was probably the only one. Thinking back to the time when his father revealed that the empress wanted to marry the princess to the fourth brother, the whole family felt incredible and frightened. Only the fourth brother actually complained that marrying the princess was too troublesome!

After Yu Xiu left, Chen Bozong called his chief attendant and asked him to check the identity of the woman who was suspected of trying to seduce his fourth brother.

Shiqiao Town was not a big town. Before noon, Chen Bozong got the news that the woman was nineteen years old, small and pretty, and had been married before. However, her husband died and she had no children, so she returned to her parents’ home. According to the neighbors, this woman was indeed somewhat ambitious. She often inquired about his family’s affairs when chatting, especially about the fourth brother and the princess.

Not afraid of thieves stealing, but afraid of thieves having thoughts.

Thinking that the family would live in Lingzhou for about a year, Chen Bozong called his fourth brother to his study after the lunchtime.

The day was quite hot. Chen Jingzong just wanted to go back to Siyi Hall as soon as possible, it would be much cooler if he only wore his middle coat. So he asked impatiently when he entered the room: “What’s the matter?”

Chen Bozong: “Do you still remember Wang Cuiniang?”

Chen Jingzong: “Wang Cuiniang, or Wang Cui’s mom?”

Chen Bozong looked sternly: “The one that was looking for you to chat by the stream this morning.”

Chen Jingzong’s face darkened: “Why, do you doubt that I have something to do with her?”

Chen Bozong: “I don’t doubt you, it’s just that I asked someone to inquire about her. She is now widowed at home, and she often inquire about you. You’d better be vigilant, lest problems arise when you’re not careful.”

Chen Jingzong: “I know. The weather is so hot these days, the Princess and I won’t be back before autumn.”

Chen Bozong: “Alright, the Princess, you can explain it clearly.”

Chen Jingzong sneered: “Explain fart, you are the only one who takes that surnamed Wang seriously. I don’t take her seriously at all.”

Chen Bozong: “I figured.”

Chen Jingzong:…..

In Siyi Hall, Hua Yang was lying on the couch in the side room. Next to the window was cooler when the occasional gust of wind came, as it was not possible to transport ice with great fanfare in the countryside.

“What’s Eldest Brother looking you for?”

Seeing Chen Jingzong walking in, she asked casually.

Chen Jingzong didn’t hide it from her, and explained while taking off his robe: “Look, all my family members are more afraid than me that one day I will offend you and you divorce me.”

Hua Yang was pleased by Chen Bozong’s move.

Not all princesses have a happy life after marriage. Some prince consorts were unfaithful behind the princesses’ back, and their families try their best to cover it up.

The Chen family was very good. From her father-in-law to her two brothers-in-law, they all respected her, not only in terms of etiquette, but also defend her in secret.

At this time, Chen Jingzong also took off his middle coat, revealing his strong chest and thin waist.

Hua Yang waved her fan for a moment, then turned over.

But Chen Jingzong came up from behind and said in her ear: “Don’t worry, my flesh and skin can’t be touched by anyone except you.”

Hua Yang snorted at him: “Who cares!”

On the other side, Chen Bozong pondered over it and told his father about this hidden danger.

Chen Tingjian said nothing, but not long after, more and more matchmakers came to the Wang family to help arranged marriage for Wang Cuiniang. When the summer was over, Hua Yang and Chen Jingzong returned to the ancestral home again to visit her parents-in-law, and they happened to catch up with Wang Cuiniang’s wedding. The sedan chair staggered past their carriage and headed to the groom’s house dozens of miles away.

Many people were watching the excitement, and the sound of discussion floated into the carriage.

After learning the identity of the bride, Hua Yang was stunned for a moment and moved her gave towards Chen Jingzong. Chen Jingzong also had a complicated look on his face.

Is the old man too worried about him, or does he not want his daughter-in-law princess to be angry at all?

The Author has something to say:

Old Four: I have no interest in widows or anything like that!

Hua Yang: ….

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