Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 60 Part 1

Chapter 60 Part 1


During the Dragon Boat Festival, adults don’t have work, and children don’t have to study.

After breakfast and Chen Tingjian, the head of the family, left, Sanlang ran to Chen Jingzong and looked at him with bright eyes: “Fourth Uncle, I want to go to the creek in the north to dig loaches.”

Sanlang was four years old, at a naughty age. Last year, his parents were mourning at home, so he was better behaved. This year, his parents went out to work. When his grandfather was not teaching, he liked to stay in the study, so Sanlang often sneaked out. He found that the children in town liked to play in the creek to the north, fishing for fish, digging for loaches, and even catching small river crabs. Sanlang was particularly envious of them.

Chen Jingzong looked at Chen Xiaozong and asked, “If you want to dig up loaches, why don’t you go ask your father?”

Sanlang said without hesitation: “Daddy said that Fourth Uncle is the most powerful!”

The children’s trust and admiration were real, and Chen Xiaozong’s cunningness was not fake either.

Hua Yang was sitting next to Chen Jingzong. She glanced at the hem of Chen Xiaozong’s clothes with the corner of her eyes. She knew very well that Chen Xiaozong was either concerned about his face and did not want to accompany the children to play, or he was worried about being scolded by her father-in-law if he was found out. But he was also a father who loved his children and couldn’t bear to disappoint his son, so he simply pushed his son to Chen Jingzong. Anyway, Chen Jingzong usually didn’t pay much attention to etiquette, and he was not afraid of being scolded by her father-in-law.

The elegant Tanhua seemed to be a gentleman, but a gentleman also had some harmless tricks.

Like last year, when Chen Xiaozong wanted to take wild game from Chen Jingzong for free…

Hua Yang still appreciated Chen Xiaozong’s handsomeness and gracefulness, but she would no longer regard the Zhuangyuan and Tanhua as the most beautiful jade, and then regarded Chen Jingzong as a ball of mud next to the two jades as she did in her previous life.

At this time, Chen Jingzong suddenly looked at her.

Before Hua Yang understood what he meant, Sanlang blinked his eyes, moved in front of Hua Yang, and said flatteringly: “Fourth Aunt, please allow Fourth Uncle to take me to catch loaches, okay?”

Only then did Hua Yang realize that Chen Jingzong was actually afraid that she would be unhappy.

But he clearly knew his brother’s little trick but did not directly reject his nephew, which showed that he was willing and was a good fourth uncle.

Hua Yang smiled at Sanlang: “Go ahead.”

While She nodded her head, the eyes of Wan Yi, Dalang, and Erlang who were secretly observing the progress not far away lit up!

Erlang was the first to come over, and Wan Yi also ran over. Only Dalang looked uneasily at his father, Chen Bozong, who was second only to his grandfather in terms of authority.

When Chen Bozong was young, he didn’t like to fish and catch shrimps in the river. When he grew up, he naturally hoped that his children would learn from him in everything.

However, the princess had agreed. If he objected at this time, it might damage the princess’ face.

“Don’t linger for too long.”

Dalang was very happy.

Chen Jingzong then set off with the four children.

Yu Xiu was a little worried: “I’ll go over and watch.”

Hua Yang also wanted to go to the stream to get some fresh air. She had lived in the main house of the Chen family in her two lives, but she had not carefully appreciated the surrounding scenery. The only time she stayed outside for a long time was when there was a flood. In that kind of situation, how could she be in the mood to enjoy the scenery?

Chao Yun went back to Siyi Hall to get the veil and a green silk umbrella.

Luo Yuyan actually wanted to go too, and also asked the maid to prepare those things.

Yu Xiu was born in a small family and was not used to such fussiness, but her expression was natural. She did not force herself to follow the behavior of her younger siblings, and she was not afraid that her younger siblings would look down on her.

Of course, Hua Yang contributed a lot to this. When she was in Lingzhou City, she often invited Yu Xiu to Ningyuan as a guest. After getting along for a long time, Yu Xiu became more and more open in front of Hua Yang. She could even get along more comfortably with the princess, naturally she would no longer regard Luo Yuyan as an unattainable noble daughter of the marquis family.

“Sister-in-law, come with me.”

Hua Yang signaled Chao Yun to stay in the house, held the umbrella while saying that to Yu Xiu.

Of course Yu Xiu was willing. She walked under Hua Yang’s umbrella and took the handle of the umbrella naturally. Hua Yang also gently held her arm.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Yuyan became the “lonely” one.

It took the three sisters-in-law a while to prepare, and because they were walking slowly, when they finally stepped out of the gate of the Chen family’s ancestral house, they were almost half an hour behind Chen Jingzong’s five uncle and nephews.

After bypassing the courtyard wall of the Chen family and turning north, they could see the creek half a mile away and the five uncle and nephews were already standing by the creek.

However, there was a woman wearing a peach red top and a plain white skirt standing next to the uncle and nephew. She was talking to Chen Jingzong with a smile on her face. Suddenly she noticed the three people coming over. The woman’s face clearly changed, and she hurriedly walked along the stream. While walking downstream, she stopped after walking some distance, picked up the wooden basin and clothes placed by the river, and left in a hurry with her head lowered.

Such behavior clearly indicated that there is no three hundred taels of silver here.

Yu Xiu looked at Hua Yang worriedly, and Luo Yuyan was also inexplicably nervous.

Hua Yang still had the same cheerful look as before, and walked forward while holding Yu Xiu’s arm.

It had to be said that Shiqiao Town was surrounded by mountains and rivers, so it was no wonder that it could raise such outstanding character such as father-in-law.

Hua Yang looked at the clear blue sky for a while, then looked at the rolling green mountains in the distance, and walked to the river unconsciously.

Chen Jingzong squatted on the shore and was helping the children roll up their trouser one by one until it reached their knees.

He only glanced at the three newcomers and continued to take care of his nephews, as if playing with them today was the most important thing.

Wan Yi had already rolled up her trouser. Seeing that her mother had a strange look on her face, Wan Yi turned her eyes until it reached Hua Yang’s side, and said as if reporting: “Fourth Aunt, that girl just now is also from the town. A few years ago, Fourth Uncle seemed to help her once, so she came over and asked Fourth Uncle if he still remembered her.”

Hua Yang raised her eyebrows slightly. After reading so many story books, she had already thought of a story about a beautiful small-town woman who was in trouble and was fortunately rescued by the skilled and outstanding fourth son of the cabinet elder’s family.

Yu Xiu secretly winked at her daughter, this child was usually very sensible, why did she have to mention this now?

Wan Yi just looked at the fourth aunt and said strangely: “Aren’t you curious about how Fourth Uncle answered?”

Hua Yang smiled cooperatively: “How did he answer?”

Sanlang, who was having his trousers rolled up by his fourth uncle, rushed to answer: “Fourth Uncle said he didn’t remember!”

Erlang: “I can testify that Fourth Uncle didn’t even look at her, and her face turned red!”

Dalang nodded.

The four children talked one by one and quickly helped their fourth uncle clarify the very misleading scene.

Chen Jingzong just flicked the top of their head one by one. With his shoes on he got into the water without rolling up his trouser.

Sanlang screamed: “Uncle Fourth, why don’t you roll up your trouser?”

Both Yu Xiu and Luo Yuyan could see clearly that because they were here, it would be rude for Chen Jingzong to expose his lower legs.

So the uncle who looked rough and unruly was actually very particular about etiquette sometimes.

There were some stones by the stream. Yu Xiu picked three, wiped them clean with a handkerchief, and then invited her two sisters-in-law to sit down.

Luo Yuyan lowered her voice and took the initiative to say to Hua Yang: “Fourth Brother has a chivalrous heart, perhaps he just happened to help her in a moment of injustice. It’s natural for the girl to feel grateful, but considering her age, she should have been married long ago. Now, knowing that Fourth Brother is already married, if she’s still rushing to get close to him, who knows what’s on her mind. Princess, you should be cautious. Of course, a mere common girl has no chance of getting close to Fourth Brother. I’m just concerned that officials in Lingzhou might have some misguided ideas, trying to curry favor with Fourth Brother using such methods. Just imagine, our Third Master is now a seventh-rank minor official, and some people in the county already have these crooked brains.”

Just talking about the first part, she might have meant to make sarcastic remarks on purpose, but when she used Chen Xiaozong as an example, it proved that she was really just reminding Hua Yang as a person who had experienced it to be careful of prince consort being noticed and seduced by women outside.

Yu Xiu said in surprise: “Is there someone in the county giving women to Third Master?”

Luo Yuyan wanted to integrate into their small circle. Although she looked down on Yu Xiu in her heart, she still answered at this time, said while gritting her teeth: “Yes, fortunately, Third Master remembered Father’s teachings and was not led astray. After returning home, he took the initiative to tell me, and remind me to be careful not to fall into other people’s traps.”

Yu Xiu breathed a sigh of relief.

Luo Yuyan glanced at her and said with a smile: “Sister-in-law, don’t worry, Eldest Brother is the most dignified, and he is the last man to do this.”

Hua Yang glanced at her lightly.

Luo Yuyan suddenly realized her gaffe and hurriedly made up for it: “Look at what I said, Prince Consort has a heroic spirit, and of course he will not be tempted by beauty. After all, it’s our Third Master who is the most worrying. He smiles like the spring breeze at everyone and is born with a peach blossom look.”

Hua Yang smiled and said, “Does Third Sister-in-law want to praise Third Master for looking like Pan An and being the most elegant and charming?”

Luo Yuyan:….

She really didn’t mean that, but now that she thought about it, why did her words become more and more wrong?

Hua Yang could tell that Luo Yuyan was just trying to stir up the topic, but the mouth of this daughter of the Marquis Mansion was a bit clumsy.

“Look, I caught a fish!”

Wan Yi’s excited cry came, and the three sisters-in-law turned around and saw the little girl holding it in both hands, while Dalang, Erlang, and Sanlang all surrounded her.

Chen Jingzong walked farther. After entering the water, he rolled up his trouser, but his long and strong calves were covered by the current and could not be seen clearly.

Still somewhat embarrassed, Luo Yuyan made an excuse to leave.

Yu Xiu saw that the water here was shallow and the children should not be in danger. She also thought that her brother-in-want might want to clarify the matter with the princess in person, so she left with Luo Yuyan.

Soon, only Hua Yang was left by the stream, wearing a lotus-green jacket and a snow-white skirt embroidered with pale pink lotus flowers.

Hua Yang’s parent-in-law were still in filial piety. Every time she returned to the ancestral home, Hua Yang would deliberately dress plainly to show respect.

While holding an umbrella, she looked at the fish and shrimps brought by the children for a while, then picked up two small stones and threw them into the stream for a while. The sound of the gurgling sound was quite pleasant.

There was a clear sound of water splashing coming through.

Hua Yang tilted her head and saw Chen Jingzong walking towards her. When he reached the shallow part of the water, his slender calves with water drops were also exposed.

Hua Yang retracted her gaze and continued to throw stones.

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Translator’s note I:

Merry Christmas for those of you who celebrate it and happy holiday!!!

Translator’s note II:

In ancient times, there was a man named Zhang San. He worked hard every day and finally saved three hundred taels of silver. He was very happy, but at the same time he was worried that someone would steal his money. After thinking about it, Zhang San found a big box and locked the three hundred taels of silver in the box. Then he dug a hole in the open space behind the house and buried the box deeply in the ground.

After doing this, Zhang San felt relieved and was ready to go back and rest. But before leaving, he took a look at the place where the box was buried and became worried again, fearing that someone would accidentally dig it out. So he patted his head and came up with a “good idea”. He quickly took out a piece of paper and wrote on it: “There is no three hundred taels of silver here.” He then posted the note in the corner and left with peace of mind.

Zhang San’s abnormal behavior was seen by Wang Er next door. Wang Er felt curious, so he sneaked behind Zhang San’s house while he was sleeping, and saw the note under the moonlight. Wang Er understood immediately, dug out the box and stole the silver. Looking at the money, Wang Er was very excited. But he was also afraid of being discovered by Zhang San, so he quickly filled the hole again. After thinking about it, he also took a piece of paper and wrote “Wang Er next door never stole”, and then stuck it in the corner.

The next morning, Zhang San got up and went to the back of the house to see the silver, and suddenly found that the silver was missing. After seeing the note posted by Wang Er, he suddenly understood: his money had been stolen by Wang Er!

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