Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 51

Chapter 51


The spring was in full bloom, some people were enjoying the flowers, and some were busy preparing for spring ploughing.

On the military field side, Chen Jingzong was riding a horse to inspect the fields. Xiang Baoshan was walking side by side with him, followed by Wang Feihu, Lin Yan, and Lu Da.

The station soldiers were busy in the fields, beaming with joy. The Prince Consort was in charge. Apart from paying some taxes on this year’s harvest, the rest was theirs. Of course, they were more energetic when working.

But Xiang Baoshan was heartbroken. He was the commander and the leader of the military station. Previously, the military land he had occupied was only slightly less than that of Prince Xiang. Because of the arrival of the princess and her prince consort, long before Chen Jingzong officially settled the account, he had already returned the misappropriated military land to the military households in advance.

Fortunately, Cabinet Elder Chen Ge would return to the capital next year, and the princess and prince consort would definitely leave with him. By then, wouldn’t he and Prince Xiang have the final say over Lingzhou?

Because they knew they would only lose one year’s income, the prince and the others did not completely tear their faces with Chen Jingzong, and just wanted to spend the year in peace and harmony.

A fast horse suddenly galloped towards them from a distance, its hooves flying, throwing up dust everywhere.

Chen Jingzong took the lead in reining his horse, and Xiang Baoshan and others also looked at the person suspiciously.

Finally, the fast horse stopped in front of them. A warrior-like man jumped off the horse and reported to Chen Jingzong with a livid face: “Prince Consort, I am the bodyguard next to the princess…”

Chen Jingzong’s expression changed: “What happened to the princess?”

The guard explained angrily: “The weather is good today. The princess heard that there is a Peach Blossom Mountain in the eastern suburbs of Lingzhou City, so she went to enjoy the peach blossoms in plain clothing. The Princess originally didn’t want to disturb the people, so she asked us to follow from a distance. Unexpectedly, she met Prince Xiang there. Because Prince Xiang is also incognito, and neither two sides knew each other, Prince Xiang actually treated the Princess as an ordinary folk girl and offended her! In short, the Princess is very angry now and asks you to go back to see her immediately. ”

Before he finished his sentence, Chen Jingzong had already whipped his horse and galloped away with angry look on his face.

The guard ignored the others and mounted his horse to chase after him.

Xiang Baoshan had not recovered from the news he just heard!

Prince Xiang ah! How could he not understand Prince Xiang’s lustfulness? Today, Prince Xiang’s lust actually aimed at Princess Hua Yang and even offended her!

Although it was a prince on one side and a princess on the other, it sounded like they were evenly matched, but Prince Xiang was only a distant cousin of Emperor Jingshun, and they only have a common ancestor, Taizu. While Princess Hua Yang was Emperor Jingshun’s favorite di daughter. Now that Prince Xiang bullied the princess, could Emperor Jingshun tolerate it?

It was clearly a warm spring day, but there were large beads of sweat on Xiang Baoshan’s forehead.

Wang Feihu was the same lustful person as Prince Xiang. At this moment, he was still talking about some indecent things. He tutted: “I heard that Princess Hua Yang is unparalleled in beauty. No wonder His Highness…”

Lin Yan suddenly glared at him.

Wang Feihu remembered that Lu Da was there and closed his mouth resentfully.


Chen Jingzong had already asked the guard on the way and knew that old pervert Prince Xiang had not even touched a corner of Hua Yang’s clothes. However, thinking that Prince Xiang was harassing Hua Yang with that disgusting look, Chen Jingzong still very angry.

He rode directly into Ningyuan and only dismounted when he was outside Qifeng Hall. He walked to the side room in a hurry and saw Hua Yang sitting on the couch with a cold face, still wearing the plain clothes and her hair was comb in a folk girl’s style.

Chen Jingzong was stunned for a moment.

Before the marriage, he had only seen Hua Yang once, and that was the day they met. Although she was dressed as a young girl, she was far away, and the girl princess was still graceful and noble, so the deepest impression on Chen Jingzong from that distant glance was that she was very fair.

After getting married, she started to wear a married woman’s hairstyle, and today was actually the first time Chen Jingzong saw her girly makeup up close.

“You’re not frightened, are you?”

Chen Jingzong walked over and tried to hug her. He didn’t know how to comfort someone, as he had never experienced such a situation. He couldn’t be as upright as usual, so he looked a bit clumsy.

Hua Yang slapped his hand away and ordered: “I was too angry just now and didn’t think too much. Now you take people to Prince Xiang Mansion and ask Prince Xiang to hand over all the guards who dare to block me.”

As soon as Chen Jingzong heard this, the image of her being surrounded by a group of burly who helped the villain doing evil appeared in front of his eyes, and he walked out with a livid face.

Hua Yang’s purpose was to make him angry. The angrier he was, the more it looked realistic it would be, that way the people in Lingzhou City would know how much she had been wronged and how intense her anger was!

Sooner or later, this matter would be spread to other vassal princes through people visiting relatives and passing businessmen. At that time, whether she reported to Father Emperor or Father Emperor punished Prince Xiang, the other vassal princes would believe that Prince Xiang brought disaster upon himself and deserved the consequences for stirring up trouble.

Chen Jingzong set off with a gloomy face. Zhou Ji led a hundred guards and followed closely behind him on horseback.

This spectacle alarmed the people along the way. They dropped what they were doing and swarmed to get close, wanting to know what happened as soon as possible.

Prince Xiang Mansion.

Because he was rolling on the ground in pain during the beating, Prince Xiang was whipped by Zhou Ji all over his body. As a result, he could neither lie on his back nor lie on his stomach. He could only stand naked and let the servants support him while the doctor of the mansion wiped and applied medicine on him.

The pained cries of “Ah, ah” never stopped.

Princess Consort Xiang and the twenty-five-year-old Shizi were both there. Because Prince Xiang was not looking decent at this time, Princess Consort Xiang stood behind the screen, and only Shizi was close at hand. He felt distressed and angry: “Who is so bold to do something like this to Father?”

Those mansion guards didn’t dare to say it, and only Prince Xiang could say it, but he didn’t have the nerve to speak either.

Even if all the commoners in Lingzhou City knew what kind of person he was, Prince Xiang felt embarrassed to tell his son that he was beaten by the princess for harassing her.

The wounds from the whips were long and deep, especially since Prince Xiang was a fair and fat person, those whip wounds looked even more ferocious.

Prince Xiang was afraid of pain and did not cooperate when the doctor applied the medicine, so the doctor had to carefully coax him.

They had just applied medicine to the wounds on the backs when an angry shout suddenly came from outside the mansion: “Prince Xiang, you old bastard. Come out and see me!”

Prince Xiang shuddered. The voice sounded a bit familiar, and the person even dared to be disrespectful to him. At this moment, who else could be there besides Chen Jingzong, the prince consort of Hua Yang?

If Prince Xiang was in the right, why should a dignified prince uncle like him be afraid of a junior, but he was in the wrong!

Without bothering to put on his clothes, Prince Xiang kicked everyone out except for the doctor. He took a deep breath and directed the doctor to pile the tables and chairs at the door.

The mansion also had three hundred guards. However, knowing that it was the prince consort who was coming to cause trouble, and this prince consort also brought troops with him, the guards did not dare to take action. So without any resistance, Chen Jingzong, Zhou Ji and ten guards easily rushed in.

Princess Consort Xiang and Shizi came out to meet him.

Chen Jingzong looked behind them: “Where is Prince Xiang? Tell him to come out!”

He was nine feet tall, with a handsome face but a sinister aura. He was like a sword that drank blood when it was unsheathed. Princess Consort Xiang trembled all over and said bravely: “His Highness just drank some medicine. His mind is dizzy and just fallen asleep. Dare I ask why is Prince Consort come here?”

Chen Jingzong had already guessed from Zhou Ji’s actions that Hua Yang wanted to make a big fuss, so he said coldly: “Today the Princess travelled incognito, but Prince Xiang ordered a group of mansion guards to speak rudely to the Princess. Now I am ordered by the Princess to take those guards back with me and kowtow to the princess to apologize.”

Princess Consort Xiang and Shizi have no doubts about the truth of this statement. It was something that Prince Xiang could do!

The Shizi immediately called the steward and asked the him to tie up all the guards involved in the incident and hand them over to the prince consort.

Chen Jingzong: “Just handing over a few guards is enough?”

Princess Consort Xiang apologized and said with a smile: “Prince Consort, His Highness didn’t recognize the Princess. Although he offended her, it was definitely not intentional. What’s more, His Highness has already received punishment at that time. What else Prince Consort want? If really asks His Highness to go to Ningyuan to bear a thorn for the Princess to plead guilty, he’s also her Uncle Prince, wouldn’t it make the people laugh at our imperial family if words spread out?”

Hua Yang “didn’t know” the identity of Prince Xiang before, so it was understandable to ask someone to whip Prince Xiang. However, if she knew he was a vassal prince and still wanted to beat him, it would be considered as the princess of the capital was disrespectful towards the elders of the clan.

Chen Jingzong understood this truth. He did not want to beat Prince Xiang again. Instead, he pointed at the Shizi and said: “Today Prince Xiang insults my wife. Considering his seniority, I will not hit Prince Xiang. But letting the insult to my wife pass without retaliation is absolutely impossible. Since Shizi is filial, let the son repay the father’s debt. I’ll let Shizi taste my fist, what do you think?”

The Shizi was shocked and looked at Chen Jingzong’s hand warily.

Princess Consort Xiang stood in front of her son, glared at Chen Jingzong and said, “Prince Consort, don’t go too far!”

Chen Jingzong sneered: “Did I bully others too much? Then let’s go out and ask the people to see whether it was me who bullied others too much, or if your Prince Xiang Mansion humiliated me too much!”

Princess Consort Xiang was choked.

At this moment, the voice of Prince Xiang suddenly came from inside the room: “Prince Consort, This Prince really doesn’t know. But what you said is right and This Prince is wrong! Shizi, you hurry up let Prince Consort punch you, so as to eliminate the hatred in Prince Consort’s heart!”

Princess Consort Xiang and her son: …

How about the hatred in Shizi‘s heart! However in full view of everyone, it was hard to disobey his father’s orders. He could only stand up and apologize to Chen Jingzong in the most sincere way, hoping that Chen Jingzong would also behave like a gentleman and would not really punch him.

It was a pity that Chen Jingzong had always disdained that literary and gentleman’s behavior. Just after the Shizi finished speaking and lowered his head, Chen Jingzong swung his fist!

The plump Shizi was suddenly knocked to the ground, and half of his face was swollen.

This was still Chen Jingzong not wanting to make a fatal trouble, so he deliberately restrained his strength to avoid beating this Shizi to death, which would only make Prince Xiang became the victim’s family.

Those who should be beaten were beaten and those who should be tied were tied up. Chen Jingzong took Zhou Ji and others back to Ningyuan.

The common people who had witnessed the Princess whipping Prince Xiang at Peach Blossom Mountain had returned, and with the news of the Prince Consort going to Prince Xiang Mansion to apprehend people, after such an explanation, it didn’t take long for the people in the streets to know the whole story.

When the news reached Chen Bozong’s ears, he immediately took Yu Xiu to visit Ningyuan.


Chen Jingzong, who finally learned all Hua Yang’s plans, tightened his face.

Hua Yang changed her clothes and walked around the screen. Seeing him like this, she smiled and said, “Are you mad at me for taking the risk? I brought so many guards with me, so there is no way he can succeed.”

Chen Jingzong: “Everything can be planned perfectly, but in this world, there’s no avoiding the unexpected.”

Hua Yang knew that he was worried about her, so she didn’t fight with him. She just walked to him and gently held his hand.

Chen Jingzong was unmoved and turned his head to the side.

Hua Yang looked at his cold face and snorted: “If you’re angry at me for hiding it, you can sleep in Liuyun Hall tonight.”

Growing up, except for her younger brother, she had never coaxed anyone, and this man didn’t even appreciate it at all.

But Chen Jingzong, who usually seemed willing to do anything as long as he could sleep with her, actually pushed her hand away and actually walked out.

Hua Yang was stunned. Seeing that Chen Jingzong was about to step out of the inner room, she said anxiously: “Wait!”

Chen Jingzong stopped, his back was still turned to her.

Hua Yang gritted her teeth and said, “Wait for a while. Eldest Brother and Sister-in-law will be here later. I have something I want you to tell Eldest Brother for me.”

This was a proper business and could not be delayed.

Chen Jingzong also turned around, lowered his eyes and said, “Just say it.”

An hour later, Chen Jingzong met Chen Bozong in the study room of Liuyun Hall and said expressionlessly: “In the Prefect’s yamen, there are files of the common people suing Prince Xiang from previous years. The Princess asked you to secretly remind those victims to come to Ningyuan to complain about their grievances, let them ask the princess to intercede on their behalf.”

Chen Bozong was shocked and said: “The Princess wants to put Prince Xiang to death?”

Chen Jingzong still had the same dead face: “I’m not the roundworm in her belly, how can I know what she’s thinking.”

Chen Bozong was keenly aware that something was wrong with his younger brother. After thinking about it, he whispered: “I heard that the Princess did not suffer at Prince Xiang’s hands. Why are you acting like this? If the Princess sees it, she will think you have a grudge.”

Chen Jingzong:…

After seeing off his brother and sister-in-law, the prince consort, who originally had decided to sleep alone in Liuyun Hall tonight, walked towards Qifeng Hall angrily.

The Author has something to say:

Old Four: Although I’m back, don’t even think about me touching you tonight!

Hua Yang: ….

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