Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 52

Chapter 52


Hua Yang was a little tired.

This morning, she took two carriages just to get in and out of the city. She also climbed a mountain road on Peach Blossom Mountain in order to disguise herself as a folk girl.

Because she was tired, she didn’t keep the Yu Xiu’s couple for lunch in Ningyuan just now. From a rational point of view, she shouldn’t be in the mood to entertain guests now.

“Princess, you’d better eat some food to fill your stomach first. No matter how angry you are, you can’t wrong yourself, right?”

Looking at the princess lying lazily on the bed, Chao Yun and Chao Yue coaxed her softly.

Hua Yang was actually not angry, everything was going according to her plan, why would she be angry? She was just disgusted. Although she had long known what kind of person Prince Xiang was, today, facing that lecherous and ugly face in person, Hua Yang couldn’t help but wish to exile him to the frontier on the spot. She never wanted to see him again in her life.”

Many times, Chen Jingzong looked at her with a bit of lust, and she could tell what he was thinking at a glance. However, Chen Jingzong was handsome and his eyes were not that blatant, which gave people a completely different feeling.

Hua Yang lost her appetite even more when she thought of Chen Jingzong who was still angry with her.

Chen Jingzong’s anger was understandable, but she was also not wrong. If she told him in advance, with his temper where he would make sarcastic remarks even when she just admired Chen Bozong or Chen Xiaozong, how could he bear she use herself as bait to lure a big disgusting worm? Instead of wasting time arguing, it’s better to take action first and explain later.”

Moreover, she had already coaxed Chen Jingzong, but he was still angry. Then just be angry. If he has the ability, then keep sleeping in Liuyun Hall and never come near her again.

“Prince Consort is back.”

Suddenly, the sound of Zhen’er and Zhu’er saluting came from the yard.

Hua Yang’s heart moved slightly, and she whispered to the two maids beside her: “Just say that I am tired and have gone to bed.”

After saying that, she adjusted her posture slightly, closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Chao Yun and Chao Yue looked at each other, smiled and put down the curtains of the Babu bed, and walked out cooperatively.

They bumped into the prince consort at the door of the side room.

Chao Yue stopped him and said in a low voice: “Prince Consort, the Princess is tired and has just rested. Do you want to pass on the food?”

Chen Jingzong: “No, I’ll go in and take a look.”

After saying that, he had already walked around the two maids.

The inner room was quiet, and the gentle spring breeze blew in, fluttering the thin curtains embroidered with pink peonies in front of the bed.

Chen Jingzong stared at the curtain with gloomy eyes, as if he could see the scene of her being brutally raped after being snatched away by Prince Xiang.

He knew that didn’t happen, but she did put herself in such a dangerous situation today. What if she met Prince Xiang in a remote place? What if Prince Xiang brought more guards with him? A vicious and stupid person like Prince Xiang was very likely to impulsively take possession of her body then took her life along with Zhou Ji and other guards, and finally found a place to dump the body to make himself clean.

Smart people would not take such risks, but Prince Xiang was stupid. In this world there were many lawless and stupid people, the kind that normal people would think “how can they do that”, but it was a fact that that stupidity happened.

She was used to be spoiled rotten by others. Not to mention in the palace, when she arrived in the Chen family, everyone respected her. She thought that everyone would be afraid of her status as a princess and would not dare to attack her.

Chen Jingzong walked towards the babu bed.

His footsteps were heavy, and he sounded like he was looking for trouble, didn’t seem to care whether she was asleep or not.

Hua Yang just pretended not to know.

Soon, Chen Jingzong came to the bedside. Looking at her side face, which was more delicate and beautiful than a peony flower, and listening to her slightly quickened breathing, Chen Jingzong suddenly smiled, followed by a “pa” sound of his palm slapping her butt.

Hua Yang:…

Whether it was this extremely offensive action or the pain that came from her body, Hua Yang was furious. Not caring that she just pretended to be asleep, she turned over and stood up on the bed, pointing angrily at Chen Jingzong’s livid face with her white finger: “You are so courageous!”

He actually dared to beat her! Neither her father emperor nor mother empress had ever beaten her!

It must be that she had been too nice to this person recently, which made him become more and more lawless and did not treat her as a princess!

Chen Jingzong sneered: “In terms of size, I am inferior to you in only two things, one is breasts, and the other is guts.”

Hua Yang:…

Even at this time he still playing around and not serious at all!

Noticing that Chen Jingzong’s eyes were on her chest and abdomen, not knowing whether he was looking at her breasts or her guts, Hua Yang’s cheeks turned red. She couldn’t retort him, so she simply turned away: “Didn’t you say you wanted to sleep in Liuyun Hall tonight? What are you doing here?”

Chen Jingzong: “Tonight is tonight, it’s only noon.”

Hua Yang: “I don’t want to see you at noon either. Get out.”

Her princess’ aura had always been full of momentum, and now she was standing on top of the bed, a head taller than Chen Jingzong, so she became more and more arrogant and bossy.

Chen Jingzong just smiled faintly: “If you don’t want to see me, who do you want to see? Prince Xiang or the guards around him?”

His words became more and more infuriating. Hua Yang looked at his gloomy eyes and suddenly lost her anger.

She walked to the side of the bed, put one hand on his shoulder, and touched his tensed face with the other, and said helplessly: “The matter has already happened, and I’m safe. I have told you everything that should have been told afterwards. What do you want more? Do you think that as your wife, I shouldn’t show up for serious matters, lest others take advantage of the opportunity and damage your manly dignity once it spreads?”

Chen Jingzong still had a sullen face and only closed his eyes to avoid being distracted by the trace of white and soft skin exposed between her collar.

Hua Yang: “If it’s the former, then you can beat and beat, even though it’s a capital crime, I won’t stop you, just consider us even. If it’s the latter, then I really have no choice but to ask Father Emperor to issue a divorce decree, set you free, and allow you to remarry without any stain to your reputation…”

Before she finished speaking, Chen Jingzong suddenly pulled her into his arms, and his slightly cool lips pressed directly on her collarbone.

Hua Yang smiled and hugged his head.

After kissing for a while, Chen Jingzong remembered something and turned back to look at the countertop next to the dressing table. That was the place specially reserved for the lotus bowl.

He stayed in the military station for the past two nights. Today Hua Yang also was dealing with Prince Xiang, so naturally she was not prepared.

Chen Jingzong:……

He put Hua Yang on the bed and sat on the edge of the bed with a sullen face.

Hua Yang still bear grudge for his slap, so she lay gently on his broad back and said softly: “Okay, you lie down, let me pound your shoulder. This should calm down your anger, right?”

Chen Jingzong had been married to her for more than five hundred days, and it was the first time that she was so gentle and generous.

Chen Jingzong was still angry, but it was a rare opportunity to enjoy it, naturally he couldn’t bear to miss it. He looked at her coldly and reluctantly lay down on his stomach.

Hua Yang moved to his side, pretended to pound him twice with one hand, and picked up a soft-soled house shoe she placed beside the bed with her other hand. Looking at Chen Jingzong again, she gritted her teeth and used all her strength to hit Chen Jingzong’s butt!

Her house shoe had a thin leather sole, which was perfect for hitting people. It didn’t take any effort to swing, but it was painful enough.

The “pa” was much louder than the one Chen Jingzong made before!

Chen Jingzong who was suddenly beaten: …

Hua Yang relieved her anger. When she saw Chen Jingzong looking over in disbelief, she raised her chin and said, “Considering it’s your first times laying hands on me, I’ll personally punish you. But if there’s a next time, I’ll have the guards take you out for a proper whipping.”

Chen Jingzong suddenly grabbed her wrist, flipped her over, and then pressed himself on her: “Having two or three hundred guards is very impressive, isn’t it? If you have the ability, call them in now and ask them to give me a whipping.”

Hua Yang: “Just try beating me again. If you dare to hit me, I also dare to order them!”

Chen Jingzong: “That’s called beating? I don’t even use one tenth of my strength. But you are good, the sole of your shoe is about to break. Isn’t this an attempted murder on your husband?”

Hua Yang: “I don’t care how much force you used. If you hurt me, it’s called a beating.”

Chen Jingzong paused and seemed to compromise: “Okay, I beat you. It was my fault. Does it still hurt? I’ll rub it for you.”

Hua Yang:…

Afraid that he would be really messing around, Hua Yang quickly grabbed his arm.

Chen Jingzong looked over.

Because of all the pulling and tugging, Hua Yang’s face was flushed. Her pair of eyes, like rippling waves, looked at him with a moist gaze. “I’m hungry.”

Can Chen Jingzong still bear to starve her?

He pulled the person up.

Hua Yang was going to tidy up her hair, so she put her two white feet on his knees.

Chen Jingzong helped the little ancestor put on her sleeping shoes.

What Hua Yang was most satisfied with was this aspect of him. No matter how much he needed scolding, when it came to taking care of her, Chen Jingzong always did it naturally, as if he was born to be so considerate to her, rather than bowing his head and bending his waist only because of her status as a princess.

When she sat in front of the dressing table, Chen Jingzong sat on the edge of the bed and watched her quietly.

Hua Yang warned: “Don’t mention that again. I’m not a fool. I really won’t take a risk on myself.”

Chen Jingzong: “It’s okay not to mention it, but there won’t be next time.”

Hua Yang agreed. If it weren’t for the special status of Prince Xiang, and if there was no way to bring him down without harming other people, she wouldn’t have resorted to disgusting herself in dealing with him.

For example, in the previous life, because Lingyuan County Lady, who was also a clan member, was forced to death by Prince Xiang, her father-in-law was given the perfect opportunity to sue this vassal prince.

Knowing that Lingyuan County Lady would die, Hua Yang couldn’t just wait for the opportunity that cost a human life.

The couple reconciled and went to the main room to have dinner together.

“When you went to Prince Xiang Mansion, how was the situation there?” Only then did Hua Yang have the chance to ask.

Chen Jingzong briefly mentioned it.

Hua Yang said contemptuously: “How can there be a person like Prince Xiang in the imperial clan?”

He was vicious to the people, and he was not very kind to his own son.

Chen Jingzong: “What are you going to do with the guards I brought back?”

Hua Yang: “No need to punish them. I will write a letter to my father in the afternoon and ask Wu Run to send the people to the capital together with the letter.”

Chen Jingzong looked at her: “With more than twenty guards, it will definitely attract attention on the way back to the capital. By then, afraid that everyone will know that you were harassed by Prince Xiang. People likes to add fuel to the fire about this kind of thing. Prince Xiang didn’t even touch the corners of your clothes, but the people can say that you were dragged into the woods by Prince Xiang, are you not afraid of losing your reputation?”

Hua Yang smiled and said: “Rumors stop at the wise. Even without explanation, smart people should know that there is nothing between me and Prince Xiang. As for those who insist on using me for entertainment, even if I don’t do anything, they can still fabricate something between me and the eunuchs or the guards around me, so why should I care.”

The more you care about reputation, the easier it is to be manipulated by others. The concept of filial piety and women’s virtues wrap people up layer by layer.

Ordinary women were weak and have no choice but to be burdened by secular rules, but she was a princess.

Now she was the emperor’s beloved daughter, and in the future she would become the emperor’s sister from the same mother. Not to mention that she was not addicted to men like her aunt, even if she had a male pet, even if the world scold her, as long as she doesn’t care, could those people affect her eating or drinking?

“What about you, do you mind?”

Hua Yang put down the tea cup and looked at Chen Jingzong sitting opposite.

Chen Jingzong smiled half-heartedly: “Of course I won’t take it to heart if it’s fake. It’s hard to say if it’s true.”

Hua Yang:…

Why did this man always suspect that she would cuckold him?

Could it be that when he was a ghost in her previous life, he saw her watching the guards fighting at her aunt’s place?


Prince Xiang Mansion.

Prince Xiang finally finished applying his medicine, carefully avoided the wound and lie on his side in an extremely awkward position.

Princess Consort Xiang said worriedly: “Your Highness, when something like this happens, will the Princess complain to the emperor?”

Prince Xiang frowned, then relaxed again: “If you are harassed by someone, how dare you make it known to the world?”

If Hua Yang really complained, and Emperor Jingshun punish him for this, it would ruin Hua Yang’s reputation. If he was not punished, what would be the use of complaining if it only made Emperor Jingshun angry in vain?

Princess Consort Xiang lowered her head.

She would not regret even if her husband died, she was just afraid that it would harm herself and her son.

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  1. “Ordinary women were weak and have no choice but to be burdened by secular rules, but she was a princess.” Slayy

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