Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 50

Chapter 50


Back at Siyi Hall, Hua Yang gave the snow-white silk handkerchief to Chen Jingzong.

Chen Jingzong held the handkerchief and took a few deep sniffs.

Hua Yang: “Why, you still want to smell your own sweat?”

Chen Jingzong: “I want to smell you. You dislike me so much, could it be all the sweat you shed smells good?”

Hua Yang: “…This handkerchief is still new. I haven’t used it even once today.”

Even so, Chen Jingzong still smelled her unique faint fragrance on the handkerchief, which was the scent of her usual bath flower dew.

He folded the veil and put it inside his clothes.

Hua Yang: “Didn’t I give one as a gift before?”

Chen Jingzong: “Are you talking about the love token you gave me on my birthday last year? Since it’s a love token, of course it must be treasured. How can it be used casually?”

Hua Yang looked disgusted: “Who wants to pledge their love to you? It’s just an ordinary handkerchief.”

Chen Jingzong: “I don’t care. I used to hear people say that when a woman gives a man a handkerchief, it’s a token of love. Apart from my mother, you are the first woman who give me handkerchief. In my eyes, it’s a token of love.”

Hua Yang just went directly to the inner room to watch Chao Yun and Chao Yue pack their things.

After lunch, the three couples set off again.

The adults were fine, but the children were very reluctant to separate from their parents. They stood in front of their grandparents one by one, looking longingly at the carriage that was gradually moving away.

Hua Yang still invited Yu Xiu to ride with her.

Seeing Yu Xiu reluctantly looked back at the children through the carriage window, Hua Yang suddenly remembered the scene of Wan Yi and Dalang welcoming Yu Xiu, and also thought of Chen Jingzong’s hand that insisted on touching her belly last night.

Could it be because his brothers have children welcoming them enthusiastically, this guy was anxious to have a child too?

Before entering the city, Yu Xiu got off the carriage and was replaced by Chen Jingzong.

Hua Yang looked at him secretly.

Chen Jingzong: “Speak openly; don’t sneak around like a maid secretly yearning for her master. ”

Hua Yang didn’t expect him to be so perceptive. Skillfully ignored his teasing, she asked: “You were like that last night, is it because you envy the Eldest Brother and Third Brother for having children filial to them?”

Chen Jingzong looked at her and said, “So what if I’m envious? Are you willing to get pregnant right now?”

Hua Yang didn’t want to. She still had a lot of things to do. Being pregnant would not only affect her physical movements, but she would also have to focus more on the child.

Not wanting Chen Jingzong to misunderstand, Hua Yang needed find a very reasonable reason. Opening an indistinguishable gap in the curtains, and looked at the street she said: “Although I’m a princess and respected as one, I could only wander around the palace. I couldn’t easily leave the palace. Now that I’m married to you, Father Emperor and Mother Empress can no longer control me every day, so I want to be free for two more years. When I’m tired playing around, I can have children with you.”

Chen Jingzong kept listening with his eyes lowered. It was not until she said the last sentence that he raised his eyes, looked at Hua Yang, and suddenly hugged her into his lap.

Hua Yang also looked at him.

Chen Jingzong picked up one of her hands, squeezed it, and said, “It doesn’t matter when you want to have children, three years or five years, I still say the same thing, as long as the child is mine.”

Hua Yang looked annoyed: “If it’s not yours, who else could it be? Chen Jingzong, I’m warning you, you can make other jokes, but if you question my character again, I…”

Before she finished speaking, Chen Jingzong suddenly lowered his head and blocked her mouth.

Like a white rabbit and a ferocious wolf running in the forest, one was unwilling to be captured, the other insisted on conquering. One was running to escaped, the other was chasing after. In the end, the wolf had the physical advantage and threw the white rabbit down to the grass, playing with it as he pleased.

When the long kiss ended, Hua Yang’s cheeks were red, her head was dizzy, and she had already forgotten what they were arguing about just now.

Chen Jingzong touched her hot face and said with a smile: “Actually, I don’t envy them either. If you get pregnant now, wouldn’t I have to be a monk for another year or so? I would rather be a father a few years later and have enough fun with you first.”

Hua Yang:…

So when he touched her belly for so long, he was not envying a child at all, but was weighing whether he should let the child affect his happiness?

If she had known this, why should she be soft-hearted? She shouldn’t wipe his sweat!


When they returned to Lingzhou City this time, because Chen Jingzong was busy taking back all the military fields that had been privately occupied by others, he often stayed at the military station for a few nights instead of going back to Ningyuan every night.

Hua Yang didn’t miss him either, wishing that Chen Jingzong would only come back two or three times a month so that she could get more good sleep.

In mid-Third Month, Zhou Ji suddenly came to report that Prince Xiang was going out of the city. Looking at the direction, he should be heading to Peach Blossom Mountain in the eastern suburbs.

Peach Blossom Mountain, as its name suggested, bloomed like clouds of peach blossoms every spring. In addition, there was the famous Zhanghua Temple on the mountain. In spring and autumn, when the climate was pleasant and the scenery was beautiful, Peach Blossom Mountain was crowded with tourists.

Prince Xiang was addicted to women and even built more than twenty pavilions to house the beauties he gathered.

What Prince Xiang liked most was to bring a team of guards and wander around Lingzhou City incognito. Whenever he met a beauty that make him excited, he never asked about her origin or identity. In short, within the boundary of Lingzhou, it was impossible for anyone to surpass him, so he directly ordered the guards to snatched the beauty to the prince mansion, and cook the raw rice first. By this time, most of the common girls would surrender to his status as a prince, and from then on, they would live in the courtyard of Prince Xiang Mansion either willingly or aggrievedly.

Some of the families of these beauties who were snatched away were happy that their daughters had climbed to the high branches and could help their families to some extent, so why would they argue. Some parents felt sorry for their daughters, but they dare not offend a vassal prince and could only swallow their anger. Occasionally, there would be one or two strong-willed ones, and Prince Xiang would directly kill the beauty. Later, he would insist that the beauty seduced him first, and committed suicide because she could not extort the right amount of money. This matter could not be explained clearly, and the government could not do anything.

The weather was cold before, and both the nobles and ordinary people were reluctant to go out. Now that spring was blooming, it was a good time for girls to gather with their friends and enjoy the flowers together.

Although the notoriety of Prince Xiang had long spread in the local area, there were always some people who were not cautious enough and felt that such bad luck would not happen to them.

Hua Yang asked Zhou Ji to send someone to keep an eye on Prince Xiang’s movements secretly, waiting for this day.

She had also prepared several sets of muslin clothes, one set for Chao Yun to put on. She wore a silk lining underneath to feel comfortable, while putting on plain clothes on the outside. On her head, she only had a simple peach wood hairpin, and two pink silk flowers as decorations. This way she disguised herself as a folk girl from an ordinary family.

Chao Yun didn’t know what her master was going to do, she just thought that her master wanted to go on an outing. Looking at the master in front of her, she smiled and teased: “Princess is indeed dressed like a folk girl, but how many folk girls can have skin as white as jade like yours? And me, you asked me to pretend to be your best friend, but anyone who sees, they will only think I’m a little maid by your side.”

Hua Yang: “Don’t nag. You can only call me by my fake name when we’re outside. If you call me wrong once, you will be fined ten days’ monthly salaries.”

Chao Yun said quickly: “Yes, Ah, Ah Yue.”

Hua Yang’s pet name Panpan was taken from “When I was a child, I did not recognize the moon and called it a white jade plate“, reflecting Empress Qi’s tender affection when she gave birth to her daughter.

Hua Yang couldn’t reveal her real name when she wandered outside, so she made up a fake name “Ah Yue” for herself.

The master and servant finished their disguises, got into an ordinary carriage arranged by Wu Run, and set off.

Zhou Ji led fifty guards dressed as ordinary people, keeping a certain distance in front, back, left and right of the princess.


Peach Blossom Mountain.

The mountain was full of peach blossoms. If visitors just wanted to enjoy the flowers, they could enter the peach forest all over the mountain from many roads. However, if they wanted to burn incense, there was only one road leading to Zhanghua Temple halfway up the mountain.

Prince Xiang specially followed this road and kept wandering around the road and Zhanghua Temple.

He was not stupid either. He was afraid that the beauties would hide away in fear when they saw his large number. Prince Xiang asked the regular guards he brought out to scatter. When he picked the target, he would send a few more guards to follow. Where there were few people, they would snatch the person and take them to a carriage at the foot of the mountain.

Prince Xiang didn’t insist to find a stunning beauty. How could there be so many stunning beauties in the world? Either they had fair skin, or bright eyes and white teeth, or pretty and charming, as long as one or two things impressed him, Prince Xiang would take action. Therefore, every time Prince Xiang travelled, he could always harvest four to five folk girls. Among them, if the beauty became boring after playing with it for a while, Prince Xiang would give a few taels of silver to send her home. Only if the person was really beautiful or have some quality that make him reluctant to let go, he would raise her for a few more years.

His behavior was similar to the emperor drafted in the palace.

Coming out of Zhanghua Temple again, Prince Xiang walked down slowly while waving his folding fan. When he got tired, he sat on the steps to rest for a while.

Prince Xiang is fat, but as long as there were beautiful women around him, he didn’t feel troubled; instead, he found joy in it.

When Hua Yang’s master and servant appeared, Prince Xiang had just come down the mountain. His calves were trembling, so he sat under the shade of a tree to rest.

“Your Highness, there is a stunning beauty over there!”

The guard’s eyes suddenly lit up, he pointed into the distance, and reminded his master excitedly.

Prince Xiang raised his head, narrowed his small eyes into two line and swept them casually, only then he discovered the “stunning beauty” mentioned by the guard.

It was a folk girl wearing an ordinary pink embroidered jacket. Her little face was so white that it almost glowed, just like a beautiful jade that could walk, or a Guanyin descending from heaven. She was the kind of beauty that could be noticed at a glance when standing among thousands of people.

Prince Xiang’s eyes almost bulged, and he couldn’t help but stood up and walked towards the beauty in trance.

However, before him, a young man in silk clothes came up to chat with her. He was scolded by a shrewd little beauty next to the stunning beauty, only then he stepped back.

At this time, the stunning beauty also noticed him.

Prince Xiang subconsciously straightened his chest, unfolded the folding fan in his hand, and fanned himself a few times in a suave manner.

Unexpectedly, there was deep disgust in the stunning beauty’s eyes, and even seemed to think that peach blossom was not interesting anymore, so she pulled the little beauty and turned around to leave.

Prince Xiang’s expression changed, he looked to the left and right, and several guards strode towards the two beauties.

The two beauties seemed to sense the danger and began to trot anxiously. However, they could not outrun the guards of Prince Xiang Mansion, and in the blink of an eye, they were surrounded.

The guards were only responsible for stopping the beauty but said nothing.

Prince Xiang came over with a smile, and the two guards spontaneously moved out of the way, inviting the master to enter the encirclement.

The people passing by formed a larger circle outside. Even if they didn’t know Prince Xiang, they could tell that this was a rich playboy who wanted to tease the common women.

“Beauty, what’s your name?” Prince Xiang stared intently at the stunning beauty in front of him. Of course, he wasn’t going to let go the little beauty next to her either, and would take it back to the mansion for later.

Hua Yang didn’t want to look at him, so she said coldly: “Get out of the way.”

Prince Xiang smiled: “What if I don’t want to?”

Chao Yun stretched out her hands in front of the princess, and angrily scolded Prince Xiang: “What do you want to do, you toad?”

Prince Xiang really wanted to be nice to the two beauties, but the little girl started to curse at him. Prince Xiang was not a good-tempered person either. He sneered and ordered: “Come here, get them…”

When he brought the people back to the mansion, he had his own way to make them obediently submit.

At the same time, Hua Yang also spoke, the crisp voice was full of anger: “People come! Plug his mouth and beat him for me!”

As soon as these words came out, the guards on Prince Xiang’s side were stunned, and Prince Xiang was also dumbfounded, as if he didn’t understand how could this beauty steal his words.

The next moment, a group of tall and lean young men suddenly surrounded him from all directions, one of them was like the wind. Before Prince Xiang could even react, he was kicked to the ground by the other person and stuffed a ball of rags into his mouth. That person then pulled out the soft whip from his waist and started whipping Prince Xiang. At the same time, he also whipped away several prince mansion’s guards who wanted to rescue Prince Xiang!

“Bold, do you know…”

Some of the prince mansion’s guards wanted to reveal his identity as Prince Xiang, but they were subdued by Ningyuan’s guards with the same technique, gagged and then whipped all in one go.

Whoosh, whoosh, that was the sound of a whip cutting through the air!

Snap, snap, snap, that was the muffled sound of whip hitting the flesh hard!

The people watching:…

After a long period of dead silence, an old lady with gray hair came out tremblingly and kindly said to Hua Yang: “Girl, tell your men to stop. This is Prince Xiang. You can’t fight him!”

The little girl was venting her anger because there were many people, but Prince Xiang would definitely retaliate, so she’d better run away for her life!

Hua Yang had a cold face, obviously still angry.

Chao Yun said in surprise: “Old lady, are you not mistaken? You said that this bastard who dared to offend the Princess is Prince Xiang of Lingzhou City?”

Old lady: …

Prince Xiang, who was being beaten and rolling on the ground: …

The people looked at the beauty who was said to be a princess in shock.

Chao Yun continued to ask the old lady: “Look again, is he really Prince Xiang?”

The old lady stammered and really looked carefully at Prince Xiang’s face. In this short period of trying to identify, Prince Xiang received another seven or eight lashes from Zhou Ji.

When the old lady nodded, Chao Yun went to the princess to report.

Hua Yang frowned and continued to watch Prince Xiang receive a few whips before saying coldly: “Stop.”

Zhou Ji and other guards stopped one after another.

Prince Xiang was covered in blood, and his face was bruised and swollen.

He cried and howled as he pulled out the rag from his mouth, and looked at Hua Yang in disbelief: “Princess? Are you my good niece Hua Yang?”

Hua Yang glanced at him with disgust: “This Princess doesn’t have an uncle like you. Come, let’s back to the city.”

Immediately, a guard drove a carriage through the crowd and stopped in front of the princess.

As soon as the carriage stopped, and without waiting for the coachman to fetch the footstool, a guard knelt down respectfully and used his strong and flat back as a stool for the princess.

And the princess with the stunning face entered the carriage in an instant, and no one could peep at her anymore.

When the princess’s carriage left, the people around were still staring in that direction blankly.

It was not a rare thing seeing a prince here, but today they actually saw a princess, a princess who was extremely beautiful and could casually summon dozens of guards and even dared to whip the prince at will—a genuine princess!

The people were still immersed in the lingering power of the princess, while Prince Xiang was in so much pain that he could not walk. He was lifted up with difficulty by the eight guards who were also whipped, and was carried away like a pig.

People: …

It’s so satisfying!

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