Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 31

Chapter 31


Chen Jingzong could feel Hua Yang’s fear.

They got married last winter, and she was ignorant on the bridal night’s matters. After that night, she disliked him during the day, but became alert and defensive at night, like a little phoenix with gorgeous feathers but no fighting power, restless for tiger and wolf that was gradually approaching.

Chen Jingzong didn’t have any solution. He could say some sweet words, but the difference between their bodies was so big. No matter how much he said, he couldn’t change the fact that she had to bear it.

The smoothest time was in the Fourth Month this year, when she threw herself into his arms with tears in her eyes. She hugged him so tightly that she seemed to be more eager than he was

“Weren’t you not afraid last time?”

He asked, lowering his head.

Hua Yang trembled slightly.

It was different last time. She regarded him as the yang spirit returning from the dead. After three years of separation, the yin and yang finally met again. She couldn’t think of anything else.

Chen Jingzong kissed her face.

Hua Yang knew he was waiting.

She tried to think of other things, such as the countless long nights during her three years as a widow, such as the two guards she saw in her aunt’s house, such as the night she got reborn.

She had really tasted it, and she wanted it too.

“Try, try.”

She was trembling, and Chen Jingzong suddenly thought of a way: “Hit me if you feel uncomfortable. None of us will take advantage of the other.”

Hua Yang wanted to laugh, but the next moment, she took a sharp breath and raised her hand to hit him.

But Chen Jingzong grabbed her two wrists and said hoarsely: “It’s better to scold me. I bully you, then you scold me. I like to hear it.”

He was a bastard, and he liked the way she couldn’t move.


Sometimes, Chen Jingzong was an economical person.

The medicine must be taken. Since it’s going to be eaten, it’s better to make the medicine more worthwhile. Just like a soldier sent out to die, killing one soldier is just one kill, but killing a few more is more worthwhile.

Before dawn, Chen Jingzong pulled the limp princess into his arms again.

He knew she was tired, but it wasn’t easy for him either. Both husband and wife worked hard this time, so they could have a good rest and recharge their batteries in the next three months.

Hua Yang was too sleepy, slapped his hand away, and hid in the innermost part of the quilt.

Chen Jingzong caught up, and Hua Yang, who just wanted to sleep, became angry and opened her eyes to scold him.

Chen Jingzong looked at her faintly: “Today is my birthday. Last time?”

Hua Yang:…

Anyone could say “last time”, except for him. He would live a hundred years, and he could have many more times.

As soon as she lowered her eyes, Chen Jingzong understood.

It turned out that he could get preferential treatment on his birthday, so next year, at least on his birthday, he would definitely be able to sleep with her.

Of course, the premise was that she still wanted him as her prince consort and didn’t divorce him.

Chen Jingzong always remembered that at the reception on the night of his wedding, a male guest who was toasting said in his ear: “A person like you is not worthy of her at all.”

It didn’t matter whether Chen Jingzong was worthy or not, that person couldn’t make the decision. The only one who could make the decision was Hua Yang.

Chen Jingzong didn’t know when this little ancestor would change back again and treat him like a ball of mud and look down upon him.

But at least at this moment, she was under him and he was her man.


Hua Yang slept until dusk.

While she was still groggy, she felt like she was still shaking. She opened her eyes in panic, only to found that she was the only one in the bed with the curtains hanging down.

She looked at the peony embroidery on the curtain.

She forgot how many times Chen Jingzong begged her last night. She just remembered that every time it was over, he would hug her and feed her water.

That time in the early morning, although Hua Yang was half-unconscious, she still urged him to take out the bizi pill and feed it to her, completely cutting off his thoughts.

But who was to blame. Blamed her for being soft-hearted and pitied him, and ended up becoming a princess and a snake. A silly princess and a snake that could change into a big rascal.

Her body was sore everywhere, but Hua Yang didn’t want the maid to see her like this. She endured the discomfort in her waist and sat up, casually swiping her right hand across the Shu brocade sheet underneath…

Something seemed wrong.

Hua Yang lowered her head and saw that there was a fist-sized hole in the Shu brocade sheet embroidered with peonies that she cherished so much.

The edges of the hole were irregular. It didn’t look like it was cut or torn deliberately, but more like it was worn away by something rough.

There were footsteps outside.

It belongs to Chen Jingzong.

Hua Yang immediately pulled up the quilt and covered herself completely.

Chen Jingzong lifted the curtain and walked in. Seeing her staring at the hole in the bed with her eyes lowered and unhappy expression, a trace of embarrassment flashed across Chen Jingzong’s face and he explained: “I knelt for too long last night, and my knees are hard, your Shu brocade is too delicate, that’s all.”

Hua Yang:…

Chen Jingzong pointed behind her: “There is another one over there. If you are reluctant to let go and don’t want the maid to see it, I will sew it for you.”

Hua Yang:…

Does he know how much effort the embroidery lady put into sewing just this Shu brocade sheet? His rough hands are only good enough to sew his own stinky socks!

Hua Yang grabbed the pillow and threw it at him!

Chen Jingzong groaned and fell to the ground weakly.

He was still in the mood to act!

Hua Yang jumped down, pounced on him and beat him!

It didn’t matter if she was the only thing that got affected, but her beloved thing was ruined. Even if the embroidery lady offered another one, it wouldn’t be this one!

Hua Yang punched Chen Jingzong’s hard chest again and again.

Chen Jingzong suppressed his laughter, and when she was tired from venting her frustration, Chen Jingzong sat up again, hugged her and said: “Okay, lesson learned. Next time, I’ll be more careful. I’ll use the middle coat to cushion my knees next time.”

In the past, he thought she didn’t like it, so he deliberately held back, but now let these Shu brocades serve her longer.

Hua Yang looked at her own hands.

The back of her hand was red, and when the cuffs slid down, it revealed a purple ring mark on the wrist.

Chen Jingzong: “My fault, my fault, I’ll go get the medicine right now.”

He carried Hua Yang back to the bed and really wanted to get the medicine.

Hua Yang looked at his back hatefully: “Pour me a bowl of water first.”

Chen Jingzong went to pour water.

He also wanted to hold her and feed her, but Hua Yang glared at him.

Chen Jingzong tried to make up for it: “Last night…”

Hua Yang: “Shut up, if you mention last night again, you will sleep in the wing room from now on!”

Chen Jingzong smiled and obeyed.

Hua Yang drank the water and her throat felt better. She glared at Chen Jingzong a few more times and ordered him to do all the errands that the maid usually do.

Chao Yun and Chao Yue stood outside, watching helplessly as the prince consort came out and then went in, carrying water to wash the face and carrying buckets to the bathroom.

Chao Yun: “Do we need to help?”

Chao Yue: “Help what? I think Prince Consort is having a great time.”

Chao Yun blushed deeply as she thought of waves of movement and calmness last night. Prince Consort was so, so powerful, he almost didn’t sleep all night, and now he was still so energetic!

Hua Yang waited until she finished her bath, then sent Chen Jingzong aside and asked Chao Yun to comb her hair.

Chao Yun’s face turned red.

Hua Yang paused and had to ask: “Is it so loud? Will it be heard in the front yard or the main house?”

After asking, both master and servant’s faces turned red.

Chao Yun whispered: “Princess, don’t worry, I was worried about this last night, so I ran to the yard to listen. Don’t worry, after walking twenty feet away from the window, I didn’t hear anything.”

Hua Yang was relieved, there seemed to be nothing to be conceited about!

Chao Yun saw her master’s embarrassment and hurriedly changed the subject: “During the day, the First Master and Third Master came together to invite Prince Consort to talk in the corridor. It was probably to congratulate Prince Consort’s birthday. When Prince Consort came back, he brought two things, both of which were put in boxes. It was hard to tell what they were.”

Hua Yang was curious, and after a while she called Chen Jingzong in and asked him what gifts he had received.

She quite envied Chen Jingzong. He had two brothers. Although Chen Jingzong was usually so rude, his brothers still remembered his birthday and gave him gifts.

Hua Yang did have a half-brother and a half-sister. But this brother and sister wished they could be the only three mother and children, and the gifts they gave were all superficial and polite.

Her younger brother was too young, so Hua Yang had to take care of him. All in all, there was only one cousin who was very kind to her, like a real brother. Unfortunately, one lived inside the palace and one lived outside the palace, so they could only see each other a few times in a year.

Seeing her waiting eagerly, Chen Jingzong reluctantly took out the two gifts.

What Chen Bozong gave him was a poem. The poem had good calligraphy and was pleasing to the eye.

What Chen Xiaozong sent was a picture of brothers climbing high to enjoy the autumn scene. The scenery and calligraphy were both pleasing to the eye and heart.

While Hua Yang was still admiring it, Chen Jingzong suddenly put away the two gifts and sneered: “They are all worthless things. I can’t believe they even bothered to send them.”

Hua Yang: “…one is a Zhuangyuan, one is a Tanhua, both are talented and brilliant, and both sons of Cabinet Elder. If these two things were circulated outside, they are worth hundreds of golds.”

Chen Jingzong: “Really? Then I’ll take it out and try selling it.”

Hua Yang’s eyes were full of contempt: “It says it’s for you. You are not ashamed, but I am, as if I can’t support my own prince consort.”

Chen Jingzong looked at her and said with a smile: “Then when you see me unpleasantly and divorce me one day, I will sell them again.”

Hua Yang was noncommittal. She probably wouldn’t divorce him, but she was too lazy to respond to his mouth that couldn’t spit out ivory.

“By the way, do you remember when is Eldest Brother’s and Third Brother’s birthday?” Hua Yang reminded, “People have given you gifts, so don’t forget to reciprocate.”

The gift was secondary, the important thing was the brotherhood.

Chen Jingzong thought for a while and said, “I’ll ask mother later.”

Hua Yang:…

Chen Jingzong: “What about you, knowing that it’s my birthday today, didn’t you embroider a handkerchief or sew a sachet for me?”

Hua Yang sneered: “How about I make you some clothes with Sichuan brocade?”

Chen Jingzong:……

“Let’s eat. I’ve been hungry all day.” Chen Jingzong called Chao Yun outside and asked her to go to the kitchen to deliver a message.

Chao Yun went away with a smile. In the past, the princess and prince consort had a tense relationship and couldn’t stand each other. Now, they had turned into bickering couple, watching playful banter that was more entertaining than watching a play.

Chen Jingzong went to the east wing to put the gift away. He wrapped them in a pair of unworn trousers to prevent her from looking for the two “calligraphy treasures” she coveted.

In the central house, Hua Yang sat in front of the dressing table and opened another drawer.

There was a brocade box inside the drawer, with a snow-white brocade handkerchief inside.

She didn’t like to do needlework, but thinking that she had never given him any gifts in her previous life, she embroidered this handkerchief herself this time.

On the handkerchief was her favorite peony, with a simple outline of a tall mountain peak next to the peony.

He was a rough man, and double-layered peony flowers didn’t suit him. He was more like the mountain standing by her side, rough and solid, but it brought comfort to her.

In the corner of the veil, she also embroidered the word “safe and sound”.

She originally wanted to give it to seriously, but after last night’s trouble, Hua Yang didn’t want too anymore. She was afraid it would encourage him to continue to be so crazy next time.

She took out the handkerchief and put it into her sleeve.

After dinner, it was getting dark again. Hua Yang walked into the inner room and looked at Chen Jingzong who was following behind. She took out the handkerchief and handed it to him with a calm expression: “After all, it’s your birthday. I have only used this handkerchief once or twice. I’ll give it to you as a gift.”

Chen Jingzong was surprised. He took the handkerchief and lowered his head to look at it.

Cabinet Elder Chen’s fourth son did not win xiucai, juren, zhuangyuan or tanhua title, but that did not mean that he couldn’t understand such a simple embroidery.

She was the peony, and he was the mountain.

Chen Jingzong smiled, strode over, pulled up the little princess who was about to sit on the bed, lowered his head and kissed her fiercely.

Hua Yang’s thin skin almost hurt from being kissed by him!

What a mountain, she should embroider a wild bull!


TN: Remember, enough friction will make holes!!

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