Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 18

Chapter 18


On the second night on the mountain, the rain obviously lightened up in the middle of the night.

When the sky got slightly brighter, there were only scattered light raindrops, not even drizzles, and people no longer needed an umbrella.

“It stop, it stop, thank God!”

The people cheered below, and everyone in the Chen family woke up one after another.

Chen Tingjian didn’t even bother with breakfast, he went down the mountain with most of his guards, not only to check the flood situation in town, but also to organize manpower to drain water and open the road.

There was also a boy servant from the Chen family who came back from exploring the road and reported to Sun shi: “Old madam, the terrain of our street is high, and water has only accumulated in the yards of several households, but it has not penetrated into the houses. Master said, let us stay on the mountain first. Later, after other people have gone down, then we can slowly move back.”

Sun shi asked with concern: “What about the rest of the town? Is the water deep?”

The servant: “This is not clear yet. Master has sent someone to investigate, but looking from the mountain, there shouldn’t be any big problems.”

Severe floods could submerge the roof, which was really despairing.

Sun shi nodded, looked at Hua Yang, and said to the people in the shed: “Then let’s wait a little longer. Right now the road down will be full of people, it’s so crowded that it’s not easy to walk.”

Hua Yang was very patient. At this moment, she only cared about Chen Jingzong.

Yesterday morning, when the couple were alone under the tree, she pretended to have the old lady came into her dream and told Chen Jingzong that there was a corrupt account book in the Qi shi‘s bundle. Chen Jingzong didn’t seem to believe her, but told her not to worry about it anymore, saying that he would find a way to verify it.

There were four maids around Hua Yang, it was impossible to directly threw herself to grab the Qi shi‘s luggage for no reason. It was also unrealistic to steal it in the middle of the night. She could only count on Chen Jingzong to take action. Anyway, everyone thought he was a rouge guy. If anything outrageous happened, it was normal for him.

The people were anxious to know the damage to their homes, so they were all eager to return home. The men walked at the front, and the women and children also walked quickly.

About an hour later, there were no other people on the road, and everyone in the Chen family began to go down the mountain.

It was still the boy servant who took the lead. They were accustomed to doing strenuous work and could carry bamboo trunks faster than the female masters.

Chen Jingzong came to carry Hua Yang again, deliberately walking at the end of the team.

Hua Yang glanced at the Qi shi not far away, leaned in his ear and asked, “How can you get her account book if you carry me?”

Chen Jingzong: “Don’t worry.”

Hua Yang looked at his handsome and careless profile. She couldn’t tell whether he was confident or not taking it seriously at all.

The mountain road was slippery and not easy to walk on. Except for Chen Jingzong, almost everyone in the team staggered, and some even fell.

Seeing that the mountain road was coming to an end and there was flat ground ahead, Chen Jingzong asked Hua Yang: “Later, you can take walk by yourself, is that okay?”

Hua Yang knew that he was about to take action and whispered: “As long as you get the account book, I will be happy even if I fall.”

Chen Jingzong sneered. If the princess, who couldn’t bear the smell of sweat, really fall down, he might have to sleep on the floor for the next few nights.

That’s how she was, no matter what anger she suffered at the Chen family, she would eventually take it out on him.

After walking a few more steps, Chen Jingzong put down Hua Yang and handed her to Chao Yun and Chao Yue to support. He quickened his pace and moved forward.

Hua Yang’s heart was raised and her eyes followed Chen Jingzong closely.

At the front was Chen Jizong’s family of three and their maid.

Hearing footsteps approaching, Chen Jizong turned around and saw his cousin prince consort. He resisted the urge and did not peek at the beautiful princess. He only asked curiously: “Why did Fourth Brother come over by himself?”

Chen Jingzong ignored him, overtake him and came behind Chen Tingshi and Qi shi.

Just as the couple was about to turn around, Chen Jingzong said coldly: “Second aunt, don’t move, there’s a red chain snake on your shoulder.”


Chen Tingshi froze, while Qi shi felt a sudden chill from the soles of her feet to her heart, almost made her faint.

Then, Qi shi truly felt like something was crawling on her back!

If before she still could still endure it, when a small lump of cold and slippery thing suddenly hit the flesh of her neck, Qi shi completely lost control. She screamed and jumped up on her feet, randomly slapped her hands behind her back, almost hysterical.

Chen Jingzong took the opportunity to step forward and slapped the bundle that had slipped to Qi shi‘s elbow towards the thicket on the side of the mountain road!

The moment the bundle left her body, Qi shi‘s fear of snakes was suppressed by even greater fear. Instinctively, she tried to rush into the thicket to retrieve the bundle. However, another figure beat her to it, skillfully breaking branches with long legs and black boots. A large hand roughly grabbed one corner of the bundle and yanked it back. But the fabric of the bundle got caught on a tree branch, and in their tug-of-war, it came undone, spilling its contents.

Qi shi wanted to pounce again, but Chen Jingzong had already reached into the pile of red cloth wedding clothes and suddenly pulled out a long dark red snake as thick as a thumb!

The snake’s body almost swept against Qi shi‘s face. Qi shi‘s pupils shrank, and she took the initiative to retreat while screaming.

The group’s attention was focused on the snake in Chen Jingzong’s hand. Only Hua Yang saw Chen Jingzong’s other hand took out the account book from inside the wedding dress and quickly stuff it into his waist.

Before, in order to make it easier to carry Hua Yang on his back, Chen Jingzong pinned the hem of his clothes to his waist. After stuffing the account book, Chen Jingzong put the hem of his clothes down again to cover it up.

Obviously “stealing” in public, Chen Jingzong moved quickly but looked calm. He stood there tall and straight, as if nothing happened.

Hua Yang remembered that when she followed her father emperor and mother empress to see Chen Jingzong, that day he looked like this, valiant and dignified!

Fortunately, he was deceiving someone else now.

Over there, Qi shi hid behind Chen Tingshi, making sure that the snake couldn’t bite her. She immediately looked at Chen Jingzong’s hand and saw that Chen Jingzong ignored the wedding dress on the ground and was observing the snake in his hand.

“It didn’t bite you, did it?” Chen Tingshi nervously worried about his wife.

Qi shi had no time to pay attention to him, and urged Chen Jingzong with a pale face: “Old Four, quickly throw that snake away, what are you doing with it!”

Chen Jingzong glanced at her with a half-smile: “This snake is not poisonous. You can take it back and give it to the neighbors to make snake stew.”

Qi shi: “Then you should go away quickly, I’m getting flustered!”

As she spoke, she glanced at the bundle and wedding clothes scattered on the ground.

Chen Jingzong didn’t seem to care about those things. He tightened his grip on the snake and walked toward the back.

Hua Yang:…

She hurriedly hid behind Chao Yun.

Chao Yun looked like she was about to cry, and begged the prince consort who was getting closer and closer: “Throw that thing away quickly, the princess is also afraid!”

Chen Jingzong looked at Hua Yang, who only had her ears exposed. With a casual flick of his hand, the dark red snake was thrown a few feet away and fell into the dense bushes.

“Okay, it’s gone.”

Chen Jingzong pushed aside Chao Yun and stood in front of Hua Yang.

Hua Yang was in complicated mood. She was happy that Chen Jingzong had successfully obtained the account book, but she was also frightened by the scene of him holding the snake.

“Walk by yourself or should I carry you?” Chen Jingzong asked, “There are more mud holes on the road ahead.”

Hua Yang looked at his chest, sleeves, and finally his hand that had touched the snake.

Chen Jingzong walked to the side of the road, swept his hands over the bushes covered with rainwater, rubbed them, changed bushes and swept them again to wash his hands.

Hua Yang didn’t resist anymore and lay on his back.

Looking at the front, Qi shi had just finished fumbling with the wedding dress, and was now checking the scattered bundle over and over again, then she was about to squat down to search where the bundle fell.

Chen Tingshi coaxed: “Okay, okay, the snake has been caught by the Old Four.”

Not only Chen Tingshi, but everyone else also thought that Qi shi was worried about other snakes.

Qi shi was very anxious. The account book was clearly wrapped in her wedding dress. If it hadn’t fallen out, it was…

Qi shi looked at Chen Jingzong in horror.

Chen Jingzong was carrying his beautiful wife princess on his back, and only felt disgusted with the East House family blocking the road: “What are you dillydallying for? Hurry down the mountain. There are still a bunch of things at home.”

Hua Yang frowned cooperatively.

When Chen Tingshi saw this, he grabbed one of Qi shi‘s arms and moved aside.

Qi shi gritted her teeth and asked him in a low voice: “Just now, did you see the Old Four took something from my bundle?”

Chen Tingshi: “No, isn’t it the snake. The Old Four left after catching the snake. Could it be that you lost other things in your bag?”

Impossible. Although the Old Four could be a jerk sometimes, he was definitely not a sneaky person!

Qi shi didn’t answer, recalling the Old Four’s expression. She tilted her head with complicated emotions and glanced at the place where the bundle fell.

Perhaps the account book fell into the bushes further down? The cover of the account book was so dusty that it was difficult to distinguish among the rotten leaves.

“Hey, you guys go down the mountain first, I seem to have left something in the shed.”

The account book was her life. Qi shi made a quick decision, shook off Chen Tingshi’s hand, and walked back with her close confidant.

She acted so strange that Chen Tingshi chased after her, and Chen Jizong’s family of three also watched inexplicably.

Qi shi secretly observed Chen Jingzong.

Chen Jingzong glanced at her indifferently and walked forward with Hua Yang on his back, without any abnormalities.

Qi shi was still worried and suspected that Chen Jingzong had taken away her account book. However, she could not take the initiative to expose the existence of the account book, and she had no excuse to search Chen Jingzong’s body. She could only watch the young couple getting further and further away.

Chen Jingzong walked very quickly, passing Chen Xiaozong and Chen Bozong, and came to his mother Sun shi‘s side.

“Mom, we’ll go first.” Chen Jingzong was quite polite to his mother and greeted her.

Sun shi smiled and said, “Go. Be careful on the road.”

Chen Jingzong nodded. Since there was no one in front of him, he walked faster. Chao Yun and Chao Yue had to jog to keep up. Later, Chao Yun fell heavily and half of her face was covered in mud. Hua Yang was both sympathetic and amused, ordered them to take their time and not rush.

At this time there was only her and Chen Jingzong on the road.

“Where did you find the snake?”

Thinking of the snake, Hua Yang felt uncomfortable.

Chen Jingzong: “They’re everywhere in the mountains. Finding them is not that difficult.”

Hua Yang:……

If he had said this earlier, she would rather be swept away by the flood than go up the mountain.

“There really is an account book, do you believe me this time?” Dispelling those thoughts, Hua Yang patted him on the shoulder.

Chen Jingzong was silent.

Hua Yang just took it as his acquiescence. After all, he couldn’t think of any other reasonable explanation.

The dark clouds accumulated in the sky gradually dispersed, and a ray of sunshine came from the east.

The dewdrops on the grass shimmers, and although the dirt road was muddy, it exuded a fresh earthy smell.

A group of servants were already busy at the Chen House, and streams of muddy water rolled out from the drainage hole in the corner.

Chen Jingzong carried Hua Yang on his back and walked into Siyi Hall. He ignored the two boys cleaning in the courtyard and walked directly to the door of the central house.

Hua Yang gave him the key.

Chen Jingzong unlocked the door and opened it. A wave of moisture hit his face. Because it had only been two days, there was not much dust accumulated in the house.

After leaving Hua Yang, Chen Jingzong went to open the window for ventilation.

Hua Yang stared at his lower back.

Chen Jingzong turned around. Hua Yang’s eyes flashed, avoiding his eyes.

Chen Jingzong looked her up and down and suddenly asked: “Even if Qi shi embezzling money, this is our Chen family’s business. Why are you so concerned?”

They got married last winter, and it had been less than a year, but Chen Jingzong already knew her temper very well. Most of the time, she regarded herself as a princess. Unless the house caught fire, she would not care about what happened in other courtyards of the Chen family, just like a majestic golden phoenix only cared about combing its beautiful feathers and had no eyes for dust.

Hua Yang paused then said resolutely: “After all, I married you. If your family is exposed for corruption and bribery and the evidence is conclusive, it will not look good on my face.”

Her chin was slightly raised, her arrogance was still the same.

Chen Jingzong was more accustomed to her being like this. He took out the account book pinned to his lower back and sat at the desk by the window to read through it.

Hua Yang came over and stood beside him.

As soon as she took a glance, Chen Jingzong suddenly grabbed her waist and in a blink of an eye brought the person into his arms.

This posture. Hua Yang was about to flare up, but her hand suddenly holding the account book.

Chen Jingzong: “If you want to read it, just read it together. Don’t act like a maid.”

Hua Yang:…

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