Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 17

Chapter 17


Chen House was the closest house to the back mountain and was the first family in town to move.

Chen Tingjian, the Cabinet Elder, took several guards with the village chief to guide people, and let his three sons be responsible for the safety of their family.

Chen Jingzong still did not wear a raincoat, only a large and wide hat.

Hua Yang was lying on his back, while her face hidden under her raincoat hat. The surroundings were in chaos, and she was most at ease because Chen Jingzong was carrying her.

Sun shi was supported by two maids and walked at the front. Her sons wanted to take care of their mother, but she drove them away.

Hua Yang had a distinguished status, so it was logical that she and Chen Jingzong should follow Sun shi closely, but Hua Yang took the initiative and rejected her mother-in-law’s proposal, saying in Chen Jingzong’s ear: “Let’s go last.”

Chen Jingzong: “Why?”

He wanted to get her into the shed as quickly as possible and then go down the mountain to help other people.

The sound of rain was the best shield, so that only he could hear Hua Yang’s explanation: “If you carry me on your back like this, my posture must be inelegant. I don’t want your brothers to see it.”

Chen Jingzong subconsciously moved up his hands that held the crook of her legs.

Although it was not the time to be so particular, but thinking of his cousin Chen Jizong’s restless eyes, Chen Jingzong immediately carried Hua Yang to the end of the queue. In front of him were Chen Tingshi, his wife and Chen Jizong’s family from the East House.

“Fourth Brother, why did you come back?”

The rain was so heavy, Chen Tingshi wiped his face and tried to open his eyes to see his nephew clearly behind him.

Chen Jingzong: “Nothing. Let’s go.”

Chen Tingshi couldn’t persuade him, so he had to help his wife Qi shi to move forward.

Chen Jingzong was responsible for walking, while Hua Yang concentrated on observing the East House’s family, especially the Qi shi.

For this evacuation, in addition to Siyi Hall, all the courtyards of the Chen family packed up two to three bamboo trunks each, and the servants carried them up the mountain first.

Qi shi was the mistress of the East House, and she actually had a small bundle covered with oilcloth on her shoulder. As Qi shi walked with difficulty on the dirt road, the small bundle swayed and the things inside moved around, and soon showed a hard edge of an object. In other words, Qi shi’s bundle contained not only clothes, but also a rectangular object.

Hua Yang guessed that it was the account book that Qi shi had kept privately.

Some people would hide important things in a secret place, while others have to keep them by their side at all times to feel at ease.

Both methods of hiding were reasonable, it just depended on the character of the owner of the secret.

Knowing the location of the account book, Hua Yang also had a plan.

“It’s better to walk faster, the rain is getting heavier and heavier.” Hua Yang patted Chen Jingzong on the shoulder again.

Chen Jingzong turned his head, his handsome face already wet from the rain: “Aren’t you afraid of being seen?”

Hua Yang glanced around and said: “I have observed it. Everyone is afraid of falling and concentrate on walking. No one will look around.”

Afraid that he would argue, Hua Yang shook her head impatiently: “Hurry up, I’m going to pick a good place in the shed.”

What else can Chen Jingzong say?

He quickened his pace, and in a blink of an eye he left the East House’s family behind.

At the front was Fucui Hall’s people.

Luo Yuyan had a big belly, so Chen Xiaozong was worried about her and asked the maids to take care of their two sons, while he personally held Luo Yuyan’s arm. However, Tanhua was a good scholar but his agility was not good. The muddy ground was slippery in the rain, and Chen Xiaozong accidentally stumbled. It was Luo Yuyan’s quick eyesight and quick hands that grabbed her husband, saving Chen Xiaozong from falling.

Seeing Chen Xiaozong standing upright in embarrassment, a smile flashed in Hua Yang’s eyes.

“Third Brother, are you okay?”

Chen Jingzong, who usually disdained his brothers, actually slowed down and asked with concern.

Chen Xiaozong and Luo Yuyan both raised their heads.

Luo Yuyan looked directly at Hua Yang, and saw that Hua Yang’s black hair was all covered under the hood of the oil coat, dry and clear. In such a bad rainstorm, the princess’s fair and tender little face still as safe as peony raised in a flower house, but she, a pregnant woman who deserved the most careful care, had to step through muddy puddles one after another. Her mood suddenly became complicated.

Chen Xiaozong looked at his fourth brother. He saw that the fourth brother didn’t even wear a raincoat to make it easier to carry the princess. His clothes were soaked, like a drowned chicken raised in a farmer’s house, and there was some sympathy in his eyes.

Marrying a princess was a blessing, but look at the Old Four. In order to serve the princess attentively, he had to catch bugs during the day and mice at night, and on rainy days, he had to work as a cow and horse for the princess, really pitiful.

“It’s alright, you go first, be careful not to let the princess fall.”

Chen Xiaozong looked at Hua Yang and said respectfully.

Hua Yang reciprocated the courtesy: “Third Brother should also take good care of Third Sister-in-law…”

However, before she finished speaking, Chen Jingzong already strode forward like a wild horse that suddenly gained strength.

Hua Yang:…

At the Guanhe Hall’s side, the Zhuangyuan Chen Bozong led his daughter Wan Yi at the front, while Yu Xiu followed closely behind, holding Dalang.

Seeing the Hua Yang’s couple coming, Chen Bozong took his family to walked to the side and make way for them.

Wan Yi smiled and winked at Hua Yang.

“It’s important to be safe. Don’t walk too fast.” Chen Bozong told his fourth brother worriedly.

Chen Jingzong didn’t even look at him and continued to stride forward.

Wan Yi shook her father’s hand and asked playfully: “Dad, if it weren’t for us, would you also carry Mom up the mountain?”

Yu Xiu blushed and looked at her husband quietly.

Chen Bozong looked serious and lectured his daughter: “As children, you should not make fun of your parents.”

Wan Yi closed her mouth indignantly.

Yu Xiu also lowered her eyes and walked with her head down.


There were more than a dozen rain shelters built on the mountain, and the Chen family occupied one alone, which was also the one with the highest terrain.

The shed was only as big as two main rooms, with two coarse cloth curtains connected together hung in the middle. A stone was tied to each corner of the curtain, so as not be blown by the wind.

The outer side of the curtain was for the men to rest, and the side facing the top of the mountain was for the women.

Three long wooden benches were prepared in the shed. The master and servants simply arranged the bamboo trunks, and then sat down to rest.

Hua Yang took off her oil coat. Although her shoes were only a little wet on the surface, Chao Yun helped her change into another pair.

In comparison, the others were in a much more embarrassed state. Especially Luo Yuyan, who could not catch a cold. Surrounded by the maids, she even had to change her pants. The figures were intertwined, and the fair and smooth calves were looming. Even though they were all women, Luo Yuyan’s face was still flushed with embarrassment.

Hua Yang looked away and inadvertently swept over Qi shi‘s figure.

After all, Qi shi was from a small town, so she was not that particular. She only changed a pair of shoes and replaced the oil paper on the outside of the bag that had been soaked with rain with a new one.

Qi shi knew that she looked conspicuous by carrying a bundle, so instead of letting others secretly wonder whether she was carrying some treasure, Qi shi deliberately opened a corner of the bundle, revealing a half-worn red clothes inside, and explained to Sun shi: “Sister-in-law, look at this. This is the wedding dress that my grandmother hand-sewed for me when I got married. She is good at needlework, and would happily embroider the wedding dress for every girl in our family…”

As she spoke, Qi shi wiped her eyes. Apparently the grandmother had passed away long ago.

How could Sun shi have thought that this wedding dress was just a pretense for Qi shi to cover up other things. She walked over and patted Qi shi on the shoulder: “At least the old lady left you a thought. Don’t cry.”

Qi shi nodded, carefully stuffed the wedding dress and tied the bundle again.

Sun shi moved to care for her daughter-in-law Luo Yuyan.

Luo Yuyan was really crying. It was not easy for her. She had to rush on the road soon after she became pregnant. She encountered a flood here in the late stage of her pregnancy. She climbed half of the mountain in the rain with all kinds of hardships.

“Mom, you guys rest here while we go down the mountain to pick up Father.”

Through the curtain, Chen Bozong’s serious voice could be heard.

Sun shi: “Go, go. Don’t patronize your father. You must also be careful on your way. Don’t fall.”


Not long after, the three brothers appeared on the path down the mountain.

Hua Yang looked at the mountains in the distance.

The rolling green mountains were surrounded by clouds of water vapor, like a fairyland. This was a strange scene that had never been seen in the capital.

The heavy rain washed the branches and leaves then hit the ground, and various sounds were mixed together. She was actually calm under the simple shed.

As evening approached, the Chen family’s father and sons and the last wave of evacuated people successfully arrived at the mountain.

The curtains blocked the figures of the men, and only deliberately lowered voices came through. Basically, Chen Tingjian, Chen Bozong, and Chen Xiaozong were talking, and Chen Jingzong made no movement.

After a while, the Chen family’s boy servant came over, bringing hot rice porridge and a pile of hot vegetable cakes from the makeshift kitchen below.

The maids went around and brought it over to the womenfolk.

Because Siyi Hall had little luggage, Chao Yue specially brought the princess’s special bowls and chopsticks. She poured the steaming porridge into them, and as they looked clean and spotless, it helped her avoid thinking about the process of cooking the large pot of porridge.

Hua Yang only ate half a bowl of porridge, barely filling her stomach.

When it got dark, Hua Yang sat on a chair and was dozing off like everyone else. When she was really sleepy, she leaned against Chao Yun and took a nap for a while.

In fact, Hua Yang wanted Chen Jingzong to come and accompany her. He was so strong that she didn’t have to worry whether he would be tired even if she slept on him for the whole night.

The night was extremely difficult. When it finally got a little brighter, Hua Yang, like everyone else, slowly walked around in the small shed to stretch her body.

The heavy rain continued. Looking towards the town in the distance, patches of yellow water rolling along the streets could be seen. Many people’s yards were flooded with water.

The maid brought over two buckets of warm water, which could be used by the masters to wash their faces.

Everyone stared at the two buckets, and Sun shi naturally ordered Chao Yun and Chao Yue: “Serve the princess first.”

The two maids responded without being polite, and wetted the towels in their hands respectively. One helping Hua Yang wiped her face, and the other helping her wiped her hands.

Even so, there were various inconveniences in the shed.

After barely eating some breakfast, Hua Yang continued to enjoy the rainy scenery in the mountains.

Zhen’er went out for a while and then came back. She asked for instructions in a not so high not so low voice: “Princess, Prince Consort is going to visit the top of the mountain, and ask if you want to go with him”

Hua Yang was startled for a moment, and then remembered.

Chen Jingzong also invited her in her previous life. At that time, Hua Yang hated her situation so much, how could she be in the mood to go to the top of a broken mountain.

Now, Hua Yang looked at her mother-in-law.

Sun shi smiled and said, “It’s good to go and get some fresh air.”

Chao Yun and Chao Yue immediately helped Hua Yang put on the dried oil coat, and then wrapped Hua Yang’s shoes with two pieces of oil paper.

After preparations were completed, Chen Jingzong held a big umbrella and walked around to the womenfolk side.

It was not convenient for Hua Yang to walk on oil paper, so the maids helped her carefully moved to Chen Jingzong’s side.

Luo Yuyan raised her lips slightly, she wanted to see how Hua Yang “walk” on the top of the mountain like this.

As soon as she finished her thoughts, she saw Chen Jingzong bending down, holding an umbrella with his left hand, and hugging Hua Yang upright with his right hand. He was so relaxed, like holding a child!

Hua Yang subconsciously put her arms around Chen Jingzong’s neck and put her head on his shoulders, facing the mountain scenery.

Chen Jingzong looked at his mother and strode away.

Leaving the shed, the two figures quickly disappeared among the layers of trees.

“Where are we going?” seeing him walking cautiously, Hua Yang couldn’t help but ask.

Chen Jingzong: “Find a place for you to relieve yourself.”

Hua Yang:…

Although she guessed that Chen Jingzong was not interested in anything elegant, she did not expect that he took the trouble to make this trip for such a reason.

There were two small sheds built near the Chen family’s big shed, which were reserved for men and women to relieve themselves.

In order not to go there, Hua Yang endured very hard, but she could eat less food but she always had to drink water.

Chen Jingzong just kept walking with his head down. When he encountered a difficult place, he would put down Hua Yang and support her. Kept walking and stopping like this, the two of them were already far away from the shed.

Finally, Chen Jingzong stopped under an old tree with a trunk thick enough for two people to embrace. He said to Hua Yang, “Here. I’ll stand over there. Call me when you’re done.”

Hua Yang:…

Chen Jingzong looked at her and added, “Want some paper?” He started to feel his chest.

Hua Yang turned away: “No need.”

Chen Jingzong left with the umbrella, then stood more than ten steps away with his back to her.

Hua Yang walked around behind the tree, made sure that Chen Jingzong couldn’t see her, then lowered her head to adjust her oil coat and skirt.

Fortunately, it rained heavily, making the leaves rustle.


A cold voice came over, and Chen Jingzong turned around and saw the princess was standing under the emerald green old tree. The oil coat covered her figure, and only showing a small white face, which was breathtakingly beautiful in the rain.

Other women might be shy and embarrassed, but the noble princess was only a little angry, silently blaming the prince consort for causing her to lose her face.

Chen Jingzong smiled and walked towards her.

Hua Yang was afraid of his ridicule, so she said first, “Last night, the old lady gave me another dream.”


The Author has something to say:

Hua Yang: As long as I’m not embarrassed, others will be embarrassed!

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